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#21 Ann Finley

Ann Finley


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 19:30




Black   Crim's (2009)Crim's (2010)
Blue   gwet432's


Pilot Bottled Ink - Pilot Label
Black   nomadhacker'sMafia Geek'sTequila'sE39 98'sNikhil's
Blue Mafia Geek's review, Sandy1's review, Token's review, Yuri's review, HenryLouis' review, Mrsal's review, gylyf's
Blue-Black   yogalarva'sAbner C. Kemp's, S. P. Colfer'sSandy1's, corniche'sKellyMcJ'sMissCellany's, LizEF's 

Blue-Black (350 Ml)   Honeybadgers'

Red   crahptacular's


Pilot Ink in cartridges only
blue mhphoto's review (Varsity pen blue)
blue-black Stephen-I-Am's mini-review

orange   Lgsoltek's

pink cindytrinadad's review, dandelion's review
purple Alohamora's review

Red   Lgsoltek's

Violet   Lgsoltek's

Violet (MIXABLE)  Lgsoltek's


Pilot - Iroshizuku Series

100th Anniversary (LE)   Sehn's

ajisai (Hygrangea)   Silvire'swrite to me often'snomadhacker'swhitelily'sSandy1'sImmoteus's, visvamitra'sKellyMcJ's 
ama-iro (Sky Blue)   wahlfreak'sShaun500's, mhphoto'sSandy1's, JeffPDX2'svisvamitra's
asa-gao (Morning Glory)   visvamitra'samberleadavis'amberleadavis'madeyouink's, whitelily'sdanygr1974'srsq001'sImmoteus'Bill Smith'stechman'sPJohnP'sSandy1'swhite_lotus'
chiku-rin (Bamboo Forest)   visvamitra's, Nick T's review, Mafia Geek's review, owenj's review
edo-murasaki (Limited Edition)   Immoteus's reviewvisvamitra'sAlgester's

fukugawa-nezu (Limited Edition)    visvamitra's

fuyu-gaki (Persimmon)   musicman123'svisvamitra'stakkun's, PjohnP's, Signum1's, dandelion's, akszugor'sJan2016's 
fuyu-syogun (Old Man Winter)   visvamitra's, heymatthew's review, maverickmage's review, Rubicon's review, Immoteus's review, woodworker's review, mhphoto'sIntensity's, georges zaslavsky's 
ina-ho (Rice Ear)   visvamitra's, mhphoto's review, whitelily's review, Laura N's review, Drafty's, Laura N'sJan2016's 
kiri-same (Autumn Shower)   visvamitra's, whitelily's review, maverickmage's review, crazystan's review, Discordianist's review, carpedavid's review, visvamitra's (2014), visvamitra's (2015)
kon-peki (Deep Cerulean Blue)   visvamitra'srequiescat'sSandy1'sdjpyle'sangelofmusic81'ssirach'spinkun's, TheGreatimber's, RookSeven's, 777's, Immoteus', Phormio's, carpedavid's, dizzypen's, chingdamosaic's, namrehsnoom'swhite_lotus'

kosumosu (Cosmos)   crazystan'skp288908's, visvamitra's
ku-jaku (Peacock)   Sandy1'srequiescat'sNick T'smhphoto'sImmoteus'dizzypen's, MiniMaupassant's
momiji (Autumn Leaves)   visvamitra's, heymatthew'samberleadavis'Ping'sHohn'sImmoteus'swoodworker's, PJohnP's, Signum1's, carpedavid's, akszugor'sJan2016's

murasaki-shikibu (Japanese Beautyberry)   visvamitra'sfiredawn'syogalarva's, Mafia Geek's review, crazystan's review, owenj's review, akszugor's

shimbashi-iro (Limited Edition)   visvamitra's

shin-kai (Deep Sea)   visvamitra'sjasonchickerson'shoipolloi'samberleadavis'mhphoto'sSandy1's, jasonchickerson's, jhylkema's
shin-ryoku (Forest Green)   visvamitra's, Phormio's review, akszugor's
syo-ro (Pine Tree Dew)   visvamitra'skoofle'srequiescat'szenrabbit'ssaskia_madding'sBreck's, Lgsoltek's

take-sumi (Bamboo Charcoal)    jandrese's review, pelahale's review, white_lotus', mhphoto's, akszugor's
tsuki-yo (Moonlight)   TheVintageLife'samberleadavis',  yogalarva'sMartinSimonnet'srequiescat's, Cognaticrotty's, Sandy1's, saskia_madding's, Celeste's, Immoteus', Breck's, techman's, Okami's, PJohnP's, Crewel'swhite_lotus'Intensity's

tsukushi (Horsetail)   visvamitra's, geoduc's review, PJohnP's review, white_lotus', namrehsnoom's, birchtine's
tsutsuji (Azalea)   amberleadavis',  saskia_madding's review, SamCapote's review, dizzypen's review, visvamitra's
tsuyu-kusa (Asiatic Dayflower)   visvamitra'slgsoltek's, Mafia Geek'sSandy1'sImmoteus'
yama-budo (Wild or Mountain Grape)   visvamitra'sFP_Ink_Geek's, 777's review, Immoteus's review, Discordianist's review, declanh's review, carpedavid's review, dizzypen's review
yama-guri (Wild Chestnut)   jasonchickerson's, Sandy1's review, SamCapote's review, dizzypen's review, white_lotus', visvamitra's, jasonchickerson'sgeorges zaslavsky's
yu-yake (Sunset)   visvamitra'sShaun500's, mhphoto's review, Sandy1's review, Mafia Geek's review, crazystan's review, gregamckinney's review, carpedavid's review


Platignum (a British brand; think "g" from "Great Britain" )

Platinum (a Japanese brand; no letter "g")
Note: Some colors may only be available in some places in cartridges
Black (carbon black)   mhphoto'scarpedavid'sHyperCamper'sRenzhe's, Signum1's, dauodwa's
Black (regular, non-carbon)   cybaea'schkuo'sOtterNZ's

Blue   ncb's review, chkuo's review
Blue Pigmented (can clog FPs; use caution)   inkyfingr's, Signum1's, Signum1's addendum, visvamitra's
Blue-black   Ad_Astra's review, kadymae's review, girlieg33k's reviewbokaba's

Citrus Black Iron Gal   julia239's

Forest Black   caleb's

Rose Red Pigmented (can clog FPs; use caution)   Signum1's review, carpedavid's review, moch@'s review, dauodwa's

Sepia Black Iron Gall   julia239's

Sepia Pigmented (can clog FPs; use caution)   DwarvenChef's review, SamCapote's review

Violet   nahhush's


Platinum Classic (iron gall)

Cassis Black   caleb's

Citrus Black   caleb's

Classic Black   julia239's

Lavender Black   julia239's, LizEF's


Platinum Mix Free 
Aqua Blue Inka's review
Aurora Blue Inka's review
Cyclamen Pink Inka's review
Silky Purple Inka's review, visvamitra's
Smoke Black Inka's review


