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  1. I believe these are the last Hobonichi products to use the ‘old’ Tomoe River 52gsm paper produced on Tomoegawa's since-decommissioned ‘machine number 7’, as stocks of the paper are being run out: Compared to ordering direct from Hobonichi: and there is a maximum of ten units per product per order — which means, even with ten of the A5 and ten of the A6 Plain notebooks, the total order value of $300 would still fail to qualify for free shipping to Australia. Shipping charges are $42 for one book, $52 for ten A6 books, $58 for ten A5 books, and $66 for the two lots of ten books.
  2. Contains info about tomoe paper processing. https://www.1101.com/store/techo/en/magazine/contents/feature_tomoerivers/ysmpngg2y.html Plus interview of the Sanzen plant manager. https://www.1101.com/store/techo/en/magazine/contents/feature_tomoerivers/yhk835vke.html Amongst many interesting things: the new paper has the same thickness as the original but weights 47gsm instead of 52 gsm. What a fascinating job they have. Lots of technical talk. I love it.
  3. The Paper Plane – Tomoe River 52 gsm (Sanzen vs Original) I've been enjoying this little corner of the web for some time now, mainly focusing on inks and pens. But these are more or less useless without the humble paper or notebook that will let you capture your thoughts. So here comes the "Paper Plane", where I review some of the paper and notebooks that I've enjoyed using over the years. Today I do a short comparison of the Original Tomoe River paper versus the new Sanzen Tomoe River (both 52 gsm). My stock of original Tomoe River paper is rapidly vanishing, so recently I got me a 50-sheet pack of the new Sanzen Tomoe River 52 gsm. I thought it would be fun to do a quick comparison between the two. Is the new Sanzen version a clone of the Original Tomoe River, and if not, what are the differences. The picture below gives a side-by-side comparison of the new vs old Tomoe River paper. Short conclusion: both papers share the same name and gsm, but that’s where the likeness ends. But instead of complaining that the Sanzen Tomoe River is nothing like the Original version, I will point out the differences and pros-and-cons of both papers. Feel of the paper: although they are both 52 gsm, you will immediately feel the tactile differences between the two. The Original TR is very flimsy, and wrinkles easily. In contrast the Sanzen TR feels more sturdy and solid. Feel of pen on paper: writing on the Original TR is very smooth… your pen really glides across the page. In contrast, Sanzen TR gives some feedback, and you will definitely feel the paper while writing. Not scratchy at all, but there is a bit more resistance than what you get with the Original TR paper. Ink colour: it will probably not show in the picture, but my eye perceives the colour to be a touch cooler on the Sanzen TR. Ink spread: the ink spreads a little less on the Sanzen TR compared with the Original. This results in a crisper line. Not necessarily a finer line, but more one with more sharply defined edges. In this respect, I prefer the new Sanzen version over the Original. Ink sheen: the Original TR is well-known for its high sheen factor. The new Sanzen version offers much less of a sheening experience. I feel that more ink is absorbed into the paper, while with the Original TR more ink remains at the surface. Drying times: the Original TR has fairly long dry times (compared with other papers). The new Sanzen version has the same characteristic, but inks do dry a bit faster on it in comparison with the Original TR. Probably due to the fact that ink is absorbed more into the paper compared with the original. See through: Sanzen TR not only feels more substantial (for the same gsm), but you also get less see-through compared to the Original TR. Makes it a bit more enjoyable to use both sides of the page in a notebook. Bleed through: both papers are really bleed-resistant, but if you try hard enough, you can always get bleed-through. With the new Sanzen TR, you will get bleed-through faster than on the original TR. In the writing sample above, I tested this with the two squares at the bottom of the page. I filled both squares exactly 5 times with ink. I immediately felt that the fibers are less densily packed on the Sanzen paper. And looking at the backside, you will notice that the Sanzen version shows more bleed-through. Below is a picture of the backside of the writing samples (Sanzen TR on the left, Original TR on the right): Conclusion Although the new Sanzen paper shares the same name and gsm with the Original Tomoe River, it definitely is a different beast. That being said, the new version really can stand on its own. In some respects it’s worse than the original, in other respects it is definitely better. Personally I think that Sanzen TR is an excellent fountain-pen friendly paper. Overall, a nice addition to my set of test papers. I will definitely add it to the papers I use in my ink reviews.
  4. I am so late to this news.. but I just heard about the death of probably the best fountain pen paper ever made. Does anyone have a suggestion for a paper that shows the amount of shading, shimmer, and sheen as Tomoe? Also do you think there is a possibility of them being it back? I will soon post a link underneath this post for a poll that will sort of be a petition to bring back Tomoe River. I hope that if the manufacturers happen to see it (there is a probably low chance that they will see it, but it’s worth a shot) that they will fix the machines and maybe raise the price to compensate for the price of wood pulp and bring it back! Thank you, W. H. Major
  5. I just thought I'd share the ‘opportunity’ with others who'd want to squeeze the last bit out of the changing landscape. Milligram in Australia is having a 30%-off sale for selected products, including several Sakae Technical Paper Tomoe River FP (paper pad, and 50- and 100-sheet packs of loose sheets) products. I didn't see any low stock warnings for any (white or cream, 52gsm or 68gsm, A4 or A5, etc.) product variant when I looked just now. (Yes, I think these are all made from the ‘old’ paper produced by Tomoegawa's paper milling machine no.7.) The ‘Friends For Life’ discount supposedly do not apply to these sale products, but in fact it does in the checkout process. I was prompted by an email from Milligram yesterday (with the subject "$40 gift from us to you - that's what friends are for!”) advising inconsistently that “we're changing our loyalty program” and “We've changed our loyalty program”. (It looks like the change has been implemented, and “For Life” and ”Forever” no longer mean what the average person would think the marketing expressions mean.) The voucher code can be applied to further bring down the total value of the order. Free shipping applies if the discounted total value of an order (i.e. payment due in real money) exceeds the relevant threshold. Given that Kobe INK Story has been taken off Milligram's catalogue, Robert Oster inks in selected colours are seldom individually discounted any more, and the shop's prices of Pilot Iroshizuku inks have gone up significantly all in the last year or so, there just isn't a whole lot to buy from Milligram at some cost-saving (compared to ordering from Amazon AU or overseas retailers) any more. Most of the heavily discounted clearance products are now shifted over to Milligram Outlet by default, where the loyalty programme discounts and free shipping offer do not apply. So, as much as I'm not a fan of Tomoe River FP paper, to take advantage of dying loyalty benefits before they are extinguished, I foolishly bought a few packs with no clear application in mind, and will probably end up giving away to kiddies on which to draw.
  6. From the album: Paper products

