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  2. gwid

    What Model is this Parker Canada Ballpoint Pen?

    from https://parkerpens.net/jotter.html In june 1957 Parker introduced the T-ball, a hard, durable tungsten carbide ball that was textured as to prevent skipping by better grip to the paper, a feature subsequently used on all ball pens today. The price was also lowered to $1.95 In 1958, at last, the Jotter got full Parker status and an arrow clip was fitted to the pen, it was of the same design as the clips found on the Parker "45". This design was virtually unchanged until 1972. I think you got a 1958-1972 t-ball jotter. it was not part of the parker 21 , 41 or 45
  3. Evaldas

    Pelikan M200 extra fine - disappointed

    Thanks for your responses. I just went ahead and ordered an M200 with an F nib. Basically, what I wanted was a pen that would draw a line just a tad thinner than the one procuded by a TWSBI Eco in F, but this Pelikan EF from today was like 3 times thinner than a TWSBI Eco fine. I really do believe the Pelikan might have been defective also I have noticed people criticising Pelikan's nib consistency quite a bit.
  4. Pilot VP (M), red/rhodium - Vanness Pilot E95s (M), black - Lemur Inks The Vanness one is already on the way and will be here in a few days. The Lemur Ink order hasn't shipped yet. D'oh!
  5. Gomer

    Not impressed with Safari

    I have 13 fountain pens, all Chinese, all cheap. One of my sons thought that 13 was unlucky, so he bought me a Lamy Safari for Father's day. It was nice of him, but I am not impressed with the pen. I did some research and it is the real thing. All the details are there, including packaging. I installed the included blue cartridge and tried it out. The nib is labeled F, but it is super fine and it wrote dry and scratchy. It looked like spider webs on the page. I worked with it and got it to where it wrote a little better, but I couldn't get rid of the scratchiness. I about
  6. Why thank you. I don't often post on FPN, you must have seen my sketches somewhere else
  7. NumberSix

    What ink(s) are you waiting for in the mail?

    That one is more pink/magenta than Momiji, which is a red with a lot of pink overtones? (I love Momiji) It looks gorgeous in pictures. I will try it! I need to try the two Iroshizuku oranges, as well.
  8. Timoteo

    Waterman 52 red ripple cap

    I’m doing just that. eBay, 5 star… patience is hard for this stuff
  9. Hi there I have a PeliKan Graphos I picked up years ago on Ebay and have had stashed away. If anyone knows anything about these, I have two queries: Why does the box say Pelican and not Pelikan on it? Is it possible to buy an ink feed for this as mine does not have one? Cheers Charly
  10. IThinkIHaveAProblem

    EFNIR: Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa

    people like to complain about noodler's inks lacking consistency from batch to batch (I have fallen victim to this, my 54th mass is borderline unusable, feathering and spread and bleed... the exact opposite of most of the reviews I have read! ) and while Nathan's production methods to lend themselves to greater variance from batch to batch, Waterman changed their basic colour formulas for (I think either BB or Serenity...) and didn't tell anyone... and then IIRC when asked about it said that "no change" had occurred... when side by side comparisons show it definitely changed! (I feel like I re
  11. garif

    My Crescent filler

    thank you in the next days i "ll finish an oversize n 8 nib crescent filler stay tuned
  12. LizEF

    EFNIR: Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa

    As this was three reviews ago (I'm using ink 112 right now), it's hard to remember the details. It may be that I should have said "a bit wetter than average" (for example). But I'll have to stick with what I originally wrote as that me knew what she was talking about better than this me. It is seeming like maybe I have an oddity, though, so it's good for any potential buyers to see everyone else's experiences - sort of a "buyer beware" kind of thing. Precisely.
  13. LizEF

    EFNIR: Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa

    You're very welcome, and thank you! See my previous comment about flow vs lubrication. I assume your increased flow resulted in sufficient lubrication to eliminate the chalky feel. But... This makes me wonder if maybe my sample is a different formulation or from a batch with an oddity. Also, I've been wondering if my absorbent paper could already be decomposing. In the beginning, some inks worked well on it. These days, nothing ever seems to work well on it - even inks that should. Really it was only the dried ink in the cap that was bad. The
  14. IThinkIHaveAProblem

    Isopropyl Alcohol In Place Of Denatured Alcohol

    good to know... yikes...
  15. sirgilbert357

    What Pen Are You Using Today in 2021?

