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  1. Hi, I know that we have a thread here for posting our latest additions to our flocks but I think we could also use a thread where fine folks here could show off their collection by posting family photos of their flocks in their entirety and in their most recent state. I will start with mine dated today... the posted ones are my EDC and desk pens.
  2. I don't know why, but thread about my mobile application "My fountain pens" was deleted. Let's try again: This app lets you manage your fountain pen collection. Data fields: Manufacturer, Model, Color, Filling system, Year of production, Pen length, Nib material, Nib size, Nib stroke, Personal rating, Description, Notes, Images, buy & sell info: name, date, price, notes Mandatory fields for pen data: manufacturer, model and filling system. Everything else is up to you. Make backup (XLSX format) and share file via Dropbox, Google drive... Use Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers to edit backup file, then import backup data on one or several devices. You can find app here (Android) and here (iPhone): Screenshots: http://www.lvbsx.com/Download/MFP/www/V1_2_pen_list.png http://www.lvbsx.com/Download/MFP/www/5503_new1.png http://www.lvbsx.com/Download/MFP/www/5504_new2.png http://www.lvbsx.com/Download/MFP/www/5505_new3.png http://www.lvbsx.com/Download/MFP/www/5506_new4.png http://www.lvbsx.com/Download/MFP/www/V1_2_settings.png http://www.lvbsx.com/Download/MFP/www/backup.png Last version: V1.2. What's new? * thumbnail picture of your pen in the main pen list * follow pen-related YouTube channels: you can make your YT channels list. http://www.lvbsx.com/Download/MFP/www/V1_2_yt.png * import data from Jonro's Fountain Pen Database Thread about Jonro's FPD is here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/29267-fountain-pen-database-available-for-download/ http://www.lvbsx.com/Download/MFP/www/V1_2_jonro_input.png Your suggestions are greatly appreciated! Disclaimer: I am the author of “My Fountain Pens” application. Very important: you can disable ads: Settings -> Support Us -> Disable Google AdMob (free of charge) Best, Anes
  3. Most people I see on this forum own many pens, even if they are not avid collectors. And most people seem eager about 'rotating' them and using them one after the other, enjoying the variety and fun of multiple fountain pens. Many reviewers seem to be able to compare what one pen feels like in comparison to a range of other pens. The way I have seen many elder generation people that I know who use fountain pen, they have often used a pen for decades and shift to a different pen only when the old pen is irreversibly damaged or lost. I think it was because: (1) pens were instruments of daily use and utility (rather than a hobby / collection), (2) good pens were less affordable and you have to hold on to it as much as possible, (3) nibs become smoother and best fit to one's writing style; long term fountain pen users hesitate to give their 'used' pens to someone else because of this reason. Everybody have their own way of 'loving' fountain pens - a classification is as follows: Some have multiple pens inked and in use at each given time.Some have one pen inked and in use, and they change to another pen after the ink gets over, and they rotate pens.Some prefer to use *only* one pen (even if they may try out and collect multiple pens).I have used pens in all the 3 patterns above - and I think I belong to the third category. Does anybody in this forum write with *only* one fountain pen primarily (whether or not you collect and try more)? If so, which pen is your heartthrob? Or do you actively write with multiple pens?
  4. My collection is still quite small. But I have some more vintage pencils on order. And my nightstand drawer and the closet shelf are getting to be too messy (and potentially damage-worthy on the pencils). I can't put them all into coffee mugs on my desk. I already have three mugs jam-packed with pencils and other writing utensils! I can't afford to do what I would like, which is to buy half a dozen Musgrave cedar boxes. So, what do you lot do? I am considering getting a few of these Container Store pencil boxes, for starters. https://www.containerstore.com/s/multisnap-office-storage-boxes/d?q=pencil+box+with+lid&productId=11010311 Any other suggestions are welcome.
