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  2. roshpens

    Montblanc 149 Music Nib Calligraphy

  3. Which color Metro? As good as they are, spend $20 on a tune and they become fabulous.
  4. amberleadavis

    Stub O'Day Part Two

    Wow David that's a beauty!
  5. I thought the same thing - I thought the pens were okay at first, but then they got a little funny.
  6. Pen Nut

    Hello from Singapore/UK!

    Hello and welcome to you from Manchester UK
  7. Sammie1

    Wasp Clipper 500-is this the original nib?

    Thanks y'all. Any ideas on possible replacements for the nib? I haven't found any originals for sale. Since this has been messed with, I don't mind finding a newer style flex nib. I'm not certain how to tell if a nib will fit. This was sold as a flexible nib but it is not.
  8. It happened to me on two Optimas and one 88. Apparently that is a weak point. In my case, a very small amount of cyanoacrylate on the surfaces that sheared off was able to fix it. But it could have easily gone wrong if the glue went to the wrong parts, so I'm not really recommending this solution. If I'm not mistaken, Optima/88 nib units can be installed on the cheaper Talentum or Alpha models, which are cartridge/converter pens.
  9. I had to giggle. I live in a desert. We are in one of the longest droughts in last two centuries. https://www.epa.gov/climate-indicators/southwest I can guarantee, that the issue is not humidity in Las Vegas. However, like @dipper your humidity may vary. The double a paper is very nice and they'll kind I bought is copy paper. It is possible that the brand it was the Costco cheap version that I bought was not the universal version but a different brand I will acquire some of the current version and give you guys an update. Please forgive any typos as I am using speech to text.
  10. Thank you for sharing, this was one of the inks I tried early on. Is a nice performer, but left me cold.
  11. Bbookbinder Red Rat Snake. @kestrel could probably show us a picture of his red rat snake in addition to the ink.
  12. It's really weird, on the ones that were fine nibs with different colors, orange never wanted to write correctly. On the italic nibs, some nibs just never wrote correctly. My concern is that these will turn off new users.
  13. Thank you for the wonderful update.
  14. amberleadavis

    Looking for a fountain pen for pen and ink.

  15. RevAaron

    Show Us Your Kaweco

    Here my favorite Kaweco, and one of my favorite pens in general. A vintage Kaweco Sport from the 30s/40s with a OM nib sourced from a Mont Blanc 144 that has seen better days. The clip came from a Kaweco Dia.
  16. CrosshatchDave

    What pen(s) are you using today, in 2022?

    My one and only Pilot Metropolitan with Lexington Grey ink. So far.
  17. Today
  18. Hey all! I have an Aurora Optima that I bought used ~2008. It's been one of my favorite pens since, and one of the few I've actually used on a regular basis for writing the last number of years. When I got it, the blue resin had already warped/shrunk, which meant that I happily used the pen instead of thinking about it as a showpiece. Fidgeting with it the other day, I apparently put too much pressure from the wrong angle and the piston knob snapped clean off. Photos below. My questions: Who in the US could repair this economically? Can I order the parts to do the repair myself? Are there cheaper pens which will take Aurora Optima nib units? I've recently gotten back into the hobby, and have been having a lot of fun re-discovering a lot of other great pens that I have. One of the things I discovered in my boxes of pen stuff is two additional Aurora nibs for the Optima that I completely forgot - an 18k Fine and a lovely 14k OB/OBB with more line variation than I expected on a newer nib. I'd really love to keep using this one! Thanks in advance all!! Rev
  19. Karmachanic

    What kind of inks were used when fountain pens were invented?

    If you're interested Hakase sells Real Sepia Ink
  20. Karmachanic

    Pilot Custom 823 - Cap sealing

    Just to point out that one is not required to close the valve. I have two pens with shut-off valves. They get closed when taken on a flight. Less faff, less wear and tear, always ready to write.
  21. JonSzanto

    Leonardo Photo Thread

    I agree, that material is gorgeous. I only hesitated because I really would want to pick out the actual pen, since there is so much variation. I'm really happy, in the short time since you posted, that you've already gotten the clip sorted (it looked to me like it would be a minimal fix). I posted my new Cometa the other day, but I meant to shoot the nib, too. The new design looks lovely even on a smaller nib (the MZ size) and I really like that they have gone with this slightly more ornate look.
  22. Karmachanic

    What kind of inks were used when fountain pens were invented?

    As exhibited in some of Michaelangelo's drawings and notes. Rembrant also comes to mind.
  23. Ron Z

    Martin's Pens 51

    A link to an obituary was posted on FPG. But it was for MarVin, not Martin Ferguson. Right town, wrong person. Martin is alive and well.
  24. Sailor Kenshin

    Jinhao 82

    My yellow is here. It's a beautiful, soft pastel, not a school bus or Pikachu yellow. I tried drawing/releasing water and it did that fine… but the water came out blue! I guess they really do test their pens. Now my dilemma is, what ink to use?
  25. CrosshatchDave

    Looking for a fountain pen for pen and ink.

    I purchased the Metropolitan. I just sketched a couple tree branches hatched them and the Noodles Lexington Grey is great with watercolor. No smudging or running. And I enjoy how well the pen feels in my hand.
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