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Reviews are in alphabetical order by brand and color name within the brand.


If you do not see a review of an ink here, but would like to see a good sized color swatch, member Martin Roberts has provided two wonderful tools on his website. The Writing Desk "Colorama" allows you to see many brands within a given color category side-by-side. The Ink Color Comparison feature allows you to choose three inks from any brand to view side-by-side. A large selection of colors and brands are available. FPN and the moderators of this forum are not affiliated with The Writing Desk, but we are grateful that these tools are available to the FP community.


Please Note: The following are not, generally, included in the Index of Reviews:


1. Comparisons, sample scans, and water tests (these go in the sub-forum--the link is below Ink Reviews link on main page.)

2. Reviews with a link to an external site, or otherwise, in order to view the "main body" of the review, including any images.

3. Reviews that are done more than 1 to a topic. Please, only ONE review per post!

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Ann Finley





3 Oysters

Dancheong Lgsoltek's

Doldam Lgsoltek's

Giwa Bobje's

Mustard tealeaf_egg's

Purple Gray tealeaf_egg's





Anthracite savarez's review
Blaugrun (blue-green) savarez's review

Blue Iron-Gall (Blaue Eisengallustinte) olethros'
Blau-Schwarz (blue-black) vans4444's review
Chestnut savarez's review
Konigsblau savarez's review
Merkurgrun (mercury green) savarez's review
Olive Green savarez's review
Schokolade (Chocolate) savarez's review
Walnussbraun savarez's review
Wasser (turquoise) savarez's review

Blauw (#3) woosang's (mini), spiv's,
Bekakt Haags (#23) spiv's, Wrathen's, white_lotus'
Bezuidenwoudgroen (#27) mhphoto's, musicman123's, visvamitra's, WOBentley's
Binnenhof Blues (#6) geoduc's
China Town Red (#21) amberleadavis'

Delfts Blauw (LE) yazeh's

Diep duinwaterblaauw (#8) Sinistral1's, white_lotus', visvamitra's

Garuda Rood (#18) visvamitra's, mac47's

Groenmarkt Smaragd (#26) visvamitra's, amberleadavis', gylyf's, Morbus Curiositas'
Het Zwarte Pad (#30) colrehogan's
Hofkwartier Groen (#28) Lgsoltek's, woosang's (mini), amberleadavis's, NeelsK's

Hofvijver Gris (#29) akszugor's

Hopjesbruin (#22) Lgsoltek's, visvamitra's, amberleadavis's, gregamckinney's, white_lotus'
IJzer-Galnoten bl/zw (blue-black iron gall) (#10) lapis'bokaba's
KoninginneNach-Blauw (#7) watch_art's
Laan Van Nieuw Oost-Indigo (#9) mhphoto's, white_lotus', LizEF's
Nassaus Blauw (#4) woosang's (mini)
Oranje Boven (#16) saskia_madding's, Fountain Pen Mike's, LizEF's
Parkpop Purper (#14) mac47's, DrPenfection's
Passage Blauw (#1) visvamitra's, spiv's
Pulchri Pink (#20) Signum1's
Residentie Blauw (#2) spiv's
Rood Haags Pluche (#19) Lgsoltek's, saskia_madding's, mhphoto's, Lovesink's
Shocking Blue (#5) nomadhacker's, fabienne's, colrehogan's, spiv's, thoppen's, dcwaites'
Simplisties Violet (#13) nomadhacker's, colrehogan's
Treves Turquoise (#11) amberleadavis', thoppens'
Voorhout violet (#15) saskia_madding's, Lovesink's, white_lotus'
Zuiderpark Blauw-Groen (#24) white_lotus', visvamitra's (2014), saskia_madding's, visvamitra's (2017)


Akkerman - Dutch Masters

Ceruleum blauw van Vermeer (#1) gylyf's

Lievens Kardinaal Paars (#6) gylyf's, Morbus Curiositas'

Ruisdaels stormachtig blauw (#8) gylyf's, Geert Jan's

Steenrood van Vermeer (#9) Geert Jan's

Vermeer's Kobaltblauw (#11) gylyf's


Akkerman - Limited Edition in collaboration with Stephen Brown (see also Diamine - Exclusively for La Couronne du Comte)

SBRE Brown Chrissy's


Alfred Dunhill
Blue chkuo's review



Appleton Red white_lotus'

Fox River Blues white_lotus'

Green Bay white_lotus'

Oshkosh Denim white_lotus', Aditlojs'

Wood Violet white_lotus'


Black Fabienne's, Mafia Geek's, Signum1's, orange lamy's, jeen's review, The Noble Savage's review, DilletanteG's review, Ray-Vigo's review, chkuo's review, visvamitra's, akszugor's,
Blue Mafia Geek's review, Sandy1's review, Owner of a Lonely Heart's review, PinarelloOnly's review, chuancao's review, JJBlanche's review, techman's review, MicheleB's review, Bill Smith's review, chkuo's review, Signum 1's review, woodworker's review, visvamitra's, akszugor's

Blue-Black The Good Captain's, visvamitra's, akszugor's


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Ann Finley




Dresden Green S Gawlick's
Terra di Siena Sandy1's


Berlin Notebook (store ink)

Blue No 1 AidenMark's

New Red No. 2 AidenMark's


Bexley (Manufactured by Private Reserve for Bexley; re-labeled Private Reserve inks; see Private Reserve for the reviews of these inks)
Harmony Green is PR Sherwood Green (dark green)
Lapis Blue is PR Tanzanite (blue violet)
Midnight Black is PR Velvet Black
Mocha is PR Copper Burst (brown)
Mountain Violet is PR Plum (purple/violet)
Ocean Blue is PR Lake Placid Blue
Turquoise is PR Naples Blue (light blue-green)



#11 Aubergine saskia_madding's



Allegheny Arsenal Gunpowder Black crahptacular's

Allegheny River Twilight crahptacular's

Andrew Carnegie Steel Blue crahptacular's, Jan2016's

Andy Warhol Pop Art Purple Jan2016's, crahptacular's

Billy Eckstine Blues For Sale finnegans', crahptacular's

Blockhouse Sepia finnegans'

Cathedral of Learning Panther Blue Jan2016's

David O Selznick Lilac Wind crahptacular's

Duquesne Incline Station Red crahptacular's

Edgar Thomson Steel Works Coking Coal Black crahptacular's

Emerald View Park Oxidized Brass Jan2016's, crahptacular's

Forbes Field Green Jan2016's, crahptacular's

Fort Pitt Blockhouse Sepia crahptacular's

Frank Gorshin Riddle Green crahptacular's, Jan2016's

Fred Rogers Cardigan Red crahptacular's

Frick Park Fern Hollow Creek Jan2016's, crahptacular's

Gene Kelly Raspberry Rain crahptacular's

George Westinghouse Alternator Crimson crahptacular's

Grandview Avenue Midnight Horizon Jan2016's, crahptacular's

Honus Wagner Infield Brown crahptacular's

Infield Brown white_lotus'

Jeff Goldblum Independence Gray crahptacular's

Oxidized Brass finnegans', white_lotus'

Pennsylvania Railroad Boiler Steam Blue-Black crahptacular's, Intensity's

Philander C. Knox Old Gloria Blue Jan2016's

Phipps Conservatory Verbena crahptacular's

Point Park Fountain Turquoise crahptacular's, Jan2016's

Shadyside Walnut St. Brown crahptacular's

Shenley Park Thicket Green Jan2016's, crahptacular's

Smithfield St. Bridge Truss Blue Intensity's, Jan2016's, crahptacular's

Southside Park Fern Moss crahptacular's, Intensity's, Jan2016's

Steel Building Smoked Iron crahptacular's, Jan2016's

Thomas Mellon Evergreen Jan2016's

Waterfront Dusk crahptacular's, Intensity's

USS Requin Navy Blue finnegans', crahptacular's



Mallard Green visvamitra's

Robin Red visvamitra's

Starling Purple visvamitra's



Barrier Reef Blue bioluminescentsquid's, visvamitra's, Jamerelbe's, Lgsoltek's

Barrister Black dcwaites', Jamerelbe's

Barrister Blue (permanent) Jamerelbe's, Lgsoltek's

Barrister Blue (permanent, new formulation) Jamerelbe's

Barrister Blue Black (permanent) Jamerelbe's

Black Stump Black visvamitra's

Blue rickygene's

Lights Blue Jamerelbe's

Daintree Green visvamitra's, Jamerelbe's, Lgsoltek's, white_lotus'

Golden Wattle Lgsoltek's

Lights Green Jamerelbe's

Lights Orange Jamerelbe's

Lights Red Jamerelbe's

Lights Violet Jamerelbe's

Red Cashmere yazeh's

Sydney Harbour Blue bioluminescentsquid's, visvamitra's, Jamerelbe's, Lgsoltek's

Uluru Red visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's


Blackstone - CMYK Mixing Inks

Black Jamerelbe's

Cyan Jamerelbe's

Magenta Jamerelbe's

Mix Kit dcwaites'

Yellow Jamerelbe's


Blackstone - Scents of Australia series

Australian Bush visvamitra's, dcwaites', Jamerelbe's, Lgsoltek's, effrafax's, Jan2016's

Blue Cypress visvamitra's, Jamerelbe's, Lgsoltek's

Blue Gum visvamitra's, Jamerelbe's, Lgsoltek's

Brown Boronia Jamerelbe's, Lgsoltek's, visvamitra's

Red Kunzea Jan2016's, Jamerelbe's, Lgsoltek's

Wild Orange Jamerelbe's, Lgsoltek's, Jan2016's


Bookbinders Snake Ink

Blue Coral Snake visvamitra's, visvamitra's (revisited and re-reviewed), white_lotus'

Blue Racer visvamitra's

Eastern Brown visvamitra's, white_lotus'

Emerald Boa visvamitra's, white_lotus'

Everglades Ratsnake visvamitra's, white_lotus'

Ground Rattler visvamitra's

Red Belly Black visvamitra's, white_lotus'

Red Spitting Cobra visvamitra's


Boss (Laoban) Enterprise

Black Aeliascent's

Blue-Black 854 TruthPil's

Carbon Black 851 TruthPil's



Black MarkHanks'

Laurel Rose mehandiratta's

Red arunpk's

Royal Blue taike's, mehandiratta's


Edited by lapis
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Ann Finley


Green Nikhil's
Permanent Black Nikhil's, zahiradil's
Scarlet Red ]diarcher's
Royal Blue alphie's, freewheelingvagabond's, CursiveChild's, Nikhil's


Kokuyo (Camel) visvamitra's
Royal Blue Julia161's, comfortableshoes', taranthatsme's
Scarlet Red mehandiratta's


Campo Marzio
Black Shinma's
Turquoise joelchan's

Caran d'Ache standard line (older)
Blue Ipno Tizer's, Sandy1's
Turquoise (light blue-green) Dudley's