    From this announcement by Sakae Technical Paper: https://www.sakaetp.co.jp/pdf/20200915_1.pdf

    © Sakae Technical Paper

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  7. I currently use 52gsm white TR paper. For me it is too thin and flimsy.... and shows through more than i would prefer. I love Clairefontaine Triomphe paper but it is too heavy for multi-page international letters. So what's in between? I prefer white that's able to show sheen and shading. Blank, dot grid or lined works. I look forward to your suggestions. PS... I am in the USA so stuff I can get here, please..
  8. I've found this paper called "Petals withered" that the seller claims is 52 gsm paper made by Tomoegawa intended for fountain pen writing, good for bringing out sheen and shimmer, etc. with many supporting pictures. In other words, per the listing online, it seems an awful lot like Tomoe River paper. Except for few things: "Petals withered" is the product name, not "Tomoe River", the packaging, including the cover sheet, has a very similar design but not the same, there is a lot of information on the actual Tomoe River cover sheet that does not appear on this one, the price is low - about $6.20 USD for 100 A4 sheets, shipped to me in Thailand, (but, then again, it's not a lot lower than the price in Japan), and the paper ships from China. While I think it is very likely that it isn't actually real Tomoegawa paper, curiosity won the day and I went ahead and ordered a pack. Does anyone have the real scoop on this paper? I'm supposed to receive it by May 17 and, when I do receive it, I will report back. (That said, Thailand has a temporary hold on international shipping as they are controlling a covid outbreak, so it may be longer than that.)
  9. The Paper Plane – Endless Recorder A5 Notebook (dotted) A while ago I reviewed the Endless Recorder A5, which is a great fountain pen friendly notebook with 68 gsm Tomoe River paper. With the somewhat heavier 68 gsm paper the pages are a bit less flimsy, which suits me better for an EDC notebook that gets intensive use at the office. And you keep the advantages of Tomoe River paper: the notebook can handle practically any ink & nib size with close to zero see-through and bleed-through. Here I give you an update to my previous review, where I examine the dotted version of this notebook. Same paper, but with a dot-grid that makes this notebook more suitable for use as a daily recorder. The dotted version of the Endless Recorder has some nice features compared to the plain paper version I reviewed before: At the beginning of the notebook there are a couple of “Table of Content” pages, that can be used to build the index for your bullet journal, All the pages in the notebook are numbered, so you don’t have to do this yourself, The pages are printed with a 5mm dot-grid, that is very light and unobtrusive. This grid makes it very easy to do structured notetaking (where you use indentation to structure your notes), At the back of the notebook a sleeve is provided, that you can use to stow away some loose scraps of paper. This is a feature that I appreciate … I often use this to store away businesscards, receipts, etc before processing them in the evening, At the back of the notebook are 16 perforated sheets, that make it easy to cleanly tear out a sheet when you need a loose piece of paper. All these features make for an excellent notebook for those of us that use bullet journaling as a tool for bringing structure to our work. The only disadvantage the Endless Recorder has is the lack of a pen loop. In my opinion, this should be a standard feature on A5 type notebooks, that are typically meant to be carried around. Well … that’s easily remedied: the first thing I do when putting this notebook to use is adding a Leuchtturm1917 pen loop. Just stick it to the end of your notebook, and you’re ready to go (and you can even match the colour ;-). Conclusion If you like minimalist notebooks, the Endless Recorder is definitely worth looking at. This is basically the Moleskine for fountain pen enthousiasts. The same look&feel, but with divine paper instead of the crappy stuff that Moleskine uses. I use my notebook as a meeting notes recorder, and am perfectly happy with it.
  10. Epistler

