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  1. Hello Everyone, first post for me....been trolling and know this is a topic that has been discussed before...but wanted to dust off and see if any new developments/learnings are out there to share.. just purchased a le grande rollerball...love the pen and love the rollerballs (more practical for daily work use than my le grand fp).....but don't love the lifespan of the rollerball refills....looking for alternatives... seen refilling the MB cartridge hacks....i'm more inclined to using a G2 refill (decent writer, much better lifespan, more color choices), but have not found a good way to
  2. While I use my smartphone for many things, I still manage tasks the old fashioned way -- on paper in a notebook. I find that the physical act of writing with a pen keeps things in my head better than typing them into a digital task manager. I mostly use my fountain pens for this (various colors for different purposes), but I like to have a rollerball or two on hand for back-up in case a pen has dried a bit or is acting finicky. I've been attempting to use Cross rollerballs for this -- in part because they offer purple and red as well as blue and black. However, lately I have fo
  3. Hi, Is a Phileas rollerball barrel compatible with a Phileas fountain pen section? Silly question, but I have got a section in my junk box, and would like to make some use of it. Max
  4. ​I am officially in love with the Schmidt capless rollerball refills (8127 and P8127). I've purchased a couple of Tornado pens to use with them, but the Tornadoes are a little small (short, really) for my hand. What larger, high quality pens will fit this refill?
  5. I introduce you today to Unbranded Bob.. please make him feel welcome while I attempt a brief review. A Jinhao 599, a Hero 359, and a Lanbitou 757 all walk into a bar.. that's what this pen puts me in mind of, the start of a well known anecdote. But the ending may surprise you. Unlike all the other ink rollerballs I have read about, this one is neither dry nor scratchy. It's not the smooth skate of a fine fountain pen nib, but I was pleasantly surprised by how good it writes. I would choose it over both a Uniball and my runner up favorite, an Inkjoy. The Pro's : Good writer, extra fine
  6. Hey all, I was just curious about your experience(if any) with the Estie Rollerball? Thank you!
  7. I recently purchased a Retro 51 Deluxe Stealth Tornado Rollerball (the all-black one), which I'm enjoying. The refill says "Retro 51" on it, but is this actually made by Schmidt? My favorite roller refill is the Schmidt 8127 Long Capless Rollerball Refill in medium, blue, but that won't fit in this pen. Is there a substantially similar Schmidt that will fit the Volcano? Thanks, Gary
  8. I had just started using fountain pens around 1999/2000, right around the time Sheaffer came out with the Whale Shark Intrigue. I really wanted one but the price on the FP was more than I was willing to spend. I stay below $100 (under $50 most of the time) so I long wrote it off as something I'd never have. When I got back into pens recently I looked at what was available on the Bay and found a new old stock rollerball and couldn't pass it up. I'm less strict about everything having to be a FP now than I was then and I'm really glad because I dig this one a lot.
  9. What is the most fluid-writing, smoothest capless rollerball that fits standard Parker-size pens? Thanks! Gary
  10. I've become a big fan of the Schneider Ray rollerball that takes standard fountain pen cartridges. It's fabulous! But does anyone know of a CAPLESS rollerball that also takes these cartridges? Either a push-button or twist rollerball would be fine.
  11. Like so many of us, I like the Pilot G2 rollerballs. But is there a fine pen that takes this refill without having to pull out the Exacto knife, tape or glue bottle to adapt it? I’m searching for a pen I can use at a business meeting that has a bit of weight to it (literally and figuratively). I would prefer a twist or push button pen (capless) but would also consider a capped rollerball.
  12. I love the Pentel EnerGel rollerballs. But is there a fine pen that takes this refill without having to adapt it? Needs to be a pen that has weight and elegance. I would prefer a twist or push button pen (capless) but would also consider a capped rollerball. Thanks!
  13. Refill Parker Roller Ball cartridge using syringe and vacuum method. Refill Parker Roller Ball Cartridge using syringe vacuum method V2 How to refill Parker rollerball Thank you, dear Kenneth Lee and dear Dhruv Upreti!
  14. C95

