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Robert Oster Signature Ink - Yellow Sunset - A Short Review


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Robert Oster Signature Inks are a new line coming out of South Australia and are making enthusiasts sit up and take notice! They are very competitively priced too. :D


So, I acquired a handful of these, thus:

  1. Moss
  2. Emerald Green
  3. Deep Sea
  4. Bondi Blue
  5. Fire Engine Red
  6. Yellow Sunset

In the following short reviews the writing samples are created using an Osmiroid B4 italic nib and an Esterbrook 2048 fitted to a standard XT Esterbrook dip-less pen holder.

All writing is by dipping. More time is needed to discover how these inks behave in cartridges, converters or eyedroppers.


Swabs and comparisons with other inks will be provided later in the week – I’m all out of Q-tips!


Ah, it's the end of another summer's day...




Some nice shading here, though I am not sure if it has the range or depth of Noodler's Apache Sunset - the comparison is inevitable. Average dry times on my Rhodia pad. As I was writing the script I was wondering if this was really my thing. After it was on the page for a while I find I quite like it. It will be interesting to try it on off-white or other coloured papers. And of course there is Tomoe River to think of!

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Thanks for the review - I wonder if the ink is as bright in a fountain pen (as opposed to a dip pen), or whether it'll prove a little harder to read? I've got one bright, legible yellow ink in my collection - Diamine Sunshine Yellow, which leans towards orange - and wouldn't mind another...

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Not sure, haven't filled a pen with it yet. The Esterbrook dip-less holder takes regular Esterbrook and Osmiroid nibs that have a feed, so it's not exactly like a dip pen. So, I don't know if a more constant flow or pressure from a reservoir will make much difference. All the reviews I've done on this line have gone down very wet from the broad Osmiroid.

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