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  1. Pen Pit Stop : Pelikan M600 Tortoiseshell Red Welcome to the Pen Pit Stop. Here you will find reviews of pens that already have some mileage on them. More specifically, these reviews are of pens that are in my personal collection, and that have been in use for at least a year. I thought it would be fun to do it this way - no new & shiny pens here, but battered vehicles that have been put to work for at least a year. Let's find out how they have withstood the ravages of time. The fountain pen that arrives at the pit stop today is the "Pelikan M600 Tortoiseshell Red". Pelikan is one of the best-known European pen-makers, with a long history dating all the way back to 1832 when the company was founded in Hannover, Germany. The brand offers both semi-entry-level pens (like the M200 series) all the way up to their flagship M1000 model. All Pelikan pens adhere to the same classical style, and as such are immediately recognisable. I bought this particular pen in January 2021. This Red Tortoise beauty with its rich coral red body and gold trim accents is usually paired with a nice red ink. It is one of my favourites, together with its smaller red cousins from the 101N series – see family picture below. Pen Look & Feel The M600 series are Pelikan’s in-between pens – right in the middle between the smaller M200/M400 and the more bulky M800/M1000 series. I love the entry-level M200/M400 pens: there are some lovely barrel colours to choose from, and although these pens are tiny, they are very comfortable when posted. At the other end of the range are the M800/M1000: for me personally these pens are simply too big. I own one M800 (the Brussels inspired Grand Place), and that pen is definitely too large & bulky for me (which means I don’t even want to consider an M1000). But the M600 has the right size, the right weight, the right feeling in the hand... just perfect! The M600 range didn’t get much love from Pelikan the last decade. OK, there where these yearly variations on white, but those didn’t resonate with me, and I simply ignored them. And then in 2021, Pelikan came out of nowhere with this totally unexpected beauty! The Tortoiseshell Red comes close to perfection for me: a very rich-looking dark coral-red background palette on cap and body, that has a classic feel to it. The tortoiseshell barrel flawlessly extends this colour-scheme with a more-or-less striated pattern of orange-red-black stripes that fits the base colour really well. And finally, the gold trim and the duo-tone 14C-585 gold nib add the finishing touches to this M600’s outfit. The result is totally enthralling, and one of the best designs I’ve seen from Pelikan in recent years. There’s only one thing missing from this pen: the ink window. The pen’s cousins came with an amber ink window that fit nicely into the design. With this M600 I’m unsure about Pelikan’s intentions: did they exclude the ink window for aesthetic reasons (so as not to detract from the barrel’s beauty)? Or did they want to simplify the production process, and cut some costs? I can understand the aesthetics argument, but nevertheless would have preferred an ink window. Without it, you simply have no clue about the amount of ink remaining in the pen, which I personally find a bit inconvenient. Like all Pelikans, the cap unscrews with about three quarters rotation, so it's quickly ready for action. The M600 is a large enough pen for me, but can be posted if you want to – if you have large hands, it might be more comfortable this way. I've got smaller hands myself, and typically use the pen unposted. For me, this M600 is just the right size and weight (i.e. featherweight). The pictures above illustrate the size of the M600 Tortoiseshell Red in comparison with a standard Lamy Safari. The pen is a bit smaller in size than the Lamy when using it unposted, but still a really comfortable writer that is a perfect companion for longer writing sessions. Pen Characteristics Build Quality : build quality is excellent. The pen withstood the passing of time without any problem. After almost two years of use, it looks good as new. One thing I have noted with all my Pelikans is that the piston can develop some friction over time. That’s normal, and easily fixed by applying some silicon grease. Once a year, I unscrew the nib unit and apply some silicon grease with a wooden toothpick to the inside of the barrel. That’s more than sufficient to guarantee smooth gliding of the piston within the barrel. Weight & Dimensions : about 133 mm when capped - and as such still a fairly small pen. It's also definitely a featherweight. If you prefer pens with some heft to them, the M600N model will not be your thing. Posted - the pen becomes about 155 mm long, and fits even larger hands. Filling System : this is a piston-filler that holds quite some ink. The piston is made from plastic, but works really well. Pelikan are known for their excellent piston mechanism. Nib & Performance : the M600 pens come with gold nibs. This one comes with a duo-tone 14C-585 gold nib, that really suits the aesthetics of the pen. The nib unit can be exchanged quite easily, which is a big plus. If you damage your nib or want to use a different size, you can simply buy a replacement nib unit. Beware that these gold nibs are not cheap: a replacement unit costs about 158 EUR (taxes included). Price : I got this pen for 327 EUR, including taxes. A very reasonable price for this stunningly beautiful pen with its golden nib. Conclusion My Pelikan Souverän M600 Tortoiseshell Red is one of the most beautiful Pelikan designs I’ve seen in recent years. A true joy to write with, and certainly a conversation starter wherever you use it. A great addition to my flock, and I’m truly glad that I bought it.
  2. I recently purchased a brand new Pelikan M600 (Blue) with a fine nib, which I love, but I’m also interested in trying the medium nib in this pen. What reliable, affordable retailer would you recommend to sell me that medium nib? I’d be open to buying a used one in great condition, as well. Thanks! Gary
  3. Hello FPNers, It’s been a long time since I posted here, as I fell out of love with my many fountain pens for a while due to inky fingers. But I’ve recently returned to the fold and ordered a new pen, a Pelikan M600 in blue, fine point. I would have probably bought medium point, but fine was all the retailer had left in time for my upcoming birthday, so I went for it. I’ve been reading quite a bit since and discovered that Pelikan’s fine is wider than most, so perhaps it was serendipitous. In any case, to get the most out of my fine-point Pelikan, I’d like to know what brands of bottled ink are the wettest, so that my fine-point pen will write as juicy and broad as possible. Thanks in advance for your feedback. Gary
  4. oregano

