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  1. Hi! I am looking for an opinion about the new 14k nib, which is in the Visconti Voyager 2020 model. At the moment, I am considering the purchase of Visconti. I am thinking between Visconti Medici midi with a palladium FINE nib and the Voyager 2020 model with a new 14k FINE nib. This will be my first "expensive' Visconti (I have Van Gogh with steel fine nib now, I used to have Rembrandt and Pericle). I am curious about both the palladium and 14k nibs, because I do not have experience with them. I had an opportinity to tried to write with Visconti with palladium fi
  2. First Impressions (9/10) I have had a long held interest in all things related to classical antiquity. This applies also to my pen collection. I have been drawn to models claiming some sort of connection to these distant times. So, when I heard of the Art Ellenic model by Visconti I was immediately attracted to it. The inspiration for this model is a Doric Greek column. This was part of an Art series by Visconti, all made in sterling silver: Art Nouveau, Art Renaissance and Art Ellenic. The asking price was a bit prohibitive for my pen budget, but when I found a decent second hand model I did
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
    • New

    This is a brand new, never used / never inked Visconti Ocean Breeze Demo fountain pen with a 23kt gold medium nib. It's stunningly beautiful and is a limited edition. This pen in particular is No. 5 of only 118 produced. Inspired by the strong winds and rolling surf on the Greek island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea, the Ocean Breeze Palladium Limited Edition features a body produced in semi-transparent Acryloid, Visconti's unique celluloid-resin compound. The island theme is continued on the gripping section with an engraved wave motif. Each Visconti Ocean Breeze Palladium Limited Edition fountain pen is provided with a 23k solid palladium nib. The pen body trim is in matching palladium, and the pen fills using Visconti's innovative and high capacity Double Reservoir Power Filler system, which allows it to use any bottled fountain pen ink. Shipping on this pen will be via UPS due to the USPS experiencing unprecedented delays and they cannot guarantee delivery by a defined time. Therefore, I am charging only $10 for shipping by UPS from within the United States. This way, you can be assured your pen will arrive safe and sound and without delay.


    Wenonah, New Jersey - US

  4. Hi everyone, I am a long time lurker on this forum but this is my first post. My first and only Visconti was a Homo Sapiens Bronze Age with a 23k Pd EF nib. It was my best nib but I found the pen slightly uncomfortable due to the slightly thicker section. However all the discomfort was counterbalanced by the really awesome nib. It made the pen worth it. It seemed I had won the Visconti nib lottery. Unfortunately, I dropped the pen and the nib developed some serious problems and I sold off the pen. However my awesome experience with the nib made me a Visconti fan. Recently, aft
  5. sansenri

    Visconti Id Early Model

    I recently acquired this Visconti pen but cannot identify the model name, if it does have a name... it is evidently an early model, it is made of wrapped celluloid, black-brown flake, and has a steel two tone nib with Visconti written vertically, top down, such as I have already seen on a Visconti Classic the nib is steel I assume as it has no gold markings the pen is approx 13.5 cm capped, short of 12 cm uncapped, and it is rather fat. It is a cartridge-converter pen. The material used is surely celluloid, you can smell the distictive odour of canfor as you open the barrel, and it is wrapped
  6. Hi, I am relitivley new to fountain pens, owning only 3 at this point. Yesterday I purchased my first expensice vountain pen, the visconti homosapiens steel midi, and am having some issues with the ink flow. What happens is, I fill it and it writes beautifully, then it will suddenly stop. At this point, there seemes to be no ink left in the feed, yet there is definetly ink left in the piston filler as I turned the piston and watched the ink drop out. If I give the pen a bit of a flick, It will write again as I have flicked ink into the feed, but this only lasts about a paragraph. The same
  7. Hello Everybody, Just wanted to make a quick announcement for a show coming up. The official Dallas Pen Show 2020 was cancelled, but we have decided the show must go on! The show will not be quite like the normal show due to Covid. We are taking many precautions in relation to this. The show will be in the same location as normal at the Doubletree by Hilton near the galleria in Dallas. It is in the same two ballrooms. Due to Covid the number of tables are greatly reduced, and meet all CDC guidelines and social distancing procedures. Hand sanitizer will be placed all around the show in addit
  8. First off, I wanted to give a big shout out for everybody that was able to attend the Dromgoole's Dallas Pen Show 2 weeks ago! We were extremely happy to put on an event like that, and you all helped make it a successful event. It was so great to get to see everybody! With that said we are doing a similar show in San Antonio November 6th-7th!. The show will be located at the Doubletree by Hilton San Antonio Northwest right off of Loop 1604 and I-10. 6809 N Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX 78249 There will be a special room rate of $82/night if signed up before the end of October,
  9. Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Bronze with 18k gold nib Many excellent reviews of the Visconti HS Lava series can be found here on FPN so there’s not much point in doing that again. Since I purchased a brand-new HS last week, I will limit this brief review mostly to the 18k gold nib that succeeded the 23k Pd nibs, on fit and finish and on writing characteristics. ^—The HS Midi and its new companion FIT AND FINISH When the Lava series originally came on the market there were some reports about poor quality control, such as loose cap bands. A few years ago I bought a HS Midi and found the
  10. silverlifter

