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  1. To tell you the truth, I am heavily biased towards two of my pelicans - one is a M400 white tortoise, other is the blue striated M805. The M8XX usually considered to be the logical next step to M4XX/6XX, if some logic is still left. As with the model numbers, there is a general increase in nib size & specs, in addition to overall dimensions, when you move from M4XX to M1XXX. I also love the Souverän M 625 with dazzling sterling silver trims (Ag 92.5%). Although the blue-striated M805 in a way alludes to the 1929 classical green-striped design with a differentiated version of the striped tr
  2. cgreenberg19

    Pelikan M805 Review

    Pelikan M805 Overview: The Pelikan M805 has been regarded by many people as their favorite pen. Due to the pen’s great nib and convenient filling system I’d say it’s right up there on my list favorites. The pen is pretty attractive as things go. The pen feels great in hand for me except for one thing. I have fairly small hands and I prefer a smaller pen just for the writing comfort. My one issue with this pen is that it is slightly back weighted because of the all metal piston filler mechanism under the blind cap. This wouldn’t be an issue if I had larger hands, but if you are like me with
  3. The Custom 823 pens have always been highly captivating demonstrators from Pilot Corporation (Japan), sporting the second largest nib (Pilot#15, Namiki#20 nibsize), with a vacuum plunger filling mechanism. The model number 823 refers to the price and year, of launch, although in a slightly intricate manner. Since this pen was released in the year of 2000, 82 years after the company’s inception (i.e. 1918), it carries the first two digits of the model number as ‘82’ and the last digit which is ‘3’ refers to it launch price of JPY 30,000 (3 X 10,000). Also replicated the content with additiona
  4. I finally took the plunge finally and bought an Izumo (Tagayasan) after going through some lovely reviews from my fellow fpners. I could not find a review of the matte version at fpn before buying this. Here is also a link to my blog with some more pics: Platinum Izumo Tagayasan - Matte Review The Izumo series was launched in 2010 to celebrate the birthplace of Platinum’s founder Shunichi Nakata. The Nakata surname of course reflects in all Nakaya nibs. Coming to Izumo, the Izumo province is located in the eastern coast of Japan and is famous for its political history as well as ma
  5. Today Pelikan announced the upcoming M805 Special Edition Blue Dunes fountain pen and ballpoint pen. They are scheduled to arrive sometime in June. We are offering them for pre-order in our shop www.fritz-schimpf.de. By choosing "Vorauskasse" or pre-payment as payment option we will not charge the amount untill the pens have arrived, have been checked and are ready for shipment. Our price for the Pelikan Souverän M805 Special Edition Blue Dunes fountain pen (nib sizes F, M and B is € 352,94 (EF nibs € 386,56) for all orders shipped to the outside of the European Union. Shipping
  6. Amaryllis21

    A New M805 Family All Of A Sudden

    Dear Forum, glad I found you - And I am your new member and maybe contributor to others that are on the quest for nice pens. I have owned a silver/black Pelikan M805 for ages, it was "the" pen I decided to buy when I was thinking that should take care of any word I write and so my (in my terms) expensive pen should me remind me. Same as with my watch, that I bought to remind me of how precious time is. (So the watch was precious, too) And now, all of a sudden and surprisingly I went into growing a M805 family in just 1 week! By coincidence, I found a M805 Demonstrator that I immedia
  7. Loved the MB's flagship pen review by Betweenthelines. And then realized, I was yet to post a review on FPN for the lesser one, the 146. As for me, I came across a real Montblanc pretty much later in life, though used to love a pen called Camlin Premier during school days. It came with a 1-pen leather pouch, an additional screw-fit nib and it did have those striped ink windows. I say I loved it, but never wrote with it since it belonged to my dad and I was a small kid. Back in 1999-2000, it cost around USD 5.00 and it was a hefty price tag for any locally made fountain pen. Later I did real
  8. PRELUDE I was looking to gift my dad with a Montblanc pen for a long time. And it had to be a new one. Personally, I had bought a pre-owned MB 146 (the only pre-owned in my small collection), and I am more or less happy with it. It’s kind of ineffable but the right shape with the right balance, encompassed within a classical look seemed missing in some luxury pens, which I own. Personally, I feel that any pen above $ 100 is never a VFM and it’s rather a self-indulgence in fooling myself when I order one more expensive pen. May be it’s just applying theory of brand relativity when I try to co
  9. Hi Guys. I have been into fountain pens for a while now, but I hadn't bought any expensive pens until now. My collection mainly consisted of TWSBIs which I have been very happy with. I worked really hard this year for my 2nd-year exams, and I worked pretty hard over the summer in an internship so I decided I would reward myself with my first "expensive pen". I decided on the Pelikan M805 Stresemann for a couple of reasons. 1 - It looks brilliant. I really like the look of the grey stripes down the barrel. I haven't seen a pen that I like the look of so much. 2 - I had heard that Pelikan
  10. Coming from my home base in California, USA - A new discount from paperinkpen.com: Today through next Wednesday I'm offering 20% Off Regular Pricing on all Pelikan Souveran Fountain Pens in Stock Please use code: fpn20 to receive your discount. Discount is taken during checkout. As always California Residents: We Pay Your Sales Tax! Thanks for peeking in. I look forward to serving you. Dave macaddicted Paper, Ink, Pen is a California based authorized Pelikan reseller. Not responsible for typographic errors. Offer is subject to change
  11. Purphoros