Platinum Preppy
Purple   Caffeinated42's

Yellow mhphoto's review


Polish ink (discontinued)

Blue   visvamitra's


Private Reserve
American Blue   mhphoto'sSandy1's 2The Noble Savage'sTNS' 2Tequila'sJJBlanche'spenguinmaster'schkuo's, muinteoir's, Fountainbass', Sandy1's, musicman123's
Arabian Rose   musicman123'samberleadavis'visvamitra's,  girlieg33k's review, biffybeans' review, gemnah's review, dizzypen's review, Signum 1's review
Avocado (sic) saskia_madding's review, TheOriginalStevenH's review, OldGriz's review, georges zaslavsky's review, JDlugosz's review, Philip1209's review, visvamitra's
Black Magic Blue Sandy1's review, acolythe's review
Black Cherry   nomadhacker'sjakob'sAd_Astra'sGobblecup'sraging.dragon's, amin's, Dudley'sFountain Pen Mike's
Blue Suede   madeyouink'sPrestoTenebroso'sshaylenwilliams'Lothianjavert'sCatsmelt'sMicheleB'spenguinmaster'sMrsal's, thepenhaul's

Burgundy Mist shaylenwilliams' review, Catsmelt's review, punch's review, JDlugosz's review, I am not a number's review, dizzypen's review, Fuzzy_Bear's
Buttercup cindytrinidad's reviewcaleb's
Chocolat   nomadhacker'sCobraKai's, Lothianjavert'sSandy1'sBill'shandlebar'spenguinmaster'sDonald594's
Claret   Sandy1's
Copper Burst visvamitra's, Italicist's review, penguinmaster's review
Cosmic Cobalt JokerGirl's review, Sandy1's review
Dakota Red jlh8114's review, Murderface's review, visvamitra's
Daphne Blue   amberleadavis', Catsmelt's review, MicheleB's review
DC Supershow Blue (limited production yearly)   amberleadavis', CobraKai's, Sandy1'sWimg's (2003 bottle)MicheleB's (2003 bottle)The Noble Savage's (2004 bottle)Bryan's (2005 bottle)TheNobleSavage's (2006 bottle)Signum 1'sHenryLouis'Sandy1's
DC Supershow Green, 2006 (limited production)   amberleadavis', BillTheEditor's
DC Supershow Violet 2011   jj9ball'svisvamitra's, angelofmusic81's, Mafia Geek's, Lothianjavert's, raging.dragon's, dizzypen's
Ebony Blue   thepenhaul'sLionRoar'samberleadavis'j7david's, markh's (no pictures), mhphoto'sshaylenwilliams'penguinmaster's, ]woodworker's, chingdamosaic's

Ebony Brown   visvamitra's
Ebony Green stefanv, shaylenwilliams' review, Goombomb's review, JJBlanche's review, penguinmaster's review. MicheleB's review, Greensam's review, visvamitra's
Ebony Purple   amberleadavis'saskia_madding'sKCat's, declanh's, visvamitra's
Electric DC Blue   FP_Ink_Geek'ssaskia_madding's, mhphoto's review, Fabienne's review, girlieg33k's review, Tequila's review, declanh's review, Signum1's review, bukhsyed's, inkinfinity'svisvamitra's 

Fast Dry Sherwood Green   georges zaslavsky's

Fiesta Red P.A.R.'s review, girlieg33k's review, jorgerp1's review
Foam Green mhphoto's review, Neecerie's review, umenohana's review
Gray Flannel Bryan's review, artaddict's review
Invincible Black (waterproof) tonybelding's reivew

Hot Bubblegum Pink   visvamitra's

Invincible Blue (waterproof)   akszugor'sdoggonecarl'sAlexandra'sKeatsPhD'sJokerGirl's
Lake Placid Blue Halden's review, girlieg33k's review, JDlugosz's review, chkuo's review, georges zaslavsky's review
Les Subtiles Rose Scrawler's review
Midnight Blues Ruminator's review, girlieg33k's review, Bill Grass's review, JJBlanche's review, Bobby G's review, WillSW's review, visvamitra's
Midnight Blues Quick Drying Celeste's review, Sandy1's review
Naples Blue   PrestoTenebroso's, Ad_Astra's review, punch's review, MicheleB's review, dizzypen's review, visvamitra's
Orange Crush   amberleadavis', girlieg33k'schud'schkuo'sbphollin'sdizzypen's
Plum kronos77's review, The Noble Savage's review, JDlogosz's review, bphollin's review, ladyambrosia's review, musicman123's
Purple Haze mhphoto's review, griffin2020's review
Purple Mojo 777's review, Immoteus's review, girlieg33k's review, withoutink's review, visvamitra's
Rose Rage shaylenwilliams' review
Sepia visvamitra's, Miles R.'s review
Shell Pink The Noble Savage's review
Sherwood Green   visvamitra'snomadhacker's, joelchan's777'sThe Noble Savage'schkuo'sGrwilliams86'sSignum 1'szhangvict's
Sherwood Green Quick Drying joelchan's review
Shoreline Gold   mhphoto's, Signum1's
Sonic Blue Ray-Vigo's review, QM2's review
Spearmint musicman123's, ParkersandPilots' review, MyDarnSnakeLegs's review, J. John Harvey's review, MicheleB's review, hawkmp4's reviewjacobgmusic's 
Tanzanite   fabienne's, mhphoto'sLothianjavert'sKCat'sThe Noble Savage's, Sinistral1's
Tropical Blue   musicman123's
Ultra Black Quick Drying georges zaslavsky's review, Roberto_Notecardo's review
Vampire Red   mhphoto's, jandrese'svisvamitra's
Velvet Black   nomadhacker's, Liquidmetal490'sCatsmelt's, chingdamosaic's

Edited by lapis, 01 July 2020 - 11:59.

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#22 Ann Finley

Ann Finley


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  • 1,775 posts
  • Location:near St. Louis, MO
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Posted 07 November 2010 - 19:31




Queen Super Ink
Blue   muinteoir's review

Edited by lapis, 01 October 2017 - 16:55.

