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  1. Dear fellow members I was using matrix spiral notebook earlier and currently iam using soft bound classmate notebooks... I was certainly liked classmate notebooks better than the matrix spiral notebooks... However i would like to know from all 1. What notepad you are using? 2. How much it costs? 3. Purchased from? 4. Will you recommend it?
  2. Does anyone else notice that the quality and nature of penmanship changes depending on the nib, pen, ink, and paper?? Here's a sample of my sloppy handwriting. Practice in progress. Rhodia Paper.
  3. I started thinking about building a lightbox for unlined paper. then realized i had big ipad then realized someone must have done it. second try found this: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/light-box-illuminator-viewer/id692114712 usual disclaimers. it even works with 3x5 cards. Who wudda thunk? cheers... Adam
  4. Hi FPN, I have been lurking for quite a while but this is my first post on here. I currently own a TWSBI 580 and a Lamy Safari, both in extra-fine, I have been considering purchasing either an Edison collier or a Pelikan m400 pen. I like my nibs to draw quite thin lines having come from Uni-ball pens, and I do not have access to a local store that sells Pelikan pens, I was wondering if someone could provide writing samples for a Pelikan extra-fine nib so I can try to assess the line-width. Thank you for your time, ~Chris
  5. OK, this might sound like a super silly question, but I'm going to ask anyway. How do you write with your fountain pens during hot weather? What I mean is this: normally I write using arm movements with my arm resting and sliding on the desk surface, but when it starts to get hot and I wear short sleeve shirts, my arms are a little sweaty and tacky so they "stick" to the desk, therefore arm movements are precluded and I'm forced to use exclusively wrist movements, which makes my handwriting ugly and, most of all, it's uncomfortable. Not to talk about the fact that the paper sticks to your hand
  6. Hello fellow penmen, I was wondering, since I started doing some research into cursive improvements, custom grinds etc. I write in a righty side writer position, pointing my tip approximately towards the 10 o'clock position. (and also rotating the nib sligtly clockwise) basically Oblique (left foot oblique) felt like nonsense to me. I wanted to mimic the classical thic downstroke cursive with a stub, but realised this is not possible for me. So to achieve this I would probably need and architect grind (going to try some and let you know) But For this hand position, any stubs just loo
  7. KyleClapton

    Pen With Quote

    Hello, I always start my day with surfing my instagram feed to see new posts of fountain pens and handwriting. One type of posts which catches my eyes the most is inspirational quotes written by fountain pens. It always warm up my morning with fresh spirit. Let's share some pictures of your pens with inspirational quotes. I start with one of my favorite quote "The only way to make a friend is to be one" - Ralph W. Emerson
  8. I purchased a 'reprint' of The Palmer Method Of Business Writing, since I now know that is the format of penmanship I would like to practice rather than Spencerian. While Spencerian is beautiful, I'm a long way off being able to use a pointed pen properly, can barely hold a straight line at this point! The monoline Palmer method seems to fit my goals better. In any case, the book arrived today, I excitedly opened the package & thumbed the book only to be greeted with this...utter abhorrent insult to the eyes...and the wallet! Be warned, you are better off finding the PDF version onli
  9. Hello everybody its Michael here at Dromgooles. If you are in Houston on Friday April 26th I have got the place for you to be! We are having a social/meet and greet with Cary Yeager aka Fountain Pen Day at 6pm at Saint Arnolds brewery. This is a casual hangout to meet with other like minded people, and show off your favorite inks, pens, papers etc. We are also going to be doing door prizes and giveaways of some new exciting stuff with high odds to win! Cary, isn't in town often so please stop on by to meet and hangout with him, he is a real pleasure. The "event" will run until it all fades ou
  10. Hello everybody its Michael here at Dromgooles. If you are in Houston on Friday April 26th I have got the place for you to be! We are having a social/meet and greet with Cary Yeager aka Fountain Pen Day at 6pm at Saint Arnolds brewery. This is a casual hangout to meet with other like minded people, and show off your favorite inks, pens, papers etc. We are also going to be doing door prizes and giveaways of some new exciting stuff with high odds to win! Cary, isn't in town often so please stop on by to meet and hangout with him, he is a real pleasure. The "event" will run until it all fades ou
  11. IMHO, this is an (i)deal fountain pen: vintage Waterman Ideal 52 with Waterman's Awesome Brown Thus far the nib/feed combination has superseded all other writing experiences from the collection of Aurora, Bock, Jowo, Sailor, Parker, Pilot, Sheaffer, Wahl Eversharp... to name a few... Is there a non-vintage modern equivalent?What is your ideal fountain pen writing experience?
  12. Where can I buy nib Tuning Supplies like micro-mesh and mylar paper in India?
  13. Hi everyone, After watching too many movies and TV shows about a group of people surviving the apocalyspe (be it zombie or otherwise) I thought this thread would be a bit of fun. So what is your plan for getting and using writing supplies (paper, pens, ink, converters, etc) after the apocalypse? Are you going to scavenge them as you go or are you already planning ahead and stockpiling them? Would you even be writing in that situation or would you just be kicking butt all day? Maybe you'll use a flighter pen as weapon for hunting or self-defense, who knows? Feel free to answer seriousl
  14. Karas Kustoms