    Dream M600 Designs

    Following in the footsteps of the m800 discussion, what are some dream designs youd like to see in the m600 size? I would love to see an m600 in Vibrant red and spin-offs of the white tortoise with transparent stripes in maybe olive green, plum, teal, brown, or grey and yellow. Ive always loved the Delta gallery in yellow and would love to see Pelikan do a follow-up of the Piccadilly circus too. Anyone with photoshop skills? Lets see your designs!
  5. In May 2019 Pelikan will start shipping the new Pelikan Souverän Special Edition 600 Violet-White fountain pens and ballpoint pens. We are already very excited to see them in real life. The pictures look quite promising. What do you think? We offer these pens for preorder at https://www.fritz-schimpf.de/Neuheiten/Pelikan-Souveraen-Special-Edition-M600-Violett-Weiss-Kolbenfuellhalter.html for € 265,55 without VAT for the nibs sizes F, M and B and for € 289,08 for EF. We recommend using the payment method "Vorauskasse" (pre-payment) for ordering. Please feel free to contact us anytime should you wish any further information. Best regards Fritz Schimpf Sorry for the double post....
  6. osallent

    Pelikan M600 Vibrant Orange

    Some of you may remember my thread from the other day, talking about my new M101N Red Tortoiseshell....my first Pelikan for more than a decade. Well, I wanted to wait to see the M600 Limited Edition for this year before deciding to add another Pelikan, but I saw this M600 Orange Vibrant at some dealer called Goulet Pens. I don't know anything about this dealer, but their website came up when I was searching for some Pelikan inks, and it looked legit. Hopefully they are not some shady back alley pen store. Anyway, I'm not particularly a fan of orange, but I like the loudness of this pen for some reason. What do you guys think of this pen? Any of you have one? How translucent is it in real life? Here is a picture from Pelikan's website. I will post photos of my own when I get it. I bet it's going to look awesome next to my M101N Red Tortoiseshell.
  7. I just saw a poster on another thread comment that they wouldn't buy another Pelikan without an ink window or some translucence in the barrel to determine ink levels. In looking at the photos of the M600 Vibrant Orange it made me wonder if the ink (especially a dark one) would be visible through the barrel. This will be my first Pelikan, and I am really curious. Looking at you experienced collectors for your thoughts. Thanks in advance Rindy_Ruth
  8. Which one would you go for?
  9. With the first cold and rainy autumn day here in Tübingen, we are happy to have received news about the next special edition from Pelikan. The Pelikan Souverän Special Edition 600 Vibrant Orange fountain and ballpoint pen really brighten the day. The cap and barrel are made of shiny orange acrylic resin with different hues of orange which reflect the light in a fascinating way. Together with the golden clip and rings the overall impression is very warm. The fountain pen will be offered in four nib sizes: EF, F, M and B. We are offereing these pens for pre-order now. They will be available by mid November. Here is the link to our offer: https://www.fritz-schimpf.de/Neuheiten/Pelikan-Souveraen-Special-Edition-M600-Vibrant-Orange-Kolbenfuellhalter.html In our opinion the black grip section and the piston knob would have been nicer if made in the same lovely color and not in black. What are your thoughts? Best regardsFritz Schimpf
  10. Coming from my home base in California, USA - A new discount from paperinkpen.com: Today through next Wednesday I'm offering 20% Off Regular Pricing on all Pelikan Souveran Fountain Pens in Stock Please use code: fpn20 to receive your discount. Discount is taken during checkout. As always California Residents: We Pay Your Sales Tax! Thanks for peeking in. I look forward to serving you. Dave macaddicted Paper, Ink, Pen is a California based authorized Pelikan reseller. Not responsible for typographic errors. Offer is subject to change without notice. Have a nice day!
  11. Oshi

