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  1. I have Sailor 1911 L Sailor Compass aka Profit Junior Platinum 3776 Century Platinum President Pilot 74 Pilot 78g Muji pen
  2. I've been pondering this for the past hour, now that the last of my Sailor pens on order (from before my self-imposed year-long moratorium) have arrived. Assuming that the ‘medium-sized’ 14K gold nibs are all interchangeable — and they sorta are, but not exactly in the way one may be accustomed to with Pelikan, HongDian, or Edison Pen Co. pens — between these pens, how best to reassign some of the nibs? As is, With gold trim and yellow-gold nibs (Pro Gear Slim) Shikiori Manyo — Extra Fine nib Promenade (GT) in black — Extra Fine nib Promenade ’Shinin
  3. Arcticart

    Choosing first japanese gold nib

    I've been looking to dip into the japanese gold nib pens for a good while. I've done research and looked for reviews but I'm not much wiser when it comes to comparing them. Thankfully my 200€ budget limits me to the "entry" level models of Pilot, Platinum and Sailor, which in theory should make my choice easier. Platinum 3776: Feels like the "boring" choice. I've heard good things about the "platinum feedback", which I wouldn't mind trying out. I'm indifferent about the appearance of the pen, since it's just a basic cigar shape, and the choice of colors is limited. I feel like this is a p
  4. I was definitely not looking to acquire a new pen! But when local letter press and stationer oblation papers & press in Portland's Pearl District posted about the "new" Sailor 1911 Compass in their IG feed, I immediately decided to order one. I'm usually careful not to make impulse purchases when it comes to FPs, so why the Compass? Lots of reasons: First was the color, which made an immediate impression on me. Though billed as "olive," it looked to me from the picture like it was a flavor of "lime." The picture was true to the real-life color, and I was ultimately pleased to add this oliv
  5. Does anyone know what material this transparent vintage Sailor fountain pen is made of? It's from the 1980s; the plastic was originally white, but has yellowed. The clear plastic is still clear. Is it celluloid? Acrylic? Something else? Moreover, do I need to do anything special to take care of it (compared with modern pens) and can it be kept with my other (all non-celluloid) fountain pens? It's my first vintage pen (although the photos are from Etsy, and not of my actual pen). Thank you so much!
  6. Another one of eight new ink colours Sailor introduced in the second release of its “overseas exclusive” Manyo line of inks. Close-up: Colour: dark khaki / olive / murky green Flow: moderate Feathering: Not observed on Rhodia Dotpad 80g/m² paper, looking closely at the thinnest hatching lines, and words/glyphs ‘reverse-written’ with the nib upside-down (i.e. the bottom of the feed facing up) Show-through: Low to nil Bleed-through: Not observed Drying time: 18–20 seconds Smudging after fully dry: Didn't happe
  7. Hello, I am considering purchasing the Sailor 1911 King of Pens Naginata Togi Fountain Pen. My intention is to remove the nib/feed and to place them in a different pen body (using the housing from flexible nib factory: https://flexiblenib.com/store/product/b8kope-housing-for-sailor-king-of-pen-nib-and-feed-in-bock-8/). I saw on a Goulet youtube video that the nibs/feeds on the 1911L Naginata Togi pens are not compatible with other 1911L pen bodies/housings, so I am concerned that the same may be true for the KOP versions. Does anyone know if the KOP Naginata Togi nib/feeds will fit into a stan
  8. This collection has been made in an intensive attempt to find the most ideal and complete shades of brown color fountain pen inks over the internet and as long as writing with a medium size fountain pen is what I'm concerned of, the "infinity symbol" on a regular paper is the thing I've considered saving these samples. I've also benchmarked the index card samples for those which were not available in infinity sample. All the top-rated fountain pen inks – even those which are not mentioned here probably for the lack of a quality brown ink – have been taken into account. ~ Here's t
  9. Someone requested a review of this ink since they saw that I had the Red Soil. This inspired me to get on with it, as I was very curious to see what kind of green it was. Rust green, what could that be? This is a very interesting green. Some subtle shading, enhanced by the sheen. The latter is sometimes dark, contributing to the shading, making it quite dramatic. The sheen is definitely red, but often quite dark. The camera picks up the reflection, making it look pink. But it varies depending on light, ink concentration on the paper, and the paper itself. Sometimes the sheen appeared very me
  10. Hello Everybody, Just wanted to make a quick announcement for a show coming up. The official Dallas Pen Show 2020 was cancelled, but we have decided the show must go on! The show will not be quite like the normal show due to Covid. We are taking many precautions in relation to this. The show will be in the same location as normal at the Doubletree by Hilton near the galleria in Dallas. It is in the same two ballrooms. Due to Covid the number of tables are greatly reduced, and meet all CDC guidelines and social distancing procedures. Hand sanitizer will be placed all around the show in addit
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  14. white_lotus

