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  1. I have one of the new Leonardo Momento Magico, piston filling pens. It has a 14Kt stub nib and an ebonite feed that are friction fit to the section. I was having problems with ink flow. After completely filling the ink chamber, the nib wrote beautifully, until the ink stored in the feed while filling was exhausted. Then it stopped writing. It seemed the feed was not getting ink from the piston. After trying a few different inks, I filled the pen again, but left the chamber about 20% un-filled. The pen seems to be drawing ink normally now. I can rationalize this behavior
  2. I have some problems with the ink flow on 3 Scrikss fountain pens they write very very wet for about 3 pages and after that they stop writing and you have to prime the feed in order to write again with those pens . I was thinking that must be a problem with the feed so in order to check that i am trying to remove the nib and feed without any success ! I mention that the pens are new and they have this problem from the beginning ! Anyone has any idea how i can remove the nib and feed on Scrikss fountain pens ?
  3. Today I happened to change the ink in a writer's edition Dostoevsky from Krishna Orchid to Waterman serenity blue. The Krishna ink bottle was practically over some time ago since the big-nibbed MB's piston could not get any significant amount in the ink chamber. After drying, I plunged the pen in a 4/5 full bottle of Waterman blue, my staple ink. The chamber took a hefty amount of dark liquid in. After wiping the nib (not the combed feeder underside) and writing a bit to get the excess ink to flow, the up-to-now offensively wet Dostoevsky's OBB nib became stingy about the ink amount it would
  4. cherrymerry

    Feed Repair

    I have Wing Sung 590 and I accidentally broken the feed. I glued it and it looked ok, then I filled my pen but get a lot of skipping. So I thought that I blocked channels with glue and I deepen the channel with scalpel, then tried to write. The result was even worse. Then I thought that may be I made a channel too deep so I placed a piece of thread at the end of the feed. And it worked! Now the question is: how to reduce depth of the feed? Thanks for any suggestions. P.S. Sorry for bad English.
  5. The-Thinker

    Sailor Nib/feed Distance

    Is increasing the distance between nib and feed increase or decrease ink flow? Why?(concerned about sailors specifically)
  6. essayfaire

    Misbehaving Kakuno

    I have a happy smiley-face Kakuno that was brought to me from Japan; I am quite unhappy with it at the moment. I thought it was a cute little pen but it is now giving me difficulty; the nib starts writing and then after a few lines stops unless I shake the pen. Here's what I've done so far: Clean the pen Change the ink Flush the pen Floss the tines None of these interventions has been able to get the pen writing properly again. I do not have a high tolerance for hard-starting pens and if I can't get this issue resolved will let it sit unused in a drawer. Has anyone had a similar experi
  7. I bought a Montverde Poquito from EBay and with it received J. Herbin Eclat Dr Saphir ink. I popped in a cartridge and started writing... and was very disappointed. Attached is a photo of what the writing sample looks like. I have only ever owned two other pens - the Kaweco Sport and a Platinum Preppy. Both of my other pens never had ink flow issues like this. Is this a nib problem? This is my first time using this ink as well, and watching reviews online and looking at a lot of writing samples, I did not see this issue on anyone else's samples with these inks. If this is a nib problem, is
  8. Hi all I feel like throwing in the towel on my most expensive pen (a double reservoir fine nibbed Visconti Michelangelo Grande LE in beautiful green celluloid). By my standards, this pen cost me a fortune a few years ago, but it has been problematic since day one. I bought the pen second hand but was told it was uninked and in mint, unused condition. It certainly seemed to match that description when it arrived. It looked (and still does look) mint...it's a beautiful pen. However, regardless of how often I flush it, and regardless of what type of ink I try in it, I have a perennial p
  9. I have a Caran d'Ache 849 and it is having issues writing continuously. I find that it starts out strong and wet after resting flat or even nib-side up, but after 1/4-1/2 page, the ink flow slows and sometimes stops. I have to unscrew the pen and squeeze the ink cartridge to get it going again. I have changed the ink 3 times, flushed and soaked. What is happening??!1?
  10. I am having a peculiar flow problem with my 1946 standard sized Parker Vacumatic. I picked this pen up several years ago on Ebay and got it fairly inexpensively because diaphragm needed replacing and the nib tines were slightly bent and looked as if someone had tried to straighten them. I started to work on the pen myself and then decided I did not even know what it was that I did not know about repairing a Vac and should, therefore, not make the attempt. I sent the pen off to a reputable repair facility and got back a beautifully restored and functioning Vacumatic with its beautifully str
  11. Miskatonic

    Small Things- Big Difference

    This may be something most experienced pen users do without thinking, but I've only just recently begun the habit from something I read here. Placing and replacing the pen cap with the pen held upright has made all the difference in the world in helping my pens start writing without having to spend several moments repeatedly drawing check marks on a piece of scrap paper. It was like trying to start an old car on a cold morning. So frustrating. Perhaps also aiding in this new found ease of starting was filling up with Diamine inks rather than an old bottle of Leveger black. Who knows who ma
  12. About five weeks ago, I purchased my first Eversharp Skyline "in the wild." This pen is all black with gold trim and has a nice flexible nib. It is a wet-writing pen, at least with Waterman Serenity Blue. My question: Is the Skyline known for being a wet-writing fountain pen? I'm not complaining but I am curious if a loose vent tube (mine is loose inside the sac) would cause the pen to be somewhat wet.
  13. So, I recently bought a Parker 51 from the flea market. It was in a pretty sorry state. I did a complete restoration.After removing the hood, cleaning the feed, collector, breather tube and so on, I went on and replaced the filler unit with a new one. Then I polished the exterior of the pen using a buffer and then some micro-gloss. All good so far. I started to write with the pen. It produced a very wet line and the writing experience was super smooth. Then this happened. After a few sentences the pen started to become very dry and after a bit more the ink flow completely stopped. I waited a b
  14. With increasing frequency a number of fountain pen manufacturers have used magnetic closures for attaching the cap to the barrel. Prior to that, the only magnetic closures I recall seeing - were used on some kit pens. In part, I believe this helped avoid the age-old thread alignment problem between the pen clip and the nib when the cap was posted. I wonder, however, if magnets and fountain pen inks are a good marriage of materials? Some inks have metallic elements such as those that have the special sheen quality. Under certain conditions, couldn't this lead to problems with ink flow, clog
  15. cappy64ftb