    Tomoe River Blank Books

    I'm offering blank books with Tomoe River paper at PaperForFountainPens.com This paper has inspired me to write more than I ever did before, and I've had to create the product line that I wanted for my own use. Now I'm sharing the results with you. Happy writing! —Jay
  11. The Paper Plane – Endless Recorder A5 Notebook I've been enjoying this little corner of the web for some time now, mainly focusing on inks and pens. But these are more or less useless without the humble paper or notebook that will let you capture your thoughts. So here comes the "Paper Plane", where I review some of the paper and notebooks that I've enjoyed using over the years. Today's guest is the Endless Recorder A5 notebook, a minimalist notebook with some very fine paper. This notebook is produced by Endless Works, a company that clearly states its focus on simplicity, aesthetics and service. With this notebook they really succeed on all fronts, as will become clear during this review. The notebook comes packaged in a cool cotton bag with an integrated pen loop. Nice packaging, aesthetically pleasing, but not really practical. The pen-loop is pretty useless... just try to insert a pen into a loop attached to a cotton bag... an exercise in frustration. Anyway - I don't see anyone using this bag to stow their notebook away. But enough of the bag. It's what's inside that counts. And within this bag comes a gem of a notebook. I got me the plain version of the Endless Recorder, but there's also a dotted version for those who prefer this. The notebook has a truly minimalist look... it's just a plain notebook with a ribbon to mark your place and an elastic band to keep it closed. That's basically it. The notebook comes with some goodies, including a ruled/lined sheet that you can use as a guide while writing on the blank pages. The notebook's cover is almost brand-free. The front shows the small embossed "Endless" logo, and the back mentions the brand's name. The cover itself is made from faux-leather that feels nice to the touch. At the back of the notebook a sleeve is provided, that you can use to stow away some loose scraps of paper. This is a feature that I appreciate... I often use this to store away businesscards, receipts, etc before processing them in the evening. Putting all of this together, you basically get the Moleskine look & feel. The only difference being that this notebook is A5 size, and a bit wider than a standard Moleskine notebook (14cm vs 13cm). Back in my ballpoint days, I really liked the Moleskine for its elegant simplicity. But once I discovered fountain pens, the days of Moleskine ended for me due to its horrible fountain-pen unfriendly paper. Enter the Endless Recorder. This is the Moleskine made for fountain pen enthousiasts. It contains 192 pages of 68 gsm Tomoe River paper. And this paper is sublime. It's a bit heavier than the standard 52 gsm Tomoe River paper I normally use. This makes it feel a bit less flimsy, and better suited for a notebook. This paper is fountain pen heaven! There is zero bleed-through, even with ink swabs using wet inks. Show-through is present, but not disturbing. It's perfectly ok to use both sides of the page. This paper can handle basically anything you throw at it. Super ! Below I show you the front & back of a page, on which I scribbled away with different pen/ink combinations. As you can see, you get the experience you expect from Tomoe River paper. Conclusion If you like minimalist notebooks, the Endless Recorder is definitely worth looking at. This is basically the Moleskine for fountain pen enthousiasts. The same look&feel, but with divine paper instead of the crappy stuff that Moleskine uses. I use my notebook as a meeting notes recorder, and am perfectly happy with it.
  12. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-IzMDZRypqcE/ViQ20CCjxLI/AAAAAAAACag/EETndYJjdRA/s1600/IMG_9214_R.jpg Greetings, FPN fellows! After being away from making journals for a while, I wanted to show you these books that I made some months ago for a FPN friend, LuMa, since I will return to my work space. I am very excited to contact all the members who have patiently waited for me. Finally, I'd like to show you some of my past work that I had not been able to present to you before. Some months ago, LuMa contacted me for a custom order. She originally wanted a journal, but after showing her all the options, she finally decided she wanted five journals! But there was one problem: she wanted all the journals in Tomoe River, but I only had paper for two. For that reason, I sent her samples of three different papers: Fedrigoni, Torreon and Canson. She tested them and decided that the most fountain pen friendly one and the one she preferred was Torreon. She wanted two journals for her that looked the same. She chose a modern Ethiopian style with full black leather. It had 400 sheets, that is, 800 pages, of Tomoe River paper. