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  1. Hi, I am relitivley new to fountain pens, owning only 3 at this point. Yesterday I purchased my first expensice vountain pen, the visconti homosapiens steel midi, and am having some issues with the ink flow. What happens is, I fill it and it writes beautifully, then it will suddenly stop. At this point, there seemes to be no ink left in the feed, yet there is definetly ink left in the piston filler as I turned the piston and watched the ink drop out. If I give the pen a bit of a flick, It will write again as I have flicked ink into the feed, but this only lasts about a paragraph. The same goes for thurning the piston, which saturates the feed enough to write maybe half a page. I did some reading on the site and fushed the pen with soapy water, then with non soapy water a number of times to remove the soap. I then flushed it with ink before inking it up again. This did not solve the problem. I also removed the nib and feed to see if there was a blockage, but the feed looked fine, albiet dry, and the hole that joins it to the resovoir of ink had no observable blockage, though it was very difficult so see far down it. Just out of curiosity, I turned the piston and watched as the vacated cylinder where the feed normally sits, filled up with ink. I really dont know what to do now, and thougth to post here where it seems there are many knowledgable, long time pen owners who may be able to help me. Any help that is offered will be much appreciated.
  2. Hi All! I am a student who wrote with the same FP for many years. However, I wanted something new, so I decided to trade pens so that I could afford it and switch pens more often. I recently bought two Montblancs 144s. The price was good, but I have a few questions regarding the age, nib size and serial number. 1. How can I determen how old my pen is, even if there is no serial number. 2. I want to clean the pen a bit better, but I am not sure how to remove the nib. There is also not a good Youtube video that shows me that. Any ideas? 3. My pen has no serial number. I don't directly suspect the pen to be fake, but I am also not sure what the reason could be and if it's normal. Attached some pics for reference and age determination. Thank you all very much for your help in advance!
  3. Tinpanalleybluesman

    Pelikan 120

    Hi lovely people, Yesterday I have purchased a fountain pen, about which the seller didn't know to tell me much about. The only thing he knew was that supposedly was owned by his dad. I have asked him if he knows what was the production year, he said that he doesn't know, but that he things it's a "newer date". All over this pen is written ' Pelikan 120 '. I am not sure if it's actually Pelikan 120 or Pelikan M120 ( production year 2016 ), because it looks in a pretty good condition for a pen that would be produced back in 1955-1965 or so. There is no number at the bottom part of the barrel ( which some of them had ). It's 125mm long ( like Pelikan 120 should be, unlike Pelikan m120 which is 130 mm long in total ). This probably is not Pelikan 120 M&K ( 1973-1977 ) because it's shorter in total lenght, plus M&K have some different features. So if anyone have a clue if this could be the genuine Pelikan 120, or what should I look for - give me some suggestions please. ( I still haven't even tried if it's "working" or not ... ) Thank you in advance ! Best regards - Tinpanalleybluesman.
  4. Hello! I l've already posted this on the Far East section but I figured this is a better place to post this. I need help identifying these Pilot pens as I've searched everywhere with no luck. Also, sorry that the pictires are too lowres and have a watermark, couldn't do anything about that
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm new to FPN and pen collecting in general. I am particularly interested in ballpoint pens... I'm a full-time student and I do most of my work in ballpoint. I have a few pens that I've bought used, and I want to know what you think are the best ballpoints you have purchased/used. These can be at any price point and a pen can be your favorite for any reason. My favorite pen (by far) is my Classique Montblanc Meiserstuck, followed by a few designer pens (Tiffany and Givenchy). I have a Waterman Maestro and a Waterman Phileas that I really like. And on the lower end of the price scale I still think Cross makes handsome, dependable, and inexpensive ballpoints. What are your favorites? Any ideas for my next pen?
  6. Does anyone know about this brand? I recently purchased a nice gold capped black fountain pen. It is an aromatic filler with a Parker like system. I’ve never heard of the brand, nor has the person that sold it to me.
  7. Dear all, I'm asking here for your help: If you had to pick a good black ink for a pen that you care about, to be used together for the next six months in a large project with tens to hundreds of written pages, what would this ink be? I've issued this request for help also on the thread that inspired me to ask it, where I shared pics and info about the pen I will be using throughout this project: I've just signed my first professional book deal. (On computer systems.) There's a lot left to do and we'll see how it goes but I plan to do at least the planning and content-design in pen on paper. I already bought the pen for it, a Pilot Custom Urushi in vermillion red with 18k two-tone M nib (FKV-88SR-R-M), and I like very much my first experience with it, which happened today. The remaining details regarding the ink-search are as follows: I'm trying to decide on an ink for this Pilot Custom Urushi, M nib. I will have to draw many details and also cross-hatch large structures, and also write both small and large-sized text. I prefer wetter nibs and inks, but here I'm going to also use paper like Moleskine's Workbook (pulpy, very porous) and Leuchtturm 140 gsm (semi-rough and coated), and I'd prefer not to have much feathering. Water-resistant inks are a plus. Some shading would not be bad, but even the lightest shade must be easily legible. I'm thinking at the moment, in this order: Noodler's Dark Matter - seems good, but not water-resistant. Noodler's X-Feather - but it's quite pigmented and I'm afraid it's going to clog the feed and I won't know how to clean it. Noodler's Heart of Darkness - never used it before, but the reviews are raving. May have issues with the Moleskine. Sailor Kiwa-Guro - never used it, but seems to me a (micro-)pigmented ink that you can flush away easily. Sailor Do-you - this one I'm convinced will do a good job and keep flowing (and lubricating). Pilot Take-Sumi - love this ink, but its water resistance seems just too low to consider. What if I spill even a drop of coffee? Pelikan 4001 Black - never used it, but heard good things about it and it's cousins Brilliant Brown, Royal Blue, etc. are wonderful. Same concerns about water resistance as for the Take-Sumi. Platinum Carbon ink - fantastic ink, but how do I clean it after six months?! Are there strong enough but safe cleaning fluids, e.g., the Rohrer and Klingner Reiniger? I'll stop here; eight is a round number in my world. I would appreciate your replies, especially today, when I'll take my decision and hope not to revisit. Do you have other suggestions? They're most welcome. Thanks, everyone.
  8. Hiya I'm hoping someone can advise me? Joined the forum yesterday as I need some help please. Was trying to refill a vintage cross ballpoint (classic century I believe) and somehow managed to remove the refill holder, instead of just the refill?? And of course it won't go back in now... I've tried heating the barrel but that didn't work. Have I ruined it?
  9. Hey all. I've recently been in contact with a pen maker in India. Communication has been great and I've selected several pens that I would like to purchase. However payment has been a problem. Apparently PayPal isn't an option, the maker doesn't want to give me the required information for a wire transfer, I've tried Paytm, but doesn't work from America, Google pay sends me to Western Union because it's international. Ergh!!! There has got to be some way to pay him. How do my fellow Americans pay pen makers in India?
  10. feham17_

