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  1. Hello all, Just registered. Love Sheaffer's, and found the pen on the left in an auction. Tried to identify it in Sheaffer Targa, and RichardPens.com. It looks like it is a Stylist II, but I can't find anywhere this type of finish referenced. It looks like dented chrome, but even in the Sheaffer targa website there is no such finish. Can anyone help me identify it by the finish? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello everyone I have this pen that was gifted to me in a box set. Iit has no markings other than “Iridium” and “Germany” on the nib. I know its a long shot but does anyone have any insight to posibbly the make and what converter would fit it? It should just be a standard International if im not mistaken right? Thank you in advance for any and all info!
  3. MythrianXeras

    What Waterman pen is this?

    I recently inherited a gold-filled Waterman pen from my grandfather's collection, but I'm struggling really hard to ID it. I initially thought the pen was a C/F, but it doesn't have the classic clip design that is typical of a C/F, and I'm at a loss for what else it could be. The pen has an inlaid 18k gold nib with minimal markings, just a Waterman W, 18k, and 750. It was manufactured in France and has "plaque or g" written on the cap. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Hello! I l've already posted this on the Far East section but I figured this is a better place to post this. I need help identifying these Pilot pens as I've searched everywhere with no luck. Also, sorry that the pictires are too lowres and have a watermark, couldn't do anything about that
  5. madoo77

    Trying to identify this pen

    Hi, I have a pen probably 40 years old passed on to me by my late father-in-law. Loved him and love writing with this pen. The converter is beginning to leak now and I am trying to see if I can get a replacement one. First step is to identify this pen and from looking at online information it is either a Sheaffer TRZ or a Fountain II. I saw the following links online which I have been using as a reference: https://www.peytonstreetpens.com/fashion-ii-fountain-pen-model-261-gold-lined-medium-new-old-stock-in-box.html https://www.ebay.ca/itm/185589989550?hash=item2b360680ae:g:GIYAAOSwqRRjK1LX The clip of my pen is slightly different from the TRZ 70 as it is not as close to the end of the cap as the TRZ 70. The Fashion II picture matches but the bottom of the pen is slightly different. Any advice on which one it is? Also, are the converters for the two pens the same? Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. I rescued this one from an old shed. Any help identifying it would be great. Thank you
  7. FabianoMarijuana