#23 Ann Finley

Ann Finley


  • Member - Gold

  • PipPipPipPipPipPipPipPipPip
  • 1,775 posts
  • Location:near St. Louis, MO
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Posted 07 November 2010 - 19:33





Gamma Black   Serg's

Gamma Red   Intensity's

Gamma Violet   visvamitra's


Green ToasterPastry's review
Red brh's review

Roberson's Penman Classical Transparent
Agate Blue
Amazonite Green
Aquamarine Blue   visvamitra's
Carnelian Red
Chestmut   Emma's
Fuchsia Quartz
Grey Hematite   cybaea's, visvamitra's
Hazel Onyx   Ann Finley's, visvamitra's
Jasper Red
Jet Black
Lilac Agate

Moss Agate   visvamitra's
Obsidian Brown
Olive Peridot   SamCapote's
Peridot Green   visvamitra's
Sepia Quartz
Sulphur Yellow
Violet Agate
Yellow Jasper

Robert Oster Signature

Aqua   Bobje's

Astorquiza Rot   julia239's

Australian Opal Mauve   julia239's

Australian Shiraz   julia239's

Australian Sky Blue   visvamitra's

Barossa Grape   visvamitra's

Blue-Black   visvamitra's

Blue Denim   visvamitra'snamrehsnoom's

Blue Lagoon   visvamitra's

Blue Night   visvamitra'snamrehsnoom's

Blue Sea   gylyf'sNikaa'sjj9ball's

Blue Water Ice   namrehsnoom's

Bondi Blue   Empty_of_Clouds', visvamitra'sLgsoltek's

Bronze   visvamitra'snamrehsnoom'sJan2016's

Burgundy   visvamitra's

Caffe Crema   julia239'sLizEF's

Charcoal   visvamitra'snamrehsnoom's

Chocolate   visvamitra's, white_lotus'

Copper   julia239's

Dark Chocolate   Intensity's

Deep Sea   Empty_of_Clouds', visvamitra'sJan2016's

Direct Sun   Clumsy_Penman'sJan2016'snamrehsnoom's

Dragon's Night  jj9ball's

Emerald   Empty_of_Clouds', visvamitra'sJan2016's

Eucalyptus Leaf   crahptacular'snamrehsnoom's

Fire & Ice   Lgsoltek'sJan2016'svisvamitra's

Fire Engine Red   Empty_of_Clouds', visvamitra'sjulia239's

Gold Antiqua   visvamitra's

Graphite   visvamitra's

Great Southern Ocean   jandrese's

Green Diamond   visvamitra's

Green Lime   visvamitra'sjulia239's

Green Olive   visvamitra'sLgsoltek'sJan2016'snamrehsnoom's

Grün-Schwarz   namrehsnoom'sda vinci's

Hippo Purple   dsmallc's

Jade   visvamitra's

Khaki   Cyber6's, visvamitra's, white_lotus', Lgsoltek's,

Lemon Grass   visvamitra'sJan2016'snamrehsnoom's, tealeaf_egg's 

Light Green   visvamitra's

Marine   white_lotus'julia239's

Marrone Mustard   namrehsnoom's

Maroon 1789   gylyf'svisvamitra's

Melon Tea   gylyf'snamrehsnoom's

Moss   Empty_of_Clouds'Jan2016's

Ng Special '16   Lgsoltek'sOranges and Apples'Tritonus'

Orange Zest   visvamitra'sNikaa's

Peach   Jan2016's

Plum Nut   namrehsnoom's

Purple Jazz   DrPenfection's

Purple Rock   namrehsnoom'svisvamitra's

Red Clay   Jan2016's

River of Fire   Jan2016'sDrPenfection's

Royal Red   Lgsoltek's

Rubine   Lgsoltek's

Ruby   visvamitra's

Sea Blue   visvamitra's

Spearmint   white_lotus'Lgsoltek's

Summer Storm   nyx_h'sjulia239'svisvamitra's

Torquay   julia239'svisvamitra's

Tranquility   Jan2016'svisvamitra's

Turquoise   visvamitra'sSailor Kenshin's

Verde de Rio   julia239'snamrehsnoom'svisvamitra's

Viola   visvamitra's

Whisper Red   namrehsnoom's

Yellow Sunset   Empty_of_Clouds', visvamitra'sJan2016's


Robert Oster Signature - 1980 Series

Clearwater Rain  namrehsnoom's

Dusty Pink   namrehsnoom's

Grey Seas   namrehsnoom's

Honey Bee   namrehsnoom's


Rohrer & Klingner
Alt Bordeaux Signum1's review, Sandy1's review, dizzypen's review, girlieg33k's review, chkuo's reviewvisvamitra's
Alt Goldgrün jasonchickerson's, Mafia Geek's review, spot's review, smudgy's review, Artful Lounger's review, JJBlanche's review, Signum1's review, mhphoto'svisvamitra'sJan2016's 
Blau Permanent Mafia Geek's review, richardandtracy's review, Sandy1's review
Blu Mare amberleadavis',  mhphoto's review, Mafia Geek's review, jeffbg's review, Tequila's reviewvisvamitra's
Cassia (purple) Mafia Geek's review, dizzypen's review, tzmcneill's reviewvisvamitra'sLobsterRoll's
Fernambuk (red) Nellie 2's review, withoutink's review, Lgsoltek'svisvamitra's
Helianthus   mhphoto'syogalarva's,  Mafia Geek's review, Sandy1's review,
Königsblau (Royal blue) amberleadavis',  Mafia Geek's review, mhphoto's review, chkuo's review
Leipziger Schwarz Mafia Geek's review, withoutink's review
Magenta     Okami's review, dizzypen's review, Mafia Geek's review, Lgsoltek's, visvamitra's 
Morinda (orange) Mafia Geek's review, carpedavid's review Nellie 2's review, Margana's review, dizzypen's reviewjasonchickerson'svisvamitra's
Pernambuco Chi Town's review
Salix (iron gall, blue)   politovski's, requiescat'sjgrasty's, mhphoto's, MafiaGeek's, stefanv's, carpedavid's, Schuttwegraeumer's, Sandy1's, dandelion's, CaptainAnnoyed'sLizEF's
Scabiosa (iron gall, purplish grey)   FP_Ink_Geek's, politovski's, amberleadavis', attika89's, pictogramax's, Mafia Geek's, stefanv's, lwtwayne's, josiah's, carpedavid's, dizzypen'stburke0's, dandelion's, Sandy1's, chingdamosaic's, CaptainAnnoyed's, Lgsoltek's
Sepia   Sandy1's,  kronos77'sSignum1'sToasterPastry'svisvamitra's
Smaragdgrün (Viridian green, blue-green) Gehaha's reviewvisvamitra's
Solferino (red violet)   amberleadavis'Ann Finley'sShinichiro'sOkami'swithout ink'svisvamitra's
Verdigris (blue-black) Sandy1's review, mhphoto's review, JamesTheBard's review, Mango's review, Jim Couch's review, Inkquest's review, Tequila's review, visvamitra's
Verdura (green)   yogalarva's, Chi Town's, Ann Finley's, chkuo's, Okami's, Margana's, withoutink'svisvamitra's


Rohrer & Klingner - Document Ink

Black   visvamitra'sEnkida's

Brown   visvamitra's

Dark Blue   visvamitra'ssilverlifter's

Green   visvamitra's

Light Blue   visvamitra's

Magenta   visvamitra's


Rohrer & Klingner - Limited Editions

Aubergine (2018, no numberings)   Lgsoltek's, visvamitra's

Blau-Schwarz (blue-black, 2012)   lapis', Sandy1's

Blue and White Porcelain (2014)    mchenart'schingdamosaic's review with missing pictures, chingdamosaic's update

