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Found 24 results

  1. I came across this notebook on Amazon recently and just got one. For $27 plus shipping and tax it seems like quite a good value. The official name is Wonderland222 (the seller) WonderPlanner A5 Daily Notebook. As my title says, it has 368 pages (3 for key/index and 365 numbered) of 52 gram per square meter cream-colored Tomoe River paper. It is printed with a 4mm graph grid in a light brown color and has line as well as page numbers and a date/signature block in an upper corner of each numbered page. The notebook is about 12mm thick and has a thin but fairly stiff cardboard cover clad in something like vinyl. It does not lay flat but will stay open under its own weight for about the middle third of the page count. It has two bookmark tassels in different colors. Overall I like this notebook a lot. The only annoyance is the slightly garish green cover. I might have preferred a 5mm grid also, but 4mm is okay too. I apologize for the dim lighting in the open page view.
  2. Recommend, O paper lovers, an A5 journal for my daily writer. Cream or ivory paper. Not white. Prefer unlined, can tolerate faint dots. I can write straight without assistance, thanks. Rhodia has the kind of paper I prefer, in fact their webnotebooks are basically perfect but are essentially limited to black. And it is quite hard to find unlined ones. Tomoe River paper is too thin for my taste, I use it for letters but there's too much ghosting for a journal. I'm in the middle of my last Leuchtterm1917 journal. Great quality all around but also too much ghosting. I write with wet noodle nibs sometimes, and sketch as well as write. Just want a thicker paper. Hard bound. Of course must lie flat. Sewn not spiral binding. I do not tear out pages. I don't do "bullet journals" so don't require any of those extra things at all. Just blank please. Suggestions? When I google search all that comes up is Rhodia and Leuchtturm.
  3. I came across this thin, nondescript A5 notebook with cream-coloured paper in Muji the other day: The product label, as you can see, doesn't tell me much. The cardboard covers are a charcoal colour and very stiff (which suggest to me good physical protection of the pages). I had to manually count the number of thread-bound sheets there are thirty sheets, so sixty pages in all and the paper weight is (still) unknown. The 5mm line grid is printed in a very faint grey, and I don't find it in-your-face or distracting at all. This notebook isn't even listed on Muji's Australian web site; searching by the 13-digit barcoded product code pulled up no matches, and manually injecting the product code into the URL doesn't work either. However, the item can be found on Muji's Singapore web site listed among the products in its catalogue of notebook products. According to its product listing on Muji's US web site, the material is 100% recycled paper. However, I don't know how much I trust the accuracy of the information on that page, given that the dimensions stated in the details are correct in measurement units but incorrectly stated as being B6 sized (in direct contradiction to the product heading of "Recycled Paper Bind Notebook A5 Grid Dark Gray" on the same page.) I've been slightly disappointed with similar-looking, made-in-Japan Muji notebooks with equally smooth-to-the-touch paper before; however, for the asking price printed on the label, and maybe it was just the mood I was in at the time, I was prepared to take a punt. Then I was quite (pleasantly) surprised when I was asked to pay less for the notebook at checkout, which scanned as if it was priced at a 30% discount. Instantly, this product leapfrogged to the front of the queue of things I wanted or 'needed' to test, in case it's good enough to be 'worth' buying a fair few more at the scanned price. I was even more surprised by how incredibly fountain pen friendly the paper proved to be. Writing all over the first page with different pens and inks: resulted in no observable feathering, no show-through (even though you can discern that the other side of the sheet was written on and not unused) and no bleed-through with any of the inks. I then wrote densely on the recto side with pigment inks and iron-gall inks that I have seen cause trouble with other types of paper: and there was still effectively no show-through and bleed-through. Oh, and the 'sheening' inks do sheen on this paper, although perhaps not at Tomoe River levels: My conclusion is that, for A$1.25 for every 60-page A5 notebook, one couldn't reasonably expect better performance for use with fountain pens than that. Writing on this paper is a far more pleasant kinaesthetic experience, compared to that with the coated paper in the Muji 裏うつりしにくいノート B5 Notebook Set I bought on the same visit. I went back to my local Muji store the following day and cleared out every last one of its stock of this SKU; I've been back three times since, and it doesn't look as if it has any more stock "in the back". Update: It seems Muji US has delisted the product since last weekend, when I successfully searched for and found it by the 13-digit product code. Even though you can still retrieve the product listing by using the direct URL, the 'Add To Cart' button no longer appears on the page.
