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  1. Hello, I have attached an image with a MB 149 18K bi-tone nib another image with the feed (split-ebonite). The nib has a dot sign in the lower right near the 750 mark. See the attached image. Could someone identify the nib and tell me if the sign/dot on the nib is normal and tell me what is the purpose of that sign? Thank you for your time! Best regards, Florian
  2. PRELUDEThe search for a delectable nib After a brief hiatus from fountain pens, and a seemingly eternal interlude from reviewing pens, I was somehow on a lookout of a novel pen, which harnessed the excellence of this modern material age while preserving the flair of vintage brilliance. When zaddick posted this excellent review on FPN long long back (2015), the charismatic pattern of the rosewood ebonite caught my eyes, perhaps like many of you. And then, the frosted flourish on the nib itself (ah! slightly reminiscent of the sold-out Pilot Bamboo) coupled with a lustrous red-urushi feed! My pr
  3. CarrotBasket

    Gold Duofold Pocket Pen?

    Hello fine folk of the forum! I found this at the flea market, it apears to be a vest pocket duofold, it is only slightly longer than my kaweco sport but I haven´t been able to find pictures of this pattern anywhere. I have seen some jack-knife models with these gold waves but this one has breather holes, an inner cap and the christmas tree feed. It came with a "Warranted 14k USA" nib which seems to be too small for the pen thouh it fits the feed nicely. The green section and brown tail cap would sugest they aren´t from the original pen buit they fit perfectly. Have you seen these before? Any
  4. To tell you the truth, I am heavily biased towards two of my pelicans - one is a M400 white tortoise, other is the blue striated M805. The M8XX usually considered to be the logical next step to M4XX/6XX, if some logic is still left. As with the model numbers, there is a general increase in nib size & specs, in addition to overall dimensions, when you move from M4XX to M1XXX. I also love the Souverän M 625 with dazzling sterling silver trims (Ag 92.5%). Although the blue-striated M805 in a way alludes to the 1929 classical green-striped design with a differentiated version of the striped tr
  5. RayCornett

    14K Vs. 18K Experience

    For those who have 149s with 14k nibs as well as 18k nibs which do you prefer and why? I have a chance to exchange my 149 with a 14k f-m nib for one with an 18k ef nib. I love the finer grind but am wondering if there are any differences that make it worth the exchange.
  6. I just bought a 18K Gold-filled Cross Townsend with a 18K BB nib from eBay, and I just wanted to ask the experts here if my pen is authentic and made in the USA. It has the script "Cross" logo on the clip, and an 18K hallmark for the rolled gold finish, but there is no marking of the country of origin on the pen itself. The pen itself writes well from the get-go, with some nib squeaking which should probably go away with use. At first I tried using a green Cross converter, but it leaked all over the place. The pen didn't leak when I switched to cartridges. Here are some pictures for your per
  7. Hi Guys. I have been into fountain pens for a while now, but I hadn't bought any expensive pens until now. My collection mainly consisted of TWSBIs which I have been very happy with. I worked really hard this year for my 2nd-year exams, and I worked pretty hard over the summer in an internship so I decided I would reward myself with my first "expensive pen". I decided on the Pelikan M805 Stresemann for a couple of reasons. 1 - It looks brilliant. I really like the look of the grey stripes down the barrel. I haven't seen a pen that I like the look of so much. 2 - I had heard that Pelikan
  8. Admitting I have not read Steve Hull's excellent book cover to cover, I am a little mystified by an Onoto pen I have just acquired. It has an 18ct nib. No other vintage Onoto of which I am aware has other than a 14ct nib. The pen itself is one in the Streamline style. I will identify it properly later. The mottled red hard rubber barrel is labelled "Onoto The Pen" under which is, less clearly but present, "De La Rue & Co London", so that part is all correct. The nib has a heart breather hole characteristic of the brand and era, but whereas my nearest comparable pen has on the nib "DeLa
  9. As most of you would know, Pelikan is a 180 year old maker of fountain pens and paraphernalia. It had launched its first fountain pen in 1929. Prior to that Pelikan manufactured dyes, inks and office-supplies. This Swiss-incorporated German pen maker is also credited with the genesis of piston filling mechanism with a differential spindle gear, which endeavoured to address the problem of limited ink capacity in fountain pens of that period. Here, the piston knob is also threaded so that it is able to unscrew itself automatically, when the piston is unscrewed, in an outward direction, thus deli
  10. When I didn't know better and had zero patience, I managed to mess up my two Sonnets; I have since bought two steel nibs and they are working very well, but just realized those two old nibs are 18k... I wouldn't try to improve them myself, that's what messed them up in the first place, so I would look for a nib meister... Is it worth it? I'd end up getting (used?) sections, barrels and caps (and a feed!), I do quite enjoy my Sonnets now, with nice ink and paper... A bit of wax on the caps to stop the evaporation ... And a lot more patience. I remember them being a lot more messed up, they d
  11. So I've always assumed one of my oldest pens was a Pelikan m400, which was fine with me, except I looked from time to time for a slightly bigger m600, which have always been beyond my budget, or more precisely how much I'm willing to spend on any pen. Except after re-reading some specialized web sites while I was looking for something else I gather it might have been an m600 all along, the "old style" which I guess was the same size as the m400...?? I love this pen either way, but I'd like to know. Length with cap: 127mm There is a single band on the barrel towards the turning knob.Two band
  12. The pen was given to me by someone recently and i want to identify the model. The nib has "CROSS 18K 750" written on it. Thanks in advance.
  13. rammarur

