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  1. Hello to everyone. I found three really similiar looking fountain pens at my love's flat. I wonder what brand they could be or how old they must be, what their engraved subtitles refer to and so on. I took photos and luckily I can read small letters from close, so I can write what I found engraved on their tips. I will describe them according to their order on both photos, they are in the same order on both. On the left, no pattern: has a "Spirit of St Louis" graving at the bottom edge of the lid. On the point "Iridium point" and Germany are engraved with some nice spiral-decorated "frame" like pattern. It seems to be made of steel or some other lighter metal. Middle one, "stripy": on the tip it says "Radiant tipped" and "Made in USA". It has a very light, plastic feeling, especially the lid. The other two have more metal weight and feeling. On the right, with black shapes: on the tip it says "Matador", below that is an encircled "1" and below that is New York. The lid and body are made of metal. Thank you in advance Update: Found one more, it was in a Marksman titled case, but I'm not sure if it is one. It says "Iridium point" on the tip as well with the same nice swirls, but no "Germany" is engraved. It must have been a company gift, since there is a Philips logo on its lid. There is a very little figure on the golden clip which looks like a winged human figure standing on one leg and holding a stretch-out bow. Naturally the last photos with the dark blue pen count here.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm new to FPN and pen collecting in general. I am particularly interested in ballpoint pens... I'm a full-time student and I do most of my work in ballpoint. I have a few pens that I've bought used, and I want to know what you think are the best ballpoints you have purchased/used. These can be at any price point and a pen can be your favorite for any reason. My favorite pen (by far) is my Classique Montblanc Meiserstuck, followed by a few designer pens (Tiffany and Givenchy). I have a Waterman Maestro and a Waterman Phileas that I really like. And on the lower end of the price scale I still think Cross makes handsome, dependable, and inexpensive ballpoints. What are your favorites? Any ideas for my next pen?
  3. Help! I really love the Robert Oster inks. Where can I get them in India? Have you guys used Robert Oster?
  4. Hiya I'm hoping someone can advise me? Joined the forum yesterday as I need some help please. Was trying to refill a vintage cross ballpoint (classic century I believe) and somehow managed to remove the refill holder, instead of just the refill?? And of course it won't go back in now... I've tried heating the barrel but that didn't work. Have I ruined it?
  5. Some of you might have seen me wandering around the forum, looking for a pen as a step-up from my metropolitan and I was acting like a headless chiken cheking pens without any criteria. Finally, I have found the criteria and I'm asking you, fellow fountain pen lovers, to help me with commendations. Criteria: Price: 40-110 USD Body wheight(no cap, unposted): no more than 20 grams. Grip diameter: no more than 10mm Thank you beforhand.
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Fountain Pen Network, As a side effect of the recent re-shuffle of forums (December 2014), which has more or less been concluded now, I was fortunate enough to search for all the pen brands I could find, with a view to moving them to the appropriate forums, together with the entire team. Since I thought you might be interested, I have accumulated all the pen brands, I could find, in this topic, alphabetized by country, with the brands also appearing in alphabetical order. Furthermore, if several pen brands occur(red) more than once, I have added the company or main brand in curved brackets, and if a main brand/company produced another brand, I have tried to add that brand in curved brackets as well, although this is a far from complete exercise so far. In case a brand opened several factories, in different countries, I have tried to indicate this as well. This info has been scraped from some of the pen books I am lucky enough to own, and the internet, with due reference especially to our own site right here, and to the Soloplumas website, which you may find here: http://soloplumas.blogspot.de/. Other pen sites which proved useful were generally the sites of traders in pens, especially vintage pens, several blogs, etc. As always when doing these searches - Google is one's friend . The idea is to try and keep this list up to date, and if any of you notice that pen brands are missing, please add those to this list, preferably with a reference; I will add them to the appropriate country. Similarly, please let me know if any typos were made, I'll gladly correct those too, and also any main brands for the brands listed. In case of incorrect attributions, please let me know too, preferably with a reference too: the idea is to, possibly, create an entry per brand with some sort of description if at all possible (time-wise), or if you yourself would like to do so - by all means post it, and notify me. For convencience's sake, portions of this topic will be copied to the relevant forums as well. Thank you all very much in advance! Warm regards, Wim
  7. New Moonman pen. Thoughts? Available on eBay for $42-ish (i could find only 1 listing though..), appears to use a Schmidt nib. Pictures taken from Reddit and Instagram.
