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  1. https://bungu.plus.co.jp/special/feature/yozakura_collabo/ Well, I think most people who's been paying attention to the Japanese market have heard about the new relation between PLUS and sailor. It's no secret that many are worried about what's going to emerge out of this integration. Perhaps too early to tell, but at least this stationary set combining a notebook, ink, and pen seems OK for the price charged - and definitely targeting female users or as a gift set.
  2. Here is my new Sailor Bespoke King of Pen Ebonite Iro-Miyabi Fukaai with broad nib. A most excellent writer with a unique fine stone urushi finish aka ishime-nuri. Fine as in quality but more so in execution; its a fine grained pontilated finish that is pleasantly tactile and mercurial of color. Pictured along with the Sailor is a Nakaya with a much larger grained ishime-nuri finish. The name fukaai refers to dark blue, and it can look that way, but also light blue and greenish blue. Blue is an unusual and modern color for urushi. This pen is most unexpectedly interesting.
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
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    - CH

  4. I have owned this sailor king of pen for 4 years now with daily use, throughout the years I have done minor adjustments to the nib and the plating started to wear off gradually (some plating were also removed from the trim due to wear and tear). There were minor scratches on the nib too, so I decided to polish it (using micro jewelry polishing compound). This ended up by removing the whole plating. Is there a way to restore the two tone nib ? How much would it cost, any suggestions ?
  5. okay. I might be crazy but I swear I have a Sailor H-B nib that was either mis-stamped or ground after the fact even though it came right off the shelf from Pen Chalet. It is a Professional Gear I (color series) and it, like I said is marked H-B on the side of the nib but it writes exactly like a Zoom nib and if you look at the nib under a loupe it looks just like what you would expect a zoom nib to look like it has the top part of the ball tipping faceted and angled off like /|\ but the bottom of the tipping is just regular round, bulbous and ball like. I have seen macro photos of zoom nibs
  6. mke

    Sailor nibs

    I did this comparison of Sailor nibs EF, F, MF and M for someone else and thought this might be helpful for others too. It seems like a big step between MF and M. I think I saw the same behaviour between Pilot M and F. My writing world is clearly below M. KoP Standard M, 1911 Std MF, ProGear F, 1911L: Sailor Blue-Black
  7. Rosebud

    Hello from Torquay

    After reading through this site quite extensively I have decided to finally drop in and say Hi. I have been enjoying writing with and reading about fountain pens after a long break of 15-20 years. Over the past few months I have been writing with a Lamy Safari f, a Lamy Al-star m, a Sailor Pro-Gear m, a Waterman Perspective m and a Pilot Metropolitan f. Of the lot my favourite has been the Sailor Pro Gear. My favourite ink is Montblanc Hadrian and Perle Noire. I use Kin-Mokusei to highlight. My favourite paper is Rhodia dot-grid. Though I also enjoy Rifle Pa
  8. penzel_washinkton

    Kop Vs Custom Urushi/845 Vs Nakaya Vs Izumo

    (exhaling) OK ladies and gentleman. Right now I am compiling a list of my grail pens particularly from Japan and would really appreciate your input. I don't know how I got into this mindset but I really am researching seriously in determining a grail pen and it is between the four brands/pen type mentioned in the thread title. My plan is that IF sometimes in the future I visit Japan, I will be doing some pen hunting and pull the trigger on my grail pen (adjusting to future conditions of course). The price limit will be at max around $1100 so it will narrow down some of the model in the bra
  9. I've just purchased a bottle of Sailor Jentle Ink called "Doyou" which means mid-summer in Japanese. It's one of the eight inks of their "Colours of Four Seasons" line. Many people like Oku-yama and Yama-dori of this line, and this Doyou one is relatively rare and I was not able to find many reviews of it. I want a darker colour but not totally (boring) black, so I went for Doyou. This is my first review (here or anywhere). I hope I've done it right. It comes with a 50ml bottle with a "reservoir": flip the bottle upside-down before inking the pen and the ink will stay in a small "cone" which
  10. Penspotting


    From the album: Penimations

    © penspotting

  11. Chicken_Scatch

    Removable finials on Sailor's Caps?

