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  1. The Toyooka Craft pen cases have been mentioned a few times but not often or recently. I bought their 24 pen box with a drawer for ink 3 or 4 years ago at the SF Pen Show. I then bought the 4 drawer, 40 pen case. Today, my 100 pen box arrived, and I love it! I hate to think where this mathematical progression goes next, but meanwhile I am delighted with the design and workmanship of this case. Each drawer has 20 slots and is deep enough for any pen I can imagine using. Size is roughly 18.66 x 8.27 x 8.35 inches. (W, D, H) Enjoy!
  2. Hi everyone, as noted in a previous post, I am getting a Pilot E95S and am wanting to know which pen case would fit the pen? Thanks and have a great new years wherever you may be! 💜💚
  3. Hello everyone! I am looking at buying a pen case for at least 20 pens. Right now I am looking at either Girologio 24 pen case or Galen Leather 20 pen case. I would like to here you preference between these two brands or any other brands and why you would choose one over the other. Thank you for your help!
  4. Royal Goedewaagen Ceramic Pen Case Royal Goedewaagen has a rich history that starts in 1610. Jacob Pietersz founded the earthenware factory called the Star. This earthenware factory not only manufactured traditional stuff like goblets, food jugs and small feed boxes, but it also produced half industrial earthenware as well. All Royal Goedewaagen products are traditionally crafted, just like 400 years ago. However, nowadays they combine traditional craft with modern production technology. One of their more unexpected products are ceramic pen cases with Delft Blue decoration. For my birt
  5. I have trouble finding three pens case that would hold three large pens on the picture below. I have tried Franklin Christoph three Pen Case a d Galen Leather but both are too small. Do you know of any suitable pen case available?
  6. Just bought another one of these awesome pen wraps: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Pentaloons?ref=yr_purchases This one is my 4th (one I bought as a present for friend). They hold 4-5 pens each, wrap nicely and are just all around functional and beautiful. I've no association with the maker - just stumbled upon them on Etsy. Here's a pic of one have:
  7. I just bought a 24 leather pen case. I put all my pens in the case, most are inked up and then laid the case flat in my desk drawer. Everything was fine except one of My TWSBI Eco's leaked almost entirely into the cap. My other Eco didn't leak at all so I thought maybe the nib and feed weren't seated all the way. It seemed to be seated fine. Anyways I have since positioned the case my desk so that case is upright in such a way that the pens are sitting vertical with cap facing up. From here on out I wont be storing the case horizontally in fear of another leak. None of my other pens le
  8. Dear FPN, I recently started collecting fountain pens-- some are beautiful and I'd love to display them but I am concerned about UV damage. Does anyone have any advice to protect the pens from UV light other than covering them or storing them in a drawer? Better yet, can anyone recommend a pen case that has UV protective glass? Thank you so much! Maya
  9. A review of the 6-Pen Case from Visconti. Have also replicated the content with some more pictures in the blog. Happy reading ! Below is a link to the same: Visconti Dreamtouch 6-Pen Case I was looking for a quality pen-case for quite sometime to serve as a handy storage of my fountain pens, outside their hefty boxes. Existence of nice fountain pens, necessitates invention of great fountain pen cases. I do use a Pelikan 3-pen case to carry my daily fountain pens, but I required something more secure which can double up as a travel companion, if I ever intend to carry more than three pens a
  10. Hi everyone! I've had this case for about two days, so it's not so much a review as it is an overview, but even so, I figured I'd share. Last week, my in-laws gifted me a Pelikan M1000 as a college graduation gift, and I wanted a pen sleeve/case to keep it safe in my bag. I like to use my stuff, but I didn't want it getting all dinged up with all the odds and ends in my bag. The Pelikan case was too expensive for me, and so i headed over to Etsy to see if I could find something good. I came across a shop on there called Lepus Leather, which seemed to have some pretty good looking pen cases f
  11. I am looking for a pen (pocket) case that holds three pens, and in particular can hold a pen that is 6.5 in length capped. Do you have any recommendations?
  12. Oh La La! Some of us are dreaming of a special edition Nock Co A5 Seed case in the Peacock / Amethyst colorway (like the current Sapelo Penvelope pictures) with a Mint trim/zipper. This is what Nock Co would call the Oh La La and will be making with a special tag if we are enough to want it. Do you want to help us make this reality ? If you do, read on and join the campaign I am launching with Rodrigo (@InkedandDistilled on IG) to convince NockCo how badly we want this to happen! During the DC Pen Show, looking at the Sapelo Penvelope in Peacock / Amethyst colorway next to a Seed case, I
  13. PILOT x SOMÈS Pen porch Review These photos were taken with my mobile phone in order to save time and make blog-writing easier. Hope the downgraded image quality won't spoil my identity as a professional photographer as well as digital image specialist. I always carry a few pens with me so I have the need to find some good pen porches for them. The pen porch shown in my previous Pelikan M800 Review (Here) caught some friend's attention and asked me about it, so I decided to write this review. This Porch is a "PILOT x SOMÈS" 3-slot pen porch, it's producd by SOMÈS SADDLE for Pilot, SOMÈS is
  14. I'm still pretty new to fountain pens, so I don't actually have a collection of pens, but started poking around looking for pen storage/carry options for when I eventually do have multiple pens and perhaps start carrying one or two on a daily basis. For personal reasons, I don't really like leather (the fake stuff is okay, but also not my favorite), so I was hoping to find some non-leather options, and a LOT of what I have noticed in the forums is leather. Anyone have or know of a good non-leather case? These are the things I'm looking for, by order of importance (with the first being the th
  15. em_the_pen

    First Pen Wrap!

