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  1. Hi all, I have noticed that almost every shop near where I live has now stopped selling postcards. The ones that do still sell them seem now to only sell postcards that are very thin and flimsy, and are printed on card-stock that is very ‘glossy’ and smooth. Such cards are just-about usable if one wishes to write on them with a ballpoint (😱), but are pretty-much useless if one has taste and discernment and wishes to write with a fountain pen. I have, therefore, started looking online at the ‘box sets’ of postcards that are sold by various companies/museums/stores in order to cater to the ‘postcrossing’ community. Obviously, many postcrossers are going to be content to use ballpoints for their hobby, and so I expect that many of the box-sets of postcards that are aimed at that market will be as worthless to fountain-pen-users as are the majority of the few ‘tourist’ postcards that one can still buy today. I personally live in the UK, and I am thinking of ordering one or more of the postcard sets from the V&A museum in London, or the Bodleian Library in Oxford, or perhaps from other similar institutions here. But that’s just me. My personal interests are parochial and trivial in comparison to my overall goal in starting this thread, which is as a future reference source. I am starting this thread in the hope that those of you have managed to find box-sets of postcards that are printed on fountain-pen-friendly card stock - no matter where in the world - will list them here for future reference. Please therefore do add any fp-friendly postcard box-sets that you have found, and where (country and/or shop/website) you managed to find them. My thanks to you in advance for your answers. Slàinte, M.
  2. (Originally posted over here.) I was killing time in Kinokuniya last week, and came across a big pile of A5 notebooks priced at A$4.95 each. That's atypically low for paper products that Kinokuniya chooses to carry, to put it mildly; and these notebooks are not exactly thin, have covers of some material that is seems stiffer and more ‘premium’ than (kraft or other) paper or card, and weren't marked as clearance stock or otherwise discounted that I could see. Every book is sealed in a clear cellophane pocket with a resealable flap; and, being Kinokuniya, its staff were sure to additionally tape the flap down over the store's price sticker, which in turn sits on top of and obscures the human-readable information on the manufacturer's barcode sticker. On only some of the notebooks, which come in three different colourways, there are see-through stickers that describe the product features less-than-comprehensively thus: Notebook 8 page index numbered pages 100gsm acid free paper fountain pen fantastic soft touch cover Lined without disclosing the actual page count, how far apart the ruled lines are, or where the product (or paper) was made. The brand is MEMMO, which I have never heard of until then. Between the incredibly low price and the claim of being “fountain pen fantastic”, I just could not contain my curiosity; and so I took one unit to the counter in the stationery department and asked for more information. The lady there didn't know; and so she offered to open one up to show me, which necessitated cutting the pocket along a seam with a knife, given the additional measures to ensure customers cannot easily unseal the retail packaging themselves (in-store or at home). Each book has 150 numbered pages, and additionally 8 index pages titled Index 2017. (I have now looked inside all three colourways, and they are all stuck equally far in the past) Upon my drawing her attention to it, the lady remarked, “No wonder they're cheap.” The horizontal guidelines on regular pages are ruled 6mm apart; and there is space marked out, with virgules as field separators but no year number preprinted, in the outside-edge corner at the top for the date; so the format is perfectly usable with no distracting outdated markings. The paper itself does not look or feel coated, and the cover material is somewhat rubbery to the touch and stiffer than, say, a latex oven mitt. All nice enough features to raise its standing above the average notebook one'd find in the MUJI store downstairs or Officeworks across the road. The Internet domain name (which is not exactly a ‘web page’ or URL), memmo.com.au, printed on the top sheet alludes to the brand being Australian, but I cannot find any explicit