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  1. From the album: Sandy1

    Samdy1’s hi-res image of Pelikan 4001 Blue-black, written on unlined Rhodia paper, with her Estie.

    © Sandy1

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  2. MrMohawk

    Esterbrook Friendly Converters?

    Good evening, FPN Friends! I recently purchased an Esterbrook Estie with a J Scribe hopping off the wishlist and into the cart soon. I have really enjoyed the Estie very much. However, my only complaint is the converter. I want to find something that’s metal/higher quality than the stock converter. Are there any converters you Esterbrook fans would suggest, either by Esterbrook themselves or another brand that will fit (ideally both)? IMG_3277.heic “Cheap” is definitely not the correct term to use to describe my distaste for the converter. “Fragile” might be a better descriptor. I used the Estie to try out 5 new ink samples I received in my Truphae INKREDIBLE Box, so I got to play with that converter a good bit in a short amount of time. I just didn’t love the converter like I did the nib and its stroke output, how the pen felt and looked. Thanks so much for the insight, FPN! -Steve
  3. nive

    What is this pen called?

    I saw this image on the esteebrook summer prototype sale website. However non of the pens for sale looked like that white rock salt looking plastic. Is this a new pen that is not for sale yet? Is it an old pen? I'm assuming it's the estie but what colour is it called?
  4. Rosendust

    It is worth it?

    Hey all, I am wondering if it's worth it to get an Estie with a custom ground nib like those offered on Fountain Pen Hospital's site? This is also something to note:(a second one, also regular sized since my first will be an Oversized Honeycomb) Thoughts and opinions are definitely welcomed. Regards, Rosendust
  5. Hi, I recently bought a Cobalt Blue Estie and an MV Adaptor (comes with a special converter) so I can use my old nibs. The whole thing fits nicely. I inked the pen (Iroshizuku Asa-gao) and it was great until the nib stopped writing. At first I didn't think much of it since the pen was sitting around without the cap for a while. I pushed some ink into the feed (turning converter piston) and it worked again. Just having the pen sitting nib down for a while, even on a paper towel, does not help. Ink has to actively be pushed into the feed. It seems there is no ink flow to the feed. When the pen stops writing the nib is dry to the touch, like I just took it out of the desk drawer (no ink on my finger). It took about 4-6 A5 pages for the ink to be used up. I have two nibs (9788 and 2442) and the same happened with both. The nibs look good and the tiny opening for the ink looks the same on both, clean. If I remove the converter and fill the section with water, it goes through without a problem. It looks like that the converter doesn't like to let go of the ink. I did tap it to make sure the ink is not sticking to the end. I think one time it did but I'm not sure about it. I can't imagine that this is normal. Is there something I can do to improve things? Thanks
  6. essayfaire

    It's Working Again!

    So this lovely Estie that I was given has been clogged and I have not been able to get it to write for a number of months. It had been leaking a little bit (which I ascribed to my inexperience with eyedropper-filling a used cartouche), and I had put a bit of silicone grease around the places where the body connects to the nib unit. Then I couldn't get it to write at all. Usually, when I am doing my pen maintenance, I will fiddle with it a bit. Yesterday, on a lark, I placed its nib on a paper towel that I had just used to blot up a bit of ginger tea. Although I had previously tried capillary action, for some reason this time the ink began to flow again. I don't know if it was the ginger, time or something else, but I am quite grateful to have this pen working again as it is a pleasure to use and had been very reliable.
  7. Hey all, I was just curious about your experience(if any) with the Estie Rollerball? Thank you!
  8. Anaxyrus

    A Tale Of Two Browns

    My first vintage Estie (bought a few months back) was a copper brown LJ. I've since picked up a blue transition, a greeenish-gray J, a red J, and a brown J. Here's a photo of the two brown pens to show the color. The photo shows the difference in hue, but does so a lot more subtly than it looks in person.
  9. essayfaire

    Inks And Intrinsic Beauty

    Has anyone else had difficulty deciding whether or not to hold onto an ink because the ink works for a pen but not for personal aesthetic value? I was lucky enough to be given the Estie Icicle pen shown below; I inked it up with a sample Robert Oster that looked close to the pen color. I am pleased with the pairing of ink color to pen color (see attached photo), but not with the ink color itself; I tend to prefer deep rather than smoky colors of my ink. Now I'm at my wits end deciding whether to keep this nice pen inked with a color that suits it, or change it to a color that suits me. I do realize this is a rather superficial problem to have, but it irks me nonetheless. Anyone else similarly torn?
  10. Jim25253

