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Found 20 results

  1. nive

    What is this pen called?

    I saw this image on the esteebrook summer prototype sale website. However non of the pens for sale looked like that white rock salt looking plastic. Is this a new pen that is not for sale yet? Is it an old pen? I'm assuming it's the estie but what colour is it called?
  2. I just thought I'd share the ‘opportunity’ with others who'd want to squeeze the last bit out of the changing landscape. Milligram in Australia is having a 30%-off sale for selected products, including several Sakae Technical Paper Tomoe River FP (paper pad, and 50- and 100-sheet packs of loose sheets) products. I didn't see any low stock warnings for any (white or cream, 52gsm or 68gsm, A4 or A5, etc.) product variant when I looked just now. (Yes, I think these are all made from the ‘old’ paper produced by Tomoegawa's paper milling machine no.7.) The ‘Friends For Life’ discount supposedly do not apply to these sale products, but in fact it does in the checkout process. I was prompted by an email from Milligram yesterday (with the subject "$40 gift from us to you - that's what friends are for!”) advising inconsistently that “we're changing our loyalty program” and “We've changed our loyalty program”. (It looks like the change has been implemented, and “For Life” and ”Forever” no longer mean what the average person would think the marketing expressions mean.) The voucher code can be applied to further bring down the total value of the order. Free shipping applies if the discounted total value of an order (i.e. payment due in real money) exceeds the relevant threshold. Given that Kobe INK Story has been taken off Milligram's catalogue, Robert Oster inks in selected colours are seldom individually discounted any more, and the shop's prices of Pilot Iroshizuku inks have gone up significantly all in the last year or so, there just isn't a whole lot to buy from Milligram at some cost-saving (compared to ordering from Amazon AU or overseas retailers) any more. Most of the heavily discounted clearance products are now shifted over to Milligram Outlet by default, where the loyalty programme discounts and free shipping offer do not apply. So, as much as I'm not a fan of Tomoe River FP paper, to take advantage of dying loyalty benefits before they are extinguished, I foolishly bought a few packs with no clear application in mind, and will probably end up giving away to kiddies on which to draw.
  3. Sheaffer 1920's 18K White Gold "Flat Top" Questions & Facts w/pics Hi everybody, great to be on this forum, looking to date range this Sheaffer in my collection and get opinion on a few questions, I have and any correction to the info I have below. Regarding the #2 nib: Was there a hard start date to the nibs reading “lifetime”? Or, is this nib lower cost, therefore no life time warranty? Was there a hard cut-off date to the earlier heart shaped breather hole? Regarding the clip: As you see, there is no Sheaffer name embossed on the clip, is this because this didn’t happen until a certain point or, that this, being a high end pen did not usually have that for more subtle appearance? Regarding the model: Would a model number exist on this? Is it an “18” of a type as I see referenced on www.pensacs.com or 1 part of a 2 piece and very high end “Gifties” set in the 1920’s? The Gifties, may have been only 14K I think. So, more custom order with in house jeweler’s doing engraving? It looks like the only 4.5 inch model made. Has anyone seen this pattern? I’m thinking date as 1925-27 based on clip style and barrel motif at this point. The facts as I know them so far: All-metal barrel and section lever-filler, “Flat Top” in solid white gold (this version, 58.5% gold and 41.5% palladium I believe), reading 18K on barrel, cap, clip. Assuming the lever bar is also 18K.Hand engraved jeweler’s craftsmanship on barrel and cap with what I would describe as an Art Deco, geometric, leaf and sunrise motif. Right for the era and unusual on a Sheaffer? And, in my opinion a departure from the very ornate scroll work golds that are seen.Stylized hand engraved monogram at top of cap reading “B”.What appears to be a simple rectangular blank “cartouche” on barrel for further engraving.Cap reads above opening, in pre 1932/33 logo, in two lines, Sheaffer’s, Made in U.S.A.Cap has two fine breather holes incorporated into the leaf design and “hump” clip with ball tip.Round nib reads in two lines Sheaffer’s, No. 2, assuming 14K and a contrast to the gold used in the barrel for reference.Heart shaped breather hole.4 5/8” (4.5”?) long x 3/8” diameterWeight 0.026gCondition: (With full transparency as I know it.) Excellent used condition, clean, unrestored.Exterior - surface has fine scratches consistent with normal use on a 95 year old pen.Exterior – As 18K gold is a soft material there are some dings, the two most visible are on barrel end and the other is on side edge of cartouche. A minor few others that would need strong light to view.Exterior – very faint discoloration around breather holes that I assume was caused by ink aspirating from holes over the years. Removable I assume by a professional product or jeweler.Interior – Unknown but all seems intact, original ink sack has long ago turned to dust.Lever - still has a solid springiness and snaps into place.Nib – Excellent, no damageAny further facts you may know would be greatly appreciated. Please ask any questions as well. I can post more pics too if needed. I just took photos of this that last few days and can’t believe how difficult it was to photograph pens and especially a shiny one! Kudos, to all the beautiful photos on this site. I’ve got to figure out a method for taking pics . I’m very pleased to know that this site exists with so much info and knowledge from all you and thanks in advance. Sincerely, Dave
  4. kayne

