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  1. A BRIEF HISTORY OF WRITING MATERIALS AND INSTRUMENTS IN INDIA. PreVedic Age - According to historians there existed no written languages in India during the PreVedic period. This is confirmed by books like Vishnupurana also. But it is said that the Vedic knowledge existed during this period, which was transferred verbally from Master to the Disciple. Vedic age- This is the period were Vedas were written. Though there are many controversies regarding the age of Vedas, a period accepted by most of the historians is around 3000 BC. Most of the Hindu philosophers also accept t
  2. peroride

    Cliff Harrington

    https://www.houmatimes.com/obituaries/clifford-cliff-harrington/ https://www.delhommefuneralhome.com/obituaries/Clifford-Harrington/ Rest in Peace Mods: Please transfer to another forum, if not appropriate but Cliff was a well respected dealer at Pen Shows
  3. The-Thinker

    Sailor Specialty Nib History

    Is anyone aware when did sailor start making specialty nibs ? And did they introduce the whole lineup of nibs or did they do it gradually ? References are always a plus !
  4. The-Thinker

    Sailor Anniversary Pen

    When did sailor start their anniversary pens ? How often did they produce one ? Did they all have specialty nibs ? Pictures and references are always a plus !
  5. nick2253

    Sailor Model History

    I have acquired a small collection of Sailor pens, and I'm looking for some information on the history of Sailor pens in order to identify them. I know that a lot of their pre-40's information was lost during the war, but I'm amazed at how little information I can turn up about their models from the 60's to the present. I've been able to find historic catalog pages and blogs about Pilot and Platinum, but I'm struggling with Sailor (apart from the 1911 model). Does anyone have any catalogues of vintage Sailor pens (particularly from the 60's, 70's or 80's)? Or suggestions for a blog/websit
  6. I've decided to try to collate the information found on the internet and my knowledge on Blackbirds. The guide is pretty basic and many statements are based on assumptions and guesses. Hopefully someone finds it still interesting. https://www.penexchange.de/forum_en/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6332
  7. https://youtu.be/P582srfq_14 Fantastic fun chemistry! I enjoyed that Brian uses red wine as an anti-microbial putting a different spin to the term vintage ink I want what he's drinking, err.. writing
  8. AAAndrew

    Harrison & Bradford Steel Pens

    George Harrison and George Bradford were Birmingham-trained tool makers brought to the US to start up the Washington Medallion Pen Company factory in NYC in 1856. In 1862 they bought the dies and stamps and machinery from the Washington Medallion Pen Co. and started making the pens under contract. They also formed Harrison & Bradford and started making pens under their own name as well. In late 1863 they realized the original design patent for the Washington Medallion Pen had run out so in 1864 they started making the Harrison & Bradford Washington Medallion Pen, and we
  9. AAAndrew

    Milton Bradley Pen

    I have the house to myself for a time and so I'm taking this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spread out and go through my collection of steel dip pens and update my inventory. (a Herculean task). I'm coming across pens I have forgotten all about. Here's one with a semi-interesting story I thought I might share. Most people know Milton Bradley as the famous board game manufacturer. That was their first main product and is still their main line of business. But over the years since their founding in 1860, they have produced other items at various times. One line of goods, which was nea
  10. Due to senior "forgetfulness", memory issues, I was thinking of making copies of letters before I send them out (snail mail correspondence) so that I remember what I've written, and help me write more thoughtfully. How many of you make copies of written letters to keep track of what was sent? Or do you just, "remember". Do you have a system for snail mail writing? Thanks everyone for your help.
  11. Last winter I wrote an article about the Gimborn firm. It was published in the journal of the Writers Equipment Society this spring. You can find the article here. I hope you'll appreciate it. Allard Borst.
  12. "The eyes of the world are upon you." -Dwight Eisenhower's message to the troops of the invasion force This year marks the 75th anniversary of the historical day that was the turning point for the Allied forces in World War II. Made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of D-Day at Normandy. This pen is limited to only 5300 fountain pens, signifying the number of ships that crossed the English Channel on the dawn of June 6th 1944. The body is crafted from a gorgeous military green resin with gold vermeil trimmings. This Omas D-Day Fountain pen c.1994 is in exceptional condition and has been
  13. Another neat tidbit from the Pelikan tour from Goldspot Starting at 07:27 from Jens Meyer, the Global Marketing Manager of Pelikan Whole thing:
  14. Cyber6

    Noodlers Monkey Hanger !

