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Found 20 results

  1. DeClubac

    Declubac's Intro

    Hello Everyone! My name is Richard, and I became infected with the Fountain Pen Virus about 18 months ago. Since then, my collection has expanded more rapidly--and expensively--than I anticipated. I am fascinated by fountain pens and inks, like the rest of you. I also cannot truly answer the question: what is your favorite pen? It is way too difficult to choose. I can't even decide on my favorite brand! But, I love Lamy, Visconti, and Pilot. I'll give an honorable mention to one Faber-Castell: the Loom, which punches way above its weight, in my opinion. The Lamy 2000 and the Pilot Custom
  2. So I was looking through my old stacks of papers/ journals and found some suitable paper for personal correspondence, in the form of G Lalo paper. Try as I might, I've never found anyone making journals out of G Lalo paper, or anything with the verguere pattern on their paper It's embossed lines onto the paper, so it helps guide you in writing in straight lines, and provides a rougher texture to the paper vs baby seal smooth Clairfontaine like paper. I've been using journals with dots, because I'm hopeless with blank papers and writing in a straight line. Anyone seen journals/diaries/no
  3. This might not be the right place for my topic (I wasn't sure if I should have put it on Market Watch, but that was closed to starting a new topic), but I wanted to confirm with some of you who may have tried it that this is a reliable site. I got some Tomoe River paper samplers from JetPens and absolutely fell in love with the paper. The website has a great price for 3, 100-sheet correspondence pads that I was considering getting. Any experiences with this site are greatly appreciated!
  4. Does everyone have a recommendation on a hard notebook with fully white paper (Rhodia dotpads as a reference)? Ideally able to lay flat.
  5. I saw an Allan's Journal on eBay at a slightly discounted price so I went for it. I'd always been curious about the product: a journal marketed to the clergy, on the same paper they use to print their Bibles and finished in the same ornate fashion. With the goatskin cover, not a cheap item. But as a writing experience, with a couple of caveats, it's first-rate. First: it's smallish, with a soft leather cover stamped "Journal" in gold. Its 256 pages are edged in red overlaid with gold, which gives it a look of ecclesiastical splendor. It's surprisingly light in the hand and pleasant to hold. Wh
  6. Beechwood

    Leather Journals From A Charity

    http://www.paperhigh.com/handmade-journals-1/all-leather-journals.html This company is selling leather backed journals that have been made in India, produced by womens groups who may otherwise not have a source of paid employment. All handmade and using pages which have been left over from the garment industry. The company warns that they may not be suitable for fountain pen use, it is true that the paper is a little coarse but I wanted to support them in view of the objectives of the charity and I also think that it would not be too difficult to re-use with other paper. I have tried the p
  7. I'm not sure if this is okay, if not, please notify and I'll remove. For fountain pen paper lovers, Massdrop currently has a drop for 3 Quo Vadis Journals for a great price. Ends in 4 days (Thursday September 24th, 2015): https://www.massdrop.com/b…/quo-vadis-habana-large-notebook… A Product Announcement 2015-09-19&utm_term=Community - Writing - MAU (Active)
  8. Finally, through no pre planning, I have wonderfully just finished cleaning 5 of my 8 writing beauties. Getting them ready for the next fill. Next step is to decide which ink will fill each pen. JOY! Two others were already waiting for the rest and have already been cleaned. There is only my Lamy still inked. Literally, standing at my kitchen sink, transfer pipette between finger tips, sink stopper in place so nothing crucial from any pen drops down to the abyss. While blissfully I cleaned out remnant of residual ink from each pen, thought, "wonder what others consider their most wonderful a
  9. Hey all you brilliant paper fanatics out there... Has anyone tried the notebooks by the Productive Luddite that are listed on amazon? I would like to know more about them before I drop money on them. You all seem to be the best place in the world for info on paper, inks, pens, and the like... Any help would be appreciated. Paper quality - I do love my fountain pens, but I also use gel pens and different hardnesses of pencil leads so bleed through information would be great to have Paper weight estimate - not that I am that picky, but... Line width - for the paper with lines, I admit I
  10. So I bought a couple of Eames Notebooks, which are made by the UK printers Whitbread and Wilkinson. They're well-made and pretty, but ink reacts in this odd way with the paper: First of all, the pages are blue and lined in white. I think the pages may be completely covered with ink because when I write with certain pens, the line breaks up. But with certain OTHER pens - same ink, mind, the line is smooth. The width of the nib doesn't seem to be a factor. It's this mysterious, individual interaction of nib, ink and paper. Anyone wish to theorize?
  11. Just wanted to share an excellent customer-service experience I had with Baron Fig. I ordered a limited-edition journal and some pocket notebooks. Everything arrived quickly and well-packaged, but the journal had dot-grid paper rather than the blank paper I ordered. I sent an e-mail from the company's website about the issue, and they e-mailed back right away, apologizing, telling me to keep the wrong journal and saying they would send a replacement by priority mail. Two days later, a package arrived with the correct journal, some extra pocket notebooks and a handwritten note of apology. Mista
  12. Beth Treadway Author

    Quo Vadis Featured Me!

