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  2. Man, I’m a few months late
  3. TSherbs

    2021 Commonwealth Pen Show (Boston 9/12/21)!

    Me too, but then my son and his wife came to visit with their new puppy for the weekend, so pen plans were pushed aside for family and furry fun. Priorities!
  4. harroter

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  6. TSherbs

    2021 Commonwealth Pen Show (Boston 9/12/21)!

    Wow, how interesting. This is the only pen store any where "near" my home in Maine. It will be interesting to see the changes--if any--next time I am there (I go there about once every five years). If he still owns it then.
  7. inkstainedruth

    English Parker 51 Aerometrics

    Well I see this thread has been resurrected. Since my last comment, I have gotten another English made 51, a few years ago at the Triangle Pen Show auction -- a Navy Grey Aero with an OB nib. Still keep hoping that a British Bloody Burgundy will fall into my lap at not TOO exorbitant a price... (I know, I know -- but hope springs eternal...). Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth
  8. Paul-in-SF

    Dating a Parker 51 Flighter

    I have just received a Parker 51 Flighter, stainless steel body and cap of course, gold-plated clip ring, clip and cap band. The barrel inscription says "MADE IN U.S.A. 9" very clearly with a strong imprint, it is not possible that it once said "59" for example. At Parker Penography, it says this: "Also in 1950 the Parker "51" Flighter was introduced. This pen was made of steel with GF trim and survided (sic) until 1960. In the late 1950's the gold cap ring was deleted from the Flighter pen." It also says this immediately prior to the above: "From 1950 the single "year" digit on
  9. inkstainedruth

    What ink(s) are you waiting for in the mail?

    I keep looking at the Van Dieman inks but it's hard to judge the actual colors from a printed color card, not an actual writing sample (or even a swab). So I'm looking forward to see what you think of them. Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth
  10. inkstainedruth

    Cross ink capacity

    Most companies' converters have a relatively small capacity (especially when compared to the capacity of the equivalent cartridges). But yes, that's why I like piston fillers as well. Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth
  11. Today
  12. A Visconti was my "clown car" pen to borrow a metaphor from another thread. Ditto sansenri re: your impressions of the scribo!
  13. markh

    Santini to Offer #8 Nibs

    Interesting. I just got one of these at the SF Pen show (out of Ian's hand.) Mine is black, and came with a #6 nib. Really interesting pen. I like that it's really light weight. The edge of the cap was a bit sharp and rubbed my hand when writing with it posted (which for this pen works best for me.) Thinking about it, I use it posted because I hold the pen with a #6 nib further away from the contact point, and the extra length of a posted pen makes this work better. I used some 1.5μ abrasive and took off maybe a tiny fraction of a mm off the cap edge - made a big diffe
  14. crescentfiller

    Boston Safety Display Case

    Yeah, they definitely knew how to build these things!
  15. RudeBoyEEEE

    Happy To Be Here!

    九十九番さん、ありがとうございます。 Glad to know some of the studying is paying off! And thank you for the comment on this thread, as well. I look forward to getting to know you and everyone on the forums!
  16. RudeBoyEEEE

    Tips for Writing Styles?

    Very interesting! I'll totally give this a shot. Thank you!
  17. Sailor Kenshin

    Pokeberry ink question

    Use it for poison pen letters? 😶
  18. bsenn

    Parker 51 Parts

    This page has photos which may help. http://dirck.delint.ca/beta/?page_id=1924 Brian
  19. maclink

    Santini to Offer #8 Nibs

    I was just checking on this. I have a new Schon DSGN Ultem and fitted it with a #8 nib. I hold that pen at the tip of the section while writing. I then wrote with my Pilot Prera and found myself gripping both body and section. Fortunately, the Prera is a snap cap so my grip spanning where the section and body meet, doesn't cause a problem. OTOH, this is why I can't use my Kaweko Brass Sport for long writing sessions. The threading becomes uncomfortable since I grip the pen where the section meets the body as with the Prera.
  20. arcfide

    Choosing first japanese gold nib

    I notice that you went with the Soft Fine for the Platinum but the Medium for the Sailor. What drew you to the Medium nib on the Sailor?
  21. markh

    Santini to Offer #8 Nibs

    Interesting how different we all are, how different our handwriting styles, how personal pen our choices are. I think this is a really great consequence of writing by hand in our mechanical world. I, maybe unconsciously but very noticeably, hold a pen with a smaller nib further away from the contact point. That makes my writing if not more beautiful, at least more legible. I hate it when I go to the store and can't read my own writing on the shopping list..... .
  22. Wow! That's really, really good. Inspiring.
  23. mercurius

    Cross ink capacity

    I’ve recently gone back to using my Cross pens after a break of several years. I’m quite shocked by how little ink they hold in the screw-in fillers. Perhaps I’ve been really spoilt by my piston filler Pelikans which seem to go on for ever on one fill. The Cross pens though seem to need refilling after just a couple of pages. It’s a shame Cross don’t make larger capacity fillers - I think I might be heading back to my Pelikans again soon…
  24. ralfstc

    Parker 51 Parts

    Yes, I'm with SamGoat. So far, it's all correct, but the Chrome ring goes ABOVE the hood on the barrel. R.
  25. yazeh

    TACCIA Ukiyo-e Utamaro aomurasaki

    Like @mizgeorge & @TasI would've completely ignored this ink/ colour. However, you have a way to make mundane, magnificent. Thank you 🙏
  26. Montblanc 220 (M) just now, from my usual Japanese ebay Montblanc dealer. I have been avoiding this one for a bit, since I am perfectly happy with my Lamy 2000. But I saw a picture of it today when browsing another site and suddenly thought, "Now's the time!" That's an impulse buy if I ever heard of one.
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    • Ferocity
      I hope you enjoy it ❤️ You are so very lucky ❤️
    • halffriedchicken
      Not sure if this has been suggested already but would a setting for localized regions or chapters in FPN be helpful? I don't know if there is a way to find local FPN members who would be nearby. I don't know if we want to be discoverable but a setting to know how many members are in 25, 50, or a 100 miles of each other might be helpful. We can create a regions specific network like Craigslist where people could use that to connect with nearby members, conduct in person sales, arrange FPN meetups
    • Daneaxe
      Hi again all, I forgot to tell y'all that I made the post about Sweden ink PIF. Most have probably found it long ago, but here's a link, anyway:      
    • Ayami_109
      I read your blog post and all the replies with much interest. I'm a FP user in Australia. Been part of this forum for years but rarely post. I did come across your ink sharing thread and considered participation. For me it's not lack of interest but lack of time to play around with FP and inks. I'd feel bad to put my hand up for the box and just have it sit until gosh knows when...   I also think that the FP community in Australia is smaller, and I wonder how many in the community are
    • A Smug Dill
      Even so, you'd end up with a fragmented list, and it becomes an O(N²) process for each prospective requestor to check what is available: effectively recreate the list of currently active servers (without any reliable up-to-date info upfront about the inks and number of samples on offer in the thread) from the sequential list of posts, which may be spread over two or even more pages, and then query each server independently to check what is currently on offer.   It comes down to not hav
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