Caran d'Ache "Colors of the Earth" line (discontinued in 2013)
Amazon (green) Sandy1's, all my hues'
Blue Night (dark blue) saskia_madding's, girlieg33k's, Sandy1's
Blue Sky (blue) SteadyHand's, ttakacs'
Carbon (black) Djehuty's, Comptine's
Caribbean Sea (light blue-green) saskia_madding's, Tequila's, dizzypen's, Inka's
Grand Canyon (dark brown) veltri's, visvamitra's, dizzypen's, rsq001's, lecorbusier's, Sandy1's
Saffron (orange) Sandy1's, Owner of a Lonely Heart's, saskia_madding's, girlieg33k's, jorgerp1's, Crewel's
Storm (burgundy / eggplant skin / aubergine) Sandy1's review, RaymondvW's review, limesally's review, Inka's review
Sunset saskia_madding's, girlieg33k's, mhphoto's

Caran d'Ache "Chromatics" line (new in 2013)

Cosmic Black visvamitra's

Delicate Green visramitra's

Divine Pink visvamitra's

Electric Orange visvamitra's, julia239's, Lgsoltek's

Hypnotic Turquoise visvamitra's

Idyllic Blue dneal's, MartinSimmonet's, visvamitra's

Infinite Grey cybaea's, visvamitra's

Infrared HalloweenHJB's, visvamitra's

Magnetic Blue lapis', dneal's, visvamitra'sLizEF's

Organic Brown visvamitra's, cybaea's

Ultra violet visvamitra's, cybaea's

Vibrant Green musicman123's, visvamitra's

Carter's (vintage)
American Blue ToasterPastry's review
Blue-Black (iron gall) ToasterPastry's review

Deep Green Intensity's

Harvest Brown ToasterPastry's review
Mountain Violet ToasterPastry's review
Sunset Red ToasterPastry's review
Tulip Purple jbc0531's review, SamCapote's review, ToasterPastry's review
Washable Blue ToasterPastry's review

Black girlieg33k's review
Blue girlieg33k's review
Bordeaux girlieg33k's review


Black mehandiratta's
Blue-black (permanent) Sandy1's

Crimson Violet Mesu's

India Ink Harman Singh's
Ruby Red rockerxs'
Turquoise comfortableshoes'


Antique Jade majolo's

Antique Mariner oceanlover4evr's

Antique Orchid OCArt's

Archival Vault (iron gall) fiberdrunk's review

Capri Blue Fabienne's

Fire Opal amberleadavis'

Garnet TConnell's review
Mahogany ttakacs' review
Night Sapphire ttakacs' review, Vargouille's review
Ruby mousetalker's review
Sapphire P.A.R.'s review
Zircon MrHolmes' review


Cleo Skribent

Grün Lgsoltek's



Andromeda Lgsoltek's

Crystal Planet jj9ball's

Dark Energy Intensity's

Einstein Ring jj9ball's

Gluon digitalbrush's

Gravity Wave Lgsoltek's, jj9ball's

Hayabusa jj9ball's

Lights on Ceres Lgsoltek's

Mars Curiosity Lgsoltek's

Proxima B bokaba's

Quasar Lgsoltek's, jj9ball's, namrehsnoom's 

Schrödinger Lgsoltek's

String Lgsoltek's

Voyager 1 EBGBs'


Colorverse Joy in the Ordinary

Brunch Date Intensity's



Arancione (orange) Gazcom's



Horizon Blue gsgill112's


Blue girlieg33k's review
Brown girlieg33k's review
Dark Green girlieg33k's review
Green M4R1N4's review
Tamar lovementos' review
Violet: Carrie's review

Crescent Freflo
Red ToasterPastry's review

Cross These are manufactured by Pelikan, and are re-labeled Pelikan inks.
See Pelikan for any reviews on these inks.
Black is Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Black
Blue is Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue, akszugor's

Blue-Black (new, in bottles) visvamitra's, akszugor's
Blue-Black (cartridges only) is Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black

Violet visvamitra's, akszugor's


Edited by lapis
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Ann Finley




Blue Black mehandiratta's, zahiradil's

Bright Violet zahiradil's

Brilliant Red zahiradil's

Crimson zahiradil's

Dark Brown zahiradil's

Dark Grey zahiradil's

Deep Black zahiradil's

Emerald Green zahiradil's

Havana Brown mehandiratta's, zahiradil's

Mauve zahiradil's

Olive Brown mehandiratta's, zahiradil's

Rose Red zahiradil's

Royal Blue zahiradil's

Turquoise zahiradil's

Yellow Ochre zahiradil's

De Atramentis - Standard Inks

Archive ink (black) cybaea's
Adular Blue jschwab's review, visvamitra's
Amarant radellaf's review
Atlantic Blue Mafia Geek's review, Sandy1's review
Aubergine visvamitra's, fabienne's, carpedavid's, beurling's, saskia_madding's, RedSox04's, declanh's

Black-Brown white_lotus', visvamitra's
Bordeaux Red visvamitra's, S Gawlick's review, Jared's review

Cement Gray akszugor's

Citrin visvamitra's

Coral Red visvamitra's

Dark Blue visvamitra's, Bill Smith's
Dark Reseda Green visvamitra's

Ebony Jan2016's

Fog Grey visvamitra's

Fuchsia Lgsoltek's

Ginkgo Jan2016's (2016), Jan2016's (2017)

Gold foiled_again's review

Graphite black (highly water resistant) Signum1's review
Golf Green Signum1's review
Havanna Signum1's review
Indigo visvamitra's, kronos77'sLizEF's
Jeans Blue Caffeinated42's, Sandy1's, visvamitra's
Kermesin Red amberleadavis', akszugor's, saskia_madding's, jschwab's
Khaki visvamitra's, Morbus Curiositas', mhphoto's, Michael R.'s
London visvamitra's

Magenta Lgsoltek's

Maron visvamitra's, white_lotus'

Midnight Blue visvamitra's

Mint Turquoise amberleadavis', nomadhacker's, helcahisie's, musicman123's

New York visvamitra's

Olive Green visvamitra's, Jan2016's

Oriental Red MyDarnSnakeLegs'

Paris visvamitra's

Pearlescent Camelien Red Copper Plexipens'

Pearlescent Whisky Brown Copper LizEF's

Pearl Violet musicman123's, DrPenfection's
Petrol saskia_madding's review, beurling's review, Jan2016's
Pidgeon Blue shaylenwilliams' review, Jan2016's, LizEF's

Pine Green visvamitra's, Jan2016's

Poppy Red amberleadavis'

Red Orange visvamitra's

Royal Blue Signum1's, Sandy1's, akszugor's, gylyf's

Ruby Red owenj's review, saskia_madding's review

Sahara Grey visvamitra's, akszugor's, RookSeven's, merzig's
Salmon Colours' review, visvamitra's
Sapphire Blue dizzypen, Sammyo's
Sepia kronos77's review, S Gawlick's review, visvamitra's

Sepia Brown Jan2016's

Shanghai visvamitra's

Silver Grey owenj's review, jschwab's review, xty's, visvamitra's
Sky Blue amberleadavis', SamCapote's review
Steel Blue Morbus Curiositas', Mafia Geek's review, ravantra's review, AndyYNWA's, LizEF's

Ultramarine visvamitra's

US Constitution mhphoto's, amberleadavis'

Wiesbadener Quellentinte dneal's

York Brown Morbus Curiositas'


De Atramentis - Alcohol & Tobacco (scented)
Amaretto jschwab's review
Barolo SamCapote's review
Cabernet Sauvignon (wine red, scented) SamCapote's review
Pinot Noir (scented) amberleadavis', jschwab's

Saint Laurent amberleadavis'

Tobacco _Stormin_'s

Whisky visvamitra's


De Atramentis - Black Edition

Black Blue yogalarva's

Black Green owenj's review, visvamitra's
Black Red visvamitra's, tgeorgo's

De Atramentis - Christmas
Red (2012) tandaina's review


De Atramentis - Document Ink (permanent)

Black LizEF's

Black (cartridges) Morbus Curiositas'

Blue akszugor's, Morbus Curiositas', olethros', cybaea's, lemanfan's, FP_Ink_Geek's, visvamitra's

Brown pictogramax's, visvamitra's, Morbus Curiositas'

CMYK Artists' Box Morbus Curiositas'

Cyan Bluto Carpaccio's

Dark Blue Morbus Curiositas', visvamitra's

Fog Grey Lgsoltek's

Fuchsia visvamitra's

Green visvamitra's, Morbus Curiositas'

Magenta amberleadavis'

Red visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's

Thinning Agent Morbus Curiositas'

Turquoise amberleadavis', cybaea's, visvamitra's

White Morbus Curiositas', Lgsoltek's

Yellow visvamitra's


De Atramentis - Flavours (scented)
Caramel ladyambrosia's review
Coffee akszugor's, Colors', DetlevCM

De Atramentis - Flowers & Fruits (scented)
Almond Flower jschwab's review, Scylla's review
Black Rose jschwab's review
Blackberry (scented) _Stormin_'s, karinh's review

Cucumber visvamitra's

Dianthus Tessy Moon's

Elderberries MyDarnSnakeLegs' review
Field Flowers longdistance's review
Fir Dudley's photograph
Hyacinth CalvaryMaid's review
Myrrh Colors' review, bioluminescentsquid's

Orchid amberleadavis'

Plum ravantra's review

Raspberry mhphoto's review

Rose Ink taranir's

Rote Rosen Pencilcaseblog's

Strawberry lapis' review
Vanilla Caffeinated42's, jschwab's
Ylang Ylang Fabienne's review

De Atramentis - Magic Boarding School Inks
Alchemist (Night Black) akszugor's, colrehogan's review
Magic Dragon violet saskia_madding's review
Mandrake saskia_madding's review
Witch Red saskia_madding's review
Wizard Blue saskia_madding's review, Halden's review


De Atramentis - Other Fragrance Inks

Bookworm Morbus Curiositas'

Wood Ink akszugor's

De Atramentis - People Ink

Alexander Hamilton white_lotus'

Charles Dickens FP_Ink_Geek's

Clark Wilheml II Morbus Curiositas'
Edgar Allan Poe ParkersandPilots' review

Gandhi visvamitra's, Dumatborlon's

Giacomo Puccini visvamitra's

Guiseppe Verdi sjs' review, geoduc's

Jane Austen visvamitra's, Morbus Curiositas'

John Sebastian Bach amberleadavis'

Kaiser Franz Joseph of Austria QM2's review

Robert Louis Stevenson faustulus' review

Shakespeare xty's, visvamitra's

Sherlock Holmes akszugor's, nomadhacker's, paperskater's, Laura N's, visvamitra's, LizEF's


De Atramentis - Sports and Leisure

Steam Locomotive seanruss'

De Atramentis - Zodiac Ink
Capricorn cybaea's review

Goat Sailor Kenshin's

Snake visvamitra's


De Atramentis - Exclusively for Laywine's (in Toronto, Canada)
Kind of Blue zoniguana's