    Massdrop M805 Stresemann

    Looks like Massdrop is running a drop on the M805 in the Stresemann finish. The price looks OK but is above my current budget. $400 https://www.massdrop.com/buy/pelikan-souveran-m805-stresemann-special-edition
  12. Hi everyone, I wanted to have a separate topic on this because I couldn't find enough information on other topics and they're quite old now. I have been searching for a m1005 demo for quite a while now but as many of you might have found out the unused ones in market have almost tripled in value since that pens release (6 years ago?) and the used ones usually ask for the new price when it was released (600$ range) and they are usually sold in less than an hour. I have a visconti opera black demo and an aurora 88 black demo and I really enjoyed using those, though I dropped and cracked t
  13. Before purchase I read some reviews and watched some videos on the M805 blue striped. All were mentioning some degree of translucency of the black stripes that allow to see the ink level. When I got the M805 I immediately noticed the lack of translucency - one of the first things that I did was to hold the pen up to the light. Very little light passes through the barrel when placed between myself and my phone flashlight and that's only on 2/3 of it. It's not as bad as the R600 red striped which is opaque even with flashlight, but that's a rollerball so I don't care. Is this common on the blue
  14. I had heard rumors of the cap and pen body coloring not lining up but figured I would be able to sort it out if it was an issue. At least be able to line the cap and body up to an acceptable arrangement. Ive had to re align many new Omas pens that the facets did not align so I was not afraid of the Pelikan if alignment was needed. Well I was wrong. The cap threads on the Pelikan appear to be cut into the cap itself and the sealing cup is glued into the cap separately. If I remove the liner and move it down, it will just come loose after a brief amount of capping and uncapping. I spun
  15. Iguana Sell

    New Pelikan Souverän M805 Ocean Swirl

    Meet the new Pelikan Souverän M805 Ocean Swirl. This new Special Edition has been created using a unique material that gives each piece an spectacular appearance evoking the ocean's swirls. Exposing it to light you achieve brightness and depth. As it happens in the deep of the ocean light tones alternate with darker touches, reliving its lights and shine. Each instrument in this series is unique. Cap and rings are palladium plated and the fountain pen features a 18K gold nib rhodium plated available in EF, F, M and B. The collection will be available in fountain pen, ballpoint and roller.
  16. The M805 Ocean Swirl is a stunning yet controversial 2017 Special Edition from Pelikan. While my initial view was ambivalent, in actual use, the pen has moved into the same vaunted category as the understated, equally variable, City Series San Francisco. I was fortunate enough to see seven copies among the local DC/MD stores and two additional copies from Pen friends; 9 in total. Particular thanks goes to Pen Boutique for helping me land mine. Pattern and Color Distribution: Some posts seem to hint that some pen copies may have "nearly" 100% blue-green and others verging on total black.
  17. Posting yet another Pelikan M400 review Have replicated the content with some more pictures in the blog. Happy reading ! Below is a link to the same: Pelikan Souverän M400 Review BACK IN TIME An 180 year old maker of fountain pens and their paraphernalia, coupled with the fact that your collection is rather incomplete without a Pelikan, was enough to provide momentum for my first purchase. Pelikan had launched its first fountain pen back in 1929. As for me, having already witnessed the writing finesse of a steel nibbed M 205, which I had to trade off, it was time to witness the real 14K
  18. Driften