    Jowo Nibs 14K Vs 18K

    I have seen many forums on steel vs gold nibs. Article by Brian Gray helps a lot in taking the right decision. Can someone tell me the difference between JoWo 14k nib and 18k nib? I am talking about stock nibs and not the ones tweaked by the meister.
  14. Ladies and gentlemen I am a newbie when it comes to this, so please anything helps. What I know: I believe it is a century series It is a mechanical pencil It had above the clip, "1/20 gold filled" and "made in USA" words It has a little plastic piece attached to clip that says "18 karat gold filled" The cross logo is in italic letters on the clip The owners book had a few references to a SelecTip Any help in regards to date, or any other information would be greatly appreciated
  15. Ladies and gentlemen I am a newbie when it comes to this, so please anything helps. What I know: I believe it is a century series It is a mechanical pencil It had above the clip, "1/20 gold filled" and "made in USA" words It has a little plastic piece attached to clip that says "18 karat gold filled" The cross logo is in italic letters on the clip The owners book had a few references to a SelecTip Any help in regards to date, or any other information would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Introduction. It all started when I got intrigued by JoWo nibs, reading that they make nibs some for bigger names in the Fountain Pen industry. So I just set about trying to get the cheapest JoWo Gold Nibed pen. Having seen/read a lot of About Fosfor Pens, I contacted Mr.Manoj by the end of December inquiring about JoWo gold nibs and after sorting out some details, advance payment for the Nib, My nib arrived by the Middle of January. Putting all the faith in the Nib,I selected one of the Many Polyresins from the Fosfor Pens site,nothing special here and Sketched a rough drawing of my
  17. Vanishing point question: anybody tried/owns an extra fine 18k nib and fine special alloy nib? How do they compare in terns of small writing and scratchiness/smoothness? Some people discouraged me from getting an alloy pen as being too dry compared to the 18k, but the fine nib 18k seems a bit too wet for some uses, after initially being rather dry for a week or two. Since the alloy fine has been described as rather dry, I was wondering whether it might be better than an extra fine 18k for my purposes (smoother yet smaller writing is the goal). A wet writer defeats that purpose.
  18. Just over a year ago I purchased a brand new Montblanc 149 and almost to the day I bought another one. Why? Well, they are somewhat different. I will get my bias out of the way first. While the 149 is not my favourite pen of all time (I appreciate a bit of bling) I do recognise that it is possibly the most perfect pen ever made. It is quality without being overly blingy. The size and balance (to me anyway) is perfect, the nib; a thing of beauty. The filling system, great. The first Montblanc I bought was a medium nib but I had a little fight to get it adjusted so that it was wetter as a writer
  19. OMAS as you already know is a 90 year old Italian manufacturer of fine writing instruments and related luxury goods. Founded in 1925, it does carry the name of its founder, Armando Simoni. OMAS as it is, stands for Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni, which means workshop for machinery And initially from 1919 - 1925 this workshop had been producing parts and safety mechanisms for pens.. OMAS had launched its first fountain pen in 1927 and had also copied Duofolds for a while. The turning point for the company came in 1932 with the Omas Extra, a faceted celluloid pen. Today, OMAS is no longer a 1
  20. [Cross-posted from Nibs and Tines forum - with apologies to anyone reading this twice! I have a question for those of you who have a longer history with the Pilot Vanishing Point - please excuse me if I'm posting this in the wrong place! I bought a matte black Pilot Vanishing Point sometime last year (back when the Australian dollar was worth something ), with a black-coated gold Fine nib. The pen wrote really smoothly, but laid a finer, drier line than is my preference. To cut a long story short, the pen took a 'nosedive' off my son's lap about a month ago, and landed n
  21. hari317

    Lamy 2000, 18K To 14K

    Which year did Lamy switch the nib's gold content from 18k to 14k on the 2000? thanks!
  22. Hello everyone, I am relatively new in the fountain pen world and I have a serious problem deciding wich pen to buy. I have about 130-150 eur. available and I have decided that I like those three pens. I know they are totally different, but i have no experience with pens of this price-range, so I would really apreciate reading your thoughts and ideas... if you can also suggest an other pen, I would really like to know!
  23. Hi, I currently own a Pelikan Souveran M250 with 14k gold nib manufactured in late 1980s or early 1990s. It's a fine pen and it has been a reliable companion. The other day, I saw the Pelikan Souveran M800 (with 18k gold nib) and I have been going back and forth about buying it. I heard that the 18k gold nib is less durable than 14k and it is prone to wear and tear from daily use. I wonder how much of this is true, and whether I should forget about M800 completely and stick to my trusty M250. Thanks. Henry
  24. IKWarren

    Parker Premier 18K Presidential

    Hi, This is a Parker Premier 18K gold fountain pen that I recently acquired. It has been in the box for a long time and the body and cap looks like they could be polished up a little bit. Should I have someone clean it up or just leave it as is? Any advice or information would be appreciated. Thanks, IKWarren
  25. This is a review of the older Parker sonnet 18k medium nib (1994). To begin, I need to say that this pen, even if it is almost 20 years old, works perfectly! I am not the first owner of the pen but I can imagine that this pen is very durable and consistant through the years. The nib and feed unscrews very easily for cleaning which is very gret. One more thing before I begin : IT IS VERY WELL MADE.... I mean, all the parts very precisely fits in place, we can feel a certain quality. The look : To be honest, I really like this pen, it is very classy, very beautiful, although it is simp

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