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-jaiRmPN9iGc/ViQ2zIlPtdI/AAAAAAAACaY/Oc82NjTdcK0/s1600/IMG_9213_R.jpg She asked me to put two red bookmarks and a black elastic band. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-X2O6QrW1HhA/ViQ2vH733GI/AAAAAAAACaI/x70UgMbFq2k/s1600/IMG_9212_R.jpg She wanted me to engrave her family name, Lucero, on one side of each journal. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-9WlT7r_Nq9o/ViQ2u-8XvFI/AAAAAAAACaE/6yYgmF1wq7Y/s1600/IMG_9208_R.jpg For the endpapers, she wanted a Bomoart paper with vintage writing style. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-MZ4zXnfU_lk/ViQ2xBts-gI/AAAAAAAACaQ/TGHtzJuxTNY/s1600/IMG_9210_R.jpg By the way, one of these black journals is currently traveling all the world. LuMa had an iniciative where the journal will travel to different FPN members and each of them will fill some pages with their creative expressions. You can see more here. The third of the journals was made for her mother. She wanted the same journal style, but with red leather and black bookmarks. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-IzMDZRypqcE/ViQ20CCjxLI/AAAAAAAACag/EETndYJjdRA/s1600/IMG_9214_R.jpg The endpapers were a different Bomoart paper, this one with a music theme. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-utElJOzVioo/ViQ23ei89VI/AAAAAAAACao/mp9PeSzP9_o/s1600/IMG_9215_R.jpg For her mother, LuMa wanted a stamp engraved on the center of the journal. Tomoe River is only 52 gsm, however Torreon is 90 gsm. Since this journal also had 400 pages, the final journal was very thick compared to the black ones: almost 10 cm or 4 inches thick! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-JWBFXW-1TW4/ViQ25IsP5zI/AAAAAAAACa4/wsWhJtTS9FU/s1600/IMG_9220_R.jpg The other two journals were for a couple of friends and she chose a completely different style: they were linkstitch. This style has soft leather covers and she chose two different colors: olive green and orange. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-q7IRTj4InqY/ViQ3Db_59oI/AAAAAAAACbs/nYcmcCc8SD4/s1600/IMG_9232_R.jpg A close up of the engraving of the arabesque. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-bSsreKJE94M/ViQ3D5A90mI/AAAAAAAACbw/frBE90qySBU/s1600/IMG_9233_R.jpg The journal opened. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-YN8F93CHHo4/ViQ3FNU7yqI/AAAAAAAACb4/bDMn_WEK4FE/s1600/IMG_9235_R.jpg An appreciation of the thickness of the journal. This journal also had 400 pages of Torreon paper and was more than 10 cm or 4 inches in thickness. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-RYZiQ0dkve0/ViQ3HuuJgbI/AAAAAAAACcI/rALC82v1slU/s1600/IMG_9238_R.jpg This is the olive green journal. She also chose a black leather strap for the closure and an engraved Celtic cross as decoration. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ezeYNGektj0/ViQ29eL6r5I/AAAAAAAACbM/6ek95Vu30bw/s320/IMG_9224_R.jpg I had never shipped such a big package! I had to use a box that used to keep 5000 sheets, the ones usually bought for offices. It was about 5kg! It felt amazing to carry it to the post office to ship. LuMa received the journals many weeks ago and I am happy to say that she was pleased with them, as her mother and her friends were of their gifts. Pheww, that is all, sorry for the long post. Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, they are always welcome . Have a nice day! Anna J. Bach
  13. I came across this notebook on Amazon recently and just got one. For $27 plus shipping and tax it seems like quite a good value. The official name is Wonderland222 (the seller) WonderPlanner A5 Daily Notebook. As my title says, it has 368 pages (3 for key/index and 365 numbered) of 52 gram per square meter cream-colored Tomoe River paper. It is printed with a 4mm graph grid in a light brown color and has line as well as page numbers and a date/signature block in an upper corner of each numbered page. The notebook is about 12mm thick and has a thin but fairly stiff cardboard cover clad in something like vinyl. It does not lay flat but will stay open under its own weight for about the middle third of the page count. It has two bookmark tassels in different colors. Overall I like this notebook a lot. The only annoyance is the slightly garish green cover. I might have preferred a 5mm grid also, but 4mm is okay too. I apologize for the dim lighting in the open page view.
  14. senzen

