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  1. Inkysloth

    Parker 45 Desk Pen - Propeller Base

    Hi folks, I've just bought a desk pen from Ebay, and I'd like to know if there's a list anywhere of all the Magnetix desk bases Parker made? This is the propeller base, with a nice brass-ended desk 45, with a 14ct medium nib. Did 3rd party manufacturers make bases compatible with the Magnetix system? Parker 45 propeller desk pen by Robin Inkysloth, on Flickr Parker 45 propeller desk pen by Robin Inkysloth, on Flickr
  2. Hi folks, In further desk pen queries, I really like the Whitefriars spherical desk pen bases. I have three so far, and would like to know what other colours were made. I've seen red, and black, are there any others? Thank you! Whitefriars bubble glass desk pen bases. by Robin Inkysloth, on Flickr
  3. Hello Wise Ones, Has anyone had to repair a loose desk pen base whose ball joint (which holds up the pen) is loose and lays flat? I’m considering buying an Esterbrook desk pen set. The style of desk pen is the ultra flat base with a swiveling ball joint. But the ball joint is loose and the “holster” can’t hold the pen up. The best research info I have is from model and toy enthusiasts who recommend Pledge Future Polish. However, these suggestions assume a disassembly of parts that I may not have the luxury of. Has anyone had experience in this? Thanks in advance!
  4. http://68.media.tumblr.com/7c048a8139c392bd7bfd65a1cb0df62e/tumblr_inline_oo2wf8kOkU1r5gfgd_1280.jpghttp://68.media.tumblr.com/9793aa7f37967eac6f0290d483a20d16/tumblr_inline_oo2wf7kfXE1r5gfgd_1280.jpghttp://68.media.tumblr.com/4eaeeb3f7d7dd6841668c22ae5095061/tumblr_oo2wdrGKOl1vvyk70o10_1280.jpghttp://68.media.tumblr.com/cc1ffba7209ea900fa988156127d189a/tumblr_oo2wdrGKOl1vvyk70o4_1280.jpghttp://68.media.tumblr.com/b15872ea137363fee90e24a6bfefd8c9/tumblr_oo2wdrGKOl1vvyk70o7_1280.jpg More photos, and a short note about Noodler's Midnight at the blog link on my signature.
  5. antichresis

    Need Help Identifying This Desk Pen

    What particular model is it and is it a good pen? I'm not even sure what kind of filler it has... I'll upload more photos when I get the pen.
  6. trdsf

    Snorkel Desk Pen

    So there is an antique shop nearby that is looking out for my money collecting interests, and I got a lovely brown Sheaffer Snorkel desk set with a yellow-green base over this past weekend (and a bunch of other non-pen-related things, but that's another story and involves radioactivity and a UV light source). The mechanism appears to be good -- the snorkel extends and retracts correctly. But this is my first Snorkel, so I have not even run a water flush through it, because I want the advice of the FPN hive mind first as to the proper care and feeding of this lovely little beast. Pictures
  7. Trwest77

    Sheaffer Desk Pen Identification

    Hi can anyone help me identify this desk pen? It was my great-grandfather's which means he probably purchased it in the 40s. It hasn't been used since the 50s so I imagine it needs some repairs. I found it today while home for Christmas and would like to repair it and use it at work.
  8. I just received my international shipment of this particular pen today (part of a much larger group order to save on shipping costs to this country). First impressions: It's very very light, almost negatively so. It almost feels like a disposable 10c ballpoint. It's pretty thin but apparently not thin enough for a desk pen stand my dad gave me (although to be fair it's probably for a ballpoint). The cap that comes with it is not as flimsy as the reviews I've read make it out to be. Pretty stiff but definitely stable. It's a snug fit too. You need to push it close more than the cap
  9. TimCasey13

    What To Look For In A Desk Set

    I don't know if this has been asked before, but what should I look for when buying an Esterbrook desk set? Either a 444 or 407 and the variations upon them.
  10. PenFisher

    Desk Pen Id

    I got an odd-lot of pens and parts today and a Sheaffer desk pen with two tone FeatherTouch nib was included. I'm not well versed in Sheaffer models, filling systems, dating, etc. Any help or comments would be appreciated. I did take it apart for cleaning and inspection and removed the stiff ink sac and it looks in pretty good shape overall. There is also a very small white dot towards the tail of the pen. Is the metal cylinder that screws on over the section to accommodate the desk base? What sac size is appropriate? All help and comments are appreciated. Thanks
  11. Tasmith

    Tibaldi Desk Pen Question

    Picked up this Tibaldi desk pen yesterday at a yard sale. The imprint on the barrel says: "Tibaldi 26-L D.65-001". Tried to research it on the Internet, but could not find any information about this pen. Does anyone know about this pen? I paid $4.00 for it. Images: Back lit the translucent body to show the dried out sac:
  12. missuslovett

    Wahl Eversharp Desk Pen

    Hello Eversharp Forum! I've just cheaply purchased a lovely Eversharp desk pen and seek some advice and guidance on how best to clean and restore it and perhaps some info as I'm quite new to Wahl. Everything seems to be present and correct and it has a wonderful flexible nib. It's a lever filler and will obviously need an overhaul. How best should I get inside to clean and re-sack? It has an abalone shell patterned body which has become discoloured. Is there any way of cleaning this without damaging the pen? Thank you in advance for any helpful suggestions and information. Here are some te
  13. One of the things I like about alumilite is the broad range of options you have in colors, colors you can "paint in" when you are making custom pens. I have worked closely with Bob Dupras to develop alumilite blanks that provide color transitions to make them interesting. Greens and blues are my favorites, with a splash of precious metal color. I decided to showcase as much of the transition of two pen blanks as I could by making a desk pen for myself (the green pen); I also find the longer pens easier to write with. The blue fountain pen I made for my favorite Aunt, who is in her nineties and
  14. ISW_Kaputnik

    8-Ball Desk Pen. Loose In Holder?