  4. I'm offering to give away a pack of three of these incredibly fountain pen friendly Muji A5 notebooks I reviewed, with domestic postage (by letter post not Parcel Post, so it won't be trackable online, sorry) at my expense, to one fellow community member in Australia who wants it, selected from those who respond in this thread by Sunday, 26 May 2019. To be considered, please express your interest in this thread, and optionally state the following: The State of your delivery address Whether you intend to share the notebooks with other fountain pen users (and I'll just take your word for it; there's no need to explain how or who)To what use you want to put the notebooks (especially if not intending to share) Selection process: Selection will not be at random. These notebooks were quite cheap to acquire in the first place, in spite of being so damn good for use with fountain pens, but with Muji stores only being in Sydney (2), Canberra (1) and Melbourne (2) as far as I'm aware, those who live outside of NSW-ACT-VIC would nominally have had the least opportunity of buying them in the first place (since Muji doesn't take online orders in Australia). Then, because I think I cleared out most of the current stock in Muji's NSW stores, and this item may or may not be restocked, those who are in NSW will most likely have less opportunity to acquire them in-store themselves, compared to those in ACT and VIC, but of course I have no visibility of how much stock each interstate store still has. Also, since I believe Muji still sells the 'twin' of this product that has kraft covers instead of dark grey covers (for the price on the label, and not the perhaps erroneously discounted price), I'll assume those in NSW-ACT-VIC can try picking up one of those in-store and take a punt for A$1.75$1.25 (Edit: I bought one, and it also scanned at less than the price shown on the product label; it's the B5 size with the slightly more articulate product label that scans at $1.75), if they want to get this type and quality of paper from Muji. So, in principle, all else being equal I'll favour interested parties from WA, NT, TAS, SA and QLD ahead of those in NSW, and then ACT and VIC. Also, because it is not economical for me to send each notebook in the post separately (postage > unit price!) to different recipients, those who are of a mind to share the pack of three notebooks with others – however they arrange it – would then take priority in my selection process. The default 'answers', where information is not proffered (and I can totally respect that), would be taken as: VIC No, not sharing Kitty litter box liner Note: I will be sending this by letter post using a 500g postage-prepaid envelope I have sitting in a drawer. That practically excludes Australia Post Parcel Locker and Australia Post Parcel Collect addresses as delivery addresses, but PO Boxes are okay.
  5. The Paper Plane - Filofax A5 Refillable Notebook (Architexture) I've been enjoying this little corner of the web for some time now, mainly focusing on inks and pens. But these are more or less useless without the humble paper/notebook that let's you capture your thoughts. So here comes the "Paper Plane", where I review some of the paper and notebooks that I've enjoyed using over the years. Today's guest is the Filofax A5 Refillable Notebook, and more specifically the Architexture variant of this nice piece of stationary. Filofax is best known for their planners, but they also have a really useful notebook, that came to market somewhere around 2015. I failed to notice it then, but I stumbled across it a couple of months ago, and decided to try it out. The "Architexture" incarnation of these notebooks has a very minimalistic design, that I find aesthetically pleasing. The notebook on the photo is the "Blue Suede" variant, which has a kind of velours feel to it, and has the big advantage of exhibiting strong anti-slip properties. This notebook stays put on the surface where you lay it down - a property that I appreciate. Branding is almost absent, except for a small engraved logo on the back-cover. These Filofax notebooks come in a wide variety of cover designs, so there is sure to be one to match your liking. You can get them in A4, A5 and A6 sizes. My main purpose is for notetaking at work, so I got me the A5 size which fits my needs perfectly. The defining characteristic of this notebook is its spiral binding, which keeps the pages together. This spiral is the Filofax implementation of the well-known disc-bound system for refillable notebooks. I personally prefer this spiral binding over solid discs. The spirals feel less obtrusive, and make for a less bulky feel of the notebook. They look flimsy, but are sturdy enough and up to the task. The spiral binding pokes through the back of the notebook. This may look a bit odd, but that's how the spiral is attached to the cover. On the