    Decograph Price Drop And Clearance Items

    http://i66.tinypic.com/2h4xle0.jpg After 9 months of refining the machining and finishing process, adjusting the programming, testing out tooling, and pushing to make quality improvements; we feel that we've mastered the process of working with plastics in our machines. Our goal all along was to use our machines to their full capabilities to decrease loss and flaws and provide a nearly finished product on each pen we manufacture. The process was long and somewhat arduous, Bill Karas probably pulled out more hair fighting with some of the intricacies of each material during this process than
  15. goodpens

    Dear Flint Kids Project

    I recently learned about this Dear Flint Kids project and am really moved by the children who are organizing it. (The amazing young woman spearheading it also raises money for backpacks and school supplies, tickets for movies, and books--"A Wrinkle In Time" right now--to distribute in the community. More about her at http://www.lovewhatmatters.com/i-remember-my-mom-telling-us-to-not-drink-the-water-10-year-olds-terrifying-experience-with-flint-water-crisis/) I'm sharing this info for anyone who is looking to put their pens and ink to good use. No affiliation--other than inspiration. https:
  16. Aloha Everyone, Newbie here. I am starting to find out that I like an ink that flows well when writing. I guess that is called "wet"? because the ink is lubricated? I have the following inks, which ones are the "wettest". Aurora Black Aurora Blue Waterman Paris Black Diamine Majestic Blue I have 2 pelicans and a sailor. Any suggestions for an ink that flows better than what I have? Thanks so much for your help. mahalo jim
  17. I'm a lefty, but I been practicing writing with my right hand for 30 mins a day and been doing it for a month (plus minus), and I think I'm finally ambidextrous.. O.k, my right hand still not as great as my left hand, and holding a pen still give me a weird feelings, but I think it's pretty good, all I need to do now is start using my right hand for daily writing and it'll improve over time.. And now I'll start learning cursive... actual cursive, not the pseudo cursive that kinda invented myself during high school because I need fast writing for note taking... (look above)
  18. http://i64.tinypic.com/35clgug.jpg Karas Pen Co is proud to host and sponsor another year of the Central Arizona Pen Meet Ups. Formed in October 2015, our monthly meet up has been a great success. We've featured letter and calligraphy artist LetterLetter and street artist Chief on two separate occasions as special guests. We've grown and continue to be amazed at the turn out each month. We'll be back at starting January, 13th from 4-7pm at 126 S. Country Club Dr. Mesa, AZ 85210. We always have complimentary snacks and soda on hand, in our family friendly environment. We've had fellow pen ma
  19. I pick this up around a month ago and I been spending roughly a week per chapter, around 10-20 mins per day. The lessons is very easy to understand, making learning very easy.. and you learn in group of letters instead of learning the alphabet one by one, speeding the learning time further. The only downside is, the book kinda treat you like a children from time to time... so i'm guessing that this book is design for children.. as they said, word are wind.. soo... yeah, my writing still sucks and my writing speed is in snail pace because i have to think about how to spell a word be
  20. I'm a lefty currently trying to learn how to write with my right hand because my japanese teacher said it'll make writing the japanese character easier as all the stroke is design to be write with a right hand... and it seems like thats how english and fountain pen is design as well.. And so I try google on how to do that.. but all I find is just video and guide to teach people how to write with their left hand.. Why there is so many video and guide to teach people how to be a lefties but no video or guide to teach people how to be righty? Why people want to be lefty? beside boxing, ther
  21. What is the best way for making friends here? Writing to people and talking with them? Have you had any success meeting people through discussion forums like that and it turned into real friendship? Anybody here from North Carolina? Especially Raleigh, NC?
  22. CameronB

    New Member With An Objective

    Greetings! i'm Cam. I have a history of cheap FP usage, but have strayed. I stopped using when i ruined a white work shirt years ago... Today is a new day. I've been researching a major project I'm about to embark on, which will take years, and I keep finding myself on the fountain pen network, for guidance and research, so It makes sense to join. Hopefully my experience will enable me to return the favor... I begin with a BIG "THANK YOU", because much of my research has met with meaningful success as a result of the contributions & research of many members in the FPN. I owe y
  23. In this case, a Clairefontaine Triomphe A5. And the pen of choice - Pilot Custom 823, the double reservoir makes flying with a FP so much easier and worry free. ink!
  24. OK, so apparantly February is Interantional Correspondance month - much like write a novel in a month - this is write a letter/postcard to someone for every day in Feb. An ideal thing for folk looking for excuse to use their fountain pens. Here's a link to what the fuss is all about. http://incowrimo.org/2017/01/sbre-brown-endorses-incowrimo/
  25. Aurora 88 Sole's release is nearly here! As you may know the new Aurora 88 Sole will be released during this summer, specifically, this piece will be available by the end of July. As we have had the chance to have it in our hands, we would like to share some pictures with you all! The fountain pen will be available in EF, F, M, B, BB. In order to get to know more details about this novelty please click here. Remember you can already pre-order this spectacular pen in our website. Furthremore, if you would like to know more information do not hesitate to contact us through info@iguanasell.

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