Efeublatt (Ivy Leaf, 2012/2013)   Lgsoltek's

Kastanienbraun (maroon, 2019, no numberings)   AidenMark's


Rohrer & Klingner - sketchINK Series

Emma   visvamitra'sLizEF's

Frieda   vojtahlad'sLizEF's

Jule   vojtahlad's

Lilly   visvamitra's

Thea   ErrantSmudge's


Blue idazle's review

Black nickkos' review
Brick/Sevilla Red
Carlsbad Turquoise petra's review
Red chkuo's review
Ultramarine Blue   BCL-2's, vans4444's

Bordeaux (scented)   AltecGreen's
Burgundy/Bordeaux (unscented)   thebeesknees'6pounds'

Inc Blu   visvamitra's
Inchiostro Blu   thesunshine's

Sepia   visvamitra's

Seppia con Essenza di Cuoio Antico (scented)   HalloweenHJB's



Dark Yellow   visvamitra's

Edited by lapis, 01 July 2020 - 12:02.

#24 Ann Finley

Ann Finley


  • Member - Gold

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  • 1,775 posts
  • Location:near St. Louis, MO
  • Flag:

Posted 07 November 2010 - 19:33




Blue   kurazaybo's review



Apricot   Signum1'smhphoto'sThirdYe'sGobblecup's
Black Mafia Geek's reviewChupacabras's reviewDjehuty's reviewRandal6393's reviewMorbus Curiositas'
Blue   Sandy1'ssaskia_madding'sS.P. Colfer'sStephen-I-am'sSignum1's
Blue-Black  bokaba'sS. P. Colfer's review, carpedavid's review, M4R1N4's reviewgirlieg33k's reviewJJBlanche's review
Bright Snow (light turquoise; limited edition) Signum1's review
Brown lgsoltek'svisvamitra'sgirlieg33k's review
Chu-shu 2010 Autumn LE saskia_madding's reviewLgsoltek'svisvamitra'swhite_lotus'
Clear Candy Pink (in cartridges)   chromantic's
Doyou (2014)   white_lotus'sLgsoltek'sKellyMcJ's
Epinard   yogalarva's,  mhphoto's reviewWatercycle's review, Gobblecup's review, rcarlisle's review, Sandy1's review
Fuji-Musume   Lgsoltek'svisvamitra's
Gray georges zaslavsky's reviewSignum 1's review
Green flashvictor's reviewSignum 1's review
Grenade   ClassicHippie's
Iron Dark Blue   gylyf's
Irori (red, LE) woodworker's reviewLgsoltek's
Irori (red, 2016)   visvamitra'sChrissy's 
Kin-Mokusei (Autumn 2010 LE) jgrasty's reviewLgsoltek'svisvamitra's

Kin-Mokusei (2016)   white_lotus'Jan2016's

Manyo Yomogi   jandrese's

Miruai / Blue Sea Pine (spring 2010 LE)   saskia_madding'sdrifting'swhite_lotus'
Nioi-sumire   gylyf'schingdamosaic'sKellyMcJ'sLizEF's
Oku-yama 2010 Autumn LE jgrasty's reviewTriplet Mom's reviewgylyf'swhite_lotus'KellyMcJ's 
Red-Brown girlieg33k's reviewImmoteus's reviewSignum 1's review
Rikyu-Cha   saskia_madding'sSandy1'sLgsoltek's
Rikyu-Cha (2016 Japanese Version)   white_lotus'visvamitra'sJan2016's 
Sakura-Mori   Lgsoltek'svisvamitra's
Shigure   gylyf'sMorbus Curiositas'Signum1's reviewMichael R.'s review
Sky High (blue) amberleadavis',  Cerbeos's reviewmhphoto's reviewrsq001's review, shaylenwilliam's review, Sandy1's reviewsannidh's 
Souten   jasonchickerson'swithoutink'sTessy Moon'smusicman123'swhite_lotus'
Tokiwa-Matsu (green, 2009 winter LE) jasonchickerson'ssaskia_madding's review, Michael R.'s reviewwhite_lotus'crahptacular'sIntensity'sJan2016'sLordBaggins'

Ultramarine carpedavid's review
Waka Uguisu (green) 2010 spring LE drifting's reviewLgsoltek'svisvamitra'sJan2016's 
Yama-Dori   musicman123'sjgrasty's review, saskia_madding's reviewwhite_lotus'dms525'svisvamitra'sJan2016's, LizEF's 
Yellow-Orange Immoteus's review
Yuki Akari / Snow Light (2009 limited edition) Michael R.'s reviewLgsoltek'svisvamitra's
Sailor - Hougado Pen Gallery line
Bocchan Blue   gylyf'swhite_lotus'
Deep Purple Black   Lgsoltek's
Nodaiko Violet   Mew'swhite_lotus'
The Redshirt   Lgsoltek's

Uranari Green   white_lotus'


Sailor - Ink Studio line

762   Algester's


Sailor - Manyo line (poems on flowers found in the Manyoshu)

Akebi     Algester'sLgsoltek's

Haha (green-blue)   Lgsoltek's

Nekoyanagi (soft purple)   5Cavaliers'


Sailor - Nakabayashi line

Taccia Kuro (black)   jandrese's

Tetsukon   jandrese's
Sailor - Onago-iro Days line
Odekake (About to Leave)   Lgsoltek's
Hachimitsu (Honey)   Lgsoltek's
Sailor - Sherbet line
Purple   Centopar's


Sailor - Shikiori line (Four Seasons)

Chushu (Autumn: Mid-Autumn)   A Smug Dill's

Kinmokusei (Autumn: Gold Osmanthus)   A Smug Dill's


Sailor - Storia line
Clown Yellow Green   Lgsoltek's
Dancer Pink   Lgsoltek's
Fire Red   Lgsoltek's
Lion Light Brown   Lgsoltek's
Magic Purple   Lgsoltek's
Night Blue   Lgsoltek's
Spotlight Yellow   Lgsoltek's


Sailor -  Ink Studio line

#573   Intensity's


Sailor - Tsukuyo-No-Minamo (Moonlight Water) line
Shimoyo (Winter; Frosted Night)   Lgsoltek's

