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  1. Here are some of my favorite fine/extra fine nibs, which I use to take notes daily. What is/are your favorite fine nib(s)? 1. Montblanc EF, 14K (as I heard a recently updated grind). Precise, sharp, and smooth at the same time. Feel like a simi-italic. I wish it could be a bit wetter (I prime it once in a while with most inks. Sailor Kobe #7 Kaikyou Blue, however, write as wet as I wish it to be). 2. Aurora F, 18K. “Responsive” to slight variations in pressure, giving a very subtle amount of line variation that won’t ruin its purpose for taking notes. Aurora pens also
  2. Two and a half years ago, I purchased a Montblanc 146 pinstripe Solitaire with an extra-fine nib. The nib wrote beautifully; but after a little while, the piston mechanism broke--despite the care with which I had treated the pen, I must add. I sent it to Montblanc for repair, as it was still in warranty. The pen came back with the piston in perfect order; but the nib had been put way out of adjustment. I then sent it to John Mottishaw, who reground it to a true extra-fine of extraordinary quality; and I have since used the pen daily. Well, this evening, the pen, which had been loaded with Mont
  3. I purchased a Montblanc 146 from eBay. I also bought tools to remove the nib and piston units. All went well when I opened the piston end and remove the piston. I greased the barrel interior and screwed the piston unit back into the pen. Sadly, when I unscrewed the nib, I found the lip of the "feeder case" to be broken. I think I need a new feeder case. So, two questions: 1. How to I remove the existing broken feeder case from the barrel? Does it screw out from within the barrel? 2. Is there a source for buying new feeder cases? I checked on eBay, but didn't find any. To help ID
  4. Hey everyone, happy Friday! simple question today, will a MB 146 nib fit the Bock housing in this pen: https://www.schondsgn.com/collections/fountain-pens/products/fountain-pens I am selling a nib of mine that I have in a Bock (250?) housing, the housing that fits a Conid Minimalistica or Regular. I am by no means an expert in anything Montblanc, or Bock, so I am just looking for some assistance here. thank you in advance, and info helps. have yourselves a great weekend!
  5. Hello everyone, hope your weeks are off to a fine start. I come to you today with a very specific question: is my Montblanc 146 nib scraping its shoulders on the inside of my Conid Minimalistica’s cap? I usually use my Minimalisticas with Sailor nibs, but I have a lovely 146 nib, which I’ve had ground to a CSI, that I occasionally swap in. My question springs from the slightest scraping sensation I can feel when capping the pen fitted with the aforementioned nib. Now, both of my Conid’s are the all Delrin AVDA Phi versions, so I am unable to actually see if the nib and the inner cap are in
  6. WLSpec

    New 146!