statement of where the product was made or from where the paper was sourced. All the same, it all seems too good to be true, so I just had to risk $5 (but be also mentally prepared to return to the store and buy $100 ‘worth’ of the remaining stock). Well, it is too good to be true. The paper is not bad, but (very loosely speaking) there is visible bleed-through to the other side of the 100gsm sheet from eight or nine out of every ten inks I have tested, although not to the extent of being greatly distracting if there is handwritten text in front of the spots of ink bleed. There is also noticeable, albeit sparse, feathering with maybe half of the inks; and, by that, I mean ink travelling in awkward directions along fibres on the paper surface away from the ink marks, not woolly outlines. Lines of ink tend to spread more than on Rhodia, but may be on par with the recto side of Exacompta FAF 70g/m² paper. If I'm to keep a journal or subject-specific notebook, in which I would typically write with several, or even many, different pens and different inks, I probably won't enjoy writing in this type of notebook, or subsequently rereading what I'd written. In terms of paper quality, I'd say it's on par with the 100gsm paper used in Paperblanks Flexis softcover journals. The Flexis paper is more apt to exhibit bleed-through, but more resistant to feathering; and it's off-white in colour, whereas the paper in this 2017 notebook is a cool white in spite of the coloured edges on three sides. I've subsequently found that the aforementioned domain name, when used as a partial URL (absent the https:// protocol part), does not bring up a website of the same name; it redirects to the website of a different brand/company, although that company seems to sell some similar products (priced at A$19.95 each) of which the description does not match the details of this notebook exactly. The website claims it is “fountain pen friendly” (as opposed to “fountain pen fantastic”). I'm not going to order one at that price to see if it uses the same paper, or is in fact the same product; but for now I strongly suspect it is the case, and just that the details listed are inaccurate in more ways than one and cannot be trusted. So, being a sad, pathetic stationery junkie, what did I do mid-week? Return to Kinokuniya and buy another, of course, since the first book has been ‘ruined’ with my testing so far. I won't use it for journalling — and I already have many dozen new Paperblanks and (better than that) Peter Pauper Press journals here anyway — but there is probably one particular application for which this MEMMO FP paper is suitable, in spite (or specifically because) of its minor flaws: an inking log book. I'm not going to see which inks are more likely to produce feathering and bleed-through, if I keep using Apica notebooks or switch to Clairefontaine ‘Age Bag’ notebooks for my inking log book. On the other hand, keeping an inking log book on this flawed paper would not only tell me the colour of the ink, but also warn me which inks could spell trouble on inferior paper.
  3. From the album: Paper products

    A page from (still) my favourite A7 notepad product, originally reviewed here: I prefer this to the Maruman m.memo DMP-A7 notepad (which I also bought from Daiso, in spite of it not being a Daiso-branded product) and the Bloc Rhodia No.11 notepad (which Daiso doesn't sell, but is otherwise more widely available, at least here in Australia).

    © A Smug Dill

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  4. A blog post listing 35 fountain pen friendly notebooks, including reviews.
  5. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-IzMDZRypqcE/ViQ20CCjxLI/AAAAAAAACag/EETndYJjdRA/s1600/IMG_9214_R.jpg Greetings, FPN fellows! After being away from making journals for a while, I wanted to show you these books that I made some months ago for a FPN friend, LuMa, since I will return to my work space. I am very excited to contact all the members who have patiently waited for me. Finally, I'd like to show you some of my past work that I had not been able to present to you before. Some months ago, LuMa contacted me for a custom order. She originally wanted a journal, but after showing her all the options, she finally decided she wanted five journals! But there was one problem: she wanted all the journals in Tomoe River, but I only had paper for two. For that reason, I sent her samples of three different papers: Fedrigoni, Torreon and Canson. She tested them and decided that the most fountain pen friendly one and the one she preferred was Torreon. She wanted two journals for her that looked the same. She chose a modern Ethiopian style with full black leather. It had 400 sheets, that is, 800 pages, of Tomoe River paper. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-jaiRmPN9iGc/ViQ2zIlPtdI/AAAAAAAACaY/Oc82NjTdcK0/s1600/IMG_9213_R.jpg She asked me to put two red bookmarks and a black elastic band. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-X2O6QrW1HhA/ViQ2vH733GI/AAAAAAAACaI/x70UgMbFq2k/s1600/IMG_9212_R.jpg She wanted me to engrave her family name, Lucero, on one side of each journal. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-9WlT7r_Nq9o/ViQ2u-8XvFI/AAAAAAAACaE/6yYgmF1wq7Y/s1600/IMG_9208_R.jpg For the endpapers, she wanted a Bomoart paper with vintage writing style. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-MZ4zXnfU_lk/ViQ2xBts-gI/AAAAAAAACaQ/TGHtzJuxTNY/s1600/IMG_9210_R.jpg By the way, one of these black journals is currently traveling all the world. LuMa had an iniciative where the journal will travel to different FPN members and each of them will fill some pages with their creative expressions. You can see more here. The third of the journals was made for her mother. She wanted the same journal style, but with red leather and black bookmarks. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-IzMDZRypqcE/ViQ20CCjxLI/AAAAAAAACag/EETndYJjdRA/s1600/IMG_9214_R.jpg The endpapers were a different Bomoart paper, this one with a music theme. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-utElJOzVioo/ViQ23ei89VI/AAAAAAAACao/mp9PeSzP9_o/s1600/IMG_9215_R.jpg For her mother, LuMa wanted a stamp engraved on the center of the journal. Tomoe River is only 52 gsm, however Torreon is 90 gsm. Since this journal also had 400 pages, the final journal was very thick compared to the black ones: almost 10 cm or 4 inches thick! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-JWBFXW-1TW4/ViQ25IsP5zI/AAAAAAAACa4/wsWhJtTS9FU/s1600/IMG_9220_R.jpg The other two journals were for a couple of friends and she chose a completely different style: they were linkstitch. This style has soft leather covers and she chose two different colors: olive green and orange. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-q7IRTj4InqY/ViQ3Db_59oI/AAAAAAAACbs/nYcmcCc8SD4/s1600/IMG_9232_R.jpg A close up of the engraving of the arabesque. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-bSsreKJE94M/ViQ3D5A90mI/AAAAAAAACbw/frBE90qySBU/s1600/IMG_9233_R.jpg The journal opened. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-YN8F93CHHo4/ViQ3FNU7yqI/AAAAAAAACb4/bDMn_WEK4FE/s1600/IMG_9235_R.jpg An appreciation of the thickness of the journal. This journal also had 400 pages of Torreon paper and was more than 10 cm or 4 inches in thickness. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-RYZiQ0dkve0/ViQ3HuuJgbI/AAAAAAAACcI/rALC82v1slU/s1600/IMG_9238_R.jpg This is the olive green journal. She also chose a black leather strap for the closure and an engraved Celtic cross as decoration. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ezeYNGektj0/ViQ29eL6r5I/AAAAAAAACbM/6ek95Vu30bw/s320/IMG_9224_R.jpg I had never shipped such a big package! I had to use a box that used to keep 5000 sheets, the ones usually bought for offices. It was about 5kg! It felt amazing to carry it to the post office to ship. LuMa received the journals many weeks ago and I am happy to say that she was pleased with them, as her mother and her friends were of their gifts. Pheww, that is all, sorry for the long post. Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, they are always welcome . Have a nice day! Anna J. Bach
  6. I recently bought a Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal from Spot The Craft, a seller on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/str/spotthecraft for $12.99 + $4.99 shipping from Canada to the US. The lowest price I found anywhere by $7. However, the seller sent me a regular Leuchtturm1917 by mistake. When I contacted the seller to return the notebook for replacement, they told me to keep it, as an apology, and sent me the Bullet Journal I had ordered. When I received the correct journal, I found that the seller had included a set of Copic Multiliners as a gift, along with a hand-written note. Probably the best interaction I had with a seller on eBay ever.
  7. TassoBarbasso

    Fabriano Paper, Anyone?