    Montblanc Capless Roller

    Hello, I tried the 1912 Heritage Roller time ago and it seemed to me smoother than the Pix i am using. Same thing for the M that uses the same refill;the line also were bolder and more saturated. Was it only my impression or they are really smoother? How does this pen behave for long writing sessions? I d like such a refill to be offered for capped rollers too.
  15. hi all bought this pen some 20 years ago in singapore at montblanc boutique and no longer have the box and tags. i've tried to get help identifying and getting the specs but cannot get much other than some contradictory info online. montblanc hasnt been very helpful, unfortunately. does anyone know about this pen? any info and/or background on this pen would be greatly appreciated. thx and cheers!
  16. Hi, The only brown ink rollerball refills I've found are made by Montblanc. Since I can't afford a Montblanc rollerball pen, I was wondering if 1. anyone knows of brown ink refills made by anyone besides Montblanc; or 2. if anyone has personal experience with Montblanc rollerball refills fitting their non-Montblanc rollerball pens. The dimensions listed for Montblanc rollerball refills (brown, medium-point) are "6.1 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches" whereas the dimensions all other rollerball refills made by other brands (Sheaffer, Monteverde, etc) are different. Thanks in advance!
  17. Hi, Finally figured out how to refill an empty parker roller ball cartridge with fountain pen ink and have made a short 3 min video describing the process. It's a variation of the syringe vacuum method used to refill a pilot varsity pen. https://youtu.be/uMtBMEE7tas Let's see how many times the roller ball cartridge can be refilled and report back what caused it to finally fail. eg: ball dropped out. Enjoy! weemeng
  18. Hi Sometimes I have to use a non-fountain pen so I have a Mitsubishi UB157 rollerball and a Pilot G2. While the ink is great, the point is not exactly small so I have to write very fast to avoid that my letters get tangles together. Is there a way to reduce inkflow on these rollerballs so I can write a bit smaller?
  19. Hi! So I believe I have a pretty rare Meisterstuck as I can not find it anywhere online! Essentially it is the same as this pen, except its a rollerball. https://www.penporium.com/MONTBLANC-144-SOLITAIRE-SOLID-GOLD-FOUNTAIN-PEN-p/3009.htm The closest thing I can find to my pen is actually from an image posted on this very forum! https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/uploads/imgs/fpn_1314297331__aumb.jpg My pen is very similar to the "163SG" except it does not have the black portion on the bottom, the design continues all the way down the pen. Does anyone have any information on my p
  20. Those of us who are fans of Noodler's for whatever reason have probably seen the YouTube video on how durable Noodler's pens are. If not, it starts out with Nathan Tardif getting into a vehicle and running over a Charlie eyedropper pen and a clear demonstrator Konrad rollerball pen. First on bare ground, then on wet asphalt. He then proceeds to fire another set of said pens from a 10ga over-under shotgun (according to Nathan, it's not something you can legally get away with anymore...). Here's a link to the video: Now, what this tells me at 4am is that the Konrad appears durable enough to cl
  21. koulour

    Aurora Ipsilon Sections

    Hello everybody! I have searched but have not found something similar, so forgive me if a question like this is already answered. I kindly call for the help of the knowledge and wisdom of fpn on the Aurora Ipsilon (older style, three chrome rings on cap band) sections. In more detail, I would like to ask if a section of a fountain pen can be used with the barrel AND the cap of a rollerball. I have a nib that I absolutely love, and a nice shop has a great deal on a argento body r/b. It would be a very nice result to get my nib+section to work with the silver body+cap after I "toss away" the r/
  22. Write smoothly under the hand of justice with the newest creation by Grayson Tighe, the legendary pen creator! The Lady Justice encompasses the perfect balance of heat treatment and grade five Titanium, all hand made to produce the different effects of the coloration. Featuring a detailed carving of Lady Justice—the classical representation of the moral compass in history—it is truly a perfect gift for a Paralegal, Law School Student/Graduate, Attorney, and Judge. The heat treatment produces a transparent oxide on the surface. The oxide refracts the light spectrum, portraying similarly to
  23. I am not a lefty but have a friend who is, and is intrigued, I'm not sure if by fountain pens or just worried about my sanity with (only) 25 inks and pens. I have read and watched videos about lefties and writing, pushing vs pulling, my sincere commiserations, I didn't know it could be such an ordeal. I have some specific questions, in particular for lefty overwriters: What is your favorite pen (fountain or other)? Why? I've read about the advantages of quicker drying inks; do you prefer rollerballs? Gel pens? Are there more comfortable pens for lefty overwriters? What aspects to look for?
  24. Does anyone have any experience of the Sanford Redington Refillable Rolling Ball? It had a traditional torpedo shape and came in various finishes. I'm guessing it would have dated from the 80s or 90s. I'm familiar with Sanford from the ink of that name, which I presume was an early product of the same company. Sanford Corporation seems to have acquired many great brands before itself being swallowed up by what is now Newell (of Rubbermaid fame). But try as I might I can't seem to find any information about Redington pens - or indeed any other "modern" Sanford pen.
  25. Silent Speaker

    Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Barrel Spring?

    Hello Sheaffer forum. I've been sold a new-in-box legacy heritage fountain pen that has the nasty habit covering my hands with ink every so often. No cracks or anything like that, the pen appears to be in good condition as per the ebay description. What I discovered was that, right at the bottom of the barrel, there is a spring. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but this spring is only supposed to be on the rollerball variant of this model, right? I mean, I did feel some resistance with first screwing the pen back together after inserting the included converter, but just thought that's how it

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