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  2. jandrew

    What ink(s) are you waiting for in the mail?

    Mine shipped March 12, left Melbourne March 22, hit Canada on the 24th and delivered on the 30th. Hopefully yours will end their languishment soon
  3. TheDutchGuy

    Ink Review: Kaweco Caramel Brown

    *bumping up a 4-year old thread* Chrissy’s scan above totally nails the essence of this ink. I’d like to add two personal observations here. First, like Kaweco Midnight Blue and Sailor kiwaguro, this is one of a small number of inks that won’t spread on the page at all, assuming non-absorbent paper like Rhodia, Clairefontaine, etc. In other words, it perfectly reflects the true nib width and the lines are very crisp (again assuming non-absorbent paper). I _love_ that in an ink! Second, it sheens a deep, dark green. I cleaned the rim of the bottle before closing it and this is what
  4. cgfolks

    Recommendations for a warm medium-dark brown ink!

    My two favorites are Pelikan Brilliant Brown and Robert Oster Cafe Crema, both are excellent inks.
  5. Sailor Kenshin

    Recommendations for a warm medium-dark brown ink!

    Sample vials are your friend! Start with some of the above recommendations.
  6. GAtkins

    Brown tortoiseshell pattern

    It's supposed to be that way.
  7. LizEF

    Database mishap - fixed

    Thanks, Wim! (Been there, done that, and I know it can be a bit nerve wracking. Thanks for the hard work.)
  8. Broomstick

    What ink(s) are you waiting for in the mail?

    Ohhh, how long did it take? I ordered on March 17th and they are still languishing in Melbourne.
  9. Dear members, I had purchased as an impulse buy a Parker Maxima that was made in the United Kingdom that has a large size 50 Parker nib. I love the way it writes, but the problem is that it is leaking from the nib. I discovered that the feed is missing two of the fins. Now I am stuck with the pen that keeps leaking unpredictably when I write. Does any one happen to know if such a feed can be purchased in the aftermarket? Or is it made custom? Or do you at least have the dimensions including the length and girth of the nib in millimeters? Please help. Thank you.
  10. rvur

    Too Many Blues!

    Here comes a new colour...
  11. Barutti

    Brown tortoiseshell pattern

    as both Pelikans on my office desk, there is side by side photo. I hope it helps to notice irregular stipes on tortoise.
  12. PAKMAN

    Greetings from Cornwall

    Hello and Welcome to FPN!! So glad to have you as a member!! I too have recently purchased the new 51 and have been enjoying writing with it!
  13. wimg

    Database mishap - fixed

    Dearest Members and Visitors of the Fountain Pen Nuthouse, Today, around 10 am EDT, 3 pm GMT, we encountered a database problem, caused by a fix gone awry, and fhad to restore a backup. Earlier today we applied a fix to a bunch of annoyances, but one of those was not entirely correct, and it started deleting posts and members. Fortunately we made a back-up prior to doing these fixes, and we have now restored that back-up, iand applied all fixes again except the problem one. We may have lost a few posts and data as a result, as there was a two hour lag betwee
  14. Today
  15. buechernarr

    Visconti De Medici black basilica

    Can you show me which 14k nibs it is? Sure.
  16. wimg

    Database upgrades finished

    Looks like it. I normally do not see anything at all in that spot when no ad is displayed. Unfortunately the standard rules for displaying html and css are generally not as standard as it may seem. Maybe check out a different browser and see itf it is caused by the browser or not. Warm regards, Wim
  17. @NikaaYou asked for some photos of the latest nib, so here it is.
  18. TheRedBeard

    Parker 51 (original) Prices in 2021 :)

    That's a bargain
  19. mizgeorge

    Greetings from Cornwall

    Hello Matthew and welcome from the Cotswolds too
  20. adair

    The new 2021 Parker 51

    I have never seen that deluxe 601. Stunning. As for the regular 601, it isn't bad for the price, and I do love the vintage colors. Unfortunately, perhaps because it uses the vac system, mine has once or twice "burped" ink onto the page. Also, I find the fill system fragile and one that makes cleaning a bit more of a challenge. Finally, it does not come in medium (to my knowledge). On the whole, it just doesn't inspire confidence as a daily workhorse. That's what I thought the new 51 would be--alas...
  21. mizgeorge

    Recommendations for a warm medium-dark brown ink!

    MB toffee brown Herbin Cafe des Iles Diamine Saddle Brown Robert Oster Golden Brown or Aussie Brown (may be too dark) L'Artisan Pastellier Callifolio Canelle or Havane (may be too light) Or start with something like Diamine Espresso (which is gorgeous) and warm it up a little with a bit of burnt sienna or something similar? I think there are a couple of Monteverde browns that might work, but I haven't tried them myself so I'll leave them for someone else to recommend.
  22. lantanagal

    Journaling Pen?

    Great, thanks!
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