    Making Soft Gold Nib Wetter

    Hey Everyone, I recently purchased a Platinum 3776 Century Soft Fine, my second (the other is a medium), and it is writing a little drier than I prefer. Does anyone know a way to increase the ink flow ever so slightly? All my tricks that I use for steel nibs have not worked in the least bit (which I am not surprised by but I figured I would try). Thank you for any insights! Anthony R. Cappello
  16. Hello guys, I picked up this Waterman Gentleman a while a go. It has some issues with the nib. Though the nib looks very fine to me but it writes super dry. it delivers ink only when I apply a little pressure. its a gold nib, in case youre wondering, and its very smooth. I still haven't found any specific angle that it writes fine at. I have serviced the pen a few times but it just doesn't work well. I suspect the problem might be due to its tines having a small gap between them after the breather hole and then joining at the writing tip. ill attach some pictures of the nib and the quality of
  17. Hi all, I have adjusted the flow of several of my pen writing too dry using brass shim. Usually I remove the nib and work the tines apart using the 0,002 brass shim, by applying the pressure from the breather hole to the top of the nib, sliding the brass shim in the ink channel for that. However I find that it takes quite some time for reaching a good result. Is there a quicker/better way to do it? I have tried by apply the pressure closer the the tip, but in some case I found that the iridium become misaligned with the tine... something like this /( rather than /\ ...
  18. So. I have had the Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age Oversize with EF nib (Yes, I checked the forums here before deciding on the nib size, as the consensus seems to run that the HS is generous in its ink flow) for a while - actually a few years, but haven't used it much. Beautiful piece of work, by the way. But. Now that I decided to start using it again, it writes really poorly (out of box it wrote rather fine, but nowhere near what I would expect with all the hullabaloo around the DreamTouch nib). Before starting to use it again I emptied the pen and thoroughly rinsed the nib. Carefully a
  19. AnnieQ

    Ink Flow

    Hello~ Would love a suggestion on the best way to get ink to flow in a pen that is clean but has not been used in years. Thank you.
  20. Hi all, I am new to FPN. I bought a Lamy Safari and filled it with Sheaffer Skrip black ink, after thorough washing of the pen. The pen writes with wetness when I start, but as I continue, it becomes scratchy because the ink flow somehow reduces a bit. It does not dry up completely, but there is definitely some reduction in the flow. I read a few articles online, and I came to know that there must be a slight gap in the nib (from the breather till the end point which touches paper). Is it so? My pen has absolutely no gap. No light passes through the nib :-( I am afraid as I do not want
  21. I recently picked up a Kaweco Sport, which seems to have a slight flow issue (skips and hard starts) when writing normally, but which disappear when reverse writing. Has anybody had any experience with this sort of phenomenon, and what is it likely to indicate is the underlying problem? Does this suggest it is a flow / dryness issue, for example, that could be solved by making the nib a little wetter (writing in reverse obviously produces a finer line which does not need to draw as much ink)? Thanks in advance for any advice from more experienced pen maestros...
  22. DustyR

    Polyvinyl Alcohol

    Has anyone tried a drop of polyvinyl alcohol in inks that tend to dry in the feed or nib, to help with flow?
  23. I bought some Bock nib units on eBay which appear to be designed to use in non-cartridge pens (such as eye-dropper, piston, or sac) as they have no rear nipple for a cartridge/converter to slide onto. I've built a couple of pens for these nibs so far, and both have the same problem: too much ink flow, with the result that I get a puddle of ink if I don't keep writing at top speed. Right now I've got an eyedropper loaded with Noodler's Red Fox (ink which works well in my cartridge/converter pens) but the feed runs way too fast in this pen. Is there a recommended way to slow down the feed? I
  24. Hey all, I have a Montegrappa NeroUno Linea that I bought a few months back for my birthday. I had a few flow issues with it, but I put it down to my writing style (I'm a lefty and write hooked) and that the pen just needed flushing and/or getting used to my writing style. Fastforward to now when I took a serious look at the nib. I realised that there is an obvious gap between the tines on the nib. I'm not sure if this is normal, as the nib itself doesn't have a breather hole, but there is a definite gap between the tipping material on the nib.. I'm fairly certain that this isn't normal.
  25. Hello guys, after years of writing with my Pelikan M600 I am proud to have become part of the elusive MB-community. Because there is no MB-rep in my region, I have ordered myself a 149 with a medium nib and a 146 F-nib (both in new condition) from a reputable dealer. http://i.imgur.com/rsiUvmy.jpg?1 As you can see both pens write in a very similar manner. I was told and read multiple times that a 149 F-nib may write as wide as a 146 M-nib. Strangely, it now is the other way round. I feel that the 146 writes too wide, not vice versa. Do you think this is due to a too broad nib or a to

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