inside, the spiral keeps the (refillable) pages together. A completely filled notebook is about 1 cm thick, and can comfortably hold about 60 sheets (I actually counted the pages in my own notebook ;-). A new notebook comes with 56 lined 100gsm sheets, 4 dividers and a plastic ruler that can also serve as a bookmark. I know that 60 sheets doesn't sound like a lot, but these notebooks are refillable, so that's not much of an issue. What I really like about this notebook is that it stays completely flat when opened. This makes for a very comfortable writing surface aka the Paper Plane. The spiral binding is small enough not to be intrusive, and doesn't obstruct your writing while using the left-side page. This notebook makes use of removable pages with punch holes that have a slit extending to the side of the paper. This means that you can easily add / remove pages from the notebook, or reposition them to a new location. Beware that you need to be gentle when removing pages - you might damage the slits when handling the page too roughly. Because of the fragility of the slits, Filofax uses a 100gsm heavy paper for its own refills. The paper itself is reasonably fountain-pen friendly, but I'm not a fan of it. I find the blue imprint of lines/grid on the paper to be a bit too visually present. I would have preferred a slightly fainter imprint. Filofax sells their own refills for this notebook, but I find them to be too expensive (about 5 EUR for 32 A5 100gsm sheets). Fortunately, they also sell a paper punch so that you can make your own refills. That's the route I went! I selected my own 100gsm fountain-pen friendly paper, and went on to print my own A5 designs. Currently I use a less obtrusive grid paper (with more greyish lines than the blue ones on Filofax's own refills), plus a template for meeting notes. The paper punch is rather expensive (at 50 EUR), but for me it's worth it for the freedom it gives me to choose my own paper. And as an extra plus: if you look online, there's tons of free templates available to customize your notebook (planners, travel journal, bullet journal, meeting notes, ... you name it). My own customized notebook is my daily workhorse. It's divided into three sections, using dividers. Section 1 is my bullet journal for noting todo's, events and quick thoughts. For this I follow quite closely the barebones method presented at bulletjournal.com. Section 2 is used for meeting notes (using the meeting notes template), and section 3 has blank pages for mindmapping. At the end of the week I take pictures of my meeting notes (using the Scannable app that automatically converts them to pdf), and file these in Evernote (with the added bonus that Evernote recognizes my handwriting, and makes my notes searchable - a perfect marriage of analog and digital ;-). I can then remove the pages I no longer need, and add new empty pages to the notebook. At the back of my notebook, I added a Leuchtturm 1917 pen loop. This holds my Lamy 2000 4-colour multipen. I know... it's a ballpoint... but here I prefer convenience over writing comfort. Having 4 colours in one pen is really nice. The day a multi-colour fountain pen comes to market, I will gladly swap over to that setup ;-) For normal writing in the notebook, there's always an EDC fountain pen in my pocket (usually a Kaweco). Conclusion The Filofax A5 Refillable Notebook already exists for quite some years, but I only recently discovered it. I really like its minimalistic design, and the refillable page concept. You can easily tailor the notebook to your own preferences. And using a compatible paper punch, you can swap in your own paper & paper designs. This notebook is currently my daily work companion, and always accompanies me. It's eminently functional, and if you're looking for a flexible solution yourself, you should give it a try.
  6. penzel_washinkton

    Penbbs Notebooks & Pads

    So... Just noticed that the notebooks game are gaining new players recently. Aside from Elia notebooks that was released late last year, this time around the Chinese PenBBS brand has released their own line of notebooks (and notepad/memo). I know that Beini has been teasing this stuff and finally it was released on their Etsy shop about 2 or 3 days ago and they have 5 models in total: 474 - Notepad/ Memo Blank 476 - A5 Notebook Black Cover Grid 477 - A5 Notebook Purple Cover Blank 478 - A5 Notebook Purple Cover Lined 479 - A5 Notebook Black Cover Lined https://www.etsy.com/shop/PENBBSOfficialStore All notebooks are sourced from Fabriano 85 gsm papers and are priced $8 for the notebooks and $5 for the pads/memos. Personally, if I am going to get one, it will be the black cover with blank layout since he ruling is strange to me (lined is 9 mm gap and grid is 4mm) but I can not say for other people. Unfortunately it isn't an option so I guess I will be getting the blank purple cover.