    That pen is amazing... The art is great too! (I didn't see it at first because I was staring at the pen, LOL)
  16. IThinkIHaveAProblem

    EFNIR: Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa

    I would also ad that for me, this is not a "wet" ink. Its not the driest I own (I Do have Registrar's after all...) but my bottle is certainly not "wet" FWIW: I think of a "wet" ink as an ink that seemingly tries to escape the pen as it touches paper... Noodler's inks tend to do this, well, some bottles do... bottles with a little more surfactant that I would personally care for... they also tend to feather and bleed... I have found this ink to be on the dryer side, and very well behaved, even on less than stelar paper. Although it mostly gets used on Clairefontaine an
  17. Bo Bo Olson

    Help Identifying Wearever Nib

    My two Wearevers, one a '30's (the long cameo-mechanical pencil has a fountain pen in the and the other the turquoise one is '70's spread the tines only 2X a light down stroke but had much more tine bend than I'd expect from a semi-nail. In the picture was second tier three pre WW2 and three post war, and a few parts. Those I gave away, to someone with an interest in them or to sell them if he wished. I don't remember much about those nibs, but would have rated the nibs as the others mentioned and a few regular flex.
  18. You better straighten up or I'll knock you into next Tuesday.... Mom
  19. Bo Bo Olson

    How 'old' is 'Vintage' currently?

    I use semi-vintage from before 1997, when Pelikan ruined it's nibs; making them stiffer and fat and blobby...outside the 200. Vintage from when the semi-flex died, @ 1970 MB?-72 for Geha (outside of Aurora which offered real semi-flex into the young 2000's. The new faux-semi-flex or flexi or what ever they call it is not real.)
  20. LizEF

    EFNIR: Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa

    You're welcome!
  21. LizEF

    EFNIR: Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa

    Thank you! It does seem like "similar use" would make a review more relevant. Yes, I've heard that too, but I'm wondering if it's because of the lower lubrication - it wasn't until I started this project that I really understood the difference between wetness/flow vs lubrication. It's easy to assume that if the writing experiences is a bit "rougher" that the ink is dry. But this ink seemed to flow very well from my pen, just without lubricating the nib as well as I'd like. (As to your mental image - I wouldn't be surprised if every native speaker of English hasn'
  22. mizgeorge

    What ink(s) are you waiting for in the mail?

    Which can even be easily bought in the UK for once
  23. Bo Bo Olson

    "Giant Size" Pen History and Models

    Good to learn something, I've never heard of an Oversized Vac....wrong continent; wrong collection area; so I don't read Parker or Shaffer sub-sections. Still such a term as far as I know, never made it out of the '30's or early '40s. I'd only heard of an Oversize New Balance and of course not in real life back in the day of B&W TV....in it was an obsolete item, like a VAC.
  24. Today
  25. Using a few pens today. A very large piston filler Omega Gigante. EF bicolored nib.
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    • A Smug Dill
      Even so, you'd end up with a fragmented list, and it becomes an O(N²) process for each prospective requestor to check what is available: effectively recreate the list of currently active servers (without any reliable up-to-date info upfront about the inks and number of samples on offer in the thread) from the sequential list of posts, which may be spread over two or even more pages, and then query each server independently to check what is currently on offer.   It comes down to not hav
    • LizEF
      If one wanted to do this, one could just use the "About Me" field which appears to be unlimited in size.  And if a bunch of people wanted to cooperate, the Member Title field (or signature) could be used to this end - "Ink Giver" (or some such) could be used by those with inks to give...  No software edits required.
    • Arkanabar
      I suppose the update issue could be mitigated.  One would post a link in signature, to the particular part of your profile where you list the inks that you're willing to post samples to others, gratis.  But looking at profiles, I suspect that would require an edit to the board's software, potentially a nontrivial task.
    • A Smug Dill
      I read your idea as getting willing givers to publicly register as members of a set of heterogenous servers, in a system in which a client would explicitly select an available server from a list, to which he/she will then send a request privately and asynchronously. Request handling in the system is unmanaged, and individual requests are handled by the targeted servers completely independently on each other. I think the model is fine, although there are some operational concerns you may want to
    • Daneaxe
      First thought on the method/system of ink sharing: Think the best way, to begin with, is to follow the way of the US thread: offer up a (small) list of inks you are willing to PIF, to whoever expresses interest. Write clearly in the "mission statement" how it works, with a tiny "quid pro quo" that even a struggling student can comply with, i.e. post your opinion and a writing sample, with option of a full review if desired.   So yours truly might say: "I'm offering up samples of D
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