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  1. Hello everybody Today I would like to start a conversation about EDC systems and which pens you carry everyday. I'll start: I have two pen pouches, one with 3 slots and one with 4 slots. Both of them are in brown leather. In the pouch with 3 slots (which has my last name engraved in the leather) I have the pens which have the 3 'basic colours'/most frequent used colours of ink: - Red: For the red ink I use Pelikan Edelstein Ruby, in my Parker Sonnet in red lacquer. Fine nib. Lovely pen but rigid nib, in the future I'd like to upgrade this pen to a burgundy sailor pro gear. - Green: The
  2. writerlydoohickey

    Gravitas Skittles Fountain Pen

    I’m winding down my pen purchases – FINALLY! (I think? LOL.) — so I’ve been pretty choosy about which pens will cap off my modest collection. One these is the multicolored “Skittles” Gravitas Fountain Pen, which has been part of my daily rotation for the last couple of weeks. Besides the striking color, one of the first things most people will notice about the pen is that it is H-E-A-V-Y. With the cap on, it comes in at a hefty 85 grams; even without the cap, the weight is still pretty substantial at 57 grams (it’s a little lighter based on the official site: 74 grams
  3. Vasilis97

    CP1 black finish question

    Hi everyone, This is the first midle priced pen I 've bought when I was stil at school (6-7 years ago) to replace my Parker Jotter Steel. I wanted a pen that whould be a good everyday writer and when I saw this slim matte black pen with modern look I had to get it. After 3-4 months of continuous use, the matte finish has disappeared, giving it's place to a shiny finish which started picking up some scratches. I didn't really minded back then, but as the years have pasted, and I watched some reviews on youtube, I haven't see anyone that had the same problem with me. So I wonder, -
  4. peroride


    From the album: peroride_pen_pics

    Relatively affordable note taking pens
  5. Just got a lovely 144G with long ink window and F nib. It had a new cork seal and filling wonderfully... any harm in using it as an EDC (no pocket only purse) and no direct sunlight?
  6. Hello guys! My name is Thiago and I'm 30 years old. I'm teacher but still a very casual style guy. I love fountain pens and I'm looking for good suggestion of some to use in daily basis to be my everyday carry. I prefer understated desings to avoid to draw attention. So guys, what fountain pens could you suggest to me? Thanks a lot! I'm relative new to the hobby and, of course, I started with these beauty (Lamy Safari and Pilot Metropolitan)
  7. So, I was just thinking over the state of my EDC pen flock, and noted that the one niche in my daily routine not yet filled by a fountain pen is a true pocket carry pen. My previous pen for this purpose, one of those Zebra compact telescopic ballpoints, has just been demoted from pocket carry status because its cap-top jewel had an annoying tendency to work itself loose once every couple of days, causing the jewel, the pen clip, and a washer under the cap jewel to fall off - into my pocket if I'm lucky, or more often, strewn on the sidewalk leaving me to retrace my steps for a good number of m
  8. So I want to upgrade from the use of ballpoint pens at school to a fountain pen. I do have a pen that I enjoy to use at home to study with, but its made out of acrylic, which makes be very scared that it will break in my bag. I know for a fact that there will be times when the pen will be beat around my bag, so I want to stick with pens that are more heavy duty, and made out of metal so that it will be less likely to have any part of the pen break or crack. I do have a metropolitain, but I find the grip section way to uncomfortably small to use, so the grip section would preferably be ~10mm. I

    New Models, New Releases!

    We can finally announce that we are updating the 2018 summer line with 4 new pens all available now. 1 - The Venvstas Stylo, a new cartridge converter pen that is a new design that will allow you to use ANY cartridge/converter on the market. The pen is made in Stainless steel and carbon fiber or fiber glass. 2 - The new Venvstas EDC, an everyday carry piston fountain pen that carries a lot of style and ink! 3 - A new version of the Magna, the Magna Black Edition, in glossy lacquered fiberglass, with a new, revised piston system that will allow for more ink in less space! 4 - The all new
  10. Just over a weekend ago I received an update from Ensso pens, advising me that they'd just launched a new Kickstarter project. Having backed (and very much enjoyed) their Piuma last year, I was right on top of this project too: a very reasonable 'start-up' price for what looks like a great EDC pocket pen. I have no financial interest in Ensso (other than as a backer), but one of his collaborators on the latest project (username caiello) has posted something about it on the "USA - North America" forum. As a new member of the forum, he's not able to post in Market Watch - so I've agreed to d
  11. What are your favorite absolutely scratch free pen sleeeves/cases for multiple everyday carry? Ive been using synthetic suede Omas individual pen sleeves in a clam shell old style grey leatherette Montegrappa box but the spring in the Montegrappa box has broken so its loose now. I want to carry 3-4 pens without worry of scratching when removing and inserting in the pen sleeve. Ive considered the Visconti zip case but the zipper crossing across the cap has me concerned. I picked up a $40 leather 4 pen sleeve but the liner was a little abrasive so I dont use it anymore. Please let me know w
  12. These are your most loyal companions, at the very least the pens you drag to work every day. 1) Pilot VP, Gold Broad Nib. (Currently filled with Diamine Oxblood) 2) L2K, Medium. (Currently filled with Noodlers Squeteague) 3) Pelikan M600, Medium (Currently filled with Montblanc Midnight Blue) 4) Waterman Hemisphere w a Broad blue Montblanc ball point cartridge. (FP variant at home) 5) Park Duofold Rollerball in blue. (FP variant at home) Not pictured is my trusty weekend carry, a flat black Fisher Space Pen. What about y'all?
  13. Big thanks for everyone in this forum for their suggestions and ideas regarding my Mega Monster Pocket Notebook review. I've now published the first review for the Story Supply Co. Edition 407 Pocket Notebook. I've also built out a main Mega Monster review page to aggregate basic data from all the reviews in this series, and I've put together a spreadsheet that will contain all the specs and performance findings for all notebooks in this series. Of course, there's only one in there right now...I'll be fleshing that out as I publish the other reviews. Here's the review for the Edition 407 Poc
  14. Hi, I am wanting to buy a flex pen I can take on my book tour. There will be lots of travel (including airplanes) and probably a bit of getting knocked about in my bag. Would the FPR Guru leak all over my stuff? My original plan was to take my Safari (which I bought primarily for it's durability), but am now thinking I'd like my autographs to have a bit more flourish!
  15. I know that they are completely different pens, but can you help me deciding between them?
  16. I hope I'm not re-stating what others already have ad nauseum, if so apologies in advance! I'll try to keep this short: I wanted an EDC case & for one reason or another wasn't crazy about what's available, so I decided to make my own. I found a few posts where larger Pelican cases / Otterbox cases were used, being familiar with Pelican products that's what I used but in a smaller form factor. I figured I'd post what I did for anyone out there also wanting a more custom / gobs of protection carry solution, but may be hesitant due to a lack of familiarity. If that describes you, don't
  17. Hello, My current endeavor at the moment is finding a pen to carry daily that is durable and of quality. I am aware that sometimes the "tactical pens" and EDC (every day carry) pens are considered synonymous, but in this case might we explore outside of those pens please. I frequent professional meetings, but am also an avid hiker that likes to write outdoors. If you can help me by suggesting a pen that can fit the profile of both professional and sturdy I will be quite thankful.
  18. TSherbs