    My Current Esterbrooks

    I received 2 new to me Esties in todays mail. The pic is my current collection. The grey one needs resacked. Can anyone tell me what size I need to order?
  11. Hi everyone, I was so excited after winning a lovely Estie J firm fine from gweimer1' s generous PIF; I told my family about it. My mother showed up for Christmas to show (possible give?) two Esties that she had found but hadn't used in years even though she loved them. The silver one is mine. Her's are both relief oblique nibs. One I believe is an A101, as it doesn't have a lever-fill. The other seems slimmer but the same length as my J, so I'm not sure what model it is. My mother believes she had one and then bought the other one for herself as a special present. I'm trying to figure out which pen is older, and as I'm a fine nib type of person, how a relief nib differs from a normal oblique. I love a good Christmas pen mystery! The cap on the A101 has a crack, but otherwise the pens seem to be in good shape; I'm going to try to get them inked up today. Wonder if I need to flush first... it's been decades since they had any ink in them.
  12. writepen

    Modern Esterbrook

    Hello Fellow Fountain Pen Devotees! In 1858 Richard Esterbrook founded The Esterbrook Steel Pen Mfg. Co. In 1947 The Company reorganized as The Esterbrook Pen Company. Note the photo of the old Esterbrook Building in New Jersey, USA. Some famous people who used Vintage Esterbrook Pens: US Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, Walt Disney, Charles Schulz, just to name a few. The Esterbrook Pen brand was acquired by Kenro Industries in 2018.The photo of my Estie is also attached. In addition to the Evergreen color, this fountain pen is available in ebony, tortoise, and cobalt. A rollerball with the same color options is part of the Estie collection. Additionally, every color and mode choice is offered with a choice of silver or gold trims and nibs.Estie Features and BenefitsBalanced-in-the-hand, acrylic writing instrument.Nib/Point range: JoWo # 6 size steel nib in extra fine, fine, medium and broad.Polished, Palladium clip, convenient pocket placement and Cushion Cap Closure, ink flows without hesitation even after pen has been unused.Filling system is cartridge or converter--Schmidt included.A bonus is the availability of both a vintage nib adapter as well as an Esterbrook vintage nib (neither included in the pen price, can be ordered as an addition).Ron of Penchalet.com fame is an Authorized Esterbrook Dealer and a trusted merchant who delivers what he promises...excellent customer service.
  13. I know that there are plenty of threads regarding some issues I'm having with my Estie Lever fill circa '40's (sac not expanding when filling though it's a new one, feed not running properly, etc..), but what I am posting for was some recommendations from you all for an F or EF preferably non-flex nib. I'm already aware that the #1550 (EF) or #1461 (F) can't get the hob done, but a less scratchy EF would be sweet. I've got. Zebra G Comic on it now, but would like to have the option of putting her into my daily carry rotation and I write small so usually carry F/EF. I'd prefer to have an entire unit for her (section, feed, nib). Also, is there a comparable silicone sac that I could fit her with as the silicone had a better fill property because of the former spring of the material over latex)? Andersen Pen for example has listed 14, 15, 17, and 18 1/2 sized silicone sacs, but no 16's... does someone have 16's for an Estie JS? Or can I put a 15 silicone sac on an Estie? I'm sorry if these seem like silly questions. So suggestions for either the nib/unit, silicone sac, and/or sellers would be greatly appreciated and I thank this entire community that helps each other out with rare animosity displayed in the public area. Thank you for your indulgence and I do hope this discussion might be beneficial to many more than just my needs.. I'll edit this with pictures this afternoon because she really is a beauty. S\F, -B
  14. Saw this on fleabay and immediately my spidey senses started tingling. It just doesn't look right to my UNTRAINED eyes. Why would there be Transitional J's in the same salesman sampler as regular J's? Also, why would there be multiple pen/pencil sets of the same size included? Has anyone ever seen a complete, original salesman's kit? Is this one correct or just a bunch of Esterbrooks all displayed in an old saleman's box? Their wording is a bit suspect as well as they don't really make the claim it is an all original kit. http://goo.gl/0Iu7N4 I'm thinking the latter.
  15. Here is my newly completed Esterbrook Icicle collection! But notice the odd, pointed shape of the jewels on the silver one, both jewels are like that, with no evidence of anything ever being replaced. And to make it even more strange, there is no Esterbrook barrel imprint of any kind on the silver one. The only marking at all is the Esterbrook on the clip. ??? Anyone ever come across this before?
  16. I have one black Estie Deluxe LK (but the section is a bit loose, I'll finish that repair, it's an easy fix), and 3 Estie Deluxe SM's. All pens are lever fill, the SM's are all double jewel with no chipped or broken jewels, and in restored condition ready to write. The SM's I've got are a black, a burgundy with matching pencil (sadly no box though), and an olive green colored one. The burgundy and olive colored ones both have dark red jewels, while the black one has black jewels. The burgundy and olive ones both have snap on caps, and the black one is a threaded on cap, as is the black LK. All of these pens were bought as part of a larger group, or lot of pens bought for something else in the group/lot, so I just tossed them aside until I needed a project and one by one they eventually all got restored. So now I'm wondering if these are as popular with certain Estie collectors as some of the other Esties? I've spent most of my short time in this hobby focusing on J family pens, transitionals, and Dollar pens, so I've never paid much attention to these. They seem like nice pens, but I have no idea of value, if there's any at all. I've tried to research going prices but there just aren't many comps out there that I can find for some reason. So are there collectors for these later model Estie lever fillers? And if so what sort of price range do they bring? Here are some pics I borrowed from the interwebs that show identical Estie SM's to the ones I have, including the pen & pencil set. And here's a pic of an LK identical to mine. *Pics borrowed from Esterbrook.net* (I Hope that's ok)
  17. Hello, I've heard rumblings here and there that some modern and more available converters may fit old Esterbrook cartridge pens, for which cartridges are no longer available and aeromatic fillers are hard to find. So I'm curious to see if any of it is true. If you have any of the following converters and an old Estie cartridge pen, can you check to see if they might fit? Converters to test for fit: -Lamy -Platinum -Pilot -Sheaffer Any others?. Other brands are worth a try if you have them. Supposedly large-mouthed ones may offer some hope for those of us wanting to see if there's a better way than refilling also hard to find Esterbrook cartridges or adjusting Sheaffer ones.
  18. Alexcat

