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Found 18 results

  1. Rosendust

    Noodler's Tokyo Gift

    Hey everyone! Hope this post finds you well. So I was browsing for ink, and came across Nathan's newest ink. However, I have reservations about his inks considering the disaster I had with Bernanke Blue, I have sworn off Noodler's entirely. Should I give this ink a chance? Picture of the ink swatch, courtesy from the Goulet's: https://www.gouletpens.com/collections/ink-samples/products/noodlers-tokyo-gift-ink-sample?variant=16902535249963 Thanks everyone!
  2. So I was surprised to win my first auction on ebay for a "Nice Vintage Parker? Super Smooth Gold Filled Nib Fountain Pen Black" (see picture). Does anyone know what model it might be? I think it will need some work but the price was so low, it should be a good test case for me to dabble. More importantly, Now that I have broken the ice and continue down the rabbit hole, what other brands and models of vintage pens should I look for that I can probably get for under $30. I see a number of Esterbrooks, Parkers, and Sheaffers (I already have Sheaffer school pens from the 70s and 90s, and a
  3. Hi Guys. I have been into fountain pens for a while now, but I hadn't bought any expensive pens until now. My collection mainly consisted of TWSBIs which I have been very happy with. I worked really hard this year for my 2nd-year exams, and I worked pretty hard over the summer in an internship so I decided I would reward myself with my first "expensive pen". I decided on the Pelikan M805 Stresemann for a couple of reasons. 1 - It looks brilliant. I really like the look of the grey stripes down the barrel. I haven't seen a pen that I like the look of so much. 2 - I had heard that Pelikan
  4. Hello everyone, In 1995, I was in my second last year of elementary school (which is known as primary school) in Uganda (East Africa, for those who have no idea). That was the last time I used a fountain pen. At the time, perhaps due the colonial education system that my homeland inherited from Britain, some schools demanded that kids use fountain pens! A few had rich parents who could afford the real stuff, but the rest of us used Japanese knock-offs and Chinese pens. Their refilling systems were a rubber tube (sac) that you had to press several times upon dipping the pen in the ink bottle.
  5. I know that there are plenty of threads regarding some issues I'm having with my Estie Lever fill circa '40's (sac not expanding when filling though it's a new one, feed not running properly, etc..), but what I am posting for was some recommendations from you all for an F or EF preferably non-flex nib. I'm already aware that the #1550 (EF) or #1461 (F) can't get the hob done, but a less scratchy EF would be sweet. I've got. Zebra G Comic on it now, but would like to have the option of putting her into my daily carry rotation and I write small so usually carry F/EF. I'd prefer to have an entir
  6. Hello everyone, I hope you are having a pleasant day, this is my first post so it's possible that what I'll ask may seem puerile and possibly amounting to faux pas, please pardon my ignorance if any of that happens. Who I am ? I am student from India, who has a very important exam coming up in 6 months. I own 2 lamy safari's and 2 pilot metropolitan's. Why am I here ? Where I live and where I grew up we barely have anyone who uses fountain pens. I started with them not as a show of elegance but because I had a tendency to right softly and ball point pens require certain pressure which made
  7. Hello, lovely penfriends! It’s been many years since I’ve posted here, and it transpires that since I’ve been away, I’ve become an adult! I have a real job (special education teacher) and a real wife (she’s amazing – A+++, quick response, would marry again) who is at present indulgent if not actively encouraging of my interest in writing instruments. What all this amounts to is that, since I first sank into this hobby as an undergrad and obsessed over it as a penniless M.A. student, for the first time in my life I’ve been able to save enough guilt-free, doesn’t-need-to-be-spent-on-other-th
  8. A couple months ago I purchased a Pelikan M1005 demonstrator with a Medium nib, which has been a "grail" pen for me for quite a while. While it flowed like Niagara Falls at first, liberally spilling the stunning Akkerman Shocking Blue all over my Rhodia notebook's pages, somehow after removing the nib several times I must have pinched too hard or something because I completely lost ink flow. After fiddling for a while I could get it to flow while writing with the pen at a 90 degree angle. But nothing while writing normally. I've been frustrated with myself about this, but after scouring t
  9. TheAkwardNinja