Blue girlieg33k's
Brown Sandy1's, girlieg33k's
Don Quixote de la Mancha (black) (limited production) The Noble Savage's

Nero (Black) visvamitra's

Orange visvamitra's
Sepia kkhon's


Edited by lapis
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Ann Finley




Amaranth Chrissy's, requiescat's, DanielCoffey's, Carrie's
Amazing Amethyst Chrissy's, akszugor's, hoipolloi's, DanielCoffey's, dizzypen's, dandelion's, visvamitra's
Amber askzugor's, smiorgan's, Bhavna's, Halden's, Will's, Chrissy's, Jan2016's
Ancient Copper visvamitra's, amberleadavis', trump321's, milanjuza's, Hutecker's, mhphoto's, Mafia Geek's, kronos77's, DanielCoffey's, fiberdrunk's, Sandy1's, brunico's, Muncle's, Fabienne's, Chrissy's, Lgsoltek's
Apple Glory visvamitra's, DanielCoffey's reivew, LostInBrittany's review, mhphoto's, Chrissy's
Aqua Blue akszugor's, Liquidmetal490's, eriquito's, Chrissy's
Aqua Lagoon saskia_madding's review, DanielCoffey's review, CursiveChild's
Asa Blue cellulophile's, Mafia Geek's review, notgiven's review, Sandy1's review, dizzypen's review, Chrissy's, gylyf's

Aurora Borealis rdugar's

Autumn Oak FP_Ink_Geek's, musicman123's, Ambrose Bierce's, visvamitra's, bukhsyed's, cybaea's, nmcnick's, Chrissy's, Jan2016's
Beau Blue mhphoto's review, DanielCoffey's review, Chrissy's
Bilberry musicman123's, Chrissy's, akszugor's, declanh's, DanielCoffey's, Muncle's, Sandy1's, visvamitra's
Black Chris' review
Blaze Orange shaylenwilliams' review, Torridge's review, Chrissy's
Blue-Black Bhavna's review, mucephei's review, blueiris' review, punch's review, KingJoe's review, JJBlanche's review
Blue-Black R2 askzugor's, Sandy1's review, visvamitra'sA Smug Dill's, bokaba's
Brilliant Red visvamitra's, Chrissy's
Burnt Sienna girlieg33k's review, Carrie's review, Chrissy's, mhphoto's, visvamitra's
Cerise Ann Finley's review, Chrissy's, Lothianjavert's, mhphoto's

Cherry Sunburst Enkida's

China Blue visvamitra's, smiorgan's, vans4444, dizzymizzy's, Fabienne's, mhphoto's, Breck's, DanielCoffey's, girlieg33k's, Carrie's, Chrissy's
Chocolate Brown Bhavna's review, Sandy1's review, CapitanAnnoyed's review, desertsquid's review, white_lotus', Chrissy's, visvamitra's
Claret (see Yard-O-Lead Claret review below), calliej's review, dandelion's review, Chrissy's

Classic Green The Good Captain's, visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's, gylyf'sLizEF's

Cool Green (Before July 2016, the ink name was Dark Green; see below) Chrissy's

Classic Red all my hues' review, Chrissy's

Coral amberleadavis', mhphoto's, girlieg33k's, Carrie's, Chrissy's
Crimson Chrissy's, akszugor's, visvamitra's (2014), Bhavna's review, Chi Town's review, Crim's review, visvamitra's (2017)
Damson Chrissy's, amberleadavis', mackthepen's review, Bhavna's review, DanielCoffey's review, Sandy1's review, Calliej's review, tweexcore's review, visvamitra's
Dark Brown (In July 2016, the ink name was changed to Warm Brown; see below) mucephei's review, RichardS's review, desertsquid's review

Dark Green (In July 2016, the ink name was changed to Cool Green; see above) Bhavna's, rikki's, smudgy's

Deep Magenta amberleadavis', Bhavna's review, Will's review, Chrissy's

Delamere Green Chrissy's, saskia_madding's, milanjuza's, Bhavna's, all my hues', I am not a number's, visvamitra's
Denim bokaba's, DanielCoffey's review, Muncle's review, Sandy1's review, geoduc's, Chrissy's

Earl Grey The Good Captain's, Chrissy's, Tas', bureaudirect's, Bhavna's, Lgsoltek's, visvamitra's, NickiStew's

Eau de Nil amberleadavis', mhphoto's review, DanielCoffey's review, Sandy1's review, visvamitra's, Chrissy's, LizEF's
Eclipse Chrissy's, requiescat's, Hutecker's, mhphoto's, DanielCoffey's, shaylenwilliams', visvamitra's, white_lotus'
Emerald Bhavna's review, bluestocking's review, Murderface's review, desertsquid's review, Chrissy's
Evergreen smiorgan's, cybaea's, dizzypen's, geoduc's, visvamitra's, Chrissy's

Flamingo Pink Biffybeans', Chrissy's

Florida Blue amberleadavis', Bhavna's review, girlieg33k's review, Chrissy's, visvamitra's
Golden Brown visvamitra's (2014), DanielCoffey's review, punch's review, Chrissy's, visvamitra's (2017)
Grape Chrissy's, FP_Ink_Geek's, bhbarto, kronos77's, DanielCoffey's, tawanda's
Graphite DanielCoffey's, shaylenwilliams', visvamitra's
Green Black nomadhacker's, Bhavna's, DanielCoffey's, RookSeven's, dizzypen's, thepenhaul's, Alexerion's

Green Umber (Before July 2016, the ink name was Umber; see below) Chrissy's, Jan2016's

Grey delray48209's, thesunshine's, Bhavna's, DanielCoffey's, amantadine's, 777's, jde's, bhbarto's, visvamitra's
Havasu Turquoise amberleadavis', Bhavna's review, all my hues' review, Sandy1's review, Chrissy's, mhphoto's

Honey Burst Lgsoltek's

Hope Pink musicman123's, Bhavna's review, ToryLynn's review, saskia_madding's review, shaylenwilliams' mini-review, all my hues' review, lizncats' review, Chrissy's

Imperial Blue (originally WES Imperial Blue, Writing Equipment Society Imperial Blue) guy's review, Bill Smith's review, dandelion's review, dizzypen's review, Sandy1's review, politovski's review, Signum1's review, visvamitra's (2015), visvamitra's (2017), Chrissy's

Imperial Purple dizzypen's review, The Noble Savage's review, Chris' review, Donald594's review, virtual67893's review, carpedavid's review, Chrissy's
Indigo requiescat's, DanielCoffey's, punch's, Sandy1's, visvamitra's, Chrissy'sLizEF's
Jade Green visvamitra's, hoipolloi's, cybaea's, shaylenwilliams', Carrie's
Jet Black DanielCoffey's, Bhavna's, carpedavid's, biffybeans', dizzypen's
Kelly Green visvamitra's, mhphoto's review, vistafan's review, Signum1's review, Ann Finley's review, Chrissy's, amberleadavis'
Kensington Blue (originally WES Kensington Blue, Writing Equipment Society Kensington Blue) I am not a number's review, all my hues' review, idazle's, Bhavna's, koofle's, Titanic9990's, visvamitra's, Chrissy's

Lavender madeyouink's, shaylenwilliam's, Chrissy's

Light Green (In July 2016, the name was changed to Spring Green; see below) cybaea's, jde's

Macassar visvamitra's, DanielCoffey's review, Sandy1's review, Chrissy's
Majestic Blue Morbus Curiositas', dclanh's, angelofmusic81's, mhphoto's, GouletPens', vistafan's, Sandy1's, beurling's, TheGreatimber's, Will's, Henry Louis', all my hues', dandelion's, maschuu's, bureaudirect's, Chrissy's
Majestic Purple Scratchy's review, visvamitra's, Chrissy's
Marine Psychfunk's, 777's, all my hues', Chrissy's, arrScott's, sakshi__reddy's
Maroon visvamitra's, The Noble Savage's review, vermiculus's review, Chrissy's
Matador requiescat's, Hutecker's, Edjelley's, DanielCoffey's, Sgushenka's, jandresse's, Chrissy's, Lgsoltek's
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Mediterranean Blue Bhavna's review, Halden's review Will's review, Carrie's review, dandelion's review, dizzypen's review, Chrissy's, visvamitra's
Merlot Chrissy's, amberleadavis', requiescat's, DanielCoffey's, JamesTheBard's, Sandy1's,
Midnight carpedavid's review, Jared's mini-review, Signum1's review, HenryLouis' review, maschuu's review, all my hues' review, Chrissy's, visvamitra's
Misty Blue Sandy1's review, DanielCoffey's review, tawanda's review, visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's, LizEF's
Monaco Red rsq001's review, mucephei's review, carpedavid's review, Ben's review, Chris' review, Carrie's review, MicheleB's review, chkuo's review, Grwilliams86's review, Signum 1's review, dandelion's review, ASmileForYourScrapbook's review, Chrissy's, Phormula's, visvamitra's
Ochre DanielCoffey's review, tawanda's review, Chrissy's
Onyx Black dcwaites', requiescat's, Bhavna's, all my hues'
Orange LostInBrittany's review, Ann Finley's review, Chrissy's
Oxblood cgreenberg19's, smiorgan's, requiescat's, Hutecker's, Fabienne's, 777's, jgrasty's, raging.dragon's, chris.hale's, shaylenwillliams', carpedavid's, Chrissy's, FP_Ink_Geek's,

zahiradil's, Jan2016's, A Smug Dill's

Oxford Blue Chrissy's, visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's, gylyf's
Passion Red biffybeans' review, biffybeans's review, Neill78's review, visvamitra's, Chrissy's
Peach Haze amberleadavis', DanielCoffey's, tawanda's, Chrissy's
Pink cindytrinadad's review
Poppy Red Liquidmetal490's, neuro23's review, Fabienne's review, Bhavna's review, Fabienne's review, biffybeans' review, all my hues' review, Chrissy's, Lgsoltek's, visvamitra's, Jan2016's
Presidential Blue 2004 (previously, but as of 2017 no longer a LE) amberleadavis', requiescat's, Titanic9990's, DanielCoffey's, Bhavna's, mhphoto's, The Noble Savage's, Chrissy's
Prussian Blue requiescat's, mhphoto's, Mafia Geek's, Bhavna's review, georges zaslavsky's, DanielCoffey's, girlieg33k's, KCat's, Chris', Ray-Vigo's, Bill Smith's, Murderface's, HenryLouis', visvamitra's, Chrissy's, LizEF's


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Ann Finley

Pumpkin visvamitra's, av8r172's, Bhavna's review, mhphoto's review, Fabienne's review, DanielCoffey's review, rsq001's review, all my hues' review, Signum1's review, Chrissy's, Lgsoltek's, Jan2016's
Quartz Black Tom Traubert's, Bhavna's, GuidoForks's, Djehuty's
Racing Green lapis' review

