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Found 16 results

  1. bureaudirect

    Diamine - Steel Blue

    Hi folks, I have decided to finally post a review and not just spy around Diamine Steel Blue is easily one of my favourite Diamine colours, it's that happy-teal-colour family which we cannot get enough of I took couple of notebooks and written a page to demonstrate what the ink looks like on each paper. Please do let me know if there are any other papers you'd like to see...so far we have Leuchtturm, Rhodia White & Ivory and Tomoe River. Enjoy! Mishka (^_~)
  2. theverdictis

    Bullet Journal

    Hey, Just came across a cool concept on Youtube called Bullet Journal. It looks like it mashes a note taking with diary and journal all in one concept. The guy that created the idea has linked up with Leuchtturm (these are fountain pen friendly paper right?). Anyway, just wondered if anyone is using these type of system? How do you find it? Are there any draw backs? I think it's supposed to be a basic concept then evolves into what the user needs? I'm thinking of stating one as conventional diaries are too restricted for me and this might work out better. Ben
  3. birchtine

    Pelikan Royal Blue - Review

    ​This is only a brief musing on one of my favourite inks. For in-depth review I encourage you to have a look at the comprehensive reviews by visvamitra and Sandy1. Pelikan Royal Blue on Leuchtturm. PRB is often described as unappealing and boring and I agree to some extent. It lacks fanciness and eye catching features. On the other hand, it doesn't distract from the message and can be used in more official settings. I personally appreciate the lack of shading which gives the impression of tidiness and clarity. ​PRB on Leuchtturm. Very rounded and well designed ink. If there is anything I could change it would be making the colour slightly more vibrant. ​Line definition on Clairefountaine, Moleskine, Leuchtturm and Xerox Performer. There is some significant but still acceptable spread and feathering on Moleskine and Xerox exacerbated by very wet pens I used. However, I know only few other inks which cope similarly or better on more absorbent papers. Some say that PRB fades away with time. I don't know whether the rumours are true or not. My oldest notes are only three months old and don't show any apparent deterioration.
  4. bureaudirect

    Diamine - Majestic Blue

    Hi folks, Diamine Majestic Blue is one of those inks that sheens like a champion Why did no one tell me about this ink earlier? The colour is a true blue, it flows very nicely even with the finest nibs. Sheen does take over and often covers the entire letter. Tomoe River is the best paper to display sheen, but this ink does show on other papers too. Majestic Blue is not waterproof; it does not wash away completely, so I would happily use it to address envelopes. It would make a perfect every day ink. Strange coming from teal/green/orange person but I really do like this one. What do you think? Enjoy, Mishka (^_~)
  5. L'Artisan Pastellier Callifolio inks have been around for many years but don't seem to attract much attention in the English speaking community. I guess that we have too much to choose from. Several months ago, namrehsnoom published the most extensive and exhaustive review of Bleu Atlantique: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/316800-lartisan-pastellier-callifolio-bleu-atlantique/. There is nothing new I can add, but since the ink quickly become one of my favourites I decided to post some additional pictures. I tested the ink on four different papers: Clairefontaine, Leuchtturm, Moleskine (of the worst kind) and Xerox Performer 80 gsm using some of my favourite wet writing pens. http://i.imgur.com/iBG1YBi.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Dtt3PJv.jpg Leuchtturm & Moleskine http://i.imgur.com/MXOhGfw.jpg Clairefountaine, Leuchtturm, Moleskine and Xerox. Although some feathering and line widening can be seen on the Moleskine and Xerox, they are not even close to be as bad as with a wet pen filled with most other inks I tried. I'd say that the ink behaves similarly well on some lesser quality papers as Salix, Pelikan Blue/Black and Pelikan Royal Blur but with a bit more lubrication. Ink characteristics Saturation: low to medium (great for shading) Lubrication: above average Feathering/woolly lines/bleed-through: low Flow: average Drying time: average Namrehsnoom gave it earlier A+ score. I'd go for A, simply because I found even better performance in another Callifolio ink. Anyway, either A or A+ are absolutely deserved. It is really hard to find an ink of interesting​ colour one can use almost without limitations on more absorbent papers.
  6. I have been wanting to try out bullet journaling for a while so I went and did some research on which notebook people recommended, the Leuchtturm 1917 hardcover came up constantly. I figured if people were recommending this notebook that it must be good right? (Btw even people using fountain pens were recommending this) So I bought one for $20 (which is a good amount of money for someone in college btw) and couldn't wait to start writing in it. The notebook itself seems great but as soon as I started writing in it I was immediately disappointed in the paper quality. I was getting bleed through and severe ghosting even using my fine tipped fountain pens. So I thought maybe it was just fountain pens, so I tried a needle tip sharpie and that bleed and ghosted like crazy. So then I tried my Retro 51 with the standard black refill and that was just as bad.. I'm really disapointed that I spent so much on this notebook. If I would have known about the Rhodia webnotebooks I would have got one of those instead for sure, I at least know that Rhodia has great paper. So now I'm stuck with a $20 notebook that I can't stand using.. http://i.imgur.com/1G6E7CAl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/U0vwnH2l.jpg http://i.imgur.com/tzixVxrl.jpg\ What notebook would you recommend? The Rhodia Webnotebook seems like a good choice? Are there any others? Thanks
  7. rr888

