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  1. About 7 years ago I became aware of the PILOT vanishing point mechanical pencil. By then it had already been discontinued and was sought after, prices going up rather high compared to the original prices (around $20). The only model numbers I'd heard of were H-1003 and H-1005. The last digit meant 0.3 mm or 0.5 mm. But in time I began to learn that there were more models made. Apparently a good many of them never left the JDM (Japan Domestic Market). H-10xx H-1003 - All black plastic body, with chromed metal parts, lead size 0.3mm H-1005 - Same as H-1003,

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    Eugene, Oregon - US

  3. Does anyone know of an online pen retailer that tests a pen and specifically the nib before sending out a pen. I am looking for a Pilot Vanishing Point in Fine and don't want to purchase a pen that is scratchy out of the box. Thank you
  4. CheesyWalnut

    Pilot Vp Corrosion/ Nib Staining

    I’ve had this black nib pilot vanishing point for a few months and have only used pilot blue and iroshizuku shin kai in it, but the nib has started to discolor and cannot be cleaned. Does anyone know what could be causing this and what I can do about it? Thanks
  5. From the album: Size and shape comparisons

    Lamy Safari Lamy CP1 Pilot Capless Vanishing Point Pilot Custom Heritage 91 Pilot Custom 74 Pilot Cocoon (aka Pilot MR Metropolitan) Pilot Elite 95s Sailor Lecoule Delike New Moon 3 Pilot 78G Leonardo Momento Zero Originally posted here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/343131-looking-for-new-pen-recommendations/?do=findComment&comment=4165594

    © A Smug Dill

  6. Hello guys, I am a mechanical pencil collector from China. It's my first time posting here in FPN. I have been seeking for a PILOT Automatic H-5005 Vanishing Point Mechanical Pencil for 5 years, and this is the 6th year. I think many of you have heard of it. It's very rare, and I already looked over ALL the websites that have a keyword "PILOT AUTOMATIC H-5005" that I can find on Google. I did see some auctions in Japan for it during the past few years, but I missed it because of many reasons. I have talked to many pencil collectors outside of China. I don't think it had been sold officially
  7. essayfaire


    I had a bit of a mishap yesterday; my Vanishing Point F slipped out of my hand and landed embedded in my foot. I thought I might have a tsuki-yo tattoo, but later realized the ink had actually come out but that I had bled. I wonder if it would have done less damage had it been a stub...
  8. How long does the mechanism on the Vanishing point last with normal daily usage? Has anyone faced any issues with it?
  9. volkswagenfox21

    Pilot Vanishing Point Review

    Pilot Vanishing Point, Broad Nib I wanted a pen for quick note taking, a gold nib, and not be too flashy in the visual department. I did some research and it looked like the Pilot Vanishing Point would meet my requirements. 18kt gold nib (broad, in my case), great for taking notes, because of it's retractable nib, and it looks nice and understated. http://i.imgur.com/mAl4zyG.jpg?1 The Pilot branding is not subtle. http://i.imgur.com/zac9ZGe.jpg?1 It's cool that you can put two more pens in the box. http://i.imgur.com/Mox3wj1.jpg?1 Lift up the "floor" to reveal the literat
  10. I want to get myself my first Vanishing Point. I have read threads about Vanishing Point nib widths running a size wider than other Pilot models. I saw Goulet nib nook but it seems I cant benchmark the nib width. I can't decide whether I should go for a Medium or a Broad. I would like to use it for daily purposes. The only Japanese Medium I own is a Plaisir and a Preppy medium. Can anyone show a written sample of a Vanishing Point Broad compared to a Preppy or some other nib width?
  11. truphae_inc

    Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point

    I can't get enough of this Namiki Vanishing Point!! Do you guys like the more intricate designs in Namikis such as this, or prefer the solid colors?? This one is probably my favorite by far. Feel free to vote in the poll above!
  12. I am trying to think a little ahead, here, and get an idea of a goal I want to start shooting for. I am thinking of getting my next fountain pen in the $50-$100 range in the next several months. Currently I own a Pilot Metro (F), Pilot 78G (B ), and a TWSBI Eco (EF). I tend to write small, and generally with about a 50 degree angle to the page. Eventually I would like to own both a VP and a Lamy 2000. So, here's the dilemma: neither the VP with a gold nib, nor the Lamy 2k are in the desired price range right now, so they'll probably be a couple years out. I am both a student, and a ful
  13. Hello guys, I am a mechanical pencil collector from China. It's my first time posting here in FPN. I have been seeking for a PILOT Automatic H-5005 Vanishing Point Mechanical Pencil for 5 years, and this is the 6th year. I think many of you have heard of it. It's very rare, and I already looked over ALL the websites that have a keyword "PILOT AUTOMATIC H-5005" that I can find on Google. I did see some auctions in Japan for it during the past few years, but I missed it because of many reasons. I have talked to many pencil collectors outside of China. I don't think it had been sold officia
  14. A question pertaining to Vanishing Point nib sizes: Has anyone else experienced a significant difference between the fine and medium VP nibs (the silver looking gold nib rather than the black-coated gold nib)? I have both a fine and a medium. The fine is almost like writing with a needle and the medium lays down a much larger, wetter line. I'm pretty experienced with fountain pens, so made sure to use the same ink and paper combinations when experimenting in order to reduce the variables. I used Iroshizuku take-sumi and standard Rhodia graph paper as well as cheaper steno pad paper in a s
  15. I've been using fountain pens actively only for few months and i quite much like the stiffness of non-gold nibs. I quite like my Pilot 78G F nib. It is quite stiff compared to my Sailor Profit 14K F nib. I might later come to appreciate the extra smoothness gold nibs give but at the moment i quite much enjoy to not having to feel the "OMG am i going to beak it" feeling that i associate with gold nibs. I have two questions that i have been trying to find information about but not succeeded. If you are in possession / have tried special alloy nib i would greatly appreciate more information.
  16. Hello. I am hoping someone could answer a few questions about the VP & Decimo pens if able, for lack of seeing the pen in person before ordering, mainly about the nibs: 1-I am under the impression that the matte black VP in medium might be a lot wetter than the medium Decimo, something about the intended market. Is that correct? If so, how does the medium nib in the Decimo and the VP compare to, say, the Metropolitan medium? 2-If the VP & Decimo are different in actual nib size, are the special alloy (capless) and the Decimo 18k the same actual size? (That is, their mediums are
  17. Hi, First time posting - I was just hoping someone could shed some light on whether they think the relatively small ink capacity of the pilot vanishing point is significant or not? I'm just about to start my first job as a junior doctor, and was considering getting this pen for work on the ward. The pen is clearly good for this situation as it's quick to use, not too showy (was going for the black version), and clips to clothing easily. However i'm sure it's not a stretch to see that taking time out to ink up a pen during the working day would both be unprofessional and would make me look a
  18. So my EDC Pilot VP had suffered droppage previously and one morning the innards dropped out. I followed Richard Binder's instructions to remove the clip/cap HERE, but squeezed a bit too hard Further efforts were successful, but the cap is toast. I managed to reassemble the spring, trapdoor and rubber boot into the steel cylinder. Using my trusty Emco Unimat lathe, I turned a replacement nose I started with a small through hole, and once I had removed it from the lathe I was able to use a dremel with a burr to carve out the D shaped hole for the nib. I think it looks great!
  19. shekeepsthebees

    Vanishing Point Flow Problem

    Hello! I'm new to the forum and have spent some time looking through the repair Q&A posts that have been pinned relating to this problem. I have had a vanishing point for about three years now, and one summer (I'm a college student) I left my pen unwashed in an apartment without heat, so I believe I had some ink clog up the nib. I have since taken the nib out and let it soak a few times in water--this has not yet seemed to work. I put it in warm water and left it soaking for a week to see if there was some super stuck pigment/dried ink, but today when I went to test it out it did not w
  20. slurry

    Converting A Vp Stub To Fine

    Hi All, Any suggestions on modifying a VP stub nib to fine/extra fine. I have successfully transformed a few standard medium nibs to a very smooth fine using a 4K, 8K and 10K honing stones, but the VP stub is a bit nonstandard. Any suggestions, tips, guides, examples etc... are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, .
  21. Hi I have 2 vanishing points in 18k Rhodium plated, one Medium and one Fine. The Fine one is a bit too thin, too dry, while the Medium is wet and on the broad side for me. Attached is comparison to a Metropolitan MR Medium which I like both as a line thickness and as wetness, crispness. Is there a way to modify the VP nibs to write like the Metropolitan, and how?
  22. I'm in the market for a VP, and I'm torn between the matte black and the blue carbonesque. I'm really curious as to how the matte black finish wears off, and I'm not sure if I like it or not. Can you share the wear on your matte black VP? Do you mind the wear or do you think it looks nice? Thanks!
  23. Maybe I put in one too many puns there, but nevertheless my Pilot Vanishing Point (VP) reminds me very much of this: https://www.playadelcarmen.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/whale-1.png Put a little nib in that mouth (and the nib is little) and you have a Kasuri VP! https://cdn-tp1.mozu.com/6639-8588/cms/8588/files/606a40ad-cf3e-4a3f-b5b2-49a0545ca7a2 (Image from Goulet website) Let me get started in earnest. The VP never really appealed to me, I imagined it was a terribly slim pen with a clip in an irritating position, a small ink capacity and probably just an over designed and over engineer
  24. OK, cover me, I'm going in...! $20ish (£15 - ¥2160 to be precise) for a seemingly unscratched, sound nibbed (F, 14CT) Pilot Vanishing Point (Capless?). The 'knock' mechanism seems a little stiff, and when I took opened it to check out the inside, the spring came out with the nib/section assembly, but it seems fine otherwise. So, do I? Obviously, the answer is probably 'yes', otherwise I wouldn't come to you guys...! But, as someone who is primarily interested in calligraphy (as in, I write all of my work notes and to-do lists etc in italic/roundhand/summat fancy), who has almost exclusiv
  25. weissa

    Vintage Plastic Vps

    I have three plastic VPs that predate the popular faceted models, and I'm trying to find out if they're considered particularly collectible. I haven't seen ones like these come up for sale or trade in years, but I don't know if that's because they're rare, or because their plastic bodies and less refined internal mechanics make them less desirable. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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