Radiant Blue (blended by MrPen) Bobje's
Raw Sienna desertsquid's review, Margana's review, visvamitra's

Red Dragon Hutecker's, amberleadavis', LostInBrittany's, carpedavid's, Fabienne's, raging.dragon's, dizzypen's, WRob's, tweexcore's, Chrissy's, Jan2016's

Registrars' Ink (iron gall) politovski's, DanielCoffey's (2013), politovski's, Mafia Geek's, DanielCoffey's (2012), dizzypen's, Old Codger's, dcwaites', dandelion's, carpedavid's, visvamitra's, mhphoto's, bokaba's

Registrars' Ink (cartridges, iron gall) deenurse's
Royal Blue Titanic9990's, DanF's reivew, mucephei's review, The Noble Savage's review, chuancao's review, dandelion's review, Bill Smith's mini-review
Ruby Bhavna's review, someonesdad's review, chromantic's, Chrissy's
Rustic Brown Bhavna's review, vistafan's review, DanielCoffey's review, OC Mike's review, Northwoods' review, all my hues' review, Chrissy's, A Smug Dill's
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Turquoise Bhavna's review, Will's review, Ed Ronax's review, withoutink's review, orangos' review, Chrissy's, DrPenfection's
Twilight milanjuza's, Bhavna's, dianeb's, Halden's, S. P. Colfer's, Sandy1's, Chrissy's, Corniche's, visvamitra's, bokaba's
Tyrian Purple visvamitra's, Chrissy's, white_lotus', visvamitra's
Ultra Green amberleadavis', Bhavna's, ChemErik's, Calliej's, Chrissy's
Umber (In July 2016, the ink name was changed to Green Umber; see above) mhphoto's review, DanielCoffey's review, RichardS's review, KCat's review, Murderface's review, dizzypen's review, visvamitra's
Vermillion visvamitra's (2014), girlieg33k's review, visvamitra's (2017), Chrissy's
Violet amberleadavis', idazle's, Ann Finley's review, tisfortorrey's review, eriquito's review, Margana's review, Bookman's review, Chrissy's

Warm Brown (Before July 2016, the ink name was Dark Brown; see above) Chrissy's

Washable Blue amberleadavis', girlieg33k's review

WES Imperial Blue See above under Imperial Blue

WES Kensington Blue See above Kensington Blue

Wild Strawberry amberleadavis', DanielCoffey's, mhphoto's, visvamitra's (2014), Chrissy's, visvamitra's (2016), Jan2016's
Woodland Green Chrissy's, Hutecker's, Halden's, calliej's, visvamitra's
Yellow 777's review, Jan2016's


Diamine - 150th Anniversary inks
1864 Blue Black visvamitra's, Bhavna's, namrehsnoom's, Chrissy's, akszugor's, white_lotus', LizEF'sbokaba's

Blood Orange Chrissy's

Blue Velvet Chrissy's, visvamitra's, Bhavna's, namrehsnoom's, akszugor's

Burgundy Royale Chrissy's

Carnival visvamitra's, Bhavna's, namrehsnoom's, Chrissy's

Dark Forest Chrissy's, visvamitra's

Espresso Chrissy's, visvamitra's

Golden Honey Chrissy's, visvamitra's

Lilac Night Chrissy's, visvamitra's

Purple Dream Chrissy's, visvamitra's

Regency Blue visvamitra's, Chrissy's, Bhavna's, namrehsnoom's, akszugor's, LizEF's
Safari visvamitra's, Bhavna's, namrehsnoom's, Chrissy's, chingdamosaic's, rdugar's
Silver Fox Chrissy's, visvamitra's, Bhavna's, namrehsnoom's
Terracotta visvamitra's, Bhavna's, namrehsnoom's, Chrissy's, akszugor's, rdugar's
Tropical Green visvamitra's, Bhavna's, namrehsnoom's, Chrissy's, akszugor's

Tudor Blue Chrissy's, visvamitra's

Diamine - Flower Collection
Aster Bhavna's, Lgsoltek's, Chrissy's, gylyf's
Bougainvillea Bhavna's, Chrissy's, Lgsoltek's
Burgundy Rose Bhavna's, Lgsoltek's, Chrissy's
Carnation visvamitra's, Bhavna's, Lgsoltek's, Chrissy's
Cornflower Chrissy's, Bhavna's, Lgsoltek's, gylyf's, TruthPil's
Gerbera visvamitra's, Bhavna's, Lgsoltek's, Chrissy's
Iris Chrissy's, Bhavna's, Lgsoltek's
Marigold Bhavna's, Chrissy's, Lgsoltek's, white_lotus'
Pansy Chrissy's, Bhavna's, Lgsoltek's
Tulip Bhavna's, Chrissy's, Lgsoltek's


Diamine - Guitar Collection

Desert Burst ("Guitar Inks" collection) rdugar's

Tobacco Sunburst ("Guitar Inks" collection) Lgsoltek's


Diamine - Inkvent Collection

Seasons Greetings (dark teal) A Smug Dill's


Diamine - Music Collection
Bach Chrissy's, visvamitra's, tawanda's, Bhavna's, namrehsnoom's
Beethoven Chrissy's, visvamitra's, tawanda's, Bhavna's, namrehsnoom's
Chopin visvamitra's, tawanda's, Bhavna's, Chrissy's, namrehsnoom's, Tas'bokaba's
Handel mhphoto's, Chrissy's, visvamitra's, tawanda's, Bhavna's, namrehsnoom's
Mozart visvamitra's, tawanda's, Bhavna's, Chrissy's, namrehsnoom's
Schubert visvamitra's, tawanda's, Bhavna's, Chrissy's, namrehsnoom's

Strauss visvamitra's, tawanda's, Bhavna's, Chrissy's, namrehsnoom's
Tchaikovsky Chrissy's, visvamitra's, tawanda's, Bhavna's, gylyf's, namrehsnoom's
Vivalidi visvamitra's, tawanda's, Bhavna's, namrehsnoom's, Chrissy's, rdugar's

Wagner visvamitra's, tawanda's, Bhavna's, Chrissy's, Lgsoltek's, namrehsnoom's


Diamine - Shimmer Inks

Arabian Nights Bhavna's, Chrissy's

Arctic Blue Chrissy's, Bhavna's, sub_bluesy's

Blue Flame Bhavna's, Chrissy's

Blue Lightning Chrissy's, visvamitra's, Bhavna'sLizEF's

Blue Pearl Chrissy's, visvamitra's, Bhavna's

Brandy Dazzle Bhavna's, Chrissy's, visvamitra's

Caramel Sparkle Bhavna's, Chrissy's

Citrus Ice Chrissy's, Bhavna's

Cobalt Jazz Chrissy's, Bhavna's

Cocoa Shimmer Bhavna's, Chrissy's

Dragon Blood Bhavna's

Electric Pink Chrissy's, Bhavna's

Enchanted Ocean Bhavna's, Chrissy's

Firefly Bhavna's, Chrissy's, Lgsoltek's

Firestorm Red Bhavna's, Chrissy's, Jan2016's

Frosted Orchid Chrissy's, Bhavna's

Golden Oasis Bhavna's, Chrissy's

Golden Ivy Chrissy's, Bhavna's, Jan2016's

Golden Sands Chrissy's, visvamitra's, Bhavna's, Jan2016's

Inferno Orange Bhavna's, Chrissy's, Jan2016's

Lilac Satin Bhavna's, Chrissy's

Magenta Flash Bhavna's, Chrissy's

Magical Forest Chrissy's, Bhavna's

Moon Dust Bhavna's, Chrissy's

Mystique Bhavna's

Neon Lime Bhavna's

Night Sky Chrissy's, Bhavna's

Peacock Flare Bhavna's

Pink Champagne Bhavna's

Pink Glitz Bhavna's, Chrissy's

Purple Pazzazz Chrissy's, Bhavna's, ManofKent's

Razzmatazz Bhavna's

Red Lustre Bhavna's, Chrissy's

Rockin' Rio Bhavna's

Shimmering Seas visvamitra's, Chrissy's, Bhavna's

Sparkling Shadows Chrissy's, Bhavna's, Gazcom's

Spearmint Diva Chrissy's, Bhavna's

Starlit Bhavna's

Tropical Glow Bhavna's, Chrissy's

Wine Divine Chrissy's, Bhavna's


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Diamine - Exclusively for Cult Pens

Deep Dark Blue amberleadavis', colrehogan's, greylag's, Chrissy's

Deep Dark Brown colrehogan's, cybaea's
Deep Dark Green amberleadavis', Karen Traviss', white_lotus'

Deep Dark Orange Chrissy's, white_lotus'
Deep Dark Red cybaea's


Diamine - Exclusively for Cult Pens Iridescink

Christine (Chris; blue-black with red sheen) Bhavna's

Herbert (Herbie; blue with dark red sheen) A Smug Dill's

Maureen (Mo; blue with red sheen) Lgsoltek's, Bhavna's

Philip (Pip; purple with gold sheen) Bhavna's

Robert (Bob; purple with green sheen) Lgsoltek's, Bhavna's


Diamine - Exclusively for Czech Penshop

Blue/Black Petrol visvamitra's


Diamine - Exclusively for La Couronne du Comte (see also Akkerman - Limited Edition in collaboration with Stephen Brown)

Les Couleurs Du Comte vojtahlad's

SBRE Brown Lgsoltek's


Diamine - Exclusively for Pen Gallery in Malasia

Jalur Gemilang Chrissy's

Manggis NickiStew's


Diamine - Exclusively for the German Market

Calligraphy Passion Lgsoltek's

Communication Breakdown (red) Lgsoltek's

November Rain Chrissy's

Skull and Roses Chrissy's

Smoke on the Water NickiStew's


Diamine - Exclusively for Hong Kong

Kong Girls (purple-blue-pink) Detman101's


Diamine - Exclusively for the Philippine Market

Lapis Blue Chrissy's

Diamine - Exclusively for Piora Wieczne Forum.PL
Blue Dream konis'


Diamine - Exclusively for Seitz-Kreuznach

Bloody Absinth Enkida's

Bloody Brexit Enkida's


Washable Blue zahiradil's


Dr. Ph. Martin's Ocean

Dark Matter Black DrPenfection's

Edge Blue DrPenfection's

Garnet Red Rose visvamitra's

Black Crim's review
Blue-Black visvamitra's

(S.T.) Dupont
Black visvamitra's, Ego Id Veto's
Blue Owner of a Lonely Heart's review, girlieg33k's review, rdugar's review, Sandy1's review
Blue-Black girlieg33k's review

Royal Blue Morbus Curiositas', visvamitra's

Sienne visvamitra's

Violet agentdaffy007's review, visvamitra's



402 (blue-black) visvamitra's, sodul's





Eagle Ink Powder for mixing (vintage)
Blue Black SamCapote's review, ImCannibal's