    White Colored Imperial?

    I saw a review in korean community and saw a really beautiful imperial. White colored cap, barrel. Inlaid nib. Is there anyone who has information about it?
  5. Hey everyone! I'm currently in the market for a pen and the Pelikan M605 Translucent White has caught my eye. From what I understand however a white lacquer pen is a hard thing to keep clean. Does anyone have experience with how much of a commitment keeping a white pen white is? EDIT: My main concerns are with staining and yellowing. I've heard that red ink can stain the interior of a demonstrator before and I'm concerned about something similar but on the exterior of a white pen.
  6. bruhuhuhu

    New M600 White Tortoise Price?

    Hi all, I've been reading the forum for quite some time and decided to make my first post here. I would like to let go of my "as new as it gets" pelikan m600 white tortoise with a fine nib that has only been inked once and i am struggling to find a price guide for it on the classified section. Does $375 seem outrageous for such a pen with complete box and papers? The pen is just so beautiful i can't bare to use it!
  7. OrangeSport

    New Addition; M400 White Tortoiseshell

    So I've had my latest addition about a week now. It's a white tortoiseshell M400 with a board nib. I usually use fine nibs, so was intrigued to see how this was to use. It's ever so smooth, and flows really reliably. I was using Montblanc blue ink originally, but have just filled it with an orange ink by Cult Oens. It's a stunning looking pen; very eye catching. So far so good. I'm really impressed.
  8. Oruc Gazi Kutluer

    Amethyst Fountain Pen (Kitless)

    Amethyst Two Tone Kitless Fountain Pen Here is the new member of Kilk Custom Pen Studio Alumilite Resin with two tones. Sterling silver bands, steel clip and Jowo #6 Ruthenium plated nib unit. Pour casted silver cap finial is Ottoman Pattern called Mudavver Rumi Naksh designed in our studio (Limited stock: 6pcs).Converter/cartridge filling system, cap is slightly postable (not recommended to post). With alumimite pen rest. Dimensions:Length: 141mm Capped, 130mm uncappedDia: 13mm barrel threads, 14,5mm thickest point of barrel, 16,2mm Cap http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp3/KilkPens/Amethyst/Ameth_8_zpszha7mdii.jpghttp://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp3/KilkPens/Amethyst/Ameth_7_zps9qm9fqoa.jpghttp://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp3/KilkPens/Amethyst/Ameth_12_zps96kzp3nh.jpghttp://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp3/KilkPens/Amethyst/Ameth_11_zpscdv81fla.jpg
  9. PenBoutique

    Lamy Joy In White Is Here!