    Dilute For Bleeding?

    Hi All, Fountain pen newbie here with some questions on ink. I am experiencing bleeding on inks that most people do not have bleeding problems with. Specifically, Diamine Majestic Blue, De Atramentis Magenta Violet and Rohrer & Klingner Cassia. I am using a Leuchtturm 1917. I have read different articles about dilution but several ink reviews for these inks do not mention any bleeding problems. I have added a photo of the reverse side of a Majestic Blue list and a ink sample page. When I first started using Noodler's Black, I had problems with "ink transfer" (not sure if there is a term for this). Dried ink on one page A would transfer to another page B (Page A and B are faces of a notebook A|B where | is the spine) when I wrote on the reverse side of page B. A little dilution got rid of this problem but the problem comes back when the ink starts to dry. Using ink seems pretty intuitive... Take ink from bottle, put in pen, write. Am I doing this wrong? Why am I having so many problems? Should I be diluting all of these inks? I know Rhodia paper handles ink better but I would like to find a solution that works with the Leuchtturm -- which should still be able to handle fountain pens! Thank you!!!
  8. Good afternoon, I have recently picked up my first copy of the Leuchtturm Whitelines with dot grid notebook (5.75x8.28 inch, A5?). While I have had a few of the original 1917 notebooks this is my first Whitelines edition. One of the features of these notebooks are perforated pages at the back of these notebooks that I never use as my work has to be on bound number pages. The question is would people be interested in me sending out some of these pages so that they can try out the paper? I will keep a couple so I can spare six, if people are interested I am thinking 3 interested random parties get 2 pages each? Thoughts?
  9. Hi, there: Does anyone know what type of paper Leuchtturm uses in their standard 1917 notebooks? I'm rather fond of writing on the stuff -- which is very nib friendly and versatile -- and would ideally like to buy it in sheets and reams. A couple of queries logged on the Leuchtturm website have gone unanswered, and a bit of googling didn't bring enlightenment either. Much gratitude to anyone who knows! Thanks, in advance. --h
  10. Happy February, everyone. I think most people know I sell ink in small quantities (link here). Sometimes people kick in a little extra, and half of that goes to PIF. This month the PIF pot is just enough to ship something in the US. I'm starting the PIF a little early, because the next week is going to be intense at work. I'm contributing a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook from my hoard stash collection bookcase, in the A5 size. While I love my Tomoe River journals, there's something really tactile and warm about Leuchtturm notebooks. Opinions on the paper vary, but I've always had very good luck on mine. They're a nice warm color, and there's a lot of detail that I like (i.e. page numbering, index pages, etc.) I put mine through a lot of abuse, and the spine/elastic have held fast. I have black dot ones, or you can have a red blank one, or a lined one in white, pink, green, brown, blue, light green, neon pink, neon yellow, or neon green. I have a lot, because they're great for color-coding discreet projects, and they're fun to put in little piles and good gifts. I'll also throw in 5 ml of ink of your choice (or mine, if you prefer!). To enter: PM me, or shoot me an email at davrosinside via yahoo.com, and let me know two inks you'd like to see me carry, or your favorite two inks at this very moment. Or, if you're new, what ink color(s) top(s) your list? I am accepting international submissions this month, if you're willing to pay the extra cost of international shipping. (This is probably only cost effective to Canada or Mexico, because international shipping is currently very high. It is likely cheaper to buy a notebook and ink anywhere else in the world.)