Yodaki (Summer; Night Fire)   Lgsoltek'sA Smug Dill's

Yonaga (Autumn; Long Night)   Lgsoltek's

Yozakura (Spring; Night Cherry Blossom)   Lgsoltek's 

Sailor - Usagiya line
Okayama No Souten   gylyf's
Pione   Lgsoltek's
Setouchi Marine Blue   gylyf's
Sailor - exclusively for the Akashi stationery shop
Yukemuri Mist Blue   gylyf's
Sailor - exclusively for Bung Box
4B   saskia_madding'swhite_lotus'visvamitra's
Azure Ocean Blue   lgsoltek'ssaskia_madding's
Chocolate Brown   saskia_madding's
Dandyism   saskia_madding'svisvamitra'sJan2016's 
Ebisu Gold   Lgsoltek'svisvamitra's
Emerald   saskia_madding's
Expresso   white_lotus'Morbus Curiositas'visvamitra's
Fresh Oranges of Lake Hamana (Mandarin)   webgeckos'white_lotus'crahptacular'sJan2016's 
Fujiyama Blue   Lgsoltek's
Green Tea (88)   white_lotus'visvamitra'sfireant's
Happiness   Lgsoltek's
Hatsukoi "first Love" Sapphire   bioluminescentsquid'sLgsoltek's
Hatsuyume Aofiji (From Lunar New Year Set)   bioluminescentsquid's
Kabayaki of the Hamanako Eel   Chudgins50's
Kotohogi Kuremai (From Lunar New Year Set)   bioluminescentsquid's
L' Amant   visvamitra'sSNAK'sLgsoltek'sJan2016's 
Luminous Green   visvamitra'samberleadavis'
Lycoris Red   Lgsoltek's
Matador   visvamitra's

Melancholic Gray   visvamitra's

Music Black (formerly Black of Score)   visvamitra's
Nostalgia   visvamitra'swhite_lotus'Lgsoltek's
Omaezaki Ocean   white_lotus'

Omaezaki No Yu-Yake   Jan2016's

Omotesando Blue   julia239'swhite_lotus'

Ruby   Abner C. Kemp'svisvamitra'ssaskia_madding's
Sakana-Machi (Tipsy)   visvamitra's
Sakurasaku (3rd Anniversary)   webgeckos'
Sapphire   lgsoltek'sFabienne'ssaskia_madding's
Shogun Armor Black   white_lotus'
Silent Night   visvamitra's
Soleil   saskia_madding'svisvamitra's
Sunset   lgsoltek'ssaskia_madding'svisvamitra's
Sweet Potato Purple   Lgsoltek'ssaskia_madding'sgylyf'svisvamitra's
Sweet Potato Yellow   saskia_madding's

Tortoise Shell Brown   visvamitra's

Tsuyuhikari (dew drop light)   webgeckos'
Tears of a Clown   visvamitra's, Abner C. Kemp's
The Ink of Witch   Sinistral1'svisvamitra's
Witch Purple   white_lotus'visvamitra'sSinistral1'ssaskia_madding's
Sailor - exclusively for Ishida Bungu 
Hachinanzaka Blue   gylyf's
Hakodate Curry   white_lotus'
Hakodate Yama   white_lotus'
IAI135 School Brown   white_lotus'
Hakodate Gagome   gylyf'swhite_lotus'visvamitra's
Hakodate Twilight   saskia_madding's
Kjellmaniella   saskia_madding's
Shibusumi   white_lotus'
Twilight Blue   white_lotus'
Sailor - exclusively for Joyful-2
Earth Ocean   gylyf's

Ikaho Magenta   Lgsoltek's
Jyoshu Yakimanjyu Brown   Lgsoltek's
Katashina Lapis   gylyf's
Minakami Turquoise   Lgsoltek's
Myougi Umber   Lgsoltek'sgylyf's
Shima Lilac   Kanayama's
Tanigawadake Blue   Kanayama'swhite_lotus'
Tsumagoi Leaf Green   Lgsoltek's
Sailor - exclusively for Kingdom Note - Bird line
Aix galericulata (Mandarin Duck)   visvamitra'sSinistral1's
Falco peregrinus (Peregrine Falcon)   visvamitra'sSinistral1'swhite_lotus'
Garrulus Lidthi (Lidths Jay)   gylyf'svisvamitra'sSinistral1'swhite_lotus'
Nipponia nippon (Crested Ibis)   lgsoltek'ssaskia_madding'svisvamitra'sSinistral1's
Phasianus versicolor (Pheasant)   visvamitra'sSinistral1's
Sailor - exclusively for Kingdom Note - Crustacean line 

Uca arcuata   white_lotus'

Birgus Latro   white_lotus'

Cambaroides japonicus (Japanese crayfish)   gylyf's, ]white_lotus'

Marsupenaeus japonicus   white_lotus'

Takaashigani (Japanese Spider Crab)   MythicalUnicorn's
Sailor - exclusively for Kingdom Note - Green Experience line

Japanese Beech   white_lotus'

Ostrich Fern   white_lotus'

Parmotrema Tinctorum   white_lotus'


Sailor - exclusively for Kingdom Note - Insect line
Dorcus hopei binodulosus (Stag Beetle)  visvamitra'ssaskia_madding'sSinistral1'swhite_lotus'
Rosalia batesti (Japanese Beetle)  visvamitra'sSinistral1's
Sasakia charonda (Emporer Butterfly   visvamitra'sSinistral1's
Tanna japonensis (Japanese Cicada)   white_lotus'visvamitra'sSinistral1'samberleadavis'attika89'sgylyf's
Trypoxylus dichotomus (Longhorn Beetle, Rhinoceros Beetle)  visvamitra'sSinistral1'swhite_lotus'
Sailor - exclusively for Kingdom Note - Jellyfish line
Chrysaora Helvola (orange)   white_lotus'
Porpita Porpita (blue)   white_lotus'
Thysanostoma Thysanura (purple/red-violet)   white_lotus'
Sailor - exclusively for Kingdom Note - Mushroom line 
Amanita muscaria   saskia_madding'swhite_lotus'
Entoloma Virescens   lgsoltek'ssaskia_madding'swhite_lotus'visvamitra's
Mycena Pura   visvamitra'swhite_lotus'

Stropharia Aeruginosa   white_lotus'

Trametes Versicolor   saskia_madding'svisvamitra'swhite_lotus'


Sailor - exclusively for Kingdom Note - Tale of Genji line

Hahakigi and/or Monogatari 帚木(ははきぎ)    white_lotus'


Sailor - exclusively for Kobayashi

Blue of Surugu Bay Summer 駿河湾夏 (turquoise)   mke's

Branchi of Wisteria 藤枝 (violet)   mke's

Hagoromo 羽衣 (pink)   mke's

Kawasemi 翡翠 (turquoise)   mke's

Kusanagi 草薙 (light green)   mke's

Otodome 音止 (grey-green)   mke's

Sakura Gozen 桜御前 (pink)   mke's

Shizuoka Green Tea 静岡茶   mke's

Shizuoka Orange 静岡蜜柑   mke's

Shizuoka Strawberry 静岡苺   mke's

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Posted 07 November 2010 - 19:34

