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Sailor Bungbox Omotesando Blue


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It's been a while since I've done any ink reviews, and I don't have as much time to be as exhaustive as I once was, but perhaps this will be useful to someone.


Sailor Bungbox Omotesando Blue

Pen: Aurora Ipsilon Deluxe (M)

Papers: MvL=Mohawk via Linen, TR=Tomoe River,Rhodia=Rhodia 90g ivory.

Camera: iPhone 7


A friend sent me a sample of this ink a while back, and I noticed that is was also available at Vanness, the US Source for Bungbox inks in the US. This is a fairly strong blue, fairly bright. The iPhone image is a good bit darker for sure than the actual image — it's a moderately bright, medium blue. The image in Preview is much closer to the actual image on paper, the one uploaded is shifted darker. As always, images are what they are. If you think you might like an ink, especially for its color, then purchase of a sample to confirm the look and feel of an ink prior to purchasing a bottle is a recommended, though not foolproof, practice. Especially so when the price of an ink is near $45 for 50 ml.


The ink shades well on Tomoe River and Rhodia, and there is a decent amount of reddish sheen on TR in artificial light. The dry times on absorbent paper is quite fast, a good deal slower on the better papers. There could be some show through and/or bleed through problems on the more absorbent papers. There was a little show through on MvL but nothing problematic.








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Thank you for this review & it is a pleasure to share your observations about a new ink. I appreciate the detail you offer in your reviews & consider it a great resource.


I think it looks like a very nice blue & I am sure many lovers of same will be happy to know more about it.

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I see how you both are being very cagey about your feelings about this ink. You can come out and say it — you don't like it. Admit it! :lol:


It's a decent ink, but it didn't wow me. But as you say, there will be folks that will be interested in this ink. And that's as it should be.

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