Ecclesiastical Stationary Supplies (ESS)
Registrars Ink SketchHood's, Sandy1's, visvamitra's



Cobalt Violet visvamitra's

Silence of Old Leaves / September Leaves visvamitra's

The Empty Space visvamitra's

Yellow Pumpkin visvamitra's


Everflo by Gate City Pen Co.
Basic Black owenj's review
Blue-Black carpedavid's review, S. P. Colfer's review
India Green Jimmy James' review
Orchid Physalis' review, Sandy1's review
True Blue SamCapote's review, Alexandra's review


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Blu Cielo Sandy1's


Ferris Wheel Press

Tanzanite Sky (purple-black) the-smell-of-dust-after-rain's


Fountain Pen Revolution

Blue-Black Jamerelbe's

Firecracker Red Jamerelbe's

Green with Envy Jamerelbe's

Royal Flush Blue Jamerelbe's



Black Cherry visvamitra's

Black Forest crahptacular's

Blue 72 mmg122's, visvamitra's

Brown 732 mmg122's, white_lotus', visvamitra's

Classic Black mmg122's, visvamitra's

Dark Chocolate white_lotus', visvamitra's, mmg122's
Dark Denim requiescat's, MyDarnSnakeLegs, cybaea's, visvamitra's

Emerald 357 visvamitra's, mmg122's

Honeycomb crahptacular's

Ink '18 (Philly Show LE Ink 2018) DrPenfection's

Loden visvamitra's, crahptacular's

Midnight Emerald visvamitra's, DrPenfection's, mmg122's, white_lotus'

Noir et Bleu mmg122's, visvamitra's

Olde Emerald visvamitra's, MyDarnSnakeLegs, cybaea's

Philly Show (LE) Oranges and Apples'

Red 187 mmg122's, visvamitra's

Spanish Blue white_lotus', crahptacular's

Syrah Syrah requiescat's, MyDarnSnakeLegs, cybaea's

Tenebris Purpuratum white_lotus', visvamitra's

Terra Firma visvamitra's, sakshi__reddy's, crahptacular's

Urushi Red gregamckinney's, gylyf's, Jan2016's, visvamitra's


Fritz Schimpf

Fritzrot Gurutiro's





Havana Brown visvamitra's

Mauve visvamitra's

Olive Brown visvamitra's

Turquoise effrafax's


Graf von Faber-Castell - Older version

Black mandarintje's

Royal Blue


Graf von Faber-Castell - Newer version, started in 2013

Burned Orange visvamitra's

Carbon Black Mafia Geek's, akszugor's
Cobalt Blue gylyf's, visvamitra's, TLab3000's

Cognac Brown visvamitra's

Deep Sea Green visvamitra's, Chrissy's, Intensity's

Electric Pink visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's

Garnet Red TLab3000's, visvamitra's, georges zaslavsky's

Gulf Blue visvamitra's, Intensity's

Hazelnut Brown Montblanc owner and lover's, TLab3000's, nmcnick's, akszugor's, AD43's

India Red visvamitra's

Midnight Blue SahilGulati's, visvamitra's

Moss Green amberleadavis', visvamitra's, TLab3000's, Lgsoltek's, kfoss'

Olive Green visvamitra's, fpupulin's, LizEF's

Royal Blue paul1962's, visvamitra's

Stone Grey visvamitra's

Turquoise visvamitra's

Violet Blue lapis', visvamitra's, Intensity's

Viper Green visvamitra's



Bible Ink (iron gall) yazeh's

Blue Inked's



Sepia rhk's


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(J.) Herbin
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Rose Cyclamen visvamitra's, Rocket1's review, limesally's review, dizzypen's review, withoutink's review
Rose Tendresse amberleadavis', Immoteus', lavulin98's, visvamitra's
Rouge Bourgogne Michael R.'s review, all my hues' review, Chrissy's
Rouge Caroubier carpedavid's review, dizzypen's review, Immoteus's review, TheDutchGuy's

Rouge Grenat Marten's

Rouge Opéra (Fuschia) visvamitra's, S-K's, dizzypen's (Fuschia), dizzypen's (Opera), Alohamora's, Immoteus', Signum 1's, Chrissy's

Rouille d'Ancre amberleadavis', Michael R.'s, Margana's, visvamitra's, Fabienne's, mhphoto's, Jan2016's, Lgsoltek's, Intensity's

Terre de Feu Chrissy's, jasonchickerson's, visvamitra's, Morbus Curiositas', notgiven's, carpedavid's, Halden's, Ann Finley's, pilotheinrech's

Vert de Gris visvamitra's, Tas', namrehsnoom's, Intensity's, bokaba's 

Vert Empire visvamitra's, write to me often's, Halden's, Michael R.'s, officesupplygeek's, Okami's, carpedavid's, dandelion's, namrehsnoom's, bokaba's
Vert Olive visvamitra's, Morbus Curiositas', withoutink's, dizzymizzy's, handlebar's, carpedavid's, mhphoto's, Jan2016's, namrehsnoom's
Vert Pré (lime) visvamitra's, Ann Finley's review, Jeff Gibson's review, withoutink's review, 2Hearts' review, Lgsoltek's, Jan2016's
Vert Réséda visvamitra's, mhphoto's review, 2Hearts' review, Nellie's review, Ghost Plane's review, eriquito's review, FP_Ink_Geek's
Violette Pensée visvamitra's, koofle's, Hutecker's, biffybeans', SweetieStarr's, Ann Finley's, Inkquest's, Lgsoltek's


(J.) Herbin - Jacques Herbin Les encres 1798

Améthyste de l'Oural visvamitra's

Cornaline d'Egypte visvamitra's


(J.) Herbin - Jacques Herbin Les encres créations d'artists

Nude by Marc-Antoine Coulon Lgsoltek's

(J.) Herbin - Jacques Herbin Les encres essentielles

Bleu austral pseudo88's

Gris de Houle Lgsoltek's, namrehsnoom's

Noir Abyssal Lgsoltek's

Orange Soleil Lgsoltek's

Rouge d'Orient Lgsoltek's

Vert Amazone Lgsoltek's

Violet Boréal Lgsoltek's


(J.) Herbin - Specialty Inks (scented)
Encre Ambre (orange scent) Sgushenka's review, Alohamora's review, Immoteus's review, Chrissy's
Encre Bleue (lavender scent) Immoteus's review, Chrissy's
Encre Rouge (rose scent) Lgsoltek's, Chrissy's. Immoteus's review

Encre Verte (green apple scent) Chrissy's, Alohamora's review
Encre Violette (violet scent) Chrissy's, Danisidhe's review, Immoteus's review


(J.) Herbin - "1670" Inks Collection

Bleu Ocean mhphoto's, Mishka5050's, Morbus Curiositas', nomadhacker's, saskia_madding's, mhphoto's, anthonyjong's, Sandy1's, Epictete92's, sirgilbert357's, visvamitra's, minddance's

Caroube de Chypre visvamitra's, Mishka5050's, missuslovett's, jasonchickerson's, Gazcom's, Lgsoltek's

Emerald of Chivor bureaudirect's, chingdamosaic's¸ visvamitra's, Chrissy's, attika89's, jasonchickerson's, white_lotus', Jan2016's, LizEF's
Rouge Hematite (340th Anniversary Ink) musicman123's, visvamitra's, S-K's, Awordworth's, evannole's, Bhavna's, danahn17's, mhphoto's 2, mhphoto's, orange lamy's, dizzymizzy's, PBW's, pensnpaper's, dizzypen's, shaylenwilliams', Okami's, Margana's, ladyambrosia's, carpedavid's, Armand.D's, Jan2016's

Stormy Grey FP_Ink_Geek's, KaB's, Lord Epic's, mhphoto's, amberleadavis', visvamitra's, Ellina's, AgentVenom's, chingdamosaic's


Hero - in China, packaged as Ying Xiong

Black zepp's, bookworm2109's review, Grigio's review, OCArt's

Blue (No. 233) Fabienne's, visvamitra's, Honeybadgers'

Blue-Black (No. 62) ThePenInMe's

Blue-Black (No. 202) bookworm2109's review, Signum1's review Catsmelt's review, WillSW's review, mrloco's review, bluemagister's review, antichresis', akszugor's

Blue-Black (iron gall, No. 232) kl122002's, visvamitra's, A Smug Dill's
Carbon Black (be aware that this ink may give FPs trouble) bluemagister's review

Pigment Black (No. 234) Arijit's

Red bookworm2109's review, Namo's review, Pauldavid's review, visvamitra's
Washable Blue bookworm2109's review, Catsmelt's review, Doug Add's review, jleeper's review, akszugor's



Blue 01 Tas', visvamitra's, jean's

Blue 02 visvamitra's

Dark Grey visvamitra's

Green 01 Morbus Curiositas', visvamitra's

Violet 01 visvamitra's


Eternal Black mhphoto's review

Fountain Pen India Flaxmoore's


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Sepia TruthPil's


Bordeaux-Violett Sandy1's review



Blue zahiradil's

Bordeaux zahiradil's

Turquoise zahiradil's

Violet zahiradil's


Aubergine TLab3000's
Black (cartridges) Morbus Curiositas', Ink Sandwiches' review,

Blue (cartridges) ImCannibal's

Caramel Brown visvamitra's, Chrissy's

Midnight Blue FP_Ink_Geek's, Chrissy's, visvamitra'sLizEF's

Palm Green visvamitra's, FP_Ink_Geek's, Chrissy's

Paradise Blue visvamitra's, Chrissy's, FP_Ink_Geek's

Pearl Black visvamitra's, Chrissy's

Purple (cartridges) reval's review, bluemagister's review

Royal Blue visvamitra's, yogalarva's, Chrissy's

Ruby Red visvamitra's, Chrissy's

Sepia (Earth Brown) Sandy1's review

Smokey Grey visvamitra'sLizEF's
Summer Purple visvamitra's, FP_Ink_Geek's, Chrissy'sLizEF's

Sunrise Orange Chrissy's, visvamitra's


Kingsley's Dex inks

Blue cybaea's



Black rochester21's

Blue congo's

Document Ink Black Frank Savage's

Green TLab3000's


Knights Templar
Blue Madonna Randal6393's review, TWRDO's review



After Dark jandrese's

Anokhi Lgsoltek's

Antarjaami Dhhanu Udhaak Aka Banana Yellow kfoss'

Black Rose Lgsoltek's

Blue Magic mehandiratta's

Bronze Leaf mehandiratta's

Cool Breeze RudraDev's

Dark Rose mehandiratta's

Ghat Green mehandiratta's

Gold Rush mehandiratta's

Goldfish Gold (Version 2) Lgsoltek's

Hi Note Red Lgsoltek's

Jungle Volcano Lgsoltek's

Lavender Black Iron Gall Arijit's

Lyrebird Blue Black jandrese's

Lyrebird Water Sapphire Arijit's

Mangal mehandiratta's

Meadow Green mehandiratta's

Myrtle Lgsoltek's

Monsoon Sky mehandiratta's

Moonlight (RC Series) jandrese's

Njaval 5Cavaliers'