    Just received my first pen wrap in the mail today. Pretty excited! I realized recently that just throwing my pens all together in one bag could lead to scratches, leaks, and other damage. I figured I should take better care of my pens. Luckily, Amazon had me covered with this inexpensive wrap. Its got enough room for all my currently inked pens as well as one ballpoint if someone asks to borrow a pen. The best part is it has a little pocket for extra cartridges, converters, and anything else I might need! And it's not bad looking either!
  16. I recently purchased a supposedly new and unopened Visconti 3 Pen Case, however, I fear that I may have received a used counterfeit. The case does not have a metal V on the front of it nor does it have the Visconti logo on the back. In addition, the case was stated as new and unopened however the inside of the case had damaged felt. I just wanted some second opinions on this. I searched through FPN, google, and reddit, but I could not find anything. I can provide more pictures if necessary. Thank you,
  17. Here is a wonderful EDC pen case made over here in the Philippines. This is sold in Everything Calligraphy, and their styles vary by season. The Spring 2017 line is my personal favorite, was hoping to get the 3-pen in Camel,but unfortunately ran out so i opted for the 2 pen version instead. Shown here is my TWSBI Eco, and my Pilot Metropolitan. They come in 1, 2 or 3 pen versions, and based on the descriptions the 1-pen version fits up to a montblan 149 (14.8mm diameter) while the 2/3-pen versions fit a Lamy 2000 (13mm diameter) They accommodate international orders via email and it is
  18. I originally posted this in the "Fountain & Dip Pens - First Stop" section but Ive relized this is a better place for the question. Recently Goulet has added Girologio cases to their inventory, and I am interested in getting one because the elastic in my Franklin-Christoph 3 pen case has gotten a bit loose and the Girologio case seems to just use a divider system instead. I searched on youtube and reddit and no reviews that Im aware of have been posted from the picture it seems like the flap on the top opens up so putting in shorter pens shouldnt be a problem but Im not sure. Can anyone h
  19. Moved the question to Paper & Pen Paraphernalia
  20. Dear all, I saw this topic in repair Q&A section, but without a lot of responses. I need a nice case to keep my 10 of fountain pens. Currently ask are in a pouch and I fear scratches with them kept together. Any reccomendations on Mumbai or online? Reasonably priced (sure would hate a case costlier than the lens itself!!) Something uniquely Indian is also preferred Any reccomendations? Thanks
  21. I like carrying 2-3 pens around with me in my pocket but I always limit it to cheaper pens like the metropolitan or Jinhaos because I'm afraid to damage any of my more expensive pens. However, I would love to actually be able to use my Pilot custom heritage 91, and vanishing point, etc in classes to take notes considering I bought the things to actually use. I have the standard single pen slips that I will keep pens in but I'm afraid that sitting down and moving around etc that the pen being in my pocket might snap in two or be damaged since the pen slip doesn't really offer any rigidity, it j
  22. Share what's in your various pen cases at the moment! I really only have one case, though I'm always looking for a sale to get another few. And how do you decide what goes in your cases if you have more pens than can fit in them? Do expensive pens get first dibs? Or maybe ones with sentimental value get the first chance at leathery protection? Left Side (top to bottom): Pelikan M800 Parker Vacumatic Waterman 56, woodgrain Waterman 55, woodgrain Waterman 94, Olive Ripple Waterman 52V, Rose Ripple Waterman 52V, BluGreen Ripple Waterman 52, Cardinal Visconti Homo Sapiens, sterling silve
  23. Hello, all - I recently found and contacted John Hubbard about making me a custom cigar box pen case. He did a wonderful job so I thought I would do a quick review. Please excuse my crappy photos. IMG_20170109_141248 by Infinite_Day1, on Flickr This is the box that I chose as I wanted something in the range of 10 pens and John stated he had another of this type that he could make such a box from. This box is a beautiful lacquered burgundy color. John nicely applies a piece of foam to the bottom of the box to help prevent slipping and scratching on whatever surface you are keeping it on.
  24. Hey there, this is my first post in this section! So anyways, I think I have found the best option for me to display my collection on my desk, keeping them safe and close at hand. Surprisingly, I found this at my local Staples office supply store. The brand is Poppin, one that I am not very familiar with, but the results are fantastic. This is basically a very heavy "field of grass" made of some sort of vinyl-like plastic that perfectly supports your pens in an upright position. Even better, it was only $12 and comes in a wide variety of colors. It has officially become a staple of
  25. I just received a custom Nauka and am intetested in a single pen case for it. The pen is huge, 163 mm in length. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions for a single pen case or other alternatives. In production or someone who could custom make one. Preferably leather so I could take it with me, but open to other ideas.

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