    True Blue

    My samples of Purple inks are coming in, but let's proceed on to my goal to collect the rainbow. So how about blues? I don't like blues with hints of purple. I need something like a royal blue. I will be using Claifontaine tablets. I may use an italic nib/medium, so shading is a bonus. Thanks!!! -Franky
  10. I'm toying with the idea of trying some calligraphy. I already have italic pens, so I was wondering about purchasing a dip pen and nibs set. Can anyone recommend a good set with a variety of nibs, especially the type for scripts such as roundhand, which also includes a reservoir so that I don't have to dip every couple of letters? This is by no means a pressing issue, as I said, I'm merely toying with this idea. Thanks.
  11. I split my time between Toronto and Washington DC and am looking for pen shop recommendations. I have purchased off ebay, amazon and Laywine's in Toronto but would like to broaden my perspective. Missed the DC pen show but think that may have been the place to look - thoughts?
  12. I've recently been looking for some nice shading purples and green inks. I would like them to shade in a fine nib, but if the colour is gorgeous enough, I would definitely consider getting an ink that would shade in say a medium or broad nib or a flex pen. I think that this would be the best place to go for some recommendations. Some requirements: 1. It must be well behaved. Excessive feathering is a no. 2. It must not stain white pens and should be easy to clean out. 3. If purple, I'm looking for something around the range of Waterman Purple or Scabiosa, nothing too blue. 4. If green, I'm
  13. Hi everyone! This summer as I was decluttering my grandparents' home I found an old pen - looks like it might be a frankenpen. It makes a perfect repair guinea pig for me, because the barrel is pretty enough to act as incentive, yet the pen has no sentimental value (and apparently no monetary value either) so if I mess up there's no tears or gnashing of teeth The only sticking point now is getting the supplies. I would much prefer an inclusive kit rather than collecting everything over time, because every time I've approached a new activity that way, I have invariably ended up overspending
  14. TheAkwardNinja

    Light Blue

    I'm looking for a light blue. Something that is not turquoise or at least doesn't have a green shade to it, but blue. Something like baby blue or sky blue, or just like blue. Any recommendations?
  15. I realise that this topic has probably been covered before but a quick search didn't reveal what I am looking for. I would be grateful if members could recommend a sturdy pen pouch which is not leather or very expensive and which can hold about 20 fountain pens. I dislike leather and am trying to save money in order to spend it on my new house (which needs work!). I'm sure others reach the point where there pens present a storage problem. I'm about at that point, hence the desire for a good, but not expensive, case. I don't want a wrap as I know that the pens will get broken in something s
  16. Hey guys, I'm new to Inky Thoughts but I figure this is the place to go for ink recommendations. I have been using Diamine Sherwood Green for a while, and I love it, but I'm getting kind of bored. Green ink has become something of a signature of mine, and and I really want to stick with it, but I need something new. For context, I write with a XF vanishing point, and I typically use good paper, so while feathering is a concern, as long as it wouldn't make the line significantly thicker, it's not a huge issue. I'm looking for medium to dark greens (has to be appropriate for school essays,
  17. Hey guys! So I'm looking for a second pen, I'm a newbie, I know. I'm looking for a nicer pen (I have a Lamy Safari XF now), and I want one with a bit of heft, a good FINE nib, and a nice sleek design. It can't be that flashy, I'm going to bring it with me back to college, but a nice pen between 100-150 would be great. Below 100 would be ideal, but I'm willing to pay more. The only requirement I have, and this is why I need all of your help, is that the nib has to write REALLY finely. I know those can be a tad scratchy, but I just need a really fine nib. Finer than a Lamy XF, if that help
  18. MKeith

    Noodlers Blue Replacement

    I very much like the color of Noodlers Blue (non-eel). It is a rich blue ONLY color to my eyes, not purple, turquoise, green, etc. I am wanting to replace it with a non Noodlers ink as it has gummed up the sac of my Estie J, a Parker 51 Aero, and is a genuine pain to get out of my piston fillers. I have tried Diamine Asa Blue which is a nice color but not as dark and leans a bit toward turquoise. I am quickly becoming a fan of Diamine inks though. Yes, I know I can get ink samples but I don't want to go that way without narrowing the field down some. So any help would be much appreciated.

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