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  1. Zookie

    Parker 45 nib question

    Hi All, I have a question about a 45 that I acquired a while back in used condition. It's a very nice fighter with a brushed metal and gold trim finish. I've never inked it up until today. Mind you, it looks mint, but man is it ever scratchy! I was not pleased!! I investigated the problem with a loupe, but there appears to be no damage Except for this ; the left nib tine has a slightly rough spot right behind the tipping, which can only be seen under magnification. Has anyone of you ever come across something like this before? I suspect that it can be smooth
  2. troglokev

    Comparison of Pilot Elite nibs

    A long time ago, Ron Dutcher posted A Field Guide to Japanese Nibs in this forum. It is an excellent article, and if you haven't seen it, you should read it. I have some, but not all, and I thought people might be interested in a comparison of the nibs in use. Fine nib: Soft Fine nib: Posting nib: Script Nib: Manifold nib: Coarse nib:
  3. Hi, I bought several BAOER 388 pens to have as giveaways to my students as encouragement. I have grown to like using them at school with my students, so I’m looking for replacement or alternative nibs to have as a backup in case a pen takes a nose dive onto the concrete floor and have the opportunity to try different nibs. Because of the environment and as my students have learning difficulties, I am not looking for expensive or custom nibs. Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks JohnD aka NgunnawalJack
  4. A very simple comparison of three Sailor nibs. My new M arrived and it seems to want me to hold the pen at a more specific angle to the paper than Sailors usually do, but I hope that is just because it needs to be broken in. I am pleasantly surprised by the precision of the line with this medium nib:
  5. Hi, I was looking for this information both on FPN and other sources, added some experiments and this is what I maneged to put together: 1) Faber-castell eMotion, ambition, loom, basic, and (!!!) GRIP use same size nibs. 2) I am ready to bet they are exactly the same nibs. 3) The nib is #5. I made sure just puting both JOWO and BOCK #5 nib into GRIP, LOOM and ambition. 4) For some of those pens (eMotion and Ambition for sure) there are nib units avalible. Basicly it is nib, feed and whole section, so must be matched to pen model and sometimes version (ie all black eMotions)
  6. danielpi

    Nib Manufacture

    For reference, here is a list of pen manufacturers and who supplies their nibs. I've gathered this from a lot of different sources (including older posts in FPN forums). I'll update and correct the list as I come across new data. There have been several earlier attempts to organize this information on FPN, but hopefully this is a bit more organized/centralized. For the record, I am aware (and should caution readers who are not) that not all Bock or JoWo nibs are the same. The mere fact that, e.g., Visconti and Omas both use "Bock manufactured nibs" does not mean, ipso facto, that they use th
  7. I love everything about the Triple Tail. The largeness. The clearness. The non-smellyness. The plunger filling system. The 308 cartridges I can use. Everything, that is, but the nib itself. It's just too darn much for me. It's finicky, which is bad enough. But even when it does work after heat setting, etc -- and even with an ink as simple as 4001 Royal Blue or Waterman Serenity Blue -- it's like writing with a paint brush. And that's before flexing! Before I return it for a partial refund, I thought I would see if anyone has managed to trade it out for a #6 nib? And it not a basic #6, th
  8. Can anyone tell me what's the difference between ASA Daily and ASA Patriot and ASA Velvet? They all look similar, all have 3 in 1 filling mechanism, and... Daily has a #5 nib whereas the other two have #6 nibs (I guess). Any other differences?
  9. I have a few old Conklins, and I've looked at many online, and it's very hard to find one with an intact nib: I see many with the tipping broken off. I dropped my little ringtop Student Special on a carpeted floor the other day: it didn't land on its nib, but the nib cracked right across. I love Conklin nibs, but they seem weirdly fragile compared with other nibs of the same vintage. Does anyone know enough metallurgy to give an informed answer to this perplexing question?
  10. stoen

    Pelikan Music Nibs

    Hi, I regularly use a few vintage Pelikans dated between 1934 and 1959, and keep them in perfect writing condition. I am curious about Pelikan music nibs. I've heard a few stories of those who once have used them. From the appearance (size, engraving style) one might guess they could have been manufactured in smaller quantities during the 100n production era (1937-1954). Does someone in the Forum perhaps have a more educated info on this topic? Are there any manufacturing records? Can those Pelikan music nibs still be occasionally found somewhere? I understand this is a subject of limited in
  11. 1. TITLE Modification of Kaigelu 316 fountain pen using Bock type 250 nib unit (EF, stainless steel, 2-tone) and Beaufort Ink premium Ink Converter. 2. INTRODUCTION Recently, I acquired two Kaigelu 316 fountain pens which I adore, one is ivory or pearl colored with black swirls and the other is brownish colored with orange waves. The pens seem to be imitations of the more expensive Parker Duofold fountain pens. I bought them without their box from an ebay store in China, for under 20euros each (1). Figs 1a-1b 3. OBJECTIVE However, I was a little disappointed by the nib of the Kaigelu p
  12. Mysterious Mose

    Which Brands Have Flex Nibs?