  11. Hi guys, I've just started keeping a journal due to some family problems causing me to need some kind of emotional outlet, and as such, I've written a fair number of pages quite quickly. I'm currently using a 'large' dotted Leuchtturm hardcover notebook, and I'm just wondering if there's anything else out there that fits the following: large page countivory or otherwise non-white paperdot or grid rulingA5 or above sizeIf Leuchtturm is the only or best choice, I'm more than happy to stick with them, I just thought I should check first - they're pricey! Thanks, Charlie
  12. Can someone compare the dot grid on the Rhodia Dotpad No. 16 vs the dot grid on the Leuchtturm journals. Are the dot grids the same? Are the dots lighter or darker on one of them? Thanks.
  13. No Affiliates here, just a happy customer of two handmade customised leather journal covers. The first one is made for Moleskine Large size. Used by rollerball pens and Blackwing pencils for jotting down ideas and quotes. The second one is made for Leuchtturm A5 size. Used by fountain pen with any colour and nib sizes as I please as a journal/diary. Although there is a little bit show through, no feathering or bleed through of any kind. The covers are made by sturdy leather that have been tanned to tobacco brown colour. Classic, vintage yet stylish. Front covers have been embossed with my initials. Price, not expensive and duration of delivery is in a timely manner. Made by artisan 3wunder from Austria. I am now thinking of having a pen case to come with these lovely and beautiful journals.
  14. Hi friends! I've been gradually getting deeper and deeper into this world o' fountain pens since giving my first Lamy Safari a shot two years ago. I finally wrote a post on my own blog about the hobby and what fountain pens mean to me and why I like them, which necessitated some pictures. So I busted out my camera and tried to get all pretty-like with some of my gear. All of what you see below is also in the blog post. Hope you enjoy these first attempts. Feedback and advice greatly appreciated. And thanks to all for the mountains of info I've gleaned as a long-time lurker here on FPN. Wouldn't have enjoyed the beginnings of this fanaticism wonderful hobby without you all! -The Idle Expatter (AKA Steve B.) My overall favorite ink, J. Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite. The Rouge H. again with (the reverse side of) a sheet of Crane & Co. triple hairline My Faber-Castell e-motion in pearwood, a bottle of Iroshizuku kon-peki, and my custom-made journal from Bibliographica (on Etsy) A random dip pen and a bottle of J. Herbin vert reseda Iroshizuku kon-peki, enjoying some fresh air and sunlight (don't worry, only long enough to take the picture) My Kaweco Student (underrated gem of a pen, by the way!) and another handmade Bibliographica journal, this one called "The Nomad" Kaweco Student, Bibliographica "Nomad" journal, an orange Leuchtturm1917 dot pocket notebook, and an unlabeled bottle of Caran d'Ache Storm B for me Wordsworth in red (J. Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite, out of a Lamy with a 1.5mm italic)
  15. Almost done with my Ecosystem journal, and I'm looking for something a bit nicer to continue. I'm debating between a Large Leuchtturm and a Large Rhodia Webnotebook. I'm looking at blank paper, and this new notebook needs to be of the best FP friendly paper I can get, and it needs to be able to handle flex nibs with minimal ghosting/show-through, also needs to open flat. Opinions? Anyone happen to have experience with both and would be willing to share your thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hey FPN'ers, I made this case last night. It is a A5 sized case that is capable of holding up to 3 different journals, I currently have two Rhodia and a slim Leuchtturm, by holding them in place with a strip of material that you adjust with a cord lock. I also used magnets to close the front so you dont' have to worry about elastics going or slowly pulling out of the material. I am really happy with how it turned out and I think I might start selling them on my Etsy. I would love to have everyone's feedback about what you think and if you would be interested in seeing it in a A6 or A4 size. Cheers, Phil

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