  7. Hi FPN Community Members, I would like to get straight to the point here, do you have reference to notebook cases that is quite affordable? My price range is $10 - $20. I understand that maybe genuine leather might be out of reach at that price point but could you guys point me to some items in the price range? Preferably that ships to South East Asia, thanks!
  8. Hi Everyone, My problem is that I prefer hardcover journals for daily writing, but move around a lot so they are too heavy and impractical for my kind of lifestyle. Therefore, I'm thinking about switching to something more portable like Midori A5 journals. The issue is that I don't like writing on floppy surfaces and often need the hardcover to act as a writing surface when I'm out and about. Does such a thing exist as a leather notebook cover that is stiff enough or has hard enough surfaces to make a softcover journal feel like a hardback? Thanks for any suggestions!
  9. Who knew? Not me anyway. In searching for a reasonably prices fp friendly A5 notebook/journal I came across the Basicos brand on Amazon (UK) 300 Sheets for £18 – that’s 0.03 pence per page! At that price, with few reviews, it couldn’t be much good. Could it? So I went off in search of something better. Clairefontaine, Seven Seas, Taroko etc. All of which I enjoy using. Recently deciding to do a Morning Pages – scribbling off three pages of stream of consciousness first thing in the am, never to be read again, and certainly not for showing to others, I decided to use a lower cost A5. Looking though bookmarked sites I decided to give a red Basicos Flexible Skin a try. Imagine my suprise as it emerges from the Amazon cardboard envelope and I see Miquelrius, Made in Spain, Leather Collection on the paper band on the cover. 70 gsm. Had I taken the time to zoom over the image on the Amazon page prior to purchase, this would have been evident from the beginning. Spiral bound 200 sheets for £8 too. I’m probably the last person on earth to figure this out. But just in case .......
  10. Aside from perforated Rhodia pads are there any other A5 sized lined paper I might want to look at? A friend uses Kokuyo looseleaf paper I like (under $7 for 100 sheets which has a nice dotted format that is a cross between lined and dotted paper, but it's a weird Japanese format with 20 punched holes(!) that takes a special 20-ring binder. I like the paper but would love lined A5 looseleaf paper where I could punch my own holes. Any ideas?
  11. First post, be gentle:-) I have cut some of my A4 Tomoe River loose sheets into A5 sheets for note taking using a FP. I'm now looking for a price conscious solution to store these loose A5 sheets on my desk, preferably a tray. Unfortunately all options on ebay/etsy/Amazon are for A4 paper... Any ideas? -y
  12. Hi, I am seeking a definitive answer to what I thought was a simple question. I would like to know what the distance is between the ruled lines on the pages of an A5-sized Rhodia Webnotebook with lined paper. I am confused, because the Goulets in the US say one thing in answer to this question, but The Writing Desk here in the UK say another... The Goulets say that it is 7mm. The Writing Desk say that it is 6mm. FWIW, the line separation on the two Rhodia *pads* that I have is 7mm, but then those are not Webnotebooks, so looking at the paper in them can not be said to answer my question either. Now, I would be surprised if Rhodia were making one paper for US consumption and another for European/UK consumption, but then I was surprised to find out last year that LAMY would sell bottled Dark Lilac ink in the US but not in Europe, so what do I know? Anyway, in order that I may find out which retailer's information is correct (for 'Webbies' sold in the UK), I would now be very grateful if any of you out there in FPN-land who have a UK-bought A5 'Webbie' with lined paper, would measure across ten lines in it, and then tell me whether that distance is 70mm, or whether it is 60mm. My thanks to you in advance for your answers Cheers, M.