Paakezah Dimy's

Pencil Arijit's

Permanent Black Iron Gall bokaba's

Permanent Blue Black Iron Gall bokaba's

Sea at Night penzel_washinkton's

The Earth Faux Iron Gall Ink visvamitra's

Thulsi crahptacular's

Yellow Valley mehandiratta's

Vaikhari (orange-red-brown) Intensity's, TheVintagelife's

Winnolam (an India Pen Show LE ink) smruthib's

Writer's Night Arijit's



Kyara (dark green, scented) DrPenfection's


KWZI - Konrad's ink

150 Confederation Brown (LE) visvamitra's

# 08 Blue amberleadavis'

# 12 Blue amberleadavis'

# 14 Violet amberleadavis'

# 18 Red-violet amberleadavis'

# 21 Blue amberleadavis'

# 27 Galusowy Turkus amberleadavis'

# 31 Blue amberleadavis'

# 39 Green amberleadavis'

# 44 Red-brown amberleadavis'

# 46 Orange Pomaranczowy amberleadavis'

# 74 "Orange" iron gall jasonchickerson's

Aztec Gold visvamitra's, crahptacular's

Azure # 1 visvamitra's, white_lotus'

Azure # 2 visvamitra's, gylyf's, white_lotus'

Azure # 3 white_lotus'

Azure # 4 white_lotus', Lgsoltek's, gylyf's

Azure # 5 bioluminescentsquid's, visvamitra's (2015), gylyf's, white_lotus', visvamitra's (2017)

Baltic Memories (Wspomnienie Znad Bałtyku) white_lotus', Lgsoltek's

Berry Lgsoltek's

Blue/Black visvamitra's, white_lotus', Lgsoltek's

Brown # 2 white_lotus', visvamitra's

Brown # 3 white_lotus', visvamitra's

Brown # 4 white_lotus', visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's

Brown Pink bioluminescentsquid's, visvamitra's, julia239's, Jan2016's, LizEF's

Burgundy # 2 visvamitra's 2

Cappuccino white_lotus', visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's

Cherry visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's

Chicago Blue (LE) white_lotus'

Dark Brown white_lotus'

El Dorado visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's

Flame Red Lgsoltek's

Foggy Green visvamitra's, white_lotus', Jan2016's

Grapefruit chromantic's, Lgsoltek's, white_lotus', Jan2016's

Green # 2 visvamitra's

Green # 3 visvamitra's

Green # 5 visvamitra's

Green Gold visvamitra's, gylyf's, white_lotus', Jan2016's

Green Gold # 2 visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's, white_lotus'

Grey Plum white_lotus'

Gummiberry visvamitra's

Honey Lgsoltek's, visvamitra's, Jan2016's

Hunter Green (Rifle Green) visvamitra's, gylyf's, Jan2016's

Iron Gall # 82 Mandarin amberleadavis'

Iron Gall Aztec Gold Lgsoltek's, Cyber6's

Iron Gall Blue # 1 Tas'bokaba's

Iron Gall Blue # 2 dave321's

Iron Gall Blue # 4 namrehsnoom's

Iron Gall Blue # 5 xty's, Lgsoltek's

Iron Gall Blue # 6 KyleKatarn's

Iron Gall Blue-Black Dimy's

Iron Gall Green # 1 crahptacular's

Iron Gall Green # 2 Lgsoltek's

Iron Gall Green # 3 Lgsoltek's

Iron Gall Green # 5 Lgsoltek's

Iron Gall Green Gold Lgsoltek's

Iron Gall Gummiberry Lgsoltek's

Iron Gall Light Aztec Gold Lgsoltek's

Iron Gall Mandarin (Correct Version) Lgsoltek's

Iron Gall Orange Abner C. Kemp's, 0xabad1dea's

Iron Gall Red # 3 Lgsoltek's

Iron Gall Turquoise Lgsoltek's, gylyf'sbokaba's

Iron Gall Violet # 2 Alexandra's

Iron Gall Violet # 3 visvamitra's

Liquid Words 2018 (LE) visvamitra's

Lux Grey visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's

Mandarin jandrese's

Maroon bioluminescentsquid's, KyleKatarn's, Clumsy_Penman's

Maroon # 1 gylyf's

Maroon # 2 Lgsoltek's

Menthol Green white_lotus', Lgsoltek's

Midnight Green white_lotus'

Monarch visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's, TheGreatRoe's, white_lotus'

Northern Twilight (LE) visvamitra's, TheGreatRoe's, white_lotus'

Old Gold visvamitra's (2014), Lgsoltek's, white_lotus', visvamitra's (2016), Jan2016's

Orange Morbus Curiositas', Lgsoltek's, white_lotus'

Orange # 2 visvamitra's

Pine Green Lgsoltek's

Pink Brown gylyf's

Raspberry Lgsoltek's, julia239's

Red visvamitra's

Red #1 Lgsoltek's

Reseda Green Pea visvamitra's

Rotten Green white_lotus', Jan2016's, Lgsoltek's

Sen O Warszawie (Warsaw Dreaming) visvamitra's

Sheen Machine Lgsoltek's

Spacer Nad Wisłą (Walk Along The Vistula River) visvamitra's

Thief's Red Lgsoltek's, Jan2016's

Turquoise white_lotus', Lgsoltek's

Turquoise # 27 jasonchickerson's

Turquoise (Correct Version) Lgsoltek's

Vibrant Pink Lgsoltek's

Violet # 2 white_lotus'

Violet # 7 white_lotus'

Walk Over Vistula (Spacer Nad Wisłą) Lgsoltek's, white_lotus', A Smug Dill's

Warsaw Dreaming white_lotus', Lgsoltek's

Wspomnienie Znad Bałtyku (Baltic Memories) visvamitra's



Cherry Blossom of Keage visvamitra's

Flaming Red of Fushimi visvamitra's, crahptacular's, Michael R.'s

Frosting of Arashiyama visvamitra's, Jan2016's

Imayouiro visvamitra's

Moonlight of Higashiyama Lgsoltek's, visvamitra's, white_lotus', Michael R.'s

Soft Snow of Ohara visvamitra's, crahptacular's

Stone Road of Gion visvamitra's, crahptacular's



Aonibi Lgsoltek's, visvamitra's, LizEF's

Azukiiro visvamitra's, Jan2016's

Bengarairo visvamitra's

Hisoku Jan2016's, visvamitra's

Imayouiro Lgsoltek's

Keshimurasaki namrehsnoom's

Kokeiro Lgsoltek's, visvamitra's, Jan2016's, Michael R.'s

Kyo-Iro (Soft Snow of Ohara) namrehsnoom's

Moegiiro namrehsnoom's

Nurebairo visvamitra's, Tas', white_lotus', crahptacular's, jandrese's

Sakuranezumi namrehsnoom's

Urahairo Michael R.'s

Yamabukiiro Lgsoltek's, visvamitra's, Jan2016's, guyinkits's


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Lilac (LE?) Luci's


L'Artisan Pastellier - Callifolio inks

Anahuac visvamitra's, namrehsnoom's

Andrinople visvamitra's, saskia_madding's, namrehsnoom's

Aurora visvamitra's, chiuqq's, julia239's, namrehsnoom's

Baikal visvamitra's, amberleadavis', namrehsnoom's

Bleu Atlantique visvamitra's, namrehsnoom's, birchtine's

Bleu Azur visvamitra's, gylyf's, namrehsnoom's

Bleu Equinoxe 5 visvamitra's, namrehsnoom's, LizEF's

Bleu Equinoxe 6 visvamitra's, xty's, Lgsoltek's, namrehsnoom's

Bleu Méditerranée saskia_madding's, visvamitra's, birchtine's, namrehsnoom's

Bleu Pacifique visvamitra's, namrehsnoom's

Bleu Ultramarine visvamitra's, saskia_madding's, namrehsnoom's

Bonne Espérancé visvamitra's, amberleadavis', saskia_madding's, namrehsnoom'sLizEF's

Bordeaux saskia_madding's, visvamitra's, namrehsnoom's

Bosphore visvamitra's, amberleadavis', Lgsoltek's, namrehsnoom's

Botany Bay visvamitra's, saskia_madding's, hovea's, namrehsnoom's

Bourgogne visvamitra's, namrehsnoom's

Byzance hovea's, namrehsnoom's

Canelle visvamitra's, namrehsnoom's

Cassis visvamitra's, saskia_madding's, namrehsnoom's

Grenat visvamitra's (22 Apr 2014), visvamitra's 2 (12 Oct 2014), gylyf's, namrehsnoom's
Gris De Payne visvamitra's, saskia_madding's, hovea's, Lgsoltek's, crahptacular's, namrehsnoom's

Havane visvamitra's, namrehsnoom's

Heure Dorée visvamitra's, namrehsnoom's, Lgsoltek's, Jan2016's

Inca Sol visvamitra's, namrehsnoom's

Inti visvamitra's, saskia_madding's, namrehsnoom's, Lgsoltek's, Jan2016's

Itzamna Visvamitra's (29 Apr 2014), Visvamitra's (14 Oct 2014), namrehsnoom's

Noir visvamitra's, namrehsnoom’s

Oconto white_lotus', namrehsnoom's, crahptacular's

Ohlanga namrehsnoom's

Olifants visvamitra's, saskia_madding's, namrehsnoom's

Olivastre visvamitra's, namrehsnoom's, Lgsoltek's

Omi Osun saskia_madding's, visvamitra's, namrehsnoom's, Jan2016's

Sepia visvamitra's, namrehsnoom's

Teodora visvamitra's, namrehsnoom's

Yalumba visvamitra's, namrehsnoom's

Violet visvamitra's (2014), saskia_madding's, namrehsnoom's, visvamitra's (2017)


L'Artisan Pastellier - Classique inks

Bouton d'or Old_Inkyhand's, visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's

Brun Ours visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's



Bordeaux Gurutiro's

Cyan Gurutiro's

Orange Gurutiro's

Sucre Roux Gurutiro's


Black visvamitra's, mAnuscript69's review, girlieg33k's review
Blue visvamitra's, Hutecker's, Mafia Geek's review, Ad_Astra's review, Sandy1's review, RookSeven's review Iziem's review, Iziem's 2nd review, Mrsal's review, carpedavid's review
Blue (cartridges) mhphoto's review, Mrsal's review
Blue-Black (iron-gall, "document") madeyouink's, Mafia Geek', Ad_Astra's, Sandy1's, Owner of a Lonely Heart's, orange lamy's, The Noble Savage's, Goodwhiskers', Rasendyll's, kadymae's, Murderface's, visvamitra's

Blue-Black (not iron-gall) bokaba's, LizEF's

Blue-Black cartridge ink (not iron-gall) rreeaallyybored's review, Mafia Geek's review, Sandy1's review, henrico's review