  8. northstar

    St Dupont Fidelio Sterling Cap

    Hello everyone, I just bought this St Dupont Fidelio Sterling Silver cap FP BP set
  9. Can anyone explain to me why they like the designs so I can appreciate it more? I don’t mean to be rude or criticize people for what they like, I am just curious why you like the look of these pens. Just please reply! I really want to know what the appeal is. Thank you for your help! W. Major
  10. Hi guys! I'd like to share with you a quick video review of the diplomat aero (Steel nib) I made recently! I think this is an amazing pen and just wanted to share my thoughts and the unboxing experience with you guys if you are interested in getting one of your own! Video review link! I'd have to say that if you're on the fence about getting one, you should just pull the trigger and get one! Let me know if you guys have an questions or comments! Links to where to get one; Diplomat catalog; http://www.diplomat-pen.com/product-category/diplomat/aero/ Get one here!; https://www.overjoyed.xyz/product/diplomat-aero-blackorange-fountain-pen-fine-45591
  11. Hey Everyone, I just received this pen from my mother the other day as a gift. Its been her's for years but she's never used it. I'm new to the world of pens and would like to get some background info on this pen, and any thought you have on it. How much do pens like this normally buy/sell for? And is there anything special about this one?
  12. Long time ago I got this Soennecken fountain pen from my father. I am not shure if the pen was from my father or grandfather. I assume the pen is made in the period 1950 - 1960. Does anybody know this pen and what the value might be?
  13. Hi, I am looking to buy a pilot custom 74 in a fine nib(soft is preferred). My only criteria is that it writes smooth and isn't too weared out. If you have a custom 74 you'd like to sell or trade, hit me up and we can talk about the pricing!
  14. Saw this Montblanc for sale on marketplace but couldn't identify it from my own knowledge or with a Google search. Do you guys know what it is?
  15. I do not know if SYAHI pens is still operating but they make beautiful wooden pens. There is also Lotus Shikhar in Sandalwood and I know Lotus also makes sandalwood pens in other models. It will be great if there is someone like Ryan Krusac in India, who makes pens in different types of woods.
  16. I saw this pen on the Netflix tv show Hannibal - Season 3 episode 7 - and cannot find what it is, the series is pretty dark so it's very hard to tell, I'd appreciate any help ! Thanks !
  17. Our member amk posted a few very interesting topics, a travelogue as it were, on her Indian pen trips. As they provide valuable insights and information, this topic aims to collect the entire set of travelogues for easy reference. The links to these topics follow below. Enjoy! Indian Pen Odyssey 1: Backpacker On A Mission! Indian Pen Odyssey 2: Lookalikes Indian Pen Odyssey 3: Cheapie Shoot-Out Indian Pen Odyssey 4: Varanasi Indian Pen Odyssey 5: Sumgai In Vidisha! Indian Pen Odyssey 6: Indore And Bhopal Indian Pen Odyssey 7: Mumbai - Fountain Pen Central Indian Pen Odyssey 8: Aurangabad - stop The Rickshaw... Indian Pen Odyssey 9: Calcutta, Coincidences And Converts Indian Pen Odyssey 10: Delhi, Disappointments And Delights Thank you kindly, amk, for providing us with these delightful stories! Warm regards, Wim
  18. Hey guys! During my recent travels to Japan, i found a unique wooden fountain pen case from Storio. I'd never heard of the brand before but the moment i saw the case i fell in love with the way it looked and felt, so I just had to get one! I thought I'd just shed some light on this relatively unknown brand, as i think this case is beautiful and worth every penny. It looks professional and sleek/ stealthy, yet is interesting enough to get anyone who lays eyes on it to start a conversation about it! If you guys are interested, i made a video review about it! Theres also a link to where to get one if youre interested! Let me know if you guys have any questions or comments about it! Edit; There seems to be an issue with the audio. I will update the post when i reupload a new one! Edit 2; Audio issue has been resolved!
  19. Hey guys! After almost a year of waiting, i finally received my grail pen i ordered back in August 2019, the conid bulkfiller regular! I made a video going over what came with my order, some of the available accessories and some general comments on the quality of the pen and how it writes. I made it to provide some insight into how Conid's quality has changed since their order stoppage, and to show you guys waiting on your open orders or are keen on ordering one when they reopen orders, what you can expect from the company! You can find my unboxing at this video link! Thanks so much guys and let me know if you've got any questions or comments!
  20. What's the best looking pen you own? Post lots of pictures!
  21. I need help fact-checking my a part in the Novel I am writing. I want to know how someone who writes Italics would hold their pen, is it any different from someone who writes with a Straight Handwriting? I conjecture that someone who writes in a Straight Handwriting will have the nib pointing -45 to -20 degrees from their body whereas an Italics writer would hold it -15 to +25 degrees. What this means is that a Normal writer's nib will be more worn on the left side than the right, and vice-versa in an Italics writer. Please send in a picture (if possible) of how you would hold your nib if you are writing in italics, and mention whether you usually write in a straight, or in italics. Everyone who submits a response will be mentioned in the Acknowledgements at the beginning of my novel. It's a thriller, and this is the part where the detective begins to suspect things she would have never had otherwise... Any help and advice will be deeply appreciated. I place a very high price on the factual accuracy of a novel.