  13. Hi, here is my second part of the Roterfaden Taschengebleiter review, hope you like it: https://youtu.be/R3fjuO82fZM
  14. Hi, This is a review of the Fabriano EcoQua A5 Spiral Bound - graph 5mm notebook. See more at http://fabriano.com/en/267/ecoqua http://i.imgur.com/IDSu8Se.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/XNZwtje.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/PWNDPuZ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/OKEvYtY.jpg http://i.imgur.com/drpaYuM.jpg Pros: It has nice paper (85 gsm). The paper is quite smooth, but not as smooth as Clairefontaine. There is minor show-through and no bleed-through. Cons: (Personally, I cannot think of any.) Things to consider: The paper is off-white. The notebooks are available in different binding, sizes, formats, and cover colours. The dry time is from about 20 to 25 seconds. The covers might not be very durable to some people, but I have no problems with it. I bought it from an art store for about $5.00 USD. Amazon has it, but with a higher price. http://www.dickblick.com/products/fabriano-ecoqua-notebooks/ http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008VSMK4M/ Thank you for reading, Sofia
  15. I recently bought a Taroko Enigma A5 journal, featuring 68gsm dot grid Tomoe paper. At the same time I bought a similar journal from Taroko featuring their 80gsm Orchid paper. I thought it would be worth trying it out as it is half the price of their Tomoe version, at US$15 + shipping. Delivery from Taiwan to Australia was under a week. I am vey impressed indeed with the customer service from Steven Chang at Taroko, his comunications, the care with which he packs and ships his products and with quality of the journal. All these factors are excellent. Summary from their web-site. My comments in italics * 400-page of Taroko Orchid Paper (80gsm of fountain pen friendly paper with most nib/ink combinations. Wet nibs, flex nibs, and certain inks will occasionally bleed. Not suitable for watercolor) The paper is great with all the inks I've tried so far. There is minimal show-through, especially when compared to Tomoe 52gsm. There has been no bleed-through or feathering. * Sewn bound journal reinforced with glue at the spine (in essence, like a case bound book without the hard cover), and when opened, will lie completely flat. If you are familiar with Nanami Seven Seas journals, the construction of the Mystique is very similar. I actually think the page alignment and sewing is better than Nanami's, which I've found a little inconsistent. The cover is an attractive dark red, with a textured finish. It is a soft cover, same as Nanami. It does lie almost completely flat with very little central gutter to impede hand position when writing. No pressure is required to make the pages lie flat - they fall into place easily. * Layout in 5mm dot grids I really like the dot grid print. It is a soft grey, not too dark, so doesn't impede writing and could be easily used for sketching. Yet the dots are visible enough to provide a good guide. * Comes with 3 index pages at the beginning.The index is useful. The pages aren't numbered so you'll have to number them yourself to take advantage of this useful addition. There are also Keyword/tag list pages at the back for your use and a 2016 and 2017 calendar. The calendar page also has the top and bottom edges marked with an imperial and metric ruler respectively. * Perfect for bullet journaling. Lots and lots of pages to write with, if you write at length, and feel like you should have all your writings in one place. I don't bullet journal but I think it would be ideal for those who do. There are indeed plenty of pages - 400 in fact. I've put mine in a Mircofibre slip cover from Belle & Sofa, but it could be used without. Being a standard international/ISO A5, covers are very easy to find. It doesn't come with a page marker/ribbon (but my Belle & Sofa cover has one already so that addresses the omission). Shipping from Taroko Shop in Taiwan, to me in Australia, was US $10 - about a third of the shipping charged by Nanami. Overall, I'm delighted with this journal. It's good quality and a fair price. (NB Taroko Design Enigma A5 68gsm Tomoe journal is the same construction, with a dark blue cover, the same dot grid print and other features, but with 420 pages. It costs US$30 + shipping) Finally, here are some photos. Apologies that some are rather blurred, I tried to keep the sizes down. I hope this overview of the Taroko Mystique Journal is helpful. STURDY CARDBOARD WRAPAROUND PROECTION, SHIPPED INSIDE AN OUTER CARDBOARD BOX THE JOURNAL COVER THE INDEX PAGES THE KEYWORD/TAG AND CALENDAR PAGES AT THE BACK LAYFLAT PAGES - THIS IS APPROX THE MIDDLE OF THE 400 PAGES TAKES INKS WELL - NO FEATHERING LITTLE SHOW-THROUGH AND ZERO BLEED-THROUGH MYSTIQUE JOURNAL ON TOP OF NANAMI SEVEN SEAS (TOMOE) WRITERS JOURNAL, TO SHOW COMPARABLE THICKNESS (BOTH INSIDE BELLE & SOFA MICROFIBRE COVERS)