Copper Orange (LE 2015) visvamitra's, Tom Traubert's, Uncial's, Clumsy_Penman's

Coral (Neon Coral) yogalarva's, visvamitra's

Dark Lilac (LE 2016) visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's, white_lotus'

Green visvamitra's, madeyouink's, jakob's, Mafia Geek's, Sandy1's

Neon Lime (LE 2015) visvamitra's

Pacific Blue Lgsoltek's

Petrol (LE 2017) visvamitra's, white_lotus', DrPenfection's, namrehsnoom's, Intensity's

Red neuro23's review, The Noble Savage's review, Murderface's review, ImCannibal's

Turmaline Intensity's

Turquoise visvamitra's, nomadhacker's, kpweoman's, Mafia Geek's, bridgettt's, The Noble Savage's, FP_Ink_Geek's

Vibrant Pink (LE 2018) visvamitra's

Violet (cartridges only) QuarkVI's review, visvamitra's


Lamy - Crystal line

Benitoite (light blue-grey) visvamitra's

Obsidian Enkida's

Peridote (dark blue-green) visvamitra's



Konigsblau (Royal Blue) Snargle's


Always Greener (dark lime), smammaler's
Amethyst penguinmaster's review, chkuo's review, Ondina's review, visvamitra's
Blue Bahama paircon01's review, Inka's review, visvamitra's
Cardinal Red Liquidmetal490's, Titiana's, JohnS-MI's

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Cobalt Blue amberleadavis', amberleadavis' review, girlieg33k's review, dizzypen's review
Cocoa girlieg33k's review, Jimmy James's review, Inka's review
Empyrean zoniguana's, katia's amberleadavis
Fireball (red-orange) Ann Finley's review, chkuo's review, chromantic's
Forest (green) Titiana's, Inka's, visvamitra's amberleadavis, DrPenfection's
Gemstone Green Catsmelt's review, JDlugosz's review, visvamitra's

Greystoke visvamitra's

Pinkly dizzypen's review

Pomegranate amberleadavis', Rach31's, visvamitra's
Raven Black Fabienne's review, The Noble Savage's review

Regal amberleadavis', Inka's, visvamitra's

Shiraz lapis' review, Lgsoltek's, visvamitra's
Skies of Blue amberleadavis', Okami's, visvamitra's
Smokey jbynum's review
True Teal lapis' review


Lindauer (http://www.pen-paradise.de/shop/shpSR.php?A=166&p1=269)

Green TLab3000's


Louis Vuitton

Blue Rêveur Veltri's, visvamitra's

Or Audacieux Tonight's

Rouge Libertin visvamitra's


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Turquoise Venemo's


Manuscript Pen Company Ltd.
Blue mhphoto's review (cartridges), Tommy's review
Sepia (cartridges) mhphoto's review
Sepia vans4444's review
Stuart Houghton Blue Mephisto's review

Ultra Violet (shimmer ink) ptrB's



Brown visvamitra's


Metzger und Mendle

Turquoise bioluminescentsquid's



Black Fabienne's review, spot's review, RLTodd's review, paircon01's review, Signum1's review
Blue-Black (in bottles, iron gall) Sandy1's review, woodworker's review, HenryLouis' review
Blue-Black (in cartridges, not iron gall) Sandy1's review

Bohème Blue (cartridges only) EclecticCollector's

Bordeaux Wim's low bandwidth review, Wim's high bandwidth review, georges zaslavsky's review, chromantic's

Burgundy Red wastelanded's review, genevatypewriter's review, Pictrix's review, visvamitra's

Coffee Brown (vintage) SamCapote's review

Corn Poppy Red musicman123's, amberleadavis', lgsoltek's, visvamitra's

Homage to Moctezuma I - Pierced Sky (mint green) tursilmatik's

Irish Green lapis', Lgsoltek's, RPB's, nomadhacker's, Mafia Geek's, georges zaslavsky's, RookSeven's, orange lamy's, ianmedium's, rhodialover's, visvamitra's

James A. Purdey & Sons (brown, single malt scent) ptrB's

Lavender Purple akszugor's, tenurepro's, kronos77's, Owner of a Lonely Heart's, akszugor's, visvamitra's

Le Petit Prince - Rose Burgundy tursilmatik's

Manganese Orange Lgsoltek's

Midnight Blue (launched 2010, iron gall) lapis', Sandy1's, tenurepro's, Mafia Geek's, ianmedium's, Sandy1's (cartridges), Owner of a Lonely Heart's

Midnight Blue (reformulated 2013, not iron gall) Bigeddie's, visvamitra's, bokaba's

Modena Red Lgsoltek's

Mystery Black GutSchrift's, tommyss4l's

Oyster Grey GutSchrift's, Michael R.'s, visvamitra's

Permanent Blue Bigeddie's, Vimy13's, LizEF's

Permanent Black Bigeddie's

Permanent Black (in cartridges) jhataway's

Pink (in cartridges) chromantic's

Racing Green idazle's review, freewheelingvagabond's review, jeen's review, JJBlanche's review, georges zaslavsky's review, declanh's review

Red Scrawler's review

Royal Blue tenurepro's review, georges zaslavsky's review, Owner of a Lonely Heart's review, Ovidius's review chkuo's review, withoutink's review, Sandy1's review, Lgsoltek's, georges zaslavsky's (reupped), LizEF's

Sepia tenurepro's review, djpyle's review, GOB Bluth's review, girlieg33k's review, schwab0802's review
Toffee Brown white_lotus', visvamitra's (2014), amberleadavis', CindyK's, Mafia Geek's, Sandy1's, OC Mike's, Michael R.'s, dizzypen's, visvamitra's (2016), sannidh's, Enkida's
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Violet saskia_madding's review, Michael R.'s review, declanh's review, dizzypen's review, withoutink's review


Montblanc - Elixir Parfumeur Edition (scented)

Leather (Orange-Brown) HalloweenHJB's

Marine Blue jean's

Vetiver Green Michael R.'s


Montblanc - Limited Editions

Brasil Brown visvamitra's

Chinese Blue TheDutchGuy's

Elvis - Old Glory Blue Tonight's

Golden Yellow Michael R.'s, Abner C. Kemp's, visvamitra's

Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Web Grey visvamitra's, namrehsnoom's

Ink of Friendship saskia_madding's review, Sandy1's review
Ink of Joy (orange) lapis' review
Ink of Love amberleadavis', saskia_madding's review, picautomaton's review

JFK Navy MartinSimonnet's

Ladies Edition Pearl Lgsoltek's

Le Petit Prince (Red Fox) visvamitra's, ptrB's

Legend of Zodiacs, Red Chine (The Dog) Chrissy's

Lucky Orange Lgsoltek's, visvamitra's

Meisterstuck Diamond tenurepro's review, jgrasty's review, Bigeddie's review

Montblanc for BMW (blue) lapis'

Permanent Grey (Meisterstück 90 Years) lapis', yogalarva's, visvamitra's

Petrol Blue (Colour of the Year 2019) namrehsnoom's

Pink musicman123's, Pravda's, Lgsoltek's

Sakura Red Michael R.'s review

StarWalker Blue Planet namrehsnoom'sTonight's

Swan Illusion Plume namrehsnoom's

Twilight Blue (Meisterstück Blue Hour) visvamitra's, Abner C. Kemp's, white_lotus'

Ultra Black (Meisterstück) lapis', visvamitra's

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Je t'aime/Love Letter (2005) QM2's review
Love You (2008, red, rose-scented) Captain Bertram's review, gabrieltrb's review, visvamitra's

Season's Greetings 2005 and 2006 (cinnamon cookies & spice-scented, brown) declanh's review, saskia_madding's review, Bryan's review, inkish's
Season's Greetings 2007 (vanilla-scented, red) saskia_madding's review, declanh's review, withoutink's review
Season's Greetings 2008 and 2009 - White Forest (pine-scented, green) Michael R.'s review, QM2's review, saskia_madding's review, withoutink's review
Season's Greetings 2012 - Winterglow lapis', Lgsoltek's, amberleadavis', visvamitra's


Montblanc - Writers Edition

Albert Einstein (gray) nomadhacker's, Sandy1's, Sblakers'
Alfred Hitchcock (red) tenurepro's review, jgrasty's review, saskia_madding's review, meghan's review

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Tonight's, visvamitra's

Carlo Collodi (brown/orange) SamCapote's review, lapis' review

Daniel Defoe (Palm Green) visvamitra's, MartinSimmonet's

Homage to R. Kipling (Jungle Green) Michael R.'s, namrehsnoom's

Honore De Balzac (Dandy Turquoise) tenurepro's, Bigeddie's, white_lotus'

Jonathan Swift (Seaweed Green) jandrese's, tenurepro's, jgrasty's, Bigeddie's, Tonight's, visvamitra's

Leo Tolstoy (Sky Blue) Lgsoltek's, white_lotus', visvamitra'sLizEF's

Leonardo da Vinci (red chalk) amberleadavis', Bigeddie's, mhphoto's, visvamitra's

Mahatma Ghandi (saffron) amberleadavis', saskia_madding's review, kushbaby's review

Miles Davis Jazz Blue Lgsoltek's, visvamitra's

William Shakespeare (velvet red) Pravda's, visvamitra's, C3Misiek's, Lgsoltek's, namrehsnoom's



Black Jopen's review
Blue girlieg33k's review
Bordeaux bardiir's, jgrasty's review, Jopen's review, Resolute's

Dark Blue LizEF's

Turquoise visvamitra's


Blue Dickkooty2's, S. P. Colfer's review, Sandy1's review
Blue-Black w/ITF S. P. Colfer's review, corniche's, bokaba's
Brown Sandy1's review

Brown (2013) Sandy1's, chromantic's
Brown Sugar visvamitra's

Burgundy S. P. Colfer's review, Sandy1's review, antichresis'

California Teal RudraDev's, gsgill112's

Canyon Rust ErrantSmudge's, white_lotus', visvamitra's

Capri Blue ErrantSmudge's

Caribbean Blue jj9ball's

DC Supershow 2018 Blue jj9ball's

DC Supershow 2018 Teal jj9ball's

Documental Permanent Blue Flaxmoore'sbokaba's

Gratitude Lgsoltek's

Green Phormula's, ErrantSmudge's
Horizon Blue ErrantSmudge's, jj9ball's

Orange Sandy1's review

Malibu Blue ErrantSmudge's

Purple/Violet pamsc's, Tessy Moon's, Lgsoltek's, goodpens'

Turquoise Sandy1's review, S. P. Colfer's review, linkoiram's

Yosemite Green ErrantSmudge's


Monteverde - Emotions Collection (10 Ink Set)