    Lamy Joy Calligraphy single pen and gift set is now available in white!!! The single Lamy Joy comes only in a 1.5mm however they are nib switchable. We carry all point sizes in the individual nibs. The gift set contains the 1.5mm pen and an extra 1.1mm and 1.9mm nib section in the box along with 3 packs of cartridges : Black,Turquoise and Violet. The LZ 24 Converter would need to be purchased separately. You can place your order by phone. Or if you have any question you can email. 1800-263-2736 or 410-992-3272 Support@penboutique.com
  10. stephanos

    Twsbi Eco

    I originally posted the following review in a discussion thread on the TWSBI Eco. It was meant to be a very short review, but it turned out longer, and I now think it makes more sense to put it here. So I've copied and pasted the text from that post, subject to minor edits. No photos, but there are plenty available of this much-awaited pen. Please note the inclusion of a Bonus category. The TWSBI Eco comes in black and white. I got the white version, with EF nib. Thanks to The Writing Desk in the UK for an excellent service (no affiliation). Design: 8/10 Simple, well thought out. For those, like me, who like to post their pens, the rubber ring at the end makes a lot of sense. Well thought-out. The plastic feels a little cheap, but at this price point, that is no problem at all. Appearance: 6/10 Without the cap, the pen is quite pretty, with a clear demonstrator barrel and solid color at the back (white in my case). Not mad about the cap, though: my wife's blunt comment was that it is very ugly. To me, it seems disproportionately thick/massive, and it clearly marrs an otherwise pleasing appearance. That's why I gave a modest 6/10 score here. Filling system: 10/10 A piston filler at this price point puts the tools you need to maintain it? Couldn't be better. The piston mechanism works beautifully. Nib performanc: 9/10 The EF nib writes smoothly, with a hint of feedback. No scratchiness. Excellent flow. Nib is stiff, with no flexibility to speak of; you could get some line variation if you abuse the nib, but it's a pleasant writing experience without doing so. Wetness is about 6-7/10. It is by no means dry, but could hardly be called a gusher. (I've been using Diamond's Carnival, part of the anniversary collection.) Writing experience: 9/10 I have been pleasantly surprised by this pen. It writes smoothly and pleasantly. The balance is excellent. It is large enough to use unposted, but is even more pleasant a size when posted. The cap is too light to affect the balance. I would have preferred a slightly girthier pen, but that's a small gripe and means it will suit a wider range of hands. WOOTB? Bonus: 5 This pen gets a bonus for Writing Out Of The Box without any modifications or work needed to the nib or any other part of the pen. I have become very annoyed at the number of new pens that need some sort of adjustment before they can be used properly (including some high-end brands), so any review I do from now on will include this question. Note: I have tentatively decided to award 5 bonus points to pens that just WOOTB, and zero to those that need work: this privileges writing experience over aesthetics, which not everyone will agree with. But to me, a pen is a writing instrument first and an item of beauty second, and if it doesn't work from the start then the final score should reflect that. Overall: 42/50 + 5 Bonus = 47 This is an excellent pen and is well worth the money. It knocks the socks off several much more expensive pens in terms of performance (if not beauty). I think it has real potential to knock the Lamy Safari or the Pilot Metropolitan off their pedestal as go-to entry level pens. But it is also a good choice for someone with more experience looking for a good daily carry pen. If you're looking for a thoroughly beautiful pen, look elsewhere. If you're after a decent-looking pen with excellent performance, then you should definitely consider the Eco.
  11. Alexcat