    Just got a new 146 AND my first MB in the mail! it is great, got it off classifieds. Just wanted to show it off a bit here. It is a '80-'90 146 with a full ink window (now really visible in pictures because of the ink inside) and a soft monotone fine nib. My apologies for the terrible photography (and sideways picture it seems... how to change that, I'm not sure) The only issues are some skipping problems and hard starting, which is unfortunately quite frequent, but I will try to solve that. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them.
  7. Following the discussion if someone's best pens are also their favourite pens I decided to compare my highest-pricepoint* pens: -Montblanc 146 EF ('90s pen and feed with a much earlier 14C EF nib); retails for appr. 550 euros -Pelikan M800 F ('80s pen with 18C nib); retails for appr. 500 euros -Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Steel Midi F (23k Pd dreamtouch nib); retails for appr. 450 euros -Pilot Justus 95 M (14k nib); retails for appr. 300 euros I bought the MB146 from a local collector at a very attractive price. The M800 was a gracious gift from a friend who bought it new in the '80s and who st
  8. i recently purchased 2 montblanc 146s both from japan. 1 is the Montblanc 146 Platinum in "Fine" nib (stated in the box with the F sticker), and another monotone nib Montblanc 146 in "Medium" nib (stated by Kingdom Note). When i received them i believe there is an error somewhere. The platinum should be in M and the monotone nib in F/EF? Variances between them that made me think that either one of them might be fake? Monotone Nib Montblanc 146 White Logo on cap has slight protrusionsTop cap trim just stated GermanyNo inner clip engravingsBottom cap trim stated Montblanc meisterstuck no
  9. I have recently got a new Montblanc 146 EF via ebay bidding and it was quiet a good deal. I am currently looking for nib adjustment to both of my Montblanc 146s: one in EF and one in F. It is very likely that I will have them being taken care of at the SF pen show. I want to share with you guys some close-ups I took for the 146 nibs. I also included my brief thoughts of the nibs and a comparison of these nibs to the other pens I own. I also included a small writing sample at the end. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you! The Montblanc 146 in F Through the fount
  10. I recently got Diamine Frosted Orchid Shimmering Ink, is it safe to use in expensive pen like montblanc 146? Will it clog the pen? Is it hard to clean?
  11. I just got this Montblanc 146 F nib fountain pen from a ebay bid. It was claimed to be new. It looked new too. But the nib was misaligned. You can see in the picture. I spend about an hour and I was able to realign the tines. I am very new to Montblanc and this is the first ever Montblanc pen of mine. I need some help conforming its authenticity. I got it for $251 plus $15 shipping from Italy to California. There were no one placing bid until the very end of the listing. Some one else placed bid before me. I won in the end. Thank you guys! Note that I did use a strong flashlight to illuminat
  12. I just got this Montblanc 146 F nib fountain pen from a ebay bid. It was claimed to be new. It looked new too. But the nib was misaligned. You can see in the picture. I spend about an hour and I was able to realign the tines. I am very new to Montblanc and this is the first ever Montblanc pen of mine. I need some help conforming its authenticity. I got it for $251 plus $15 shipping from Italy to California. There were no one placing bid until the very end of the listing. Some one else placed bid before me. I won in the end. Thank you guys! all the details and pictures are in here: https://
  13. dannytang

    Nib Tuning/adjustment

    I recently acquired a 146 Bordeaux and that has a scratchy nib. I took a look at the nib with a 10x loupe and it appears the tines are not properly aligned. Does anyone know if Montblanc will tune the nib if I send it in for servicing? Or will they consider the nib damaged and require me to do a nib exchange? Note: I'll be sending it in for servicing anyways since it's scratched all over the pen, just worried they'll write-off the nib and make me get a new one. In which case, it would be better to send it off to get adjusted and ground down to a fine first.
  14. This thread is for the fans of Frankenpens like me Story short: I own a Pilot 823 with a broad nib and I like the pen but dislike the nib. So I am looking for a nib replacement and Montblanc 146 nibs are normally nice to use and can be bought individually. I already tried to fit a JoWo nib from Franklin-Christoph, but it's too long. Has anybody ever tried to fit a 146 nib in a 823? I worry more about the length of the nib since Pilot nibs are usually short. The width seems to be pretty much the same (#15 from Pilot and #6 western nib) Maybe a nice Waterman vintage nib from the 1920s to
  15. Loved the MB's flagship pen review by Betweenthelines. And then realized, I was yet to post a review on FPN for the lesser one, the 146. As for me, I came across a real Montblanc pretty much later in life, though used to love a pen called Camlin Premier during school days. It came with a 1-pen leather pouch, an additional screw-fit nib and it did have those striped ink windows. I say I loved it, but never wrote with it since it belonged to my dad and I was a small kid. Back in 1999-2000, it cost around USD 5.00 and it was a hefty price tag for any locally made fountain pen. Later I did real
  16. blackfinger

    First Montblanc Pen. Is It Real?