    Nib misaligned

    Hey everyone...I need some help here please. I got this parker 61 a few years ago from my Grandfather. A few months ago I realized that the nib was misaligned, and that it was writing a lot scratchier than a lot of my other pens. If I could get some tips, and tricks on how to fix it that would be amazing! Have a great day or night wherever you are🙂🏳️‍🌈
  11. I am just looking to confirm if the x750 takes a standard international converter or is it another? Thanks in advance!
  12. Fountainewbie

    Montblanc 146? Original? Year?

    Hello guys, I just bought a Montblanc pen (original i hope), used, for 200€. My pen has serial number and germany on top ring. On cap ring it has only “montblanc meisterstuck”: no pix neither n.° 146. I hope some of you guys can help me identify the year of this fountain pen (and if it is original). Thanks and happy new year!
  13. collectorofmanythings

    Should I get a JoWo medium or a broad nib?

    So I have a pen which currently has a fine nib, but I would prefer a broader, wetter, and smoother experience. This brand uses JoWo nibs, and the fine was too feedbacky and fine, and it was a touch on the dry side. So this brand sells extra branded nib units, which are JoWo #6 18k nibs, and I was wondering whether I should buy a medium or a broad. I would like a smoother and broader (but I do not want a super broad nib) writing experience. So is the jump in nibs sizes from medium to broad, or fine to medium? Is the medium noticeably smoother? Thank you for your help, W. Major
  14. I've been using Lamys as my pens for school for seven years. I've never had any problems. However, my most recent purchase, which I've been using for about two months, has the same issues that stopped me using the previous one. I use these pens a lot, probably changing my cartridge every two to three weeks. I rely on my pen a lot as a student and I need it to work otherwise I'll have to turn to *shudder* ballpoint. Essentially the ink stopped flowing as easily as it used to, skipping on upstrokes or horizontal lines. Then it got very very hard to work. So I rinsed the whole of the pen, removing the nib and blowing very gently to push water through where the ink goes (I think it's the feed). It worked- for a day. Now it's gone back to being very pale and scratchy even though it's got enough ink and the nib seems fine? I'm so frustrated by this as pens aren't cheap and I've only had it for two months! I love fountain pens so much- what can I do to fix this one? Soak it? But I don't see how the ink could have dried up during such regular use? The nib is fine, not bent or anything. aargh, please help me!!!
  15. Can anyone explain to me why they like the designs so I can appreciate it more? I don’t mean to be rude or criticize people for what they like, I am just curious why you like the look of these pens. Just please reply! I really want to know what the appeal is. Thank you for your help! W. Major
  16. My great-grandmother gave me this set a few years ago and am trying to find a matching fountain pen to purchase. The issue is, I don’t know the model name. If anyone could help me with this I would really appreciate it! Thank you in advance, William
  17. So.. I finally got my shipment from Anderson Pens for restoring my little Wearever and everything went great! I put a new sac on (which is watertight) and put a new j-bar in (40mm) but since they didn’t have talc in stock I ordered it from a separate place, and it is due to arrive soon. Anyway, so as I was moving the barrel with the j-bar, I dropped it, and the j-bar moved a little bit further back (I didn’t know it could, I pushed it back as far as I could) leaving me not able to pull it out with the hemostat. Long story short, I gave it somebody who, despite me telling them explicitly several times not to open the lever when trying to pull it out, did it anyway, and pulled the lever and a little metal ring out of the pen, along with the j-bar. Can I get the lever back in? Is my pen broken? Could I do anything to fix it? And if I can, should I put it a slightly bigger j-bar? Thank you for all of your help. I really like the way this wrote, it was like a medium that was ground quite stub-like. So I really want it to be a functioning pen. Thank you for all of your help. Below is a picture of all the parts, including the lever and the ring.
