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  1. Astronymus


    From the album: Stuff by Astronymus

    Alternative logo I made for the London 2012 Olympics because everyone hated the original. Was part of a graphics battle in a designer forum.

    © © astronymus.net

  2. WilyScribe

    Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen Variant Logo?

    Purchased a Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen. As expected there is a Germany 2 stamp on the back of the pocket clip. However, on the side of the pocket clip the Lamy logo was not laser engraved. Instead the letters are raised. Is this an older variant of the logo? A newer one?
  3. Among Montblanc collectors there are different opinions on the origin of the white star logo which was introduced by Montblanc in 1913. Holten/Lund introduce a new theory in their book Montblanc in Denmark 1914-1992 - The Untold Story: "The origin of the star logo has been discussed among pen collectors for many years. Though no solid proof the authors of the book believe it is no coincidence that the Montblanc headquarters from 1908 was situated in the Hamburg borough "STERNSCHANZE". The word "STERN" is "STAR" in English - STERNSCHANZE means STARFORTIFICATION (a fortification with the shape
  4. Another neat tidbit from the Pelikan tour from Goldspot Starting at 07:27 from Jens Meyer, the Global Marketing Manager of Pelikan Whole thing:
  5. I was born in Dec 1972 in Cairo , Egypt , I have graduated from the faculty of specific Education , communication Branch , Ain Shams University since 1995. I began my discovery of calligraphy, when I heard about ACI ( Arabic Calligraphy Institute ) in Cairo, I decided to join it, I have studied all kind of Arabic Calligraphy art for 6 years. I have awarded a Diploma in Arabic Calligraphy and gilding since 2005, and I gained a Certificate to teach Arabic Calligraphy in Elementary schools. ACI made me really understand the letters,how they are built up and relate to each other I did my best to l
  6. Hello there, Recently, I do a lot of pen maintenance mostly on vintage Montblancs. With this I realize the different colorations of some of the Montblanc stars on these pens which range from snow white over somewhat yellow to banana yellow. Here is a picture of a 344, a 252 and a 342 - all in different shades of yellow... These pens are otherwise in excellent condition; however, the discolorations are a bummer. A micro mesh treatment and an intensive polish have not shown any results. Does anyone of you have a suggestion on how to "revive" the original white of the stars? Best Greeting
  7. Dear friends, I bought a fountain pen Visconti HomoSapiens bronze age (oversized) on ebay from a seller who declared the pen as new. When I received it, I noticed that the letter "I" of the logo had a defect (according to the photo). Do you think it's possible that the whole logo will peel? Is it common for these pens to happen?
  8. I have a vintage Super Norma 4 color mechanical pencil. On the top of the cap is a German logo. It has some symbols and AG on it. Can anyone help identify this company?

    Unknown Fountain Pen

    Hello, I am currently assisting in an estate sale of a small collection of fountain pens. I have been able to find information on most of them, but this one eludes me. If anyone knows who this was made by or any other information about it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You
  10. Hi! I have recently gotten back to using fountain pens after having used them in middle school, where it was mandatory. I find some old lens lying around the house and though i could identify most of them, I have no clue about this one. Please help! Im new to FPN and this is my first post, so if there is some other thread where I should be posting this, please direct me to that. Thanks in advance.
  11. I was given a Goldring fountain pen along a couple of years ago with a bunch of other FPs and didn't think too much about it. It looked like a cheap tacky pen that I usually toss to the bottom of a drawer. Anyway, I decided to go through the drawer and clean the pen - it had ink in the cap and all over the section etc. There are no markings on the pen itself. The cap is marked "Goldring" and "W. Germany". The nib is marked "Iridium Point". The pen appears to be a cartridge/converter style pen. It is quite weighty, feeling metal not plastic barrel and cap, but the section is plastic. The fini
  12. Hello everyone, I have a 2004 M600 that is otherwise in very good condition, but has unfortunately lost the little black emblem at the end of the cap. In this particular model it is supposed to be the black resin emblem with a golden bird feeding its chick. Of course, there's the option of purchasing a whole replacement cap, but those go for over 100€, and I don't feel like paying 100€ for a tiny bit of plastic. So I ask you, the community. Is it possible to replace the M600's cap emblem with the cap emblem of a smaller model? M200, M400? Do you have spare cap emblems lying around? Do
  13. mypencollection

    Which Pen Is This?

    hi everyone, if anyone know which pen is this? It has an engraved symbol on the clip but it is hard to say what the symbol is about. I am appreciated any information you may know or have.Thanks a lot,
  14. The pen I need help identifying is not a fountain pen. It is a chrome pen with lines running down and is a roller ball. Attached is a picture of the logo that's displayed on the pen, I see nothing else to help me identify it. Has anyone have an idea what logo this is? Thank you in advance!
  15. Inferno2Inferno

    Anyone Ever Encounter A Fake Logo?