Sailor - Nagasawa Pen Style Kobe Monogatari LE ink

# 01  Rokko Green   visvamitra'swhite_lotus'
# 02  Hatoba Pier Blue   gylyf's, visvamitra's
# 03  Kyuu-Kyoryuuchi "old Foreigner's Ward Sepia"   white_lotus', visvamatra's
# 04  Ijinkan Red   saskia_madding'sAltecGreen'sTheGreatRoe's, visvamitra's
# 05  East Asia Black   visvamitra's
# 06  Bordeaux   gylyf's, visvamitra's
# 07  Kaikyo Blue   visvamitra's
# 08  Arima Amber   zoniguana's, visvamitra's
# 09  Suma Purple   visvamitra's
# 11  Ikuta Orange   AltecGreen'sTheGreatRoe's, visvamitra's
# 13  Nunobiki Emerald   saskia_madding's
# 14  Maya Lapis   saskia_madding's, visvamitra's, gylyf's
# 15  Maiko Green   bnavas6's, visvamitra's
# 16  Nada Brown   visvamitra's, bstnnyc's
# 17  Shioya Blue   saskia_madding's, visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's
# 18  Sannomiya Panse   saskia_madding's, visvamitra'sLobsterRoll's
# 19  Minatogawa Lime   amberleadavis'saskia_madding's, visvamitra's
# 20  Motomachi Rouge   Lgsoltek's

# 21  Taisanji Yellow   Lgsoltek's, visvamitra'swhite_lotus', Jan2016's 
# 22  Shinkaichi Gold   visvamitra'sJan2016's 
# 23  Nagata Blue   cellulophile's
# 24  Nakayamate Black   visvamitra's
# 26  Wadamisaki Blue   lovementos', visvamitra's
# 27  Kounan Maroon   saskia_madding's, gylyf's, visvamitra'scrahptacular's 
# 28  Suzuran Green   white_lotus'saskia_madding's, visvamitra's
# 29  Suma Kaihin Blue   visvamitra's
# 30  Ooji Cherry   saskia_madding's, visvamitra's
# 31  Seashore Stone Grey   saskia_madding's
# 32  Tamon Purple Grey   visvamitra's (2014), visvamitra's (2015)
# 33  Rikyuu Moon Yellow   visvamitra'scrahptacular's
# 34  Sourakuen Tea Green   saskia_madding's, visvamitra's, gylyf's
# 35  Suwayama Leaf Green   saskia_madding's, visvamitra's
# 36  Indigo Blue   cellulophile's, visvamitra's, gylyf'swhite_lotus'
# 37  Minatojima Island Blue   amberleadavis'saskia_madding's, visvamitra'swhite_lotus'crahptacular's 
# 38  Kitanozaka Night Blue   white_lotus'saskia_madding'scellulophile's, visvamitra's
# 39  Renga   Lgsoltek's
# 40  Sumiyoshi Brown   visvamitra'swhite_lotus'
# 43  Gakuen Toshi Fresh Green   visvamitra's
# 44  Suma Pu Seaside Blue   saskia_madding's
# 45  Hashibuse Silhuette Green   visvamitra's
# 46  Nagisa Museum Gray   saskia_madding's, visvamitra's
# 49  Kitaro Olive Green  TheGreatRoe's, visvamitra's
# 50  Kyo-Machi Legend Blue   TheGreatRoe's, gylyf's
# 51  Kano Cho Midnight   visvamitra'scrahptacular's 
# 52  Shioya Vintage Sepia   visvamitra'swhite_lotus'
# 53  Kitano Pearl Silver   visvamitra's
# 54  Goshikiyama Ochre   visvamitra's
# 55  Nankinmachi Fortune Red   Lgsoltek's

# 56  Hydrangea (Rokko Shichidanka)   eric.zamir'sLobsterRoll's

# 57  Himeajisai   julia239'scrahptacular's

# 58  Hyogo Canal Blue   gylyf's

# 62  Nunobiki Lavender   LobsterRoll's

# 64  Sumiyoshi Yamate Jade Green   crahptacular's

# 65  Shijuku Jet Black   jandrese's

Aegean Sea Blue (LE)   julia239's

Ijinkan Red 4   Jan2016's

Le Monet Violet   Lgsoltek's
Santica (reddish blue)   gylyf's
SOL (light green)   saskia_madding's
Ur Lapis (blue)   gylyf's

Van Gogh Deep Blue (LE)   yongsheng's

Vermeer (blue)   saskia_madding's
Sailor - exclusively for Maruzen (labeled as Athena ink, 鳩羽)

Aobajou   saskia_madding's
Eternal Blue   saskia_madding'svisvamitra's
Gyokuro   saskia_madding's
Hatobanezu   saskia_madding'svisvamitra'sAlgester's
Jade   Cyber6's
Koubai   saskia_madding's
Lilac   saskia_madding's
Nihombashi Akane   visvamitra'ssaskia_madding'sSinistral1'swhite_lotus'Lgsoltek's

Nihombashi Marasaki   white_lotus'

Nihombashi Midori   gylyf's,visvamitra's
Nihombashi Renga   visvamitra's

Nihombashi River Blue   white_lotus'

Sepia   white_lotus'Sinistral1's, yogalarva'sIntensity's
Sailor - exclusively for Pen and Message
Cigar   FP_Ink_Geek'svisvamitra's, Lgsoltek'sAlgester'scatalyst's 
Fuyu-gare   Lgsoltek's
Old Burgundy ("writing Lab")   white_lotus', Mew'sgylyf's
Quadrifoglio   visvamitra'swhite_lotus'
Saku   Lgsoltek'scatalyst's 
Sanyasou   Lgsoltek'skunju123's

Shuurushi Red   Lgsoltek'skunju123's
Vintage Denim   visvamitra'swhite_lotus'

Sailor - exclusively for Pent (Pen House)

Saijiki Fuyuginga   catalyst's


Sailor - exclusively for Sankodo
Atsuta Forest   saskia_madding'swhite_lotus'
Enbotan   saskia_madding's
Kakouzan Red Brown   Algester's
Nishikisan Purple   saskia_madding'swhite_lotus'
Okehazama Green   saskia_madding's
Ozone Blue   gylyf's
Port Blue   saskia_madding's
Sailor - exclusively for Shousaikan
Seiran (Indigo Blue)   Mew'swhite_lotus'visvamitra's
Shin-zan (Deep in the Mountains)   visvamitra's (2015)visvamitra's (2017)
Sailor - exclusively for the Style Dee Delta Shop
Doujima Ryokkin   gylyf'swhite_lotus'

Horikawa Jade   white_lotus'

Purple Rain   white_lotus'

Sonezali Orange   white_lotus'

Tenma Ouro   white_lotus'

Umeda Night Blue   white_lotus'
Sailor (waterproof)
Blue-Black    seanruss', politovsky'sSignum1's
Kiwa-guro (nano carbon; black) Hohn's review, Neill78's review, dcwaites's review, Renzhe's review, Inka's review, Signum1's review, gillyohan's review, JasonKB's reviewwhite_lotus'
Sei-boku (nano carbon; blue-black)   bardiir's, mhphoto's review, Mafia Geek's review, Ruminator's review, Hohn's review, PJohnP's reviewcrahptacular'sIntensity's