    White Ink On Black Paper

    I have some black paper, and would like to write out some favourite poems, in white.....I know that it's a no no for fountain pens, but I have a couple of dip pens.... Any suggestions for the whitest white ink on black paper? Alex PS I have heard of Noodlers White Whale, but am in UK
  12. Hi guys, I'm in the market for paper of consistent stock that is suitable for both printing AND writing with a fountain pen (think marginalia, forms, and ink reviews). Since joining the forum I've heard lots of rave reviews for that HP laser paper, but unfortunately, that won't work because I can't get it: it's not available in local shops, and I can't seem to find it online unless maybe it's from the US, and that won't do because it's bound to cost a ton to ship (paper is heavy, maaan). So: what other papers with similar traits can you think of? (Double the points if you know for a fact they're available to the european market!) Here's what I need: - A4/letter - printable (inkjet - doesn't have to be fantastic, printing quality's where I can compromise) - FP frisky (there's FP friendly, and then there's FP frisky...geddit?) I like mine smooooth (don't care about drying...love Clairefontaine & Rhodia) and heavy (at least 80gsm) - white (for the odd ink review). No need to go OTT and make it blinding white, but still, white, not cream/ivory. Usual bribes refreshments and/or rewards available - cookies/bacon/booze, kittens/puppies/wabbits etc
  13. I will print the review as well. No one should have to read my handwriting. Sorry, pen pals! Pelikan M205 White pen 14K M nib from Richard Binder--Diamine Grey Clairefontaine Pupitre At first, when I saw ads for this pen, I didn't like the grey window. Then I started looking at grey inks, and I decided I needed it! This is a gorgeous pen. It is not bright white. It is the color of old-fashioned vanilla ice cream. It has a slightly more vivid or stronger color than G Lalo Verge White or Original Crown Mill Pure Cotton, both of which have a cream color, nearly identical. I highly recommend both these papers. Back to the pen, what can I say? This 14k M nib from Richard Binder writes like "hot butter on glass." I haven't tested it on the Verge paper, but I don't think texture would be a problem. I don't think writing in a car traveling over potholes would be a problem! In other words, it's smooth! James Bond smooth. Jackie O in casual wear smooth. This is a pen you wouldn't even notice you were using if it weren't so damn pretty! (Along the margin) There is a reason they went with silver-colored furniture. It's a pinkish ivory. It almost clashes with the 14k nib.
  14. There's a guy offering me a couple of Safari's "Limited Edition" black and white pens that according to him were bought in 2008 or so. However, I just can quite find the difference between those and the current editions. Anyone knows what should I be looking for?
  15. popmahn