    25 Inks, 3 Papers

    HP LJ 32 lbs, more readily available in some parts of the world, does take a little while to dry: Fabriano: dries more quickly. Tomoe River, great thin paper.
  15. Hi guys. A while back I got a sample of tomoe River paper from cult pens, and I absolutely love it. It's so smooth, it makes my Rhodia paper feel rubbish! So what I'm wondering is, what is the best way of getting tomoe River paper in the UK? You can get it on Amazon but it's VERY expensive. Around £15 for 100 sheets the last time I checked. Is buying in bulk an option, and if so where can I get it from? Thanks!
  16. Karmachanic

    For The Tomoe Fans

    Just receive an email notification from GLP Creations. Their 192 page 68gsm Tomoe River Author Notebook is now available. Dot or 7mm lined.
  17. I've seen with one of my wing sung 3008 pens that there's always hard starts on cheaper paper. If i press hard on the nib, the flow resumes but is a bit too wet. It does not write with it's own weight. This led me to think it had baby's bottom since the tines appeared aligned. However, when I use Tomoe River paper, it writes the first time every time. It also delivers a wet line, not a faint one. So is it a feed issue? I've never had this kind of a problem before. There's no issues with the feed keeping up with Tomoe River. I'm willing to experiment on this pen as well and would love any advice!
  18. bureaudirect

    Diamine - Steel Blue

    Hi folks, I have decided to finally post a review and not just spy around Diamine Steel Blue is easily one of my favourite Diamine colours, it's that happy-teal-colour family which we cannot get enough of I took couple of notebooks and written a page to demonstrate what the ink looks like on each paper. Please do let me know if there are any other papers you'd like to see...so far we have Leuchtturm, Rhodia White & Ivory and Tomoe River. Enjoy! Mishka (^_~)
  19. Hello everyone! Today I’d like to share with you a very big book I made last month. The style chosen was German Springback. It had to be A4 size and 4 cm of thickness of the paper. My first thought was: “oh my, this is going to be heavy!”. The paper chosen was Fedrigoni. This was the stack of paper I used, after cutting it to A3 size to fold it. The sheets were folded and sewn. Glue on the spine and some trimming done, it was rounded. Then I applied some backing cloth to reinforce the spine. I finished the spine by applying a couple of bookmarks, some headbands I sew off the book and two layers of paper for further reinforcement. Then I proceeded to make a thin cover which would be the basis for the springback structure. I applied some layers of 1.5 mm board on the spine to thicken it. On the spine, I glued four fake ribs made of leather. Then I glued two boards (a 2 mm plus a 2.5 mm) and put in on the cover, with the four sides bevelled. The structure finished, it was time to prepare the leather. It was a huge piece of leather! I used paste to attach the leather to the book. The folder is for size reference. Once it was dried, it was time to decorate! And the book was finished! The weight was about 2,5 kg, quite heavy! Thank you very much for reading up to here hehe. I enjoy sharing with you guys and I hadn't done it in way too long, so it was time to solve that. Best, Anna
  20. pepsiplease69