  16. Hi Folks Hope you are all doing well. I recently came across a slightly thicker version of the original Tomoe River paper at 68 gms and found it quite fascinating and an interesting alternative to the much loved 52 gms version. As such, I decided to send out some free sheets to some of you and feedback was very positive. I decided to work on some Notebook samples and to gauge some feedback prior to deciding to move forward. I have some A4 sheets in the 68gms paper which I can send you for free (3 sheets each), you just need to pay for the shipping, I am not looking to make any money here. The only thing I ask from you is your honest candid feedback please. Have a Joyous Xmas and Prosperous New Year! Izzy
  17. Does anybody know if acid-free paper is used in this Muji notebook, http://www.muji.us/store/stationery/notebooks/high-quality-easy-open-notebook-a5-dot.htm ) The paper is listed as 5% recycled, which would normally suggest not, but I've seen other papers with more recycled content which have nevertheless been acid-free. I've attached a photo of the label for anyone who might read Japanese. Thanks! (In case the website isn't clear, the notebook is 96 sheets, dot grid, cover in the usual brown thin cardboard, white tape on the spine, thread-bound in signatures, item 4549337193741.It's also listed elsewhere as "Muji Thread-Binding Notebook." Apparently there was also an A6 size made at some time, I'm not sure it's still available. There was also one with similar features done in a black cover, but I believe the paper is different.)
  18. JohnSparegrave

    X17 , The Missing Link

    Hi, This is my first post here though I have been reading a lot of reviews and talks as I was bed stricken the last months. I'm a stationery lover and this is my video review of the X17 which in my opinion is one deal of a notebook since it has both the advantages of the Midori leather notebook and the comfort of your regular A5 notebook. Paper is not very fountain pen friendly but there is no showthrough, it is just that I like my pages smooth. The notebook itself though is gorgeous. Here is the link to the video since I don't know how to put it there : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54ehCgOsbO4 I hope you'll like it as much as I did. Also I love the fact that they are a small family size company. John
  19. This is a short review of a A5 sized MD notebook. I have also replicated the content with some additional pictures in my blog, as the images are/will be reduced to a small thumbnail after a short-while by the image hosting service. Below is a link to the same: Midori MD Notebook Review After falling in love with my MTN and the entire ecosystem part of it (Some of the ecosystem elements and their use are most eloquently covered by Pavoni in this post.), I wanted to have the same fountain pen friendly paper, sans the panache of an MTN. And it’s closest cousin seemed to be an MD notebook. I went for a A5 sized one, as it was quite readily available. PRESENTATION (6/6) The entire package rests within a polyethylene plastic wrap, and a tracing paper enclosure keeps you happy with the very process of unravelling. There is a bottom band of blue branding wrapped over the notebook, which covers essential product specifications/branding in English and certain things in Japanese. http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/ag127/soniknitr/MD%20Notebook/md%20004-pres_zpsimpj0jp5.jpg MD ELEMENTS (6/6) The notebook is thread-stitched and a weaved cloth is glued along the outer-spine, perhaps as an embellishment for a classical literary look. You would feel at ease, to write on a MD Notebook, as it remains completely open, thanks to the stitching. Clever! A ribbon/bookmark can be found in the middle, and I feel it is quite well-thought of, in case you choose to mark something essential. The cover is made up of card stock usually meant for business cards, post cards or catalogue covers. On the front, it carries the branding of ‘MD PAPER, Made in Japan’, in a subtly embossed format. As an ecosystem refill, a clear PVC cover is also available for each of the notebook sizes, in case you are planning to use a particular size regularly. http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/ag127/soniknitr/MD%20Notebook/md%20007_zpspcyizqpy.jpg There are four stickers to label your notebook. http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/ag127/soniknitr/MD%20Notebook/md%20008_zpsg1cxy2bt.jpg The inside cover has a box of particulars