    Wee Deep Dip Pen, With Cap

    I got this.....it's a tiny Esterbrook dip pen, with an e tea large dip nib(photos show it as it arrived....have as yet done nothing to it) On the nib : 314 R. Esterbrook relief( Im assuming "relief", as the 'r' is under the barrel) Altogether, capped around 6" I love how it has a cap, and plan to use it as a test pen, when Im trying to choose an ink. It's just a very pretty little thing, and I'd love to know more about it....anyone got any information? Also any advice on care, cleaning, and if/where such replacement nibs are available.... I hope it's ok to post in more than one place - wasnt sure where this should go. Mods. please give me a gentle ticking off if I shouldn't have done it Alex
  19. MajesticPens

    Cracked Estie Cap

    So, I dropped my Easterbrook LJ down a flight of stairs. Then this happened: More info in the crack:-goes all the way around-I can't close the cap tightly-inner cap seems to be intact-material is Pearl Grey Can this terrible crack be fixed? Please Help!
  20. http://goo.gl/ZwiWHs "You are bidding on a Very Nice Vintage Black Esterbrook Fountain Pen! Pen Manufacturer: Esterbrook Nib Details: 2442 Oblique Nib Condition of Pen: Very Nice Used Condition Fill Style / System: Lever filler appears to be working" Cost me $18.50 including shipping. I'm no nib expert but I think a 2442 is worth that by itself. YAY ME!
  21. I've never heard of an "Educational Sample" other than demonstrator models. Was this a salesman sample given to schools for testing and try outs? Or something else altogether?
  22. Did Esterbrook ever put gold plated/filled bands on dollar pens? Or could it be that they were brass and all the plating is gone?
  23. If only it weren't so small. I love writing with this pen.
  24. I am starting to wonder if these things are like wire clothes hangers - multiplying on their own while my back is turned. I got an Eight Ball. I think it came in with some other stuff I bought on ebay. I really do. And then I wanted one desk pen for it. I now have four Estie desk pens here on my desk, one plain black Estie that lacks a cap and might like to be thought of as a desk pen, and another bona fide desk pen coming in the mail. I have the Eight Ball. I have another Eight ball lacking the plastic part - I stuck a bead with a hole just the right size in there. I wrapped up a piece of black foam to fill in the neck of a very small vase for a third one. A fourth is in some other brand of pen holder - no, that's the Sengbush, I had to put it somewhere... Everywhere I turn there is an Estie desk pen... I am going to have to open a hotel. One on the desk in every room. It is my destiny.

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