    Sailor Kobe #40 Sumiyoshi Brown

    As well documented in Visvamitra's epic review of all the Sailor Kobe inks, there are many interesting inks in this line. Sumiyoshi brown is one. Many, if not most, browns on the market today have a strong red component, and there are very few cool browns available. This ink is one. I find it has a very vintage vibe to it. The origin of this ink could be in the Japanese brush painting tradition, but perhaps someone with better knowledge of this could confirm that. This ink is not a match for the classic Parker Penman Mocha, but it leans much more in that direction than many other brown inks
  15. This is my first post. I have been dormant for the last 11 years since signing up to fountainpennetwork in 2010. I bought my Sailor Pro Gear Slim 14k MF yesterday which made me write this post. As soon as I got home I wrote a couple of hand written letters to my cousins in Canada, which if I mail them now will reach them in the next 40 days !! I bought this from Sailor retailer in Hong Kong for a bargain price of US $98. I went to the shop to buy Pelikan M200 which retailed around $140 but couldn't resist the deal of owning a sailor for less than $100. Most pens were at a discount
  16. https://sailor.co.jp/topics/kinproebo_naginata/ https://sailor.co.jp/product/10-1585/ Slated for June 5 in Japan and available in NMF, NM, and NB. Again, a bit surprised for the (more or less?) standard release given all the fun people have been experiencing when trying to get their hands on the flames and waves versions of the ebonite naginata.... But when you consider the price you got to pay for one of this baby - a critical blow of 165,000 yen, it's not gonna be a easy choice.
  17. Perhaps you have already seen the announcement of another 100th anniversary commemoration pen (actually, two), a KoP with Naginata nib. Links Instagram Press release Page on website Price: 165000 incl. tax Have you analyzed that a bit? The same pen with a normal KoP nib costs 83600. (Assuming that I didn't miss a feature own to this new pen, making the body more expensive than the normal version - it is always difficult to read on a mobile phone.) Let's think, the nib would be 20000, then the body is
  18. Sailor and Kingdom Note have been collaborating on inks for some time now, five years I think. This year (2017) they started a new series called "Green Experience" which like the other series such as "Insects" and "Fungi" consists of five inks. Two cover green plants from Southeast Asia, and three are based on green plants in Japan. This is a fairly broad category and could cover the many many shades of green, but it seems this line focuses on the slightly bluish greens found in nature. KN and Sailor have chosen some very interesting shades. This shade perfectly captures the color and tonali
  19. So, at one point of another... we have all said.. "Wow, I wish I could get THAT ink".. but is discontinue/expensive/unobtanium .. etc So, here is the place where you should come and check if "THAT" ink has a Doppelgänger (look-alike, double, one who nearly or completely resembles another).. I will start... I will remind you, that even the same ink looks different depending on nib/flow/paper .. so these are examples inks with the same/similar hue.. that depending on your nib/flow/paper it might look identical.. Have you heard of Sailor Tanna Japonensis (Evening Cicada).. what about
  20. https://ofmaga.com/product_news.html?eid=02148 Basically, the profession gear slim mini line has been renewed. Now, the line include the follows: 1. 3 Basic colors (Ivory, black, and maroon) 2. 7 choices of 14k nibs (EF, F, MF, M, B, Zoom, and Music) 3. MSRP 14,300 yen (Z and MS versions 16,500 yen) 4. Available at stores offering Sailor FPs in Japan starting May 15 (Zoom and Music versions starting June 19).
  21. Arctic_Wolf

    Favorite Nagasawa Kobe Ink?

    Title sums it up, but for more info I'm looking to start collecting these after having completed Kingdom Note, Pen-and-Message, SanKoDo, lines and most of Bung-Box's lines (still waiting on a couple seasonal inks to show up... looking at you Ebisgold)
  22. On my recent trip to Japan I was able to play with fountain pen tester displays by Platinum and Pilot with pre-filled pens and supplied paper. Upon returning, I had been meaning to make a comparison with some Western nibs and generic writing implements. Unfortunately I only have a Sailor EF nib at the moment, but will soon get a Sailor 14K music nib to add to the comparison. These were scanned at 600DPI for more detail, so the images are pretty large if you zoom in on them. Not sure if this post should go here or to Regional Focus -> Japan - Asia. First, the spliced comparison table (
  23. The-Thinker

    Sailor KOP nibs sound

    To those who own a sailor k0p do you feel that the nib makes a louder pencil like sound while writing; compared to the sailor profit Large? Could it be my own nib or is it due to the larger nib size
  24. From the album: Translated third-party content

    The Sailor Promenade has been discontinued, and is not in the 2021–2022 Catalogue; whereas the Profit Lite is new (and not yet released for retail at this time) and was not in the 2019–2020 Catalogue. Is the Profit Lite a simple rebranding of the Promenade? Well, not quite, despite the range of body materials and colourways being apparently the same for both.

    © Sailor Pen

  25. From the album: Translated third-party content

    It looks like these may be the replacement for the discontinued Sailor Promenade. Sailor Promenade Shining Red had model numbers 11-1031-x30, and Promenade Shining Blue had model numbers 11-1031-x40, while Promenade in black with silver trim had model numbers 11-1033-x20; so the Profit Lite cannot be said to be the same pens as the Promenade. Moreover, Broad, Zoom and Music nibs were not available on the Promenade models, and Extra Fine only available on the Promenade in black with gold trim, so this would be an expansion. I'm a little surprised that the MSRP for the Profit Lite is the same as

    © Sailor Pen

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