Souboku (blue-black)   crahptacular'sA Smug Dill'sTas'Intensity's, LizEF's 

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Posted 07 November 2010 - 19:34




S.T. Dupont - See under Dupont


Red ismellarats' review

Scribal Work Shop

Cryptid Mermaid   seanruss'
Kraken Black   crazystan's
Nessie Purple jgrasty's
Siren Blue Sandy1's, crazystan's

Squidling   mhphoto's



Black   rickygene's


Scriptus Ink

150 Confederation Brown (Scriptus 2017)   Cyber6'sTas'Lgsoltek'swhite_lotus'


Seitz Kreuznach

Arctic Blue   musicman123'scyber6's, visvamitra's, Lgsoltek'sGreenMountain's

Chestnut Brown   cyber6's

Cognac   Lgsoltek's

Dark Orchid   amberleadavis'cyber6's, visvamitra'sLgsoltek's

Flamingo Pink   cyber6's, visvamitra's

Indian Summer Orange   Lgsoltek's

Kangaroo Yellow   Lgsoltek's

Lime Green   Lgsoltek's

Navy Blue   cyber6's, visvamitra'sLgsoltek's

Pacific Blue   cyber6'swhite_lotus'Lgsoltek's

Palm Green   cyber6's, visvamitra'swhite_lotus'

Plum Blue   Lgsoltek's

Slate Grey   Lgsoltek's

Tomato Red   cyber6's, visvamitra's

Tundra Green   Lgsoltek's


Sheaffer Skrip, old stock (made in U.S.A., pre-Slovenia and discontinued)
Blue   Sandy1's review
Blue-black   umenohana's review, jerseypaul's review
Brown   Catsmelt's review
Burgundy   Wim's review

Deluxe Blue   kkshadow's

Emerald Green   The Noble Savage's review, ToasterPastry's review
Gray   Bryan's review, DilletanteG's review
King's Gold   The Noble Savage's review, George Chav's review
Lavender   Muncle's review, The Noble Savage's review
Peacock Blue   garythepenman's review, dizzypen's review

Permanent Blue-Black (#22)   white_lotus'

Persian Rose   Immoteus' review

Washable Melon Red   eharriett's

Washable Brown   ToasterPastry's review
Washable Purple   umenohana's review

Sheaffer Skrip, new stock (made in Slovenia)
Black   Liquidmetal490's,  mhphoto's review, DeaconKC's review, Ondina's review, visvamitra's, Secus'
Blue   Tas', ParkersandPilots' review, sarahfar's review, Grwilliams86's review, Sandy1's review, akszugor's
Blue-Black   bokaba'sThirdeYe's review, Catsmelt's review, JJBlanche's review, akszugor's, Resolute'sKellyMcJ's
Brown  MyDarnSnakeLegs's review, The Noble Savage's review
Gold (bottles discontinued, cartridges only)
Green   georges zaslavsky's review, ThirdeYe's review, Hawthorne's mini-review, Goshzilla's review, Grwilliams86's review, akszugor's, visvamitra's
Jet Black   Ondina's
Orange (cartridges only)   chromantic's
Pink (cartridges only)
Purple   Watch_Art'sS. P. Colfer's review, Goodwhiskers' review, Murderface's review, visvamitra's
Red   MartinSimmonnet's, spot's review, Armchop's review, bphollin's review, Signum 1's review, Nikhil's review, akszugor'schromantic'sJan2016's

Red (in cartridges)   chromantic's

Turquoise   Theodorable's review, Sandy1's review, visvamitra's

Yellow (in cartridges)   chromantic's

Signet (vintage)
Black ToasterPastry's review



220   DrPenfection's


Speedry Magic Colour
Grecian Olive fiberdrunk's review
Rust fiberdrunk's review


Anthracite (Anthrazit)   visvamitra's

Blueberry (Beerenblau)   vans4444's review
Burgundy (Burgunder)   visvamitra's, Cubane's, Pira'sBurgunder   visvamitra's

Coal Black (Kohlenschwarz)   Cubane's review

Coffee Brown (Kaffeebraun)   visvamitra'swastelanded's

Cornflower Blue (Kornblume)   visvamitra's

Cypress green (Zypressengrun)   visvamitra's
Elder Blue (Holunderblau)   Rhapsody's review, Cubane's review, visvamitra's

Fern Green (Farngrün)   visvamitra's
Fig Brown (Feigenbraun)   visvamitra's, Sandy1's, chromantic's

Forget Me Not (Vergißmeinnicht)   visvamitra'svans4444's

Lilac Rose (Fliederrosa)   visvamitra's, Cubane's review

Maize Yellow (Maisgelb)   visvamitra'sGuardy's

Mallow Red (Malvenrot)   visvamitra's

Orange (Orange)   visvamitra's

Poppy Red (Mohnrot)   Cubane's review
Reed Green (Schilfgrün)   visvamitra's,  Cubane's review

Sky Blue (Himmelblau)   visvamitra'sSandy1's



Blue-Black (vintage)   ManofKent's

Radiant Blue ToasterPastry's review

Stipula (Calamo)
Calamo Blue Wim's review
Calamo Limited Edition Green RichardS's review
Dark Red/Borgogna girlieg33k's review, Michael R.'s review
DC Supershow gray 2012 mstone's review, mstone's review
Deep Blue girlieg33k's review, Michael R.'s review, Michael R.'s review update, Melnicki's review

Ferro Dell'Elba   See Grigio Fumo   

Grigio Fumo (Fading Gray, originally Ferro Dell'Elba)   Gazcom'svisvamitra's

Grigio Lava (Dark Grey)   visvamitra's

Florentine Red   amberleadavis'

Nero (Black)   visvamitra's

Notturno Giannutri (Dark Blue)   Gazcom's

Sepia Sandy1's review, jeffbg's review, white_lotus'

Terra di Siena (Brown)   visvamitra'sJan2016's

Verde Muschiato (Musk Green)   Morbus Curiositas'amberleadavis'Fabienne's, dizzymizzy's, geoduc's, blueiris', Michael R.'svisvamitra'sJan2016's 
Zafferano (Saffron) Encephelartos & Melnicki's review, visvamitra'sTas'Jan2016'sDrPenfection's


Straits Pen Honest Inks

Slowpoke Green   rdugar's


Stylex (by Toppoint)

Violet   Hutecker's

Blue (NOS Style Blue, in cartridges) Ipno Tizer's review


Super5 ink (sold by Format-Darmstadt GmbH; manufactured by Rohrer & Klingner))

Atlantic   visvamitra's

Australia   visvamitra's

Darmstadt   visvamitra's

Dehli   visvamitra's

Dublin   visvamitra's

Frankfurt   visvamitra'samberleadavis'


Susemai's ICU ink (International Cooperative Unobtainable Ink review for the powdered ink made by Susemai (SUper SEcret MAker of Ink)

Black Amber   amberleadavis'

Black Balled   amberleadavis'

Blue Cashmere   amberleadavis'

