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  1. bbs

    Rust On M1000 Nib

    Anyone else suffered this? Not on the nib itself, obviously, but when I was flushing my new M1000 last week I unscrewed the nib and found rust on the collar ....
  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
    • New

    This is a beautiful Pelikan M1005 Souverän Stresemann Fountain Pen with an 18kt gold medium-sized nib. It is in mint condition. "As New." Never used. Never inked. Comes with original box and all papers. After having been lovingly part of my fountain pen collection, I am seeking a new home for this Pelikan. It should give its new owner a lifetime of writing pleasure. I am also offering free USPS Priority Mail shipping within the U.S. As to the history behind this fountain pen, besides his impressive political career, the foreign minister of the German Weimarer Republic, Gustav Stresemann (1879-1929), also became famous for the creation of a new kind of suit. The classical Stresemann suit consists of black/grey striped trousers and a single row jacket in black or anthracite. The Souverän® of Pelikan is popularly known as „Stresemann“, that is why Pelikan named the Souverän® black-anthracite after Gustav Stresemann. The elegant piston fountain pen is equipped with a 18 carat gold nib which is completely covered by rhodium to obtain a silver sheen. The barrel with the deceptively simple anthracite stripes is made of cellulose acetate, using a traditional process that is extremely work-intensive but gives this series its elegant character.


    Wenonah, New Jersey - US

  3. I have a question for the nib-tinkerers amongst us: can one fit a Bock Type 380 (i.e. a Bock #8 size) nib onto a Pelikan M1000, and/or vice-versa? If so, does one exchange just the nib, or both the nib and feed? Why am I asking? I found a Pelikan M1000 quite very cheaply some time ago. Alas, although the beautiful 3OB nib looks perfectly OK, it is very temperamental in practice (much more so than other obliques I’ve used). So I want to find an alternative. I know I could buy a whole new M1000 nib, but that would cost several times more than I paid for the pen. So I was wondering whether I co
  4. Here is my new Pelikan M1000 Raden Green Ray. This pen was announced to some fanfare. Certainly, the pen deserves some fanfare. As an M1000 it makes a statement as a flagship writing instrument and as a maki-e M1000 it becomes art. What is missing, however, is a story. There is no backstory, no narrative of the conceptualization. The artist remains obscure. The techniques a mystery. Much of that is not unusual for maki-e work, but this is 2020 and brands need to tell stories. Made in only 400 copies due to the nature of material and technique each is really a piece unique. My is 333 making it
  5. flows69

    Looking For A Nibless M1000

    Hello everyone, I have a spare M1000 nib and am looking for a cap/barrel to put it in. Cult Pens in the UK originally offered to sell me one but they no longer do. So far, my research has not yielded much. Any pointers for sellers in Europe? Wishing you all a very good day ;-) Florent
  6. I'm going to be buying a Pelikan M1000 in the next few days and was wondering what Nib size to order. I currently have an M805 with a B stub nib that I love. However, I had an M805 with an F nib that I preferred slightly more and my current daily driver is a Lamy 2000 with a M nib. Having used the B and F nibs on the M805 extensively, I'm leaning towards an F nib on the M1000 but I've also heard that you start to appreciate B nibs on fountain pens after writing with them for a while. Which nib size would be a good choice for everyday writing? I'm also debating between color choices and it's co
  7. I own a Pelikan M1000 and am thinking of purchasing a Sailor King of Pen. Does anyone have experience with both these pens? Any preferences?
  8. My M1000 is just too wet for any meaningful use. I tried Pelikan 4001 Blue Black and Diamine Registrars ink but it is still behaving like a garden hose. Can someone recommend me an ink that is really really dry, even drier than the ones mentioned above.?
  9. I am considering getting a Pelikan M1000. I was looking for advice on the FB FPN and there were comments about how wet the pen and how it was not meant to do much line variation. So........ How wet is it? If too wet can that be fixed with different ink or other. How much line variation can you safely get?
  10. Call me crazy.. is it possible to swap a Montblanc nib onto a Pelikan nib unit? did some research without any findings. Looking at the Pelikan M1000, the nib looks awfully disproportionate while the Montblanc 149 nib looks asthetically more pleasant. My question is.. has anyone tried to swapping a 149 nib in a M1000? or a 146 nib in a M800? I know it's a sacrilege to do/ask that ):
  11. Pelikan celebrates this years 180th anniversary with a fascinating pen, the Pelikan Limited Edition Spirit of 1838 fountain pen. Based on the M1000 it features a sterling silver barrel, an 18-K gold nib with a special engraving and three little diamonds in the nest on the cap. This pen is limited to only 180 pieces worlwide and comes with a price tag of € 3.000.- including the German VAT of 19%. Have a nice weekend. Fritz Schimpf
  12. asegier

    Pelikan M1000 Maki-E Choice

    If you had to choose one Maki-e from Pelikan, which would you choose and why? For reference: https://www.pelikan.com/pulse/Pulsar/en_US.FWI.displayShop.252817./maki-e
  13. As many of you have known, Cult Pens offers great price on M1000. And they also offer a Black Friday coupon that gives you another 10% off. I don't think you can even get an M800 in US for the price. And they have all sizes available. I got mine in green strips with EF nib for only $380 shipped. Just want to share with everyone here! Let's hope I won't have trouble with custom.
  14. As most of you would know, Pelikan is a 180 year old maker of fountain pens and paraphernalia. It had launched its first fountain pen in 1929. Prior to that Pelikan manufactured dyes, inks and office-supplies. This Swiss-incorporated German pen maker is also credited with the genesis of piston filling mechanism with a differential spindle gear, which endeavoured to address the problem of limited ink capacity in fountain pens of that period. Here, the piston knob is also threaded so that it is able to unscrew itself automatically, when the piston is unscrewed, in an outward direction, thus deli
  15. strelnikoff