Love (red) Lgsoltek's

Motivation (orange) Lgsoltek's


Monteverde - Gemstone Collection

Amethyst visvamitra's

Charoite visvamitra's

Fireopal visvamitra's, Lgsoltek's

Garnet Lgsoltek's, Enkida's

Moonstone visvamitra’s

Olivine visvamitra's, A Smug Dill's

Sapphire jj9ball's, visvamitra's, ErrantSmudge's

Topaz visvamitra's


Monteverde - Noir Collection

Copper Noir Newjelan'sLizEF's

Mulberry Noir DrPenfection's, Lgsoltek's

Rose Noir MsRedpen's

Smoke Noir visvamitra's


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Namiki /Pilot - see Pilot for reviews



Aeolis Palus Red Honeybadgers', Honeybadgers', crahptacular's

Alpha Centauri KellyMcJ’s, Honeybadgers', crahptacular's

Blue Snowball Nebula Twinkle poorplanning's

Coruscant Blue Honeybadgers'

Moon Crater Black KellyMcJ's, Honeybadgers'

Neptune Blue Honeybadgers'

Pleiades Blue-Black KellyMcJ's

Solar Storm Honeybadgers'


Nick Stewart

Randall Blue Black NickiStew's


Noodler's (own label, NOT waterproof / bulletproof, except as otherwise noted)
#41 Brown (bulletproof, older formulation) Sandy1's review, Signum1's review, SamCapote's review,Margana's review, monjaraz85's review,dizzypen's review

#41 Brown (bulletproof, 2012 formulation) carpedavid's review, mucephei's reivew, Sandy1's review, benjitzu's

54th Massachusetts akszugor's, Sandy1's, jakob's, mhphoto's, LostInBrittany's, iliadodyssey's, arkgray's, Signum1's, AgentVenom's, poorplanning'sbokaba's
Aircorp Blue-Black (near bulletproof) mhphoto's review, Ruminator's review, rsq001's review The Noble Savage's review, JJBlanche's review, Gazcom's, penguinmaster's review, Mrsal's review, Whisternefet's review, visvamitra'sbokaba's

Antietam (brick red) mhphoto's review, Lothianjavert's review, KendallJ's review, penguinmaster's review, Michael R.'s review, Signum1's review, schwab0802's review, Jan2016's
Apache Sunset (yellow orange) delray48209's, yogalarva's, nomadhacker's, alexanderino's, mhphoto's, Bryan's, JJBlanche's, umenohana's, alexanderino's, Inka's, umenohana's, FP_Ink_Geek's, Gazcom's, Oranges and Apples', Jan2016's
Army Green Signum1's, klemenv's review, The Noble Savage's review, flashvictor's review, penguinmaster's review, penguinmaster's 2nd review, white_lotus'

Atlantic Salmon chewytulip's
Bad Belted Kingfisher (bulletproof) nomadhacker's, Ruminator's, Viseguy's, PJohnP's, Inka's, Signum1's, rsq001's, Secus', Honeybadgers', Tas'
Bad Black Moccasin mhphoto's review, amilliron's review, paperskater's review
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Baltimore Canyon Blue OCArt's

Baystate Blue (1940s series, high water resistance) Mafia Geek's review, mhphoto's review, Bubba Dog's review, TheOriginalStevenH's review, dizzypen's review, politovski's review carpedavid's review, Philip1209's review, arsimoun's review, WhosYerBob's review, WhosYerBob's review follow-up, Stephen-I-am's review, Bill Smith's review, Philip 1209's 2nd review, Gehaha's review, HenryLouis's review, penguinmaster's review, Signum1's review, I am not a number's review, Inka's review, ladyambrosia's review, Alexandra's review, withoutink's review
Baystate Cape Cod Cranberry (1940s series, not water resistant) Deirdre's mini-review, jleeper's review, musicman123's, mhphoto's
Baystate Concord Grape (1940s series, partially water resistant) Deirdre's mini-review, Signum1's review
Beaver Signum1's, mhphoto's, chupie's, penguinmaster's, white_lotus'

Bernanke Black poorplanning's

Bernanke Blue rsq001's review, Sandy1's review, visvamitra's

Berning Red white_lotus', LemurInk's, DrPenfection's

Black (bulletproof) requiescat's, Mafia Geek's, mhphoto's, carpedavid's 2, rsq001's 2, 777's, rsq001's, Chris', Schuttwegraeumer's, Stevopedia's, Harry R's, penguinmaster's, Philip 1209's, politovski's, woodworker's, HenryLouis', carpedavid's 1, bfrieler's
Black Swan in Australian Roses AgentVenom's, yogalarva's, kronos77's review, mhphoto's review, carpedavid's review, raging.dragon's review, ThirdeYe's review, shaylenwilliams' review, jgrasty's review, farseer911's review, FP_Ink_Geek's, Lgsoltek's
Black Swan in English Roses Ruminator's review, inka's review, Fabienne's review, raging.dragon's review, 777's review, carpedavid's review, jgrasty's review, Lgsoltek's
Blue amberleadavis', Titanic9990's, mhphoto's review, penguinmaster's review, MassTahDohn's review, Nellie's review, MicheleB's review
Blue-Black AgentVenom's, mhphoto's review, jean's review, inksmears' review, Verdant's review, officesupplygeek's review, HenryLouis' review
Blue Ghost (invisible except by ultraviolet light) (waterproof) AgentVenom's, mhphoto's review, artaddict's review, beezaur's review, Inka's review, ToryLynn's review, Gazcom's, LizEF's
Blue Nose Bear mhphoto's review, jgrasty's review, dizzypen's review, Jan2016's, yazeh's, bokaba's 
Bluerase PrestoTenebroso's
Borealis Black (water resistant) Mafia Geek's review, Splicer's review, OldGriz's review, Grwilliams86's review, Inka's review, pen fanatic's review
Boston Brahmin (blue, limited production) mhphoto's, zoniguana's
Brown ("standard" brown) mhphoto's review, Signum1's review, Ruminator's review, wandrson's review, white_lotus'
Burgundy rsq001's review, Sandy1's review, ruud2904's review
Cayenne akszugor's, mhphoto's review, 777's review, Wim's review, chupie's, review, penguinmaster's review, woodworker's review, visvamitra's, Jan2016's

Colorado Spruce (2016 Colorado Pen Show LE) white_lotus'

Concord Bream mhphoto's review, inka's review, cindytrinadad's review

Concord Grape Signum1's

Dark Matter (somewhat water resistant, resistance increases with time) mhphoto's, Edjelley's, seanruss', crazystan's, penguinmaster's, Mongo's, Pictrix's

Dragon's Napalm musicman123's, Hutecker's, milanjuza's, mhphoto's, ThirdYe's, carpedavid's, penguinmaster's, jmkeuning's, jlepens', asimplemaestro's, ladyambrosia's, AgentVenom's, visvamitra's
Forest Green TheVintageLife's, Signum1's review, Greebe's review, Chupacabras's review, penguinmaster's review, chkuo's review, Signum1's review, woodworker's review
Fox Red (bulletproof) Nellie's review, girlieg33k's review, Michael R.'s review
Golden Brown (near bulletproof) kronos77's review, mhphoto's review, djpyle's review, Stephen-I-am's mini-review, Harry R's review, penguinmaster's review, Signum 1's review, FP_Ink_Geek's
Green ("standard" green) mhphoto's review, 777's review, Nellie 2's review, Lyssa's review
Green Marine (near bulletproof) Kopkins' review, spot's review, ThirdYe's reivew, Gobblecup's review, chupie's mini-review, SteadyHand's review, Iziem's review, penguinmaster's review
Gruene Cactus Lothianjavert's review, Ann Finley's review
Habanero (orange) hutecker's, mhphoto's, Lothianjavert's, Bryan's, Inka's, Signum1's, gillyohan's, akszugor's


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Heart of Darkness (black & bulletproof) Liquidmetal490's, hcsk8ter's, spot's, Halden's, Luke Scicluna's, Viceguy's, cmenice's, tisfortorrey's, politovski's, Secus'LizEF's

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Navajo Turquoise Sandy1's review, mhphoto's review, scogre's review, Chupacabras's review, 6pound's review, jorgerp1's review, carpedavid's review, ladyambrosia's review

Navy (near bulletproof) mhphoto's review 2, mhphoto's review, Ruminator's review, rsq001's review, Verdant's review, JJBlanche's review, abadr's review, chkuo's review, Mrsal's review, HenryLouis' review, dizzypen's review, FP_Ink_Geek's
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Red ("standard" red) mhphoto's review, rsq001's review, Zapped's review
Red-Black (near bulletproof) Mafia Geek's review, mhphoto's review, The Classicist's mini-review, The Noble Savage's review, Tytyvyllus' review, KingJoe's review, WillSW's review, Stephen-I-am's mini-review, penguinmaster's review, woodworker's review, Signum1's review, akszugor's, Jan2016's
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Summer Tanager saskia_madding's review, BillTheEditor's review, penguinmaster's review
The Color of The King (waterproof - note: only 10 bottles made for Raleigh 2004 pen show) penguinmaster's review

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The Whiteness of the Whale (bulletproof) Immoteus's review
Tiananmen kogarashi's review, Sandy1's review, raging.dragon's review Bryan's review, chipen's review, Signum1's review, ladyambrosia's review, Jan2016's
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Violet Lothianjavert's review
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Noodler's "American Eel" line (more lubrication for older piston-filling pens)
Black (may be the same as Polar Black)
Blue Nonsensical's review, joelchan's review, rwboyer's review, Bill Smith's review, penguinmaster's review, Signum 1's review, monjaraz85's review, dizzypen's review
Cactus Fruit (magenta) visvamitra's, amberleadavis', mhphoto's, DilletanteG's, akszugor's
Gruene Cactus (almost the same color as the regular-formula Gruene Cactus, but in the American Eel formula) amberleadavis', jakob's, Tsujigiri's, Signum1's, visvamitra's
Rattler Red amberleadavis', ccajackson's, ImCannibal's
Turquoise penguinmaster's review, Signum 1's review, cjweaver13's

Noodler's "Electric (Pastel) Color" (non-waterproof) Highlighting Inks
Atlantic Salmon chewytulip's
Firefly Dan Carmell's review
Georgia Peach Ann Finley's review
Hellfire (magenta) AgentVenom's
Lightning Blue caleb's
St. Patty's Eire paperskater's review

Noodler's, exclusively for the Art Brown store
Brooklyn Brawn visvamitra's, penguinmaster's review, WillSW's review
Legal Blue (waterproof) madeyouink's, Wim'sbokaba's

Manhattan Blue Sandy1's, girlieg33k's, penguinmaster's, visvamitra's
Pinstripe Homage SteadyHand's review, penguinmaster's review
Subway Series Sepia SteadyHand's review, penguinmaster's review

Noodler's, exclusively for the Australian market
Catalpa (bulletproof) amberleadavis' review, in the flow's review
Coral Sea (bulletproof) amberleadavis' review, dcwaites's review, all my hues' review, Inka's review


Noodler's, exclusively for B. Sleuth & Statesman

Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham Signum1's, visvamitra's<