    Hello everyone. This is my first post, so apologies in advance for any mistakes I decided to buy my first fountain pen with a gold nib and this Montblanc 146 seems to be in a good price and condition (apart from the beaten up box which will go in the bin). I did some research and it looks real to me, but I wish someone more knowledgeable could confirm it. So... does it look real?
  17. sanjinp


    Hello all! Not new to fountain pens, but new to Montblanc (finally!). I acquired a Meisterstuck 146 Le Grand, unused, but with the signature engraving on the cap that I can not decipher. It is really very nicely done so I am wondering is it a certain edition or just a very neat personalization? I trust you will know. Thanks!
  18. Call me crazy.. is it possible to swap a Montblanc nib onto a Pelikan nib unit? did some research without any findings. Looking at the Pelikan M1000, the nib looks awfully disproportionate while the Montblanc 149 nib looks asthetically more pleasant. My question is.. has anyone tried to swapping a 149 nib in a M1000? or a 146 nib in a M800? I know it's a sacrilege to do/ask that ):
  19. Hi! Ive been the owner of both pens for quite some time (less than a year still) and I begin to think about re-adjusting the pens in my current collection. So far, Ive sold two 149 as the size doesnt suit my daily use. But I cant decide between platinum trim 146 and 1912. The 1912 is unique and perhaps in its own league. I used 1912 along with pelikan m800 for a while and decided to sell the pelikan. 1912 is, in my hand ymmv, just a better writing instrument (except complex filling system and a bit of what seems like an erosion inside the cap). The 146 feels slightly more reliable. Nib is
  20. Alanz25

    Montblanc 146 - Real Or Fake?

    Hello All, Ive just recently embarked on my journey to collect fountain pens, so please forgive me for my inexperience. Ive always loved the look of the Montblancs, and I happened to stumble upon an eBay listing for a 146 in (seemingly) good condition. However, knowing its from eBay, Im unsure if it is a genuine pen or just a high quality fake. Ive looked closely at the pictures and it seems that the engraving on the nib looks a bit off to the left. Knowing I probably cant tell the difference between a real and a fake, I need advice whether or not to purchase this pen Thanks in advance.
  21. Long-time lurker. Dropped by after viewing a pre-loved (possible) 146 in a local shop. It's up for sale for £150, but subject to offers. It comes in a nice square box with a bottle of black ink (dated 2013, use by?). The inside of the box is somewhat stained by different colours of ink in the pen storage and bottle storage areas, as though the ink bottle has been replaced when the bottle was wet or the pen put away or taken out by inky fingers. There is a GERMANY mark on the cap ring, a blue/grey non-slatted ink window and MONTBLANC MEISTERSTUCK 146 on the barrel, but I have yet to get
  22. Received a newsletter by email this morning from Fritz Schimpf promoting a special edition MB 146 with what appears to be an italic nib. Interesting writing samples. https://www.fritz-schimpf.de/Schreibgeraete/Fuellhalter/Montblanc-x-Fritz-Schimpf-Sonderedition-Italic-100-Kolbenfuellhalter.html?utm_source=CleverReach&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter+Herbst%2FWinter+2017&utm_content=Mailing_10553580
  23. desperatemb

    Stuck Piston Knob On My Mb 146..

    Hey guys, I'm close to killing myself due to my piston knob being stuck. I wanted to refill my Meisterstück 146 fountain pen today and instead of activating the drawing mechanism by turning the knob, I removed the piston completely and thereby found out that the drawing mechanism is somehow stuck. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. My life is in your hands. suicidal mb-user from Germany
  24. Hello guys, I would love to get some opinion on the size of pen. I've been thinking about getting the famous 146 (which I would have to order online, probably some nice second-hand if available--don't have any place to buy MB in my area) but I'm not sure if it will really fits my small hand. In my collection, I have: 145 classic Poe (away for fix) St. Exupery 2017 149 (Oh, well...) - I've been using either Lamy2000 or 145 as my edc, both of which are pretty nice to hold. - Poe is good also (as far as I can remember, hadn't used it that much). - 2017 St. Exupery is somehow not something

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