with a bit of MD branding. http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/ag127/soniknitr/MD%20Notebook/md%20010_zpsqixbbaqv.jpg PHYSICS OF IT (6/6) – RELATIVELY SPEAKING Quite a compact one with dimensions - L(21 cm) X W (14.8 cm) X H (1.1 cm), it does get a bit wider and shorter, than a standard parker A5 notebook or even an MTN. It has 88 leaves with square grids (of 0.5 cm) on both sides. http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/ag127/soniknitr/MD%20Notebook/md%20012%20dimension_zpsjuv4kq7z.jpg ECONOMIC VALUE (6/6) It cost me a pretty decent USD 9 with some combined shipping from Japan. I ordered it online on Rakuten global. OVERALL PERFORMANCE (5/6) I love the understated looks of the notebook. A Pelikan fine nib glides along the paper with a wet line although it takes around half a minute to dry. I did observe a minute amount of feathering and a decent show-through after writing on the first page. http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/ag127/soniknitr/MD%20Notebook/md%20015_zps94mvpqqw.jpg Unlike the MTN refill paper, these pages are quite thin and the show-through is visible on the other side of the page. Although from a personal context I feel that you can write on the other side too, but YMMV. http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/ag127/soniknitr/MD%20Notebook/md%20016_zpsawmj9km7.jpg I hope you enjoyed this short review and it helps with your next notebook purchase. Best, Sonik
  20. FountainpenBibliophile put me on the track of BomoArt sketchbooks, and I am absolutely in love with the design of these. However, I have not been able to find any reviews of them, and therefore hope that the paper paraphernalia (p)oracles in here can help me. There seem to be reviews of their notebooks and address books etc. on here, but I have not been able to find any on the sketchbook, with heavier paper. If you have one of these lovely sketchbooks, would you mind sharing your thoughts and experiences with it? What media do you use in the books (pencil, watercolour, ink)? Is it easy to get to lie flat? Does the paper remind you of any other brands? Thank you for reading, and I am grateful for any input on this.
  21. I've got a spare A5 Clairefontaine notebook that I currently have no use for. What should I do with it?
  22. Hey folks, I am a long time lurker but new member. For my first post I thought I would share how I make FPF notebooks for school. I personally prefer the A5 size so that's what I make but you could make an 8.5 x 11 just the same. This is what goes into one journal. OCM Cotton A5 Pad x 146pt A5 Chipboard x 2Twin Loop Wire 1/2" x 1I carefully remove the pages from the pad and print my lines. I created a word document using justified rows of underscores with 1.5 spaced lines. The margins for the front are T: 0.5", B: 0.17"", L: 0.5", R: 0.17" Gutter: Left. The back side just switches the left and right margins. These are just general guidelines for curious DIY'ers. I use the "cinch" twin loop binding machine because it's cheap and it works. lol My last batch of journals only cost around $7 per unit and they are reasonably durable.
  23. airbender-ellyn

    A5 Or Semi-B5 For College?

    Would A5 or semi-B5 paper be better for note taking? I checked out the Kokuyo Systemic refillable notebook cover and they seem really great. But they only come in 2 sizes. I feel like it would be good to get the A5 size because there are more notebooks in that size available, whereas the semi-B5 notebooks are a bit more difficult to find. But, I feel like I would go through A5 notebooks really fast. I want the Systemic because I would be able to fit 3 notebooks in it and I wouldn't have to really worry about anything getting torn up too bad, but if there is a similar product, please share!
  24. For those of you who, like me, have been hoping Levenger would offer options for A4 and A5 size notebooks, they now do! Say hello to the Circa Universal Notebook and the accompanying Circa Universal Desk Punch They also have several Circa paper options in A4 and A5, so it looks like Levenger is looking to get more into the international market.. For now they only offer the notebook in black leather, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll start offering it in a nice bold color soon too. Not affiliated with Levenger, just a European gal currently living in California who's been drooling over the Circa notebooks, but refusing to spend that kind of money if I can't use it when I leave the US in a few years. (Just in case you're wondering: junior size notebooks can accommodate A5 size paper, but letter size notebooks cannot accommodate A4 size paper.)

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