    Hello all! Just a concerned buyer's question: while we are all familiar with the fake Lamy Safari, has anyone ever encountered a fake Lamy Logo ever?
  16. This year Lamy is celebrating "50 Years of Lamy Design". They have created several limited edition items and one is the Lamy Notebook and Logo M+ ballpoint gift set. These are already sold out and we have them in stock and available now. Lamy Special Edition Gift Set - Notebook & Logo Ballpoint PensRetail: $25.00
  17. ryanjonathanb

    Lamy Logo Nut Brown Review

    Greetings everyone! This is a review I've done of the Lamy Logo in Nut Brown finish. This is my second public pen review, and the first one to be posted here on FPN. I used the FPN review guideline to craft this review and I hope this is up to standard, but by no means is this perfect. Any inputs/corrections will be very much appreciated! The original post can be viewed here (with captioned images): ryanjonathanb.wordpress.com/2015/08/12/pen-review-lamy-logo-nut-brown/ When I entered my local bookstore today, I did not have any planned purchase in my mind. To me, a bookstore is a place yo
  18. Dear Pen aficionados, I have a pen that is missing a cover [disk shaped, about 1/4" diameter] to the very top of the barrel, what looks like a black and white logo, not unlike the one on the other end but the missing one is somewhat smaller. I am attaching three photos, one a close up where it would go [it took me many attempts to take using an 11x mag lens in front of a smartphone lens], another [which I took from this website from the page showing a similar pen but a rollerball pen with link at https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/69972-montblanc-slimline-noblesse-vintage-rollerba
  19. Ok... So ive seen one other thread on this but no answers really... I have preppys on order for testi.g new inks as well as for my baystate colors and other staining inks. My question is is it possible, without scratching the body, to FULLY remove the logo and all paint from the barrel of the pen? Ice seen people take off the wording but leave the white backround... i did see one video where it shows the last couple rubs and it was perfect and he said he used automotive headlight cleaner... Is that the product they sell to remove the fogginess feom headlight covers?!? I dont see vuying a qhole
  20. I'm interested in buying many ASA pens, but am hesitant because I've seen photos where the logo and inscriptions on the barrel for some pens take a large amount of visible real estate. It's not a small engraving, like on my vintage Sheaffer. Sometimes the logo takes up a whole side of the pen, like on the Spear, for example. From my perspective, it cheapens the look of a pen. If you look at other famous pen brands, none put such a large logo onto the barrel. Yes, perhaps a logo on the clip. Yes, perhaps an etching on the clutch or cap ring. None as big as on the ASA barrels. I don't want my
  21. I received a new burgundy Sailor Realo (Professional Gear shape) from a Japanese ebay seller today. All seems as it should be, but for a difference to the anchor logo on top of the cap. The first of the two pictures below is of the anchor logo on the cap of a Sailor Professional Gear Kanreki purchased earlier this year. It is the same style and material (gold-plated brass, per nibs.com) that I've seen on all my other Sailors with cap logos and in pictures. The second picture is of the cap logo of the new Realo. It does seem to be on a little disc cut into the cap top, but otherwise is ob
  22. I have just bought both a 144 classique fountain pen pop cap (engraved) and 145 classique/chopin? fountain pen(broken clip) and would like advice on removing the logo to swap cap barrel on 144 and put a new clip on 145. My wife has a 163 classique rollerball and the logo just unscrews quite easily, whereas my 162 legrand rollerball doesn't. Any advice for a newbie addict gratefully received!!!! Thanks :-)
  23. texaspenmaker

    Waterman Pen Cap Logo

    Does anyone know what this Blue 8 Logo means on this Waterman Rollerball pen cap?
  24. So, I was rummaging through my late father's belongings, and I came across this pen of his. My friends and I don't recognize the logo on this pen, and I'm having difficulty finding the answer with google. Thank you for your help in advance
  25. TheAkwardNinja

    Thoughts On Lamy Logo?

    So recently I've been looking for a new pen and are drawing into the Lamy Logo. I am a student. What does everyone think about the Logo. p.s does anyone have a pic of the logo with a black nib?

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