  18. Looking into possibly buying a Santini... was wondering if any of you have greased the piston on it or know how to. Thanks for your help! W. H. Major
  19. I just impulsively got my first vintage pen, as well as my first pen needing restoration, at an antique store a few hours ago. But, I have absolutely no clue how to restore it. When I opened it, the sac was absolutely dust and the metal pressure bar fell out in two pieces. I expected the sac to be destroyed, but not the pressure bar! So, could anyone please make a step-by-step instructions for how to restore it, as well as what I will need and where to buy it? It would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  20. Please help beginners! Things like this are things that I’m sure many beginners look at to see which pen to first buy. Thank you to all who participate!
  21. collectorofmanythings

    What’s your grail pen?

    Hello! Just very interested in what your grail pens are.. no matter if it’s $50 or $10,000, I would be very interested to hear your responses. W. H. Major (My grail pen(s) [can’t choose one!] are the Waldmann Tuscany (18k Gold nib), Pineider Avatar UR Deluxe, Conway Stewart Duro (modern), and the Pilot Custom 823)
  22. collectorofmanythings

    Recommendations for a warm medium-dark brown ink!

    Hello! Unfortunately I can’t seem to find an ink that makes me completely happy. I would like a warm medium-dark brown ink, but that doesn’t have an olive-y look and has good shading. Noodler’s Walnut has a purplish undertone, Jacques Herbin Terre D’Ombre is too olive-y and on Apica paper it is so dark. Herbin Lie de Thé is a little too light, and Diamine Chocolate Brown is just a little bit too dark. I know this is very specific, but do any of you have recommendations? I am not sure if this is the place to put this post, if not please say so. Thank you so much for your help! W. H. Major
  23. thebluedentist

    Need Lamy AlStar help

    Hey guys! I bought a Lamy Al-Star from the official Lamy India site in April along with a Z50 black nib The pen writes really inconsistently, lots of hard starts, suddenly the ink stops flowing through the pen and it is generally very much annoying. The nib is the z50 Lamy black nib, which the pen came with. I had an extra nib(same one) which I have tried with this pen, but the same issue persists. I had washed it with water and a teeny tiny bit of dishwashing soap before inking it up(with Waterman Serenity Blue), considering that Lamy tests the product before shipping them to sellers. I am now at a complete loss as to what to do and thus I am now approaching you guys for help! I have used a Lamy Safari before this, and it has not given me a single issue out of the box.
  24. Hello My Custom Heritage 92 FM Nib is not putting lines down the way I have come to expect from Pilot. I'm right handed. When making ellipses or lines from center out, there is nothing between 7 and 11 o'clock. When I write slowly then there is line variation but it is an extra extra fine line within that area. I have flushed the pen, made figure eights across a paper bag and finally, gently pressed the nib down on paper repeatedly for a few seconds at a time. I looked at the nib through full zoom with my phone's camera and don't notice anything damaged or out of place.
  25. collectorofmanythings

    Conway Stewart Dandy Opinions

    Hello! I’ve been looking into possibly getting a modern Conway Stewart. I personally prefer gold nibs, and like the look of their Dandy model. I was wondering if any of you have any opinions on modern Conway Stewarts and/or this model. I haven’t seen really any review for it anywhere. Thanks, W. Major

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