    Discontinued Visconti 23K Pd Nib

    So I recently acquired1 a Homo Sapiens Maxi with the two-tone 23k Pd nib. The nib is a broad and, typically for a palladium, writes wet and really broad. I'm not really a broadside dweller, so I am now faced with a quandary. Do I keep the pen and have someone grind it down to a medium cursive italic, or do I not vandalise a beautiful broad, now discontinued, nib and pass it on to someone who would actuall enjoy it? I'm also conscious that having a narrower grind on a nib clearly stamped 'B' would probably trigger my OCD every time I uncapped the pen, so there is that... What are your tho
  11. Just saw this on Instagram, posted by Visconti_Italy: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEUQ8P_KwLg/ "We are proud to present Visconti's new creation: the Homo Sapiens Lava Color pen. This vibrant and colourful writing instrument is a re-interpretation of our iconic Homo Sapiens collection. An absolute must-have for colour and nature lovers. The Homo Sapiens Lava Color is the first 2020 Visconti collection fitted with an entirely in-house produced 14kt gold nib." The things I gathered from the comments so far: - New magnetic closure for the cap, a departure from the previous Homo Sapiens m
  12. eclectic2316

    Cheers From New Hampshire

    Hello from the "Live Free or Die" state (New Hampshire), Older professional guy who is a fountain pen user. Interested in pens that write immediately and smoothly. So far, Kaweco and platinum preppy, ( yes, I mean it), fit the bill. Am wondering if anyone has tried the Visconti Homo Sapiens Magma fountain pen , to which I am very attracted? Am willing to be convinced the pen is worth the seemingly high price. Am also wondering if anyone has written with both Noodler's legal blue and Noodler's legal lapis inks, and, whether and why one is preferred over the other Any thoughts yo
  13. SaintPat

    Visconti Rembrandt

    The Visconti Rembrandt fountain pen is appropriately named. It is truly a work of art. The variegated resin is a deep black with ominous swirls of silver. Every time I hold it in my hand, it reminds me of a dark and stormy night. The end caps, clip and center ring are all chrome plated metal. It came well presented in a rigid, two piece box with a carton board sleeve. Aside from the pen, the box also contained the warranty fold-out sheet and a single ink cartridge. The standard international converter needed to be purchased separately. The pen has some weight to it, over an ounce. The sing
  14. Morbus Curiositas

    Visconti Sepia

    Visconti Sepia Visconti is nicely saturate brown ink supplied by Visconti Fountain Pens of Florence Italy. Florence Italy of course is a beautiful city known for it ‘s rich culture fashion and design (forget Nike buy real shoes in Italy) Visconti Sepia ink Visconti Sepia is a well behaving ink. It is a nicely saturated medium dark brown ink. It is a medium shader as well. Drying time is not superfast but with 15 seconds very acceptable. There is only very little show through but feathering and bleeding are absent points 1-5 1 = 5= Fountain Pens:
  15. I ordered an Visconti Homo Sapiens Elegance today from Cult pens off clearance. They only have it in B but for $246 shipped I could not pass it up. They did not say if it was midi or maxi but from the few measurements they list I am expecting midi. I am fine with the midi. It seems like that should be about the size of my Pelikan M600 and I am happy with that. Actually with my hands even if it was Pelikan M400 size I could use it fine but would rather it be m600. If it for some reason turns out to be maxi I am also fine. It should not be too big for me. I was a little worried about bin QC but
  16. IN PRAISE OF THE OLD STYLE VISCONTI VAN GOGH “MAXI” FOUNTAIN PEN Visconti are a Florentine pen manufacturer founded on 20 October 1988 by two friends who decided to make a business of their passion for fountain pens. The two founders, Luigi Poli and Dante del Vecchio are stars of the long tradition of Italian pen manufacturing. They succeeded in remaining at the top of a highly competitive international market for over 30 years, which is an outstanding achievement when one considers the sad demise of OMAS or Delta. Throughout their history, Visconti have set new standards for imaginative an
  17. Hi all, I saw a promo video for Neil Gaiman's masterclass on Facebook and in the video, he's using two fountain pens that I'm trying to identify. One I'm pretty sure is a Pelikan. The other, I have no clue, but the shape of the clip, with its significant outward bow made me wonder if it's a Visconti? I don't even know where to begin to identify this pen. Anyone have any thoughts? Bueller? I've attached the best screenshot I could get.
  18. I don’t know if it’s the warm and sunny weather that just hit the northeast after a cold spell, but, more than ever, I’m not ready for summer to end! So to keep the summery vibe going, I thought why not do a comparison of turquoise and “beachy blue" inks. This is by no means a comprehensive review, because I’m missing some great turquoise inks, such as Sheaffer and Lamy Turquoise, but I saw a post come up on the boards with questions about turquoises, so I wanted to share samples of the ones I have. The 15 inks tested are: Caran d’Ache Turquoise, Omas Turquoise, Rohrer & Klingner Blu Mare
  19. Recently I have been given a bottle of Montblanc Permanent Blue ink, which I found a nice match with my Visconti Opera Metal Speed Boat 1.3 mm stub. But there is not much line variation.
  20. Twister292