    M600 - Too Wet (Need Help)

    Hi all, i just bought a M600 (with EF nib) on amazon. Until now i am used to the new Parker IM models with a F-nib which i really love. (after removing babies bottom) However, the ink flow on the M600 is much too high, it eats all the definition in my handwriting and produces hard corners on the egdes of the lines, even with the EF nib. I read some other threads with the same problematics, but didnt come to a satisfying result. This is what i got so far: Ink: Changing ink is not an option, since the ink is important to me (Montblanc Midnight Blue & Pelikan Tanzanite are prefered!). What i dont get is, that people say Pelikan Inks are very dry. This is not the case with the "Premium Edelstein Tanzanite", this thing ist extremly wet, not usable at all. How can they make Premium Inks not fitting to the Premium Pens inkflow wise. So i should use the cheap 4001 with a 250€ Pen, makes sense to me So, i have to use the Montblanc Midnight Blue. I also tried deluting the ink with destilled water, but no major effect until the ink gets too light for my taste. Paper: I use Clairefontaine 90g Nib: I`m not sure if grinding the nib to a smaller size would help here. What do you think, i heard the Pelikan Service do such things for free? I also tried out a M400 in EF, it was exactly the same size and ink flow, so its no specivic problem on this M600 pen. Writing technique: I`m writing quite relaxed with not much pressure. The angle is more flat, but this does not effect the ink flow negatively. Writing sample: here is a compairison, check out the red marked borders, looks ugly and comes from too much ink. Can you help me out? Thanks for reading, cheers
  12. I had my briefcase stolen a few weeks ago. The one thing in it that has turned out to be a real problem to replace is a Ruby Red M600 Special Edition, with a Binderized nib from Richard Binder. Even with the power of Google Search, I've not been able to find one, either new or used. I'd certainly appreciate any leads you might have to track one down. Thanks! Dennis
  13. I gave my mum what turns out to be an m600 just like mine, a very long time ago - more than a decade. She never used it, kept it in its case, I asked her to bring it on her next visit so I could clean it. It took a lot of water to finally get rid of all the Parker Penman green, but once it was clean and I filled it with Diamine Ancient Copper, it started right away, the piston is smooth and nib super smooth. Pelikan for super reliable pens! My own m600 has also been bullet proof.
  14. So I've always assumed one of my oldest pens was a Pelikan m400, which was fine with me, except I looked from time to time for a slightly bigger m600, which have always been beyond my budget, or more precisely how much I'm willing to spend on any pen. Except after re-reading some specialized web sites while I was looking for something else I gather it might have been an m600 all along, the "old style" which I guess was the same size as the m400...?? I love this pen either way, but I'd like to know. Length with cap: 127mm There is a single band on the barrel towards the turning knob.Two bands on the cap. Since new it's had a bicolour 18C nib, a chunky F.
  15. jmccarty3

    Dfw Pen Nuts Gathering

    Yesterday my wife and I hosted a little gathering of folks who hang out at the Dallas Pen Show and the Pelikan Hub every year. One of our group, Fuzzy_Bear, had recently done a Very Generous and Selfless Thing. We thought Fuzzy's good deed should be rewarded, so through nefarious means I discovered that the modern Pelikan he wanted most was a green stripe M600 with a medium nib. Dennis, at La Couronne du Comte, supplied the pen at a very good price, and yesterday we presented it to Fuzzy. We all enjoyed some fine food and wine, along with a viewing of my collection that goes back 50 years. Pen people, especially Pelikan people, are fun people! By the way, Fuzzy brought along his 13-year-old son, Connor, who has the makings of a fine future collector. http://i.imgur.com/cqX3ERm.jpg
  16. bruhuhuhu

    New M600 White Tortoise Price?