    Hi everyone, I know that one the Sailor 1911S and the Sailor 1911L the finials can be unscrewed and the clips removed but I was wondering if some of their cheaper models can still have their finials, clips removed. The pens in question are the Sailor Compass and the Sailor Shikiori. The image I've attached is a closeup of the sailor compass demonstrator, I know sailor doesn't glue their finials but is the same true for their more affordable models? Thanks!
  12. Sailor SouBoku is the latest nano-pigment ink from Sailor. It is a darker and more muted version of Sei Boku. Where Sei Boku has more vibrance and more noticeable green component to it, Sou Boku is a very somber classic blue-black. I reserve my personal judgement of this ink's color for now, but concede that it does look quite nice on ivory paper. Sei Boku is still my personal preference for its more cheerful hue. Being a nano-pigment ink, water resistance is fantastic. Drying time is very quick as well. This ink sheens quite readily, but the sheen is not at all distracting or very "i
  13. Imagine me talking, ahem writing, with an Australian accent. Picture 1: That's not a pen. Picture 2: That's a pen. Pen 1 is only for kids having fun. 😁 (Picture 3: Comparison.) Pen1: Sailor 1911 MF Pen2: Manupropria Bo Raden from my IG account: https://www.instagram.com/mkepens/
  14. I was definitely not looking to acquire a new pen! But when local letter press and stationer oblation papers & press in Portland's Pearl District posted about the "new" Sailor 1911 Compass in their IG feed, I immediately decided to order one. I'm usually careful not to make impulse purchases when it comes to FPs, so why the Compass? Lots of reasons: First was the color, which made an immediate impression on me. Though billed as "olive," it looked to me from the picture like it was a flavor of "lime." The picture was true to the real-life color, and I was ultimately pleased to add this oliv
  15. My favorite fountain pens are Waterman Carene (medium) and Sailor Pro Gear (broad). I find my Pineider Avatar (medium) and Estie (medium and broad) fountain pens to be pretty/beautiful but not exceptional writers. I enjoy the metal weight/solidity of the Carene and love the lines laid down by my two Watermans (both mediums) and my Sailors (Pro Gear and 1911). Are steel nibs by nature boring (will the Diplomat nib be the same Jowo as my Estie?) or will a Diplomat Excellence nib be both smooth and have character? Would a Diplomat Excellence (Evergreen with broad steel nib) be a good ch
  16. A Japanese penshop shows detailed pictures of the recent high-priced Sailor pens - you can find more detailed pictures at LINK1, LINK2, LINK3 and LINK4: The last one is basically a nice-looking pen but I dislike the big characters that it is an LE and even the signature is oversized in my eyes - and on the front side. Have you ever seen a painter who signs his works in such huge characters (vs the whole size of the work) or in the middle of the picture? In my eyes this is bragging and can be found, unfortunately, in many recent
  17. From the album: Odds and ends

    On the retail packaging for ink converter mini (which is a new product designed to fit the Pro Gear Slim Mini models), Sailor could not be any clearer in the directions for use, as to whether the converter should be filled by drawing ink through the nib and feed of the pen, or instead filled independently of the pen's nib, feed and gripping section.
  18. From the album: Size and shape comparisons

    Same length. Same girth. Same weight. Same body material. Same nib material. Same limited choice of nib width (i.e. MF only). Different nib geometry. Different internal construction in the gripping section. Different cap ring. Different clip shape. Different price. Originally posted here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/355587-sailor-compass-aka-profit-jr/?do=findComment&comment=4358328 (The product page URLs shown in the image no longer work, after Sailor refreshed its Japanese website in late 2020. The replacement product pages are here

    © Sailor Pen

  19. The-Thinker

    Pelikan Triple Broad Vs Sailor Cross Nib

    To all who own the discontinued Pelikan 3B nib (on any model) AND the Sailor cross nib, i would like to know which one writes broader and which one is wetter. If you could please post a writing sample, it would mean so much !
  20. Another one of eight new ink colours Sailor introduced in the second release of its “overseas exclusive” Manyo line of inks. Close-up: Colour: dark khaki / olive / murky green Flow: moderate Feathering: Not observed on Rhodia Dotpad 80g/m² paper, looking closely at the thinnest hatching lines, and words/glyphs ‘reverse-written’ with the nib upside-down (i.e. the bottom of the feed facing up) Show-through: Low to nil Bleed-through: Not observed Drying time: 18–20 seconds Smudging after fully dry: Didn't happe
  21. The-Thinker

    Sailor Rumi Shadow Fountain Pen

    This is sailor's 5-th release in less than a month! equipped with a black KOP nib . I wish they bring some exotic nibs to the KOP instead of colors! what are your thoughts ?
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