    How Do You Carry Your Eco?

    Folks, I have been tempted by the ink capacity and price of the Eco, and I like TWSBI nibs a lot, but I carry my pens in my shirt pocket. The Eco does not look good for this at all to me, but let me hear: If the Eco is in your EDC, how do you transport it and carry it around with you? I am a teacher who teaches in several classrooms, so I do not have a desk where I can just leave things out (always risky at a school, anyway). What do you do? thanks
  19. Hey Guys, I am currently a Junior at high school and a big fan of fountain pens, as a student I only use fountain pens with the exception of a Rotring 500 for math. My experience with some fountain pens has been great, others not so much. I started out with a Lamy Safari in Medium, accidentally dropped it after a couple of months and broke the nib. I then got a Lamy AL Star (M), which had an incredibly smooth nib, at the same time I got a new Safari (M) to put another ink in, and it had a very bad nib, straight out of the box the tines were very uneven, and the bead at the end was beyond fixi
  20. Greetings from Canada. This is my first FPN post (other than my introduction). I recently added the brass Kaweco Sport and Lilliput pens to my collection. For some years my fountain pens have tended to be of German manufacture, such as Lamy, Pelikan and Montblanc, with Fisher Space pen "bullet" ball point pens meeting my "in the field" and EDC requirements. I am a public safety worker, and reserve officer in the military, and have a wide range of writing needs (I am hoping to transition into a more gentle, fountain pen - friendly legal practice when I retire in the next few years).
  21. Hey does anyone know of a pen case that will hold both a Pelikan M1000 and a MB 149? Ideally it would be a leather case and not a pen roll or kimono. I have a few cases (Pelikan, Pilot X SOMES, and a couple generic) and none of them will even come close to fitting these two oversize pens. Thanks for your help.
  22. Scythian

    Hello From Ontario

    Hello Everyone, I have been following the forum for some time, and became fascinated with everything to do with beautiful precision writing instruments. I was inspired to watch endless youtube videos and following various blogs over the last 5 years or so. Along the way I learned about journaling, and about fountain pens I would not even have considered acquiring until one forum member or another wrote about their personal experiences. For example, although my collection was formerly entirely German in manufacture (Pelikan, Kaweco, Lamy, Montblanc), I recently obtained some very well made Ch
  23. Hello folks, I received one week ago my brand new Lamy 2K (F), and I didn't like the line-width (was too thin compared to my safari F which is very broad whatever the ink).I send it back and in one week I will receive a Medium. I need your advices for a new ink. I wrote for a year with Noodler's "Q'ternity" (Bernanke BBlk), which was a dark-blue with some green undertones but not too much.. it was between a denim and dark-teal color. It was fast-drying and overall well-behaved, excepting some show-through but it was very reasonable. I was tired of it and now I can't get it anymore at
  24. Xaotic Script

    Edc/edw Care

    Hi Everyone, A while back, with the help of fellow members, I got a Pilot Metro fountain pen and Noodler's Bad Belted Kingfisher. I use this pen as an everyday carry/writer and found that, like other pens that I used to own, the nib keeps accumulating ink on the top and sides. First, am I experience normal fountain behavior, and second, should I keep the nib clean or just let it be? Thanks for all responses.
  25. Xaotic Script

    Edc/edw Care

    Hi Everyone, A while back, with the help of fellow members, I got a Pilot Metro fountain pen and Noodler's Bad Belted Kingfisher. I use this pen as an everyday carry/writer and found that, like other pens that I used to own, the nib keeps accumulating ink on the top and sides. First, am I experience normal fountain behavior, and second, should I keep the nib clean or just let it be? Thanks for all responses.

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