    Hi All! I've been struggling to find the Perfect Paper for a while, to no avail so far... I'm considering getting some Tomoe but it's expensive and troublesome to get, so I will probably give up at some point. However, as I'm Italian, I was thinking that it could be a nice idea to try some Fabriano paper. It's pretty much everywhere in Italian stationary shops and comes rather cheap. However, before spending even just 5 euros for a ream of paper that might be useful only for printing, I'd like to hear from any of you what is your experience with Fabriano papers. Any paper. Just share your comments I'm interested in particular to know how it compares with the usual "standards" like HP Premium choice paper, Tomoe, Rhodia, Clairefontaine, ... Note: I'm looking for loose sheets, not notebooks. thanks! Fabio
  8. I posted a couple of weeks ago about the Robert Oster ink exclusive that will be a part of the Hippo Noto Kickstarter campaign, because I was lucky enough to get a sample of it to test out. But I'm impatient because I'd really (really) like to try out the notebooks. I go through journals at a fast clip because mine are a way to capture what's going on in my life, the things occupying my brain, any data points I want to take note of, etc. etc. Anyway, I go through paper. Also because I love playing with inks (oh, those colors) and that takes paper. None shows off inks better than Tomoe River, and that's the real beauty of these. Not only will they come in your choice of plain, lined and dot grid, but there are an abundance of pages. I have several projects I would like to start using these for today, but I have to wait until the orders get mailed out during the summer. I would rather not have to be patient... Anyway, I did post the earlier pictures of the ink in action, and have not seen these notebooks, but there are still eight days left to jump in before the campaign closes. I'm not sure if we'll have a chance to order more of these later (i do hope so) but the best way to get your hands on one is to back this campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2016143253/hippo-noto-a-hippo-size-tomoe-paper-notebook?ref=project_share
  9. What is some good paper for both printing and writing? I have found worksheets online which will help me practice my handwriting but I want it to be good to write on. I've heard Tomoe River paper is kind of good for printing and amazing for writing so... Is that what I should go with? What should I do? Thank you!
  10. Grabbed a pack of Casemate index cards at Wal-mart today since I can't resist back to school supplies. These are about .58 cents a pack right now: Now they're clearly not ideal, but they worked at least passably withall the inked pens I had hanging around with no bleed-through to the back. The Diamine even still showed some shading. I'm betting they'll behave like a charm with X-feather, since they took 54th Mass from my M nib TWSBI 580 with no issue. Copper orange behaved well too, with less feather even than it usually shows on my Rhodia pads (I don't know why, but it does.) My scanner is not the greatest at capturing true to color. Sorry! For other folks who go through index cards like I do, might be worth it to stock up on these. Sorry about the crumpled up label, I was just going to use these with gel pens like I usually do but I thought 'what the heck' and tried some FP's on there. Happy bargain hunting!
  11. We've been wanting to offer notebooks for quite some time now, but we couldn't find a brand with good quality, fountain pen friendly paper that was reasonably priced. On a recent trip to Oregon, we discovered a brand named PENTALIC that meets our requirements. We hope they meet yours! http://blog.peytonstreetpens.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/PTL-016142-2BR-211x300.jpg Here are a few writing samples, showing how the paper performs with both vintage flex and modern wide-and-wet stubs. In our opinion, just the right balance between no-bleeding and a level of absorbency that works well with all the nibs we've tried. http://www.peytonstreet.com/pens/misc%20brands/writing_sample_grid_closeup.jpghttp://www.peytonstreet.com/pens/misc%20brands/writing_sample_grid.jpg Their Traveler Pocket Journals are available in three sizes, feature heavy 74 lb (120 GSM) paper, and secures with an elastic strap. They come in ruled and grid paper in addition to their plain "sketch" notebooks. Discounted, introductory pricing will end July 31st, so don't delay. 6x4 Inch Grid 6x4 Inch Ruled 6x4 Inch Sketch (Plain) -- Sale price $7.95 8x6 Inch Sketch (Plain) -- Sale price $11.95 4x3 Inch Sketch (Plain) -- Sale price $4.95 Visit our NOTEBOOKS and PAPER category. We're so pleased to be offering the Pentalic fountain-pen-friendly journals, that we are including one of the 4x3 inch mini-journals as a gift with every Ranga or PSP-Ranga pen purchased. (GIVEAWAY ENDS JULY 31, 2015.)
  12. Those are golden ratio version! Thanks for watch! 9x15 cm, 96 sheets 11x18 cm, 96 sheets 13x21 cm, 96 sheets
  13. 13x21 cm, 96 sheets, 140gsm The nib is symbol of fountain pen friendly Thanks your viewing!
  14. I moved the entire review to a different to the review paper forum because I realized it should have been there. Basically, I am warning you that you should use the 100 gsm notebooks because the others are not even Pilot G2 friendly let alone fp friendly.

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