    Behold my 15 minutes of fame. http://quovadisblog.com/2015/03/featured-reader-beth-treadway/
  13. I've been reading this forum for about a year and felt like it would be appropriate to finally contribute. Specs: I recently bought this journal on a whim. It's 9x14cm, 70gsm, stitched binding, ecru colored, ruled with a soft pleather cover. It feels like hot press, but the paper has a bit of a tooth. The pages open flat, which I love. According to their website they are made in Hong Kong. Nice little features: Dedicated space at the top for date. Bookmark. Overall impression: I've had the journal for a week now and I'm really pleased. My other journal is a Tomo River and lovely to write in,
  14. Hi Penfolk, I am going to attempt a review of two different journals that. I found today while searching for ones that would fit into my Oberon Design leather journal covers. Bear with me, it's the first real review I have written and I will probably miss something important. First up is a hardcover journal, very similar in look to the Strathmore sketchbook that comes with the large journal. The overall dimensions are a tad smaller, perhaps .25 inches in both length and width. (I don't know how to insert photos as I go along, so they will all appear at the end.) It's called the Essential J
  15. Hey guys. The Topic Title pretty much says it all. And yes, I've searched through the forums, but I'm an information hog and need MOAR DATA before I make a decision on where to spend my precious $20. (That might not seem like a lot to users of $250+ pens, but cash is not exactly flowing like water in the Black Crow household). Specifically looking for something that will support a semi/flexi pen (a.k.a. an Ahab), on the relative cheap. And yes, I've seen the reviews of the Rhodia Webnotebook and the Clairefontaine journals etc. I'm scouring in other places. Does anyone know where or whether
  16. I am having some trouble now that I have a few pens and ink samples......i need paper! I found some SouthWorth 24lb 100% cotton resume paper that I like although a bit rougher than I care for. I would like some suggestions on hardback journals with a paper that is thick but not overly"textured" if that's the right word. Also would like some suggestions on any parchment papers you may know of. If this isn't the right subforum I do apologize
  17. For many of us, our appreciation of fountain pens goes hand-in-hand with our affection for journals, notebooks and sketchbooks. No newsflash there. Quick back-story (well, not-so-quick...): Last autumn, when I posted a query, seeking a really fine replacement for a functional but damaged Junior Legal Pad Portfolio, fellow FPN member Octo very kindly directed me to Oberon Design -- a source for bench-crafted leather goods. I landed on the handsome Tree of Life pattern, and placed an order. For anyone wondering, I can attest, it's an exemplary bit of craftsmanship, tooled with a keen eye to me
  18. Looking for a little advice on journals. I've seen quite a few leather bound journals on ebay and a few I have liked very much and been tempted to buy. However, most of the ones I liked said the paper was Indian made from cloth (cottons?). I'm wondering if anyone has used any of this type of paper and if they would be happy to share their experience. I resisted buying on the basis that the paper might feel scratchy and bleed or feather very considerably, but maybe I have misunderstood the 'cloth' aspect. Thanks
  19. Does anyone else have the fear of making a mess, especially when crouched over their new expensive journal poised to write a dodgy line of verse? I find myself doing this all the time. I think it comes from school where your work is supposed to be "neat and tidy" and the thought of filling my journal with crossings out and blots at times slows me down. I have to remind myself that it's my work, and no-one else is going to see it, at least until I have perfected it, and probably typed it up. Sometimes I have to force myself by vandalising a page by doodling or doing 5 minute automatic writi
  20. today ive been browsing around Half Price Books ( what it sounds) there was a section where there's sketch books, journals, planners and stationerys. This small journal caught my eye, it had a 'I Love You Man' signing language sign on its cover since I am Deaf and communicate through pen and paper(passport journal) with the hearing people. This caught my eye. Curiosity got best of me so I opened it. I liked how the paper felt and look, took my Edison Collier with two tone steel broad nib did a nick on a corner. Waited for my ink to dry i timed appox 10 to 15 seconds, the ink absorbs wel

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