    Lamy: L19We Vs L19Wt

    I'm planning on buying a Lamy Safari white fountain pen (extra-fine nib). However, during my shopping on the web, I've noticed that there are two model numbers mentioned on varying websites. Does anybody know the difference between the "L19WE" and "L19WT" model numbers? Your help is much appreciated!
  16. I have to confess to having a soft spot for brass bodied white Fountain Pens (though I don't really know why) and had been looking for a new "nice" daily user to go along with my "workhorse" pens (Parker Arrow and Parker Falcon, both from the 1980’s). Spending some time in the local pen emporium led me to two Sheaffers. A Targa I am saving up for and the Sheaffer 300 which seemed to be a really nice writer for not much money, but it was a little bit chunky for my liking (and only came in boring black/chrome/gold variants). And then I came across an unused White Intensity on eBay for a price I couldn't refuse It arrived in a simple black Sheaffer box with 2 blue cartridges and Sheaffer converter. If I had paid full rrp of £60 or was planning to give as a gift I might have been slightly disappointed with the presentation. The 3 year warranty was a nice surprise though (will add pics soon) Appearance & Design – 9/10 For me this is a clear 9, and one of the deciding factors to buy this pen (after it having a decent nib) The pen doesn’t look like most of the other Intensity models, the main body is simple solid white lacquer (over brass I think) with no stripes. The body base and screw on cap are chrome plated (again possibly brass) with a nice rolled texture on the face of the cap. It is a lovely mix of modern and possibly 1920’s style about it. Very classy Construction & Quality – 8/10 The pen has some weight to it and feels reasonably solid, the threads a somewhat sloppy and unlubricated, but everything fits together well. The lacquer shows two tiny imperfections, it is possible that these are the reason it is on eBay (as an undeclared “second”) but in use they are not visible. Despite the prejudice people might feel for its Slovakian heritage it is a nice quality item to look at and to hold Weight & Dimensions – 8/10 137mm long capped, 123mm uncapped 162mm posted, the main body tapers from 10mm to 11.5mm diameter and makes this a pretty average sized pen, and it suits my average sized hands pretty well. Personally I like a slightly heavier pen, which this is. I also prefer to post the lid, which looks lovely but really does unsettle the balance of the pen and makes it somewhat tail heavy. Un-posted I find it a little short for my tastes, probably because I hold the pen near the middle (a little like a paint brush) rather than near the nib Nib & Performance – 8/10 This is labelled as an M but is somewhat fine compared my old Parker M’s and my daughters Lamy Safari M. I was actually considering an F for my next pen but this is as fine as I would want to have. The nib itself is a very ordinary looking stainless steel affair, short at 17mm with a breather hole and branding – nothing stylish here at all and a little disappointing looking for a £60 pen. It feels like it needs a bit of use to really smooth up but out of the box it pretty nice already. There is no flex or line variation but the line is nicely wet using the supplied Sheaffer cartridges Filling System & Maintenance – 8/10 Typical Sheaffer cartridge or converter filling system, works fine. What else to say? As a matter of principle I don’t like proprietary converters (why can’t there be one standard?) but this pen comes with one supplied so no extra expense Cost & Value (1-10) – 7/10 or 9/10 My pen came from an EBay shop who seem to specialise in luxury returns. At full rrp of £60 I would consider the pen to be a little expensive but I paid half that and am very happy. Certainly I can’t think of another pen this smooth, stylish and well made for £30 Conclusion (Final score, xx/6) - 50/60 I am delighted to have this pen on my desk, it is very attractive, functional and reasonably comfortable. In use the pen lid has unscrewed while clipped in my jacket pocket so I possibly won’t trust it as a daily workhorse (but didn’t purchase it as one anyhow). If it was lost I would replace it in an instant, but only after shopping round for a good price
  17. Hi ! I recently purchased two white Lamy Safari with red clip and dot cap (for Japan) from two different sellers (both of them are in Japan). After I got the pens, I noticed that one of them has a little bit darker red clip and the pen itself as well. The one with the brighter red clip also a little bit brighter on the white. Is it because it was made in a different year? Would that be possible? Or is one of them a fake? Everything else looks pretty much the same. Please help! Thank you so much! http://imageshack.com/a/img577/2944/4rmd.jpg These are the boxes and everything. http://imageshack.com/a/img196/104/lrfl.jpg The other slight different is the barcode sticker. One of them has the code for this model while the other doesn't. http://imageshack.com/a/img577/4097/kqbl.jpg Now, for the clip, as you can see that the clip on the left is a little bit darker than the one on the right. It might not be so obvious here but it actually tells in the natural light that it's a different color. http://imageshack.com/a/img30/6896/ka0k.jpg It's a little bit more obvious in this picture that the one on the left has a darker red clip. http://imageshack.com/a/img691/6365/5uu3.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img822/7689/q5yc.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img89/6615/iasy.jpg Also the pen itself. If look closely, the one with the brighter red also brighter on the white.
  18. Hello, Cult Pens here. We've just signed up to the Fountain Pen Network with a premium account to show our support and are very much looking forward to being part of community. For those of you that don't know us, we are based in the UK and stock the widest range of pens, pencils and refills on the planet! Our site is regularly updated with offers and new products, so there's always something new to check out. In fact, we are kicking off our activity on FPN by annoucing that the Pilot Capless (Vanishing Point) Fountain Pen in White Carbonesque is now available. Pure white with rhodium-plated trim and rhodium-plated 18k gold nib. Although known as the Carbonesque in Europe due to the similarity of the finish with (faux) carbon-fibre trim on some cars, this finish is actually known as the Kasuri in Japan. Kasuri is a textile dyed with a resist technique to create the simple patterns reflected in this pen. The Pilot Capless (Vanishing Point) Carbonesque White Fountain Pen is in stock for fast UK and worldwide delivery. http://www.cultpens.com/acatalog/Pilot-Capless-Carbonesque-wh-fp.jpg
  19. I have had a Waterman Jules Verne pen since the late 90s and this week found what looked like a white version of this pen. It has a very solid plastic cap and barrel. Virtually bomb proof. It is a fine writer and has the same nib as a slim chrome Waterman that was "borrowed" some years back. Jules Verne The barrel is an unusual Pentagonal shape Ebay buy £3 Logo Nib Thick barrel This will need a little more rinsing when the ink softens. I may even try it as an ink dropper. K
  20. 22johnny22

    Sheaffer White Dot - 14K Nib Value

    I was hoping for some help (and I am not honestly using this to plug something I am selling on ebay!) I have an electoplated gold sheaffer white dot fountain pen with a 14k gold nib and have put it up for sale with no reserve. I fully understand that the scrapping of nibs is not condoned on FPN and I fully support this. On this basis I genuinly dont want anyone else to do it so what should the reserve have been set at. I will strongly consider buying it myself to prevent it going for nothing, so to speak. any advise would be most welcome regards 22johnny22

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