    St Dupont Identification

    Hi, recently I bought a st. dupont online and I would greatly appreciate on identifying the pen and the authenticity. The pen looks like a classique although I can't find one with this exact model, I only found this pattern with a silver plating. The code on the cap spells "57REB30" and the made in france tag is spelt on the other end of the clip instead of under it. My main suspicion comes from the fact that the nib feels a bit dry and scratchy. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello, The title says it all. I need some help identifying this visconti pen. Thanks!
  9. Here is a small self-filling Swan with a flexible #2 nib. I know little else about this pen and would appreciate any information (model, manufacture date, etc).
  10. Disclaimer: I am new to vintage fountain pens. I recently acquired a Mabie Todd Swan (photos of the pen and some scribbles below) and would appreciate assistance with the following items: I know very little about this pen and would like to learn about its provenance, approximate age, model and comparison with other Swan models, etc. The body of the pen is marked "Eternal" but the nib is not. Does this mean that the current nib replaced the original? The pen is a very nice writer once the ink is flowing; it can feel very smooth, provides nice line-width variation as the nib is flexible and I think stub-ish, and it lays down a lot of ink. At the same time, it's prone to hard starts and occasionally skips. It also looks like the feed might not be properly aligned with the nib. I would like to have the nib examined and tuned by a professional and was thinking of sending it to Mike Masuyama. Does this seem appropriate, or are there other nib experts I should consider? I would like to have the body of the pen cleaned up and restored prior to getting the nib worked on, but I have no idea who to send it to. Any recommendations? In particular, I would like to have some luster restored to the body, have the fins of the feed looked at as they seem to have some minor damage, and have it cleaned up (the pen has a bit of a smell which, although gradually dissipating, remains pretty strong inside the cap). The tip of the nib looks a bit slanted to me. I know only so much is possible with photos, but can anyone tell if it's because this nib has an oblique grind or if it's some sort of alignment issue?
  11. Good morning, Unfortunately, my father passed last month. I am currently working through (with my mother) many of his possessions. A bit of background (I struggled to post this, as I don't mean to seem insensitive to the value that many here place on these pens, I myself collect/value vintage audiophile equipment in a similar fashion). My father was a collector and a pack rat, I say this to qualify that these sat in a drawer and I never saw them in over 40 years. Suffice to say (knowing my dad), he did not give these much thought or value them as prized possessions. My mother is on a fixed income and every bit helps these days so I will probably be looking to sell these if they have any value. There are plenty of items that I know my father valued and spent lots of time/funds collecting that I am keeping (said as a right handed non-golfer who now has vintage left hand clubs that I plan on keeping), just wanted to give a bit of background as not to seem awful. The first (I believe) is Model 164 (purchased in 1988) I have the paperwork and warranty and from what I found online it seems this is the pen. It is in great condition (like I said I don't think he took it out of the drawer much. Here are some pictures (the pen is in a Montblanc case, I don't know if it goes with the 164 or the second (larger pen, the loop inside is fitted for the larger pen) The second is a larger (fatter) pen. The markings as I understand that it is a model 4810 18 karat Model 750. I would guess its also from the 1980's given my dad's career/life trajectory. I don't have any documentation for this modle I have looked as some ebay auctions but see a great variety in what these are valued at. Do these identifications seem correct? Any obvious factor/aspect I am missing? I see lots on ebay, is there a better or more preferred forum for these types of sales/auctions? Thanks so much for the help and insight! Scott
  12. Long time ago I got this Soennecken fountain pen from my father. I am not shure if the pen was from my father or grandfather. I assume the pen is made in the period 1950 - 1960. Does anybody know this pen and what the value might be?
  13. Dearest readers, Could you please help identify this pen? I am by no means a Montblanc connoisseur and therefore at somewhat of a loss. Many thanks for all the help you can offer. I bought this pen from a thrift store. Best wishes!
  14. Hi everyone, I hope you're doing great and you're enjoying your weekend. I recently got my wife a cross pen but we're not really sure about it. We've tried looking it up on google but couldn't really find anything about so I thought that experts like you might be able to shed some light on this. We don't have too many pics of it since we bought it from an online seller so this is all we got unfortunately (Seller said it's not its original box). Thank you for your help on this!!!
  15. fingertrouble

    Waterman Pen ID

    Just bought this 1940's? vintage Waterman, trying to identify it as it doesn't have a model number. It is double ring and dark green and the nib is a fairly generic one, semi flex (no telltale W for instance or Ideal). It's dark green/olive. So far my research has narrowed it down to: 502/503/513 - I thought the closest is 502, but they don't seem to have the metal lever box and clip is slightly different, 513 is very similar - some 513s have a metal lever box and some don't - but the clip is different. W2/W3/W5 - W2 doesn't have a metal lever box as far as I can see from pics online, neither seems to W3. W5 has a metal lever box, but tends to be fancier and have different rings. Ruled out: It is a lot like a Commando especially the clip, perfect match - but it doesn't have the lucite 'end plug' and that didn't come in green according to Richard Binder? http://www.richardspens.com/ref/profiles/commando.htm I guess it is possible that this is a Commando top on another pen? The colours all match perfectly though, why I suspect it hasn't faded/darkened because it's uniform. Dauntless/Starlet/Stalwart - the end of the body is rounded, not flattish like these. I have found a few others sold who sold exactly the same pen, they were unsure what they were as well - listing it as a Commando (I think I have ruled that out or unmarked 502- http://greenfineused.com/gorgeous_waterman_pen_dark_green_full_flex_14k_fine_nib_england.html and https://tommyspens.blogspot.com/2012/12/waterman-commando-in-green-made-in.html So Waterman detectives - what is it?
  16. Hi everyone, I have been a member awhile and I thank everyone here for all the posts they place ,for they have been a great help to me. This is my first post so please forgive me if I make any mistakes. I need and identification on a fountain pen, I will place the pictures which the seller has forwarded to me . If any one has any idea it would be greatly appreciated. I must add on the metal part of the nib section it is carved PRESDENT(top) and the word STELL (below) . On the barrel also the word UNIONE is clearly visible. Thank you all
  17. KiltedKrafts

    Another ID required

    Hi all, sorry for this post but i need to pick some brains that are bigger than mine (not too difficult 🤪) i think this one is a Craftsman going by the barrel and cap profile, but its a lever filler and the cap band is quite narrow. Online searches have turned up very little. nib is marked: Sheaffers 33 Made in USA 14K Barrel marked: W. A. Sheaffer, Fort Madison etc, Made in USA. Then crudely stamped “350” any and all help will be gratefully received 👍🏻
  18. Saw this Montblanc for sale on marketplace but couldn't identify it from my own knowledge or with a Google search. Do you guys know what it is?
  19. And more important, what refill does it use? The eBay seller called it a Fibre-tip roller-ball, but its not showing up in my searches. FWIW, it really does say Caran d Ache in tiny letters around the barrel. Thank you for any help or advice.
  20. KiltedKrafts

    What Sheaffer is this?