    Tomoe River Longevity

    Hello All, Just a random inquiry here. As my love affair with Tomoe River continues, I looked at another pristine sheet of Tomoe River in my Seven Seas Journal and can see the translucent areas on the paper, holding it up in front of a dark object. I'm wondering, does anybody know whether Tomoe River has archival qualities? Will the paper be around, decades, or centuries from now? A part of me wants it to self destruct, because I don't want my private thoughts to be around after I'm gone. But I don't have the heart to burn my journals or shred them to dispose of them forever.
  21. This might not be the right place for my topic (I wasn't sure if I should have put it on Market Watch, but that was closed to starting a new topic), but I wanted to confirm with some of you who may have tried it that this is a reliable site. I got some Tomoe River paper samplers from JetPens and absolutely fell in love with the paper. The website has a great price for 3, 100-sheet correspondence pads that I was considering getting. Any experiences with this site are greatly appreciated!
  22. sodiumnitrate

    Best A5-Sized Notebook?

    Hi all, I've been sneakily reading the posts on this site for a while, but it's the first time I actually write a post (except for the FB page). I've been looking for the best notebook for journaling and such for some years now, and I figured I would share my experiences and disappointments, and hear about others' thoughts on this. I started using Moleskines (classic, large notebook, hardcover, black) way before I was using fountain pens. I had to switch to something else when I started using FPs due to heavy feathering and bleeding. (And in the case of MB toffee brown, discoloration.) But in terms of design and binding, my favorite ever will be the softcover large notebooks. I also like how they are a little thinner than A5. I then switched to Leuchtturm1917. I like that their pages are numbered, and they hold the ink well and the paper is not excessively smooth (like Rhodias or Clairefontaines). I prefer soft covers, so I'm a little disappointed that they are way thinner than Moleskines. They need to be at least 1.5x thicker. Also, I've found that the paper is not that consistent. Leuchtturm1917 notebooks that I've purchased at different times had papers that react differently to the same pen/ink combination. I've had one that feathers more than it should, and another that had the ink kind of spread on it evenly without feathering -- in addition to a few perfect ones, of course. I tried a bunch of A5 Clairefontaines, too. For me, their paper is superior to both Leuchtturm1917 and Rhodia -- that is if you don't particularly dislike smooth paper. But their binding is just horrible. Forget about laying a staple-bound notebook flat on your desk. I tried "my essential" which has sewn-binding, which does a lot better than the others, but still falls short of both Moleskine and Leuchtturm1917. Their covers are a lot more modest too. I would have loved to see that paper in leather or Moleskine-style cover instead of just craft paper. And then there's Goulet's new Tomoe river notebooks. Everytime I write on Tomoe river paper, I'm amazed by how much ink a paper so thin can hold. I like my pens really really wet, so it'll always be my favorite paper. Goulet's notebooks are staple-bound, and very thin, so I'm not a huge fan of their binding either. I'm also a little disappointed that they only come with the white TR paper and not cream. They are also a bit on the expensive side, with $9 for 48 sheets (96 pages), which is fair I guess, considering 100 sheets come for ~$14. With all these notebooks considered, I think I'll continue using a combination of Leuchtturm1917 and Goulet notebooks. My dream would be TR (or similar quality paper) in Moleskine binding. Perhaps I should learn bookbinding and make my own notebooks using TR paper... What are your thoughts? Have you had similar experiences?
  23. bureaudirect

    Diamine - Majestic Blue

    Hi folks, Diamine Majestic Blue is one of those inks that sheens like a champion Why did no one tell me about this ink earlier? The colour is a true blue, it flows very nicely even with the finest nibs. Sheen does take over and often covers the entire letter. Tomoe River is the best paper to display sheen, but this ink does show on other papers too. Majestic Blue is not waterproof; it does not wash away completely, so I would happily use it to address envelopes. It would make a perfect every day ink. Strange coming from teal/green/orange person but I really do like this one. What do you think? Enjoy, Mishka (^_~)
  24. I filled out Tomoegawa's online inquiry form on the main company website yesterday, and haven't heard back... Maybe I am just being impatient, but has anyone here purchased a bulk order of Tomoe River FP paper directly from the manufacturer before? Is there a quicker way of contacting them about such things? Or perhaps a reseller in Japan who is known for selling bulk/wholesale orders? TIA for any suggestions!
  25. Where can I buy a case of Tomoe River paper? I don't mind importing from Japan!

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