    I just got my first Esterbrook desk pen. It's the kind with a lever-filler fountain pen and an "8-ball" holder. For now I'll assume that a picture would not help, as my question would be for people who are already familiar with this style.. The pen is apparently ready to go, new sac, good condition 2668 nib. I notice, however, that it sits loosely in the holder. Not ridiculously so, but there's none of the secure feeling I'm used to with a typical slip cap fountain pen. I also notice that there is no "inner cap" equivalent inside the pen holder. Is this normal? I don't have any other
  15. I got a 'pen part'.....the base of a Parker 51 desk pen, brass bottom: Im wondering what the possibilities of having something engraved on it(ie the pens bottom, rather than my own: though age and gravity have taken their toll on my own, and it would allow more area to work on, I draw the line - no pun intended....this whole topic is daft enough without my adding to it.....though it's written to try to keep my spirits and sense of humour up, as the last couple if months have been very difficult....) Anyway, any suggestions? Pictures shown. It's a nice thing in any case - I have one already,
  16. Valley - A pair of deskpen and a pocket pen. New color rods obtained used . Green with Brown swirles in place of usual Black swirles. Thanks for looking Sree
  17. Hi, I have this nice Esterbrook desk pen. I'm currently keeping it in a wooden pen holder, however it lets the pen dry out too quickly. So now I'm looking for a proper Esterbrook desk pen holder that is compatible and will do the trick and be nice to the pen. If you have one for sale and are willing to ship it to Europe, please contact me. To be honest, I also looked around on ebay and the biggest problem is that the sellers in the US are shipping things to the EU very expensively. For instance, this particular item might be what I'm looking for, but the shipping costs twice as much as
  18. Jared

    Parker Desk Pen Base - What Pen?

    I just bought this beautiful Parker desk pen base. Any idea what Parker desk pen fits it? And what it was originally designed for/came with? http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/Njk2WDkyOA==/z/qKsAAOSwnDxUpvMn/$_57.JPG http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NTI1WDg0MA==/z/mzYAAOSwkNZUpvNf/$_57.JPG?rt=nc
  19. I was a bidder but lost. The only piece I was interested in was that black desk pen marked US Government. If you won this lot for the inks, nibs or other pens and aren't interested in that US Government desk pen, I'd love to buy it off you. http://goo.gl/FTbDBo You can see the pen at the very bottom of the pic.
  20. jdllizard

    Us Navy Marked Desk Pen?

    I've seen a US Government marked Esterbrook desk pen, and I've heard of a US Navy marked Esterbrook desk pen, but I've never seen one. I have a US Navy Dip-Less desk set and would love to add a US Navy pen to complete the set. Do these ever show up anywhere and what could I expect to pay for one if I could find one? I believe most were not marked but I would love to find one that is. Any help is appreciated.
  21. Hi all, After reading a lot about the Gama pens on here, I visited the ASAPens site and found a nice desk pen by Gama called Ezhuthani. It's the Tamil word for Stylus or Desk pen It looked like a dip pen but is an eyedropper filling pen. My other purchases from ASA (no affiliation) were the regular Gama fountain pens, reviews of which are plentiful on this forum. As always, excellent service from Mr. Subramaniam and I received the pen in 3 days time. It came packed in a lovely velvety pouch. I ordered a Light Brown and black mottled shade. Absolutely gorgeous to look at. The stock ni
  22. So it is Saturday afternoon and I'm a little bored. Actually, I'm distracting myself from work, but you folks probably don't care about that. The thought crossed my mind that I haven't noticed, in my time researching various fountain pens, any current production desk sets. I say current production because modern is sometimes a style. I did a little looking this afternoon, and found Goulet sells a Platinum set, and Jetpens has the same and a Sailor (pen only, no base). I found one thread on here that mentions a Pilot, and there is something like it on eBay. All three surprisingly affordable. I
  23. tonylilly

    Desk Pen Holder For "fat" Touchdown?

    Hi folks, I have a "fat" touchdown desk pen -- I'm guessing it must be a 1949, from before the TM, but correct me if that sounds wrong. I'm looking for a holder for that size pen. I have a marble base, but not a correctly-sized holder. (Holder? Funnel? Is there a correct word for that part? The brass part with the hinge.) Any idea where I could look for one? Anyone have an extra they are willing to sell? Thanks!
  24. I am starting to wonder if these things are like wire clothes hangers - multiplying on their own while my back is turned. I got an Eight Ball. I think it came in with some other stuff I bought on ebay. I really do. And then I wanted one desk pen for it. I now have four Estie desk pens here on my desk, one plain black Estie that lacks a cap and might like to be thought of as a desk pen, and another bona fide desk pen coming in the mail. I have the Eight Ball. I have another Eight ball lacking the plastic part - I stuck a bead with a hole just the right size in there. I wrapped up a p
  25. After I had tried out the Pilot Desk pens and was wowed by their performance, but frustrated by the lack of matching desk bases for the lovely pens, I decided to find out what the Pilot competitors in Japan had to offer. I turned to Platinum and saw from their Japanese website that they had a good variety of desk pens and best of all, a wide variety of matching desk bases on offer. Ranging from heavy marble bases to the lightweight(and cheaper!) acrylic and resin bases. I decided to go for the gold nibbed KDP-3000A series pens and the Resin two tulip DPD-1500E desk base. This review covers

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