  22. Hello everyone! Some of you may recall that upon hearing that OMAS had ceased to exist, I decided to try to assemble a complete collection of my all-time favorite pen: the OMAS 360. Taking into account only color, size, materials and specially-branded editions - and thus making abstraction of trim colors, type (FP vs RB) and the presence of precious stones - I was able to inventory a total of 53 different versions of the OMAS 360. Of these, I currently own 51. The ones I like to use and carry with me most of the time (Titanium, Burkina, Snakewood and Ebony), I actually have in double and triple, respectively - just in case they were to get lost, damaged or stolen. A few others I have in both HT/Ag and YG trim versions (standard Blue/Black, Smoke, Lucens and Arco Brown), as I think that the pens look very different with different trims. Finally, I also have a few doubles, just because things happened that way (MoMa Red, Vision Amber, and Mezzo FIGC). Today I thought I would share with you a few quick pictures I took this morning as I was getting the pens organised... I hope you will enjoy seeing them. The complete collection, including a few doubles: http://a.lber.to/post/1_All.jpg The Oversize pens: http://a.lber.to/post/2_Oversize.jpg - Blue/Black, HT Trim - Black, YG Trim ("Tabellionis Stylus", the only true black 360 OMAS ever made, for the Italian Notary Association) The Cotton Resin pens: http://a.lber.to/post/3_CottonResin.jpg Top row: - Blue/Black, YG Trim - Blue/Black, HT Trim - Venician Blue, HT Trim - Grey, GT Trim - Burgundy, HT Trim ("Erasmus CLE") - Pearlescent Purple, RG Trim (Prototype which was never actually produced) - Red, HT Trim - Green, HT Trim ("75th Anniversary") - Colonial Brown, YG Trim (IMOHO, the ugliest 360 OMAS ever made...) - Yellow, HT Trim - White, HT Trim ("75th Anniversary") Bottom row: - Orange/Red, HT Trim ("TAG Heuer") - Yellow, HT Trim ("Bittner") - Black, HT 3-band Trim ("MoMa") - Red, HT 3-band Trim ("MoMa") - Orange, HT 3-band Trim ("75th Owner's Club") The Translucent pens: http://a.lber.to/post/4_Translucent.jpg - Smoke, Ru Trim ("Vintage") - Blue, RG Trim ("Vintage") - Smoke, YG Trim ("Vintage") - Brown, YG Trim ("ZENITH") - Turquoise, HT Trim ("Vintage") - Orange, HT Trim ("Soleterre") - Red, HT Trim ("Vintage") - Amber, YG Trim ("Vision Bronze") - Clear, HT Trim ("Vision") The Celluloid pens: http://a.lber.to/post/5_Celluloid.jpg - Burkina, Ag Trim - Arco Brown, YG Trim (Prototype pen with Greek band on cap, never produced) - Arco Brown, YG 3-band Trim - Lucens, Ag 3-band Trim - Lucens, YG 3-band Trim - Wild, HT 3-band Trim - Wild, HT Trim - Blue Royal, HT Trim - Pearl Grey, HT Trim Missing from photo: - Arco Brown, HT Trim The Metal and Wood pens: http://a.lber.to/post/6_Metal-Wood.jpg - Illumination, Silver - First Personal Computer, Aluminum ("FPC") - T2, Titanium - Snakewood, Ag Trim - Ebony, Ag Trim The Mezzo pens: http://a.lber.to/post/7_Mezzo.jpg - Blue/black, HT trim - Pearlescent Blue, HT trim - Blue, HT trim - Light Blue, HT trim ("FIGC") - Purple, HT trim - Pearlescent Liliac, HT trim - Liliac, HT trim - Red, HT trim ("Camera dei Deputati") - Red, HT trim - Orange, HT trim - Yellow, HT trim - Green, HT trim - White, HT trim Missing from photo: - Light Blue, HT Trim
  23. I have a Conway Stewart in excellent outside condition. I sent it to a pen repair person for a complete restoration, new sac, nib tuned and polished. I got it back and all it got was "grease" and does not fill or write. Charge was $17. (restoration quote was $40) Rather than pursue with this fellow and waste my time, are there any reputable pen restorers, repair persons in the USA, with an online website, that I can send my pen to for restoration and nib tuning and polish? Thanks for your help. jim
  24. I recently fixed a crack in the cap of a Parker Big Red, but the repair work has left a rather unsightly blemish on it. I've been an admirer of Japanese lacquer work and am thinking of using that pen to do a DIY faux Urushi pen similar to the methods used here with Edison's project: http://edisonpen.com...pearl-project-2 In no way do I want to use actual Urushi, owing to its toxicity and price. My questions: 1) What kind of lacquer should I use? Or would it be easier to use enamel paint, like the ones by Testor's? 2) If I use lacquer, what's an inexpensive way to color it? Would using wood stains work? 3) How much time to let each layer cure? 4) What's a good hardener or thickener to create the random-seeming patterns like in the Edison project? Or should I just let the lacquer thicken over time? 5) What grades of grit are best to get for this? Thanks in advance for your guidance.

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