    Goodbye Dreamtouch?

    I posted this in the Italy forum, but I think this is a better place... I've heard that Visconti are going to phase out the Dreamtouch Pd nibs...the relaunched watermark series and the Voyager 30 all have 18K nibs. Flipside? The newer nibs are insanely expensive. I queried getting one for my watermark feom 2017 to swap out the Pd nib, and they are EUR315+VAT for F, M and B and the EF and Stub will be EUR363+VAT I'm not sure whether they're just meant to replace the Pd nibs or are simply another tier up...Considering they're a good EUR125 (ex-VAT) more expensive than the Pd nib units, t
  21. handlebar

    Back In The Game After Years!

    Formerly known here as "handlebar", my new name is more apropos as Celticshaman. After many years away from the pen world and all that entails, I have slowly been working my way back. Work, life, my business (photography ...Dragon Digital Photography) and other interests crept in and stole away most of my time. And, the industry was changing, not for the better. Coming back now, I see a LOT has changed!! I still have some penpals (always looking for new ones if interested!) and getting back into pens,ink,paper and the history of writing. I reopened my once archived Omas group on Facebook for
  22. Yes, it's a gift. http://www.giardino.it/IMMAGINI/Mailing/ScatolaFiocco800.jpg It's a Visconti's luxury business card holder, made of genuine Italian soft leather, with magnetic closure, with its hard box and cardboard cover. http://www.giardino.it/IMMAGINI/Mailing/RegaloAperto116.jpg And it comes absolutely free with every Giardino dell'Eden (fountain pen or roller) you buy in Giardino Italiano, until Tuesday, December 3. Don't you know what is the Giardino dell'Eden???? That's it: http://www.giardino.it/IMMAGINI/Mailing/Eden3punte1200.jpg Don't wait: only until December 3.
  23. For those of you who've had this problem and looked closely at it, I'm sure you've seen the little spring behind the top of the clip. I'm sure you've suspected something about that spring was the source of your stress. It was. The disc you see in the picture is inside the cap, below the magnetic finial. I made a rudimentary tool to unscrew it (regular thread, CCW to loosen). First I removed the adjustable stop ring in the cap (this is reverse thread). The problem is that the ends of the spring aren't ground flat. If the spring turns such a way as the end of the coil spring seats crooked o
  24. In the past I I read with interest write-ups about one's collection. I thought to share mine as I am reflecting on the hobby. I have been heavily invested into fountain pens since 2005. Do not ask me why. I just got the bug. Initially focused on collecting, then in more recent years trying to find the perfect writers. I think I can now narrow down my inseparable fountain pens into the following 15. Let me share with you what makes them special to me. I will start from the left: 1. Visconti Ripple in Blue Silver (BB Palladium nib): this is a classic early model from Visconti (not t
  25. Hi all I've read that the Visconti limited edition double reservoir pens hold 'a ton of ink'. How much is 'a ton of ink'? Subjective, I know, but I'd consider 'a ton' to be more than 0.6mls. That's all that my limited edition Michelangelo Grande holds. 0.6mls. I've just conducted an experiment by filling and emptying it 12 times in succession; each time (using an ink sample vial to get an accurate measurement) it has only filled 0.6 mls. Here's my fill process....can anyone spot an error in this method? I unscrew the blind cap with the nib pointing upwards Pull out the plunger ful

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