    Pelikan M1000 Current Vs. Previous Nib

    Hello fellow Pelikaners, I would like to confirm and hear if it is accurate - what I have recently heard about M1000 nibs. Short background story: I own several Pelikan pens, always had and will. Few M805s, M605s, couple of M205/215 for pockets... but my buddy is M1000 black/green with medium nib. I don't like gold trims, but with M1000 I don't care, it suits the pen perfectly. The nib is the reason I love it. Medium nib, soft and flexy... so being into flexible nibs, I thought of buying one M1000 with F or EF nib, thinking that line variation will be perfect (seeing that my medium nib doe
  16. billy1380

    M805 Stiff Nib :(

    So I think I have been spoilt because early on in my fountain pen hobby I bought an M1000 and it has a great nib. I have always loved demonstrators though and so recently I bought an M805 thinking it would have as soft a nib as the M1000. It really is NOT! At most the pressure makes the nib slightly wetter, but it is safe to say that thing has no give. I am not sure I am enjoying that pen as much as I thought I would. I am assuming that Pelikan are pretty consistent with their nibs so the one that I have is representative... but I have to ask... is that the case with all the M800/805 nibs
  17. Currently available and ready for a new home! The Spring & Autumn features Cherry Blossom petals and Maple leaves to depict their respective seasons. Abalone shells are used on one stripe on the barrel and some pieces can be seen on the cap. There are three designs on the cap made using tiny pieces of gold foil; a gold stripe, flowing water with a green background, and a hemp leaf in brown. The Pelikan logo on the crown, limited edition number and the artist’s signature are drawn in by hand using maki-e techniques. Comes packaged in a Paulownia wood gift box with documents. Equipped wit
  18. I picked up a Pelikan 03B nib in the M1000 size and finally got around to playing with it today. It is a very wet writer. I thought I would share a sample for those interested in what these nibs can do. The left side of the sample is with no pressure. The right side is with pressure (as much as I care to muster). The orange ink is from a Greg Minuskin 1.3MM Parker "51" retip to give you a sense of the line width. The 03B can sure put down a wide line if needed, it looks like a range of about the 1.3 to 2.5MM range. You can get it a little narrower by writing with the nib over rotated past th
  19. I am a big fan of Brad Torelli's work and I try to pick up interesting pens he has made over the years. I was familiar with his work on fantasy MB pens, fantasy Parker 51s, fantasy Triads, and other fantasy brands like Parker or Scheaffer. I was not aware, however, of his fantasy Pelikan pens as I had never seen any before. I am posting these here in order to share the pens with Pelikan fans. I do not have a lot of Pelikan pens so maybe people are familiar with his custom Pelikans already. I'd love to hear your thoughts. The first pen is based on the M101N but oversized. The pen is nice an c
  20. Hi all, I've been searching hi and low for a good comparison of Pelikan's M1000/1005 nibs. There are many resources available, but I can't seem to find both a good comparison a M1000/1005 nibs and comparisons against nibs of pens that I am familiar with. I am looking to purchase an M1005 and am torn between a F and a M. I have smallish handwriting, but I enjoy inks and their various colors and shadings and find that I prefer to lay down a thicker line and try to write larger than I have in the past to be able to better appreciate them. I have a cross Century II with a M nib (steel), whi
  21. Uncial

    My Little Flock

    I've been meaning to do this for ages and I'm only getting around to it now. This is my little flock of Pelikans but one little Frakenbird is missing from the picture - a blue wave m200 with a 400 nib. I would very much appreciate help in identifying the older Pelikan in the picture. It has a monotone gold nib and is in green stripe with a rounded end and round domed end to the cap. The cap also appears to be lined in brass. It's a medium nib, but has a bit of flex and seems to me to write slightly stubby. It was sold to me as a 400N from the 70's; would this be correct? Below is a sh
  22. Hello, I just received my second Pelikan M1000 in the mail (the first had to go back due to frequent skipping). When I opened the package and thoroughly inspected the pen I found a defect in the cap, it almost looks like a scrape in the gold plating. I purchased the pen through the Amazon marketplace (a Japanese seller). I don't know how this pen could have passed through Pelikan's QC inspection. Do you guys think this was sold knowing it was damaged?
  23. Hey does anyone know of a pen case that will hold both a Pelikan M1000 and a MB 149? Ideally it would be a leather case and not a pen roll or kimono. I have a few cases (Pelikan, Pilot X SOMES, and a couple generic) and none of them will even come close to fitting these two oversize pens. Thanks for your help.
  24. Hi guys. I love this pen. The nib is just awesome, especially the line variations, but unfortunately, it is giving me a headache. It is hardstarting. I have to shake the pen,, and after a page of writing, the ink flow would just stop, and i have to twist the filler knob a bit before it would start writing again. I flushed the pen with warm water and refilled it again with Edelatein Topaz ink but the problem would recur. I brought it to Scribe where Ever, the best calligrapher that i have seen in action, said that the tines were misaligned which maybe a result of my writing angle. After the nib

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