    New and exclusive Bright Blue Bulletproof Ink in 3 oz glass bottle (Approx 90ml) at PUREPENS.CO.UK !!! In October 2015, Ross and his father Ray, visited Nathan in Massachusetts to see where Noodler's is made and the man behind the brand. Over lunch, with Nathan's parents, who help with the ink production and packaging, we discussed a new Bulletproof Blue ink for the UK to compliment the best selling Bulletproof Black and exclusive Prime of the Commons Dark Blue ink. We tried colours that would give the right characteristics and loved the bright Blue that has become Monkey Hanger. The nam
  15. I've finished a new post on individual pen makers. The first one was Peregrine Williamson, who've I've written about before. He was most definitely first. Charles Atwood came second-ish, but not much is known about him. The one I just finished was Josiah Hayden, maker of Hayden's Premium Pens in the early-mid 1840's. Hayden also made gold pens for a while before selling those works off to Dawson, Warren & Hyde who made a lot of gold pens up until the 1860's. I find this lost history of early industry quite interesting. And Hayden was another of the early makers who were forgott
  16. b8amack

    Diamine Inks In The 80S-90S

    Does anyone know which inks Diamine was producing in the 90s (red inks in partcular)? Novel research. I had a character writing in Syrah, but that's wrong. Inks from the 80s which were still being produced in the 90s would also be awesome, but honestly, any inks at all definitely produced in the period would be great to know.
  17. According to the Birmingham Daily Post in 1865. Not sure I quite believe it, considering how little hesitation the manufacturers had to come out with new designs. Perhaps some of the innovations were difficult or expensive to make. That was known to happen with some designs, and until someone could figure out how to manufacture it more cheaply, they never were built. And for those like me not familiar with the old English money system, Shilling = 12 pence Half a Crown = 2 Shillings 6 pence, or 30 pence (2.5 shillings) So, they went from 2.5 pence a pen, to .083 pence a pen. Wh
  18. After having re-read the Jean Esterbrook thread, I was inspired to do some delving of my own back in the Old Country. I reached out to the fine folks at the Liskard History Museum in the town in Cornwall where Richard was from and asked if they had any information. I received a nice note back with some interesting tidbits which I thought I'd compile into what else I've figured out and share it with you all here. The first thing that pops up is that the Esterbrooks really liked "Richard" and "Mary" as names. The Richard Esterbrook who was the founder of the company here in the US, is often c
  19. I just put up a page on my blog listing research resources for Philadelphia, including a ton of links to online Philadelphia Directories. Something I thought y'all might find interesting is a diagram of the Esterbrook factory in Camden, NJ from 1885. It's from a Sanborn map used by insurance companies. The red buildings are made of brick, and the yellow ones are wooden-framed. The location is currently a parking lot across Cooper St. from Camden City School District Office. It was in the middle of the block, along Cooper, between Front and Delaware, on the south side of the street.
  20. I've finished a new post on individual pen makers. The first one was Peregrine Williamson, who've I've written about before. He was most definitely first. Charles Atwood came second-ish, but not much is known about him. The one I just finished was Josiah Hayden, maker of Hayden's Premium Pens in the early-mid 1840's. Hayden also made gold pens for a while before selling those works off to Dawson, Warren & Hyde who made a lot of gold pens up until the 1860's. I find this lost history of early industry quite interesting. And Hayden was another of the early makers who were forgott
  21. As far as I can tell, the British patents are not as accessible as the US patents. I may be missing some great resource, and if so, please tell me. Otherwise, I've gathered the following resources from Google Books. I am focusing on British patents to about 1860, but have gathered resources for up to 1850, then 1852 - 1869 and 1881. Unfortunately, these indices get you the patent number, date and patentee, but no real details around the patent. If anyone knows of a way, short of visiting the British national archives in person, to get the details, or even a good summary of these patents, pl
  22. I thought this book might be of interest to those who are into the history of things related to fountain pens. https://www.fullersbookshop.com.au/event/ossie-nic-haygarth/ On the Ossie Tasmania and the global fountain pen industry! For a time in the early 1900s The Waratah and Adamsfield districts held the world monopoly on osmiridium. An alloy more valuable than gold (and used to tip gold nibs), Tasmanian osmiridium became a signatory to startling world events as well as making household fortunes.
  23. Last week the Boston Globe published an interview with Crane & Co. creative director John Segal, who mentions a 30 year old Montblanc pen his father gave him. http://postscript.crane.com/paper-habits-boston-globe/ Happy reading, and may this inspire ...
  24. StevenV

    Conklin 3 Toledo

    Good Morning, im a student from Germany. Yesterday i visited my Grandpa an he gave me the top of a pen. I dont know what it is called in English... I want to know from when this part is because he told me it is from his father. I can just read Conklin 3 Toledo on the one site. Ive searched for a compareable part on google Just the top seems to be sharper.... Can you help me? Steven
  25. Can someone let me know the manufacture date for this pen. It is a Burroughs Fountain Pen On the transparent part of the barrel, it says Burroughs Pen Co 333 Washington St. Boston Massachusetts USA I've tried researching it, but I have not found any information on when it was manufactured. I found the pen on Ebay, and the seller doesn't have any information on the pen.

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