    Hi all, I've been reading the forum for quite some time and decided to make my first post here. I would like to let go of my "as new as it gets" pelikan m600 white tortoise with a fine nib that has only been inked once and i am struggling to find a price guide for it on the classified section. Does $375 seem outrageous for such a pen with complete box and papers? The pen is just so beautiful i can't bare to use it!
  17. Hi all, I'm working on my dwindling pen budget for the year and was wondering if anyone had any information on M600/M605 launches for 2017. I emailed Chartpak back in November, and they told me that there were new pens coming out in February/March but they didn't say under which umbrella. They said that they would forward my question to Pelikan Germany, but I never heard back. Thanks for your help!
  18. Hello everyone, I have a 2004 M600 that is otherwise in very good condition, but has unfortunately lost the little black emblem at the end of the cap. In this particular model it is supposed to be the black resin emblem with a golden bird feeding its chick. Of course, there's the option of purchasing a whole replacement cap, but those go for over 100€, and I don't feel like paying 100€ for a tiny bit of plastic. So I ask you, the community. Is it possible to replace the M600's cap emblem with the cap emblem of a smaller model? M200, M400? Do you have spare cap emblems lying around? Do you know of someone that does? Very much appreciated! All the best. - Splotch
  19. Matlock

    Tale Of A Pelikan M600 (Old Style)

    Back in 1990 I purchased a M600 old style in Bordeaux Red with fine nib. This was my pen for work. For many years it served me well until one day I left it on my desk and left the room. When I got back I noticed that things had been moved but thought nothing of it. Later, when I used my pen, I found that it dried almost immediately and needed inverting to get it going. When I got it home I found that the nib had "sprung" with quite a gap between the feed and the nib. (Lesson number one, never leave your pen for someone else to damage). I tried all the recommended methods to cure the problem but, in the end, I bought a new nib. The pen was fine but not as it was when I first got it. Recently (some 12 years later) I came across the old nib and decided to have one more go. I clamped the nib to the feed with a plastic clothes peg, placed it in a heatproof dish and pored on boiling water. After it cooled I tried it and found I had my old nib back. The only problem is the clothes peg is ruined .​
  20. Massdrop just launched Pelikan Souverän M600 for possible price of $ 279.99 + shipping. http://dro.ps/b/6gOtkSC I don't have much knowledge of Pelikan pens, so I don't know if it's a good deal.
  21. suttong

    Pelikan M605 Souveran Marine Blue

    I have yet to see a video of this model, enjoy.
  22. ThatPhotoGuy

    The Good Old - M400 Vs M600

    Hello all I have a M400 and a M200 + a spare Golden nib. Im considering a extra M400 but i cant decide if the extra money for the M600 would be a good choice. Everyone is praising the size of the M600 and saying its a better size than the m400. i find the Comfort okay with the m400 (not the biggest hands) but if the m600 was even more comfortable that would be great :-) The size of the M200/M400 might be making me cramp my fingers a little hard around the pen at times. i have found a okay deal on a nibless M400(for the extra nib i have) so the difference between that deal and the M600 is higher than usual, but i would get the M600 with a nib in return. Any experiences and/or thoughts? Thanks!
  23. Fritz Schimpf

    Pelikan Special Edition Souverän 600 Pink

    Pelikan will release the Pelikan Special Edition Souverän 600 Pink fountain pen and ballpoint pen in September 2015. We offer a 20% discount on both pens.Pre-orders can now be placed. If you wish to pre-order please choose "Vorauskasse" (payment in advance) as payment option. This way you will be notified once we know the exact delivery date and then you can transfer the money). More information (this time also in English) is available here:http://www.fritz-schimpf.de/Schreibgeraete/Fuellhalter/Pelikan-Souveraen-Special-Edition-M600-Pink-Kolbenfuellhalter.html Please note that the prices in our webshop include the German VAT of 19% which is not applicable for shipments outside the European Union.

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