    Hi guys n gals, i picked up a couple of Sheaffers but I’m having trouble identifying which model they are. This one has the fingernail nib of a Lady Sheaffer but is gold plated steel(?), engraved simply ‘Sheaffer’, and the barrel is way too plain, simple black plastic. Also, is the clip too long for a Lady? The cap fits beautifully to the barrel, very smooth transition. The pen is also a cartridge filler, i added the converter as it came with a nice crusty cartridge 😆 I don’t normally venture to Sheaffer, but as this one is such a nice writer i might have to dip in a bit more 🤭 Any and all help is gratefully received. Thank you all in advance. David C.
  21. vandersluys

    Help Identify Sheaffer (Flighter)

    I found this Sheaffer fountain pen in an antique shop this summer, but I'm not sure what model it is. I've looked on all the recommended identification websites and couldn't find one that looks like it. Can anyone identify it for me? I'm mostly wondering if the 96700 or 86700 converter would work to replace the old button filler (which I might get repaired eventually, but I wouldn't mind trying the pen first). Picture links: Full picture Nib and section Cap (it says "SHEAFFER - Made in Australia" on the cap) Button filler
  22. sansenri

    Visconti Id Early Model

    I recently acquired this Visconti pen but cannot identify the model name, if it does have a name... it is evidently an early model, it is made of wrapped celluloid, black-brown flake, and has a steel two tone nib with Visconti written vertically, top down, such as I have already seen on a Visconti Classic the nib is steel I assume as it has no gold markings the pen is approx 13.5 cm capped, short of 12 cm uncapped, and it is rather fat. It is a cartridge-converter pen. The material used is surely celluloid, you can smell the distictive odour of canfor as you open the barrel, and it is wrapped celloloid you can see the seam by looking closely, the dark colour however masks the seam almost completely, in normal lighting conditions. There is an earlier post by fabri00 in another thead about this pen https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/260584-can-you-identify-this-pen/ where this pen is mentioned but no model name mentioned since I do not know the model name googling to find info so far has proven useless the colour of the celluloid is really nice, the nib is rather stiff, and smallish, but the pen is not so big either, and writes, now, reasonably smooth with a fine to medium line (I had to slighly adjust the tines because under the loope they were evidently misaligned) any information is welcome (eric47??) thanks Enrico next to a sheaffer balance II for comparison the celluloid picks up the light in certain conditions
  23. I've had this elegant Waterman pen for at least the last six years. It worked fine when I received it, but I have recently had to replace the sac. As you can see from the writing sample, the pen is working perfectly again. I have no idea of the model. This didn't bother me when I got it, but it does now. I've been unable to find any clues online. A look at the family photo on the Raven's March Fountain Pens website tells me that it might have been inspired by the Citation and Conquest models, and it looks very 'space age' to me (could fit into the Atomium in Brussels). So I'd guess it is a 1950s pen. But I'm an ignoramus when it comes to Waterman pens, and even that could be wrong. I'm pretty sure it's made of plastic. The ring, clip and lever are silver-coloured. The nib is marked "Waterman's" and "18Cts". There is also what looks like the top half of a "7" at the back of the nib where it disappears into the section. The barrel is marked "Waterman's" and "Made in France" across two lines. This is just about visible, but I was unable to take a photo of the barrel markings. Guidance gladly given gratefully received! Here are some photos (apologies for the poor quality). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. --- END OF POST ---
  24. hi all bought this pen some 20 years ago in singapore at montblanc boutique and no longer have the box and tags. i've tried to get help identifying and getting the specs but cannot get much other than some contradictory info online. montblanc hasnt been very helpful, unfortunately. does anyone know about this pen? any info and/or background on this pen would be greatly appreciated. thx and cheers!

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