Blue Diamond Balls   amberleadavis'

Red Diamond   bardiir's


Swisher Pens (their own label): Made by Noodler's, but they are not Noodler's inks;
the specifications are entirely Swisher's.
Not waterproof. Quick drying. (needs good paper)
Antigua Blue Ann Finley's review
Apricot Orange Southpaw's review
Blue-Black dianeb's review
Cocoa lovemy51's review
Dark Purple
Emerald Green
Intense Red Wim's review
Maroon Wim's review
Midnight Black OldGriz's review
Nantucket Blue Ann Finley's review
North Sea Blue girlieg33k's review
Quick Lime
St. Elmo's Fire SamCapote's review

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Posted 07 November 2010 - 19:35




Taccia (Born in California, manufactured in Japan)

A O Blue   5Cavaliers'

Daidai (orange)   5Cavaliers'

Ebi (purple-red)   5Cavaliers'

Hokusai Katsushika Benitsuchi (Red Soil)   white_lotus'

Hokusai Katsushika Fukaki Hanada (Light Blue)   white_lotus'

Hokusai Katsushika Sabimidori (Rust Green)   white_lotus'

Uguisi (olive-green)   5Cavaliers'

Ukiyoe Hiroshige Ainezu (indigo-tinged Gray)   Sashku's


Taccia Ukiyo-e - Hokusai Katsushika

Benitsuchi (red soil)  white_lotus' 

Sabimidori (rust green)  white_lotus'


Thistle Co. (Powdered Ink)

Blue-Black   dizzypen's review


Tianjin's Ostrich ink

901 Green   Seele's


Black   visvamitra's

Blue   lapis'

Magenta   lapis', visvamitra's


Toucan (Australian ink)

Aqua   itsvroomvroom'sJamerelbe's

Black   Brontosaurus Pluto'sJamerelbe's

Bright Blue   Nonsensical'sJamerelbe's

Bright Green   amberleadavis'Jamerelbe's

Crimson   Jamerelbe's

Gold   Jamerelbe's

Magenta   amberleadavis'Jamerelbe'sLgsoltek's

Orange   Jamerelbe's

Primrose   Jamerelbe's

Royal Blue   Jamerelbe's

Scarlet   Jamerelbe's, visvamitra'sLgsoltek's

Sienna   Jamerelbe's

Turquoise   Jamerelbe's

Umber   Jamerelbe's, white_lotus'visvamitra's

Violet   Jamerelbe's


Troublemaker Inks

Abalone  Lgsoltek's

Milky Ocean  LobsterRoll's

Petrichor   Lgsoltek's     

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#29 Ann Finley

Ann Finley


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 19:38



Vinta Inks

Piloncitos (light green-brown)   Lgsoltek's

Sikatuna (Sandugo 1565, blood-red)   LobsterRoll's
Black   Rocket1's review, chuancao's review, JJBlanche's review, Djehuty's review, chkuo's review, Randal6393's review, 6pound's review
Blue   idazle's review, declanh's review, Chris' review (scroll down for RichardS's photo), flashvictor's review, chuancao's review, declanh's review, chkuo's review, dizzypen's review, Sandy1's review, visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's
Bordeaux   zoniguana'sApoc's, Sandy1's, acolythe's (older burgundy), woodworker's, dizzypen's, Pictrix's
Brown   visvamitra'snpcole's

Fuchsia   Pictrix's review

Green   Rasendyll's review, Pictrix's review, chkuo's review
Purple ( 2012, limited edition)   Fabienne's review, Korybas' review
Purple (regular production)   georges zaslavsky'sSandy1's
Sepia   Morbus Curiositas'white_lotus'Sandy1's review, girlieg33k's review, JDlugosz's review, chkuo's review, tanalasta's review
Turquoise   sandeep108's review, Pictrix's review, chkuo's review

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#30 Ann Finley

Ann Finley


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 19:38





Everberry   white lotus'_(2015)white lotus'_(2017)

Wahlberry   musicman123's


Asuka (brown)    Okami's

Chocolate   visvamitra'swhite_lotus'
Ebine (red-violet)    Okami'sSandy1'svisvamitra'sSailor Kenshin's
Green Matcha    Eeyvind'sdcwaitesOkami'sSandy1'sHoneybadgers'

Imari Blue   visvamitra's


Absolute Brown   FP_Ink_Geek's, mhphoto'sIntensity'sJan2016's

Audacious Red   LizEF'smusicman123'samberleadavis'Mafia Geek's
Black   georges zaslavsky's, Philip 1209's, withoutink's, mhphoto's
Blue-Black   requiescat'schuancao'smucephei's, Hohn's, Owner of a Lonely Heart'sS. P. Colfer's (vintage), S. P. Colfer's, Wim's, chuancao's, Ernst Bitterman's (vintage), MicheleB's, HenryLouis', Signum1's

Blue-Black (permanent, vintage)   Intensity's
Blue Night (not available in USA)    fpfanatic5's

Camin Red (vintage)   CaptainAnnoyed's
Carnation Red (vintage)   ToasterPastry'seharriett's
Florida Blue   ParkersandPilots'sBhavna'sSandy1'sWim's, PinarelloOnly'schuancao'sMicheleB'sPhilip1209'schkuo's, Nikhil's
Green   goldkiwi's, vermiculus's, JDlugosz's

Harmonious Green   5Cavaliers'MartinSimmonnet'sLizEF's

Havana Brown   Morbus Curiositas'Apoc'sSimonUK'sAd_Astra'sSandy1'sHalden'svermiculus'

Murderface'spenguinmaster'sSignum1'sgeorges zaslavsky'sNikhil's

Inspired Blue   FP_Ink_Geek'sSandy1's, Lgsoltek's, musicman123's

Intense Black   Liquidmetal490's, Alexerion's
Mysterious Blue   amberleadavis'madeyouink'sSandy1's, white_lotus'Gazcom's
Purple girlieg33k's review, georges zaslavsky's review
Red The Noble Savage's review, chkuo's review
Rose (cartridges only; not available in USA) yoplaboum's review

Serenity Blue   Morbus Curiositas'zahiradil's

South Seas Blue   zoniguana'ssaskia_madding'sRocket1'sLothianjavert'sWim'sSandy1's

Tendre Purple   Apoc's, musicman123's

Tropic Green (vintage) ToasterPastry's review


Williamsburg (link here)

Powdered Red   musicman123's

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#31 Ann Finley

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Deep Ocean Blue   musicman123's

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Ann Finley


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Yard-O-Led: Manufactured by Diamine for Yard-O-Led (same in color)
Note: Yard-O-Led Royal Blue was Diamine Tropical Blue before 2002 and has been Diamine Royal Blue since then.
Claret  richardandtracy's review
Jet Black
Royal Blue



Blue   visvamitra's



Brown Gold   sodul's

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#33 Ann Finley

Ann Finley


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Navy Blue   visvamitra's

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