    New M805 Blue Stripe

    Yesterday I got my new Pelikan M805 with M nib from Missing-pens.de it took one week to make it from Germany to Washington State. That actually was not too bad! I went with a M nib because I was reading here that M800 nibs tended to be marked one grade finer then they wrote compared to other Western nibs. In my case that is WRONG. The M nib puts down a 0.6mm line on Rhoda paper with kon-peki ink. That is the very same width as my Montblanc 146 M and my Pelikan m215 M. I guess I should have gone with the B. I do like the nib and plan on keeping it but I am getting into broader nibs and M is my
  19. I am happy to share a review of the Graf von Faber Castell Elemento Fountain pen, which is incidentally my first limited edition fountain pen. I have also replicated the content with some additional pictures in my blog, since the images are/will be reduced to a smaller thumbnail after a short-while by the image hosting service. Below is a link to the same: Review of Graf von Faber-Castell Elemento ELEMENTO L.E To be honest, the Elemento seems so alluring, ever since I have got an Intuition. Its yearning could only multiply with time. A sale was good enough to trigger my purchase as I c
  20. pchand2

    Pelikan M805 Dry Nib

    I purchased a new Pelikan M805 last week with Broad nib and is the most expensive pen i have ever bought. When i received it, the pen wouldn't write. Once i managed to get the ink flow by priming the feed, it started writing with out any issues. There were few skips in the horizontal strokes some times. But every time i cap the pen, it would refuse to start again. And i also thought the nib wrote dry for a Broad nib. Since the nib had this very Glassy feeling on Rhodia paper, i thought it could be over polishing. I am always reluctant to take any nib to micromesh because i always manage to g
  21. soniknitr

    Twsbi Diamond 580 Review

    With the latest Twsbi Eco making news, I decided to give my old 580 another shot just to make sure whether I should go for another. Find one is good enough for me (personal opinion). Here is also a link to my blog: TWSBI Diamond 580 Review Here goes my review of the 580: My sole motivation behind getting a TWSBI was to disassemble the pen and have all the fun, which I missed. And I got a clear demonstrator, packaged with a nice-looking wrench. THE TWSBI STORY TWSBI (called Twiz-Bee) refers to San Wen Tong, i.e when TWS is spelled backwards and it means ‘Hall of Three Cultures’ accord
  22. billy1380

    M805 Stiff Nib :(

    So I think I have been spoilt because early on in my fountain pen hobby I bought an M1000 and it has a great nib. I have always loved demonstrators though and so recently I bought an M805 thinking it would have as soft a nib as the M1000. It really is NOT! At most the pressure makes the nib slightly wetter, but it is safe to say that thing has no give. I am not sure I am enjoying that pen as much as I thought I would. I am assuming that Pelikan are pretty consistent with their nibs so the one that I have is representative... but I have to ask... is that the case with all the M800/805 nibs
  23. Hi guys, I am trying to select my next Pelikan. I have reduced down my choices to three: 1-M800 Burnt Orange and M800/M805 Blue Striped. Burnt Orange has a very attractive warm color which I really like. 2-M800 Blue Striped with Gold Trim 3-M805 Blue Striped with Rhodium Trim Which one would you choose and why? Thanks
  24. Dear FPNers, Here is my take on a Visconti Homo Sapiens maxi with an 23k Pd EF nib. I hope you find the review fun and enjoyable. Wish you a prosperous and fun-filled new year with loads of new pens and paraphernalia. In case there are any problems with pictures you can also view the same review in my blog: http://iwonder-thecartographer.blogspot.in/2015/01/visconti-homo-sapiens-bronze-maxi-review.html Main Motivation Somewhere in late 2009, Florence-based luxury pen maker Visconti announced a nib made out of a 95% Palladium (23k) alloy, in a press-release. Most of the nibs that were common
  25. airline0

    Pelikan M805 Stresemann Anthracite

    We currently have in stock the Pelikan M805 Stresemann in Anthracite black with Medium 18k rhodium plated nib. In my opinion, It has a really elegant feel to it, sort of reminds me of a tuxedo . The pen has a subtle combination of anthracite and clear stripes with the finishing touch of palladium accents. It comes packaged in a Pelikan gift box with a soft white pen pouch. Retails for $850 Our price $678 Visit our Website to order or call our toll free 855-565-1818

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