    For three years, I've had a Stipula Splash fountain pen. I like the V-Flex nib and the piston ink filler. I don't like the size -- it's tiny. I don't like that it railroads when pressed hard. So, what other pens have flex nibs? Price matters but right now I'm just gathering information and wouldn't want to limit the candidates to any particular price range. I know that Esterbrook has a flex nib. Who else does?
  13. sidthecat

    Who Makes The Best Nibs Today

    Theblackpen asks a great question - which leads me to ask a follow-up question: what about the business end of the pen? The bit that keeps a Mont Blanc from simply being a plutocrat's pacifier? Who makes the best nibs? Who makes the mechanism that most perfectly expresses the personality of the writer? Or makes for the best experience of making little marks on paper?
  14. I bought my fountain pen from Ranga pens. Its an Abhimanyu model in acrylic with a #6 Jowo nib. This pen feels very comfortable in my hand and I'm planning to upgrade it to a titanium nib since I want to try one. As per my limited knowledge Bock is the only supplier of titanium nibs. But I don't know if a bock nib unit will fit into a pen threaded for Jowo nib. I got this doubt because on the website thepenworld.com they have Jowo compatible nib units separately and Bock compatible nib units separately, both made by Kanwrite. So I was wondering if there is difference in them both. Can anyone a
  15. For those FPN members at least somewhat familiar with vintage Esterbrook fountain pens, what is your favorite among the many vintage Esterbrook nibs? One might ask in reply, "Favorite for which purpose?" Let's not get bogged down in technicalities. If you want to discuss your favorite for a particular purpose, feel free to do so. At this point, I use my vintage Esterbrooks for general writing and my signature. My favorite is the # 9788 -- flexible medium. I enjoy the modest springiness of the nib as I write, and to me it has an overall luxurious feel when writing. What say you?
  16. the scribo feel has nibs that are reputedly made using the same machines as the omas paragon nibs - is there anyone here with representatives of these nibs for a head to head comparison? the metallurgy would be different considering the scribo nibs are split between 14k and 18k whilst the paragon seems to only come in 18k.
  17. Here is what their recent Facebook post says: お客様各位: 誠に心苦しいお知らせをしなくてはなりません。 本日2月1日より長刀研ぎ万年筆と細美研ぎ万年筆の新規受注を一時休止させていただきます(受注再開は2018年6月頃を予定しております)。 ■「セーラーオリジナルペン先」製品の受注一時休止のお知らせ(PDF)  (長刀研ぎ万年筆と細美研ぎ万年筆)   And this is a machine translation of the above: "Dear customers: I really have to do a hard hearted announcement. Starting today February 1st we will temporarily suspend new orders for long-sharpened fountain pens and fine sharpening fountain pens (We will resume ordering around June 2018). ■ Notice of temporary suspension of orders for "Sailor's original pen tip" product (PDF) (Long-blade sha
  18. ssataline

    New Jowo Nibs In Se Asia?

    Hi all. I have a new pen, this an ASA Nauka from India, and I must replace the Jowo nib. I have my favorite nibbers in the US, but I'm in Hong Kong and would like to find someone in this region to avoid high shipping costs. Any recommendations? Mask up and Thank you!
  19. HartGummi

    Kanwrite Nib-Housings

    My experience with fountainpens ended some time ago. Coincidentally my handwriting also deteriorated around that same time. Having sworn to put my eyedropper pens to paper I started wondering about the nibs. Kanwrite nibs (from the few reviews I have seen) seem to be good especially for their price. Unfortunately I am a student who cannot afford to buy lots of nibs from the people who made my ebonite pens. I want to know if Kanwrite's nib-housings are compatible within "standard" sections. Do "standard" housings even exist? Could I fit one of Kanwrite's nibs into my two Jowo #6 tipped
  20. I have some problems with the ink flow on 3 Scrikss fountain pens they write very very wet for about 3 pages and after that they stop writing and you have to prime the feed in order to write again with those pens . I was thinking that must be a problem with the feed so in order to check that i am trying to remove the nib and feed without any success ! I mention that the pens are new and they have this problem from the beginning ! Anyone has any idea how i can remove the nib and feed on Scrikss fountain pens ?
  21. I was thinking of buyiing several nibs and housings straight from Kanwrite. Their range of nibs has convinced me that they are the best option for me given my budget. This still leaves me with pens in which these could be fitted. Kanwrite's pens don't interest me as much as their nibs do. I previously bought a Guider and was satisfied by it. It made me wonder if Guider is willing to make their standard models but for nibs sent by the customer. Has any poster tried doing this?
  22. emshore

    Damaged Lamy Nib

    I recently bought a Lamy 2000 in the mail from an official dealer. The pen came with a extra-fine nib, and I asked them to change it for a fine. The pen always wrote a little scratchy, but I read that that is typical of Lamy 2000s. The scratchiness got worse, however, and I sent it in for repairs. Bob Nurin, the official Lamy repairman, wrote me back that the nib had experienced trauma and that one of the tines was bent. I am super careful with my pens, and it certainly didn't happen with me. Could such a thing have happened when the nib was changed? A new gold nib costs $100, which is not a s
  23. essayfaire

    Is This My Imagination?

    As some of you may know, I have been on the hunt for the right ink for my new Sailor Vega MF. It seems to me that the MF nib is no larger than the HF I have on my 1911S. Samples are with Sailor Jentle ink (black) in the 1911 and Oster Tokyo Blue Denim in the Vega. The MF doesnt seem as smooth, which is odd as it should be wider. Anyone else have similar experiences? It is more pronounced on my Peter Pauper Press journal than it is on, say, a newspaper crossword. Apologies for the upside down images - new device that should make pictures easier once I have time to figure out how to use an
  24. Muchsharpernow

    Welding Stacked Nibs

    I published the fourth video in my stacked nibs fundamentals series on Monday. This one is about welding. Check it out here. The next video will be about options for grinding the tip. Take care out there! -Jim
  25. Hi everyone, I'm Jim, known as PenSloth over on Instagram. I finally got around to making a video of one of my nibs and a writing sample. (Hopefully, this is the right place to post this.) At some point in the future, I'm going to do more videos, including some technical information about grinding and stacking nibs. Thanks! -Jim

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