  5. Hello everyone! Some of you may recall that upon hearing that OMAS had ceased to exist, I decided to try to assemble a complete collection of my all-time favorite pen: the OMAS 360. Taking into account only color, size, materials and specially-branded editions - and thus making abstraction of trim colors, type (FP vs RB) and the presence of precious stones - I was able to inventory a total of 53 different versions of the OMAS 360. Of these, I currently own 51. The ones I like to use and carry with me most of the time (Titanium, Burkina, Snakewood and Ebony), I actually have in double and triple, respectively - just in case they were to get lost, damaged or stolen. A few others I have in both HT/Ag and YG trim versions (standard Blue/Black, Smoke, Lucens and Arco Brown), as I think that the pens look very different with different trims. Finally, I also have a few doubles, just because things happened that way (MoMa Red, Vision Amber, and Mezzo FIGC). Today I thought I would share with you a few quick pictures I took this morning as I was getting the pens organised... I hope you will enjoy seeing them. The complete collection, including a few doubles: http://a.lber.to/post/1_All.jpg The Oversize pens: http://a.lber.to/post/2_Oversize.jpg - Blue/Black, HT Trim - Black, YG Trim ("Tabellionis Stylus", the only true black 360 OMAS ever made, for the Italian Notary Association) The Cotton Resin pens: http://a.lber.to/post/3_CottonResin.jpg Top row: - Blue/Black, YG Trim - Blue/Black, HT Trim - Venician Blue, HT Trim - Grey, GT Trim - Burgundy, HT Trim ("Erasmus CLE") - Pearlescent Purple, RG Trim (Prototype which was never actually produced) - Red, HT Trim - Green, HT Trim ("75th Anniversary") - Colonial Brown, YG Trim (IMOHO, the ugliest 360 OMAS ever made...) - Yellow, HT Trim - White, HT Trim ("75th Anniversary") Bottom row: - Orange/Red, HT Trim ("TAG Heuer") - Yellow, HT Trim ("Bittner") - Black, HT 3-band Trim ("MoMa") - Red, HT 3-band Trim ("MoMa") - Orange, HT 3-band Trim ("75th Owner's Club") The Translucent pens: http://a.lber.to/post/4_Translucent.jpg - Smoke, Ru Trim ("Vintage") - Blue, RG Trim ("Vintage") - Smoke, YG Trim ("Vintage") - Brown, YG Trim ("ZENITH") - Turquoise, HT Trim ("Vintage") - Orange, HT Trim ("Soleterre") - Red, HT Trim ("Vintage") - Amber, YG Trim ("Vision Bronze") - Clear, HT Trim ("Vision") The Celluloid pens: http://a.lber.to/post/5_Celluloid.jpg - Burkina, Ag Trim - Arco Brown, YG Trim (Prototype pen with Greek band on cap, never produced) - Arco Brown, YG 3-band Trim - Lucens, Ag 3-band Trim - Lucens, YG 3-band Trim - Wild, HT 3-band Trim - Wild, HT Trim - Blue Royal, HT Trim - Pearl Grey, HT Trim Missing from photo: - Arco Brown, HT Trim The Metal and Wood pens: http://a.lber.to/post/6_Metal-Wood.jpg - Illumination, Silver - First Personal Computer, Aluminum ("FPC") - T2, Titanium - Snakewood, Ag Trim - Ebony, Ag Trim The Mezzo pens: http://a.lber.to/post/7_Mezzo.jpg - Blue/black, HT trim - Pearlescent Blue, HT trim - Blue, HT trim - Light Blue, HT trim ("FIGC") - Purple, HT trim - Pearlescent Liliac, HT trim - Liliac, HT trim - Red, HT trim ("Camera dei Deputati") - Red, HT trim - Orange, HT trim - Yellow, HT trim - Green, HT trim - White, HT trim Missing from photo: - Light Blue, HT Trim
  6. Jim25253

    My Current Esterbrooks

    I received 2 new to me Esties in todays mail. The pic is my current collection. The grey one needs resacked. Can anyone tell me what size I need to order?
  7. Hi, so, since most of us who love fountain pens can't really seem to stop buying pens, I thought it'd be cool to see how many pens you have in your pen collection. So, How many Fountain Pens do you have in your pen collection so far?
  8. I've decided to impose a limit of ten pens on myself, in an effort to ensure that all of my pens are used, and not just sitting there. What's your pen limit? Why do you have one? Why don't you have one? I've also made myself promise never to spend too much on any one pen - do you have a top limit? What is it?
  9. Lazarus like, I appear on the board to ask the question... ...Have we got a thread like the one I started for the Lamy Safari (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/22180-lamy-safari-colours/page-1) that similarly catalogues and brings together all of the known variants of the Kaweco Sport? I have previously owned and enjoyed a vintage (since lost on a trip to HMS Belfast) variant called the 'Ranger' which was a sort of 'Army Green' colour. I was inspired to ask the question having seen this on my Instagram feed: https://milligram.com/milligram-kaweco-collaboration-skyline-fine-sage I will add some pics of my own (rather vanilla) collection of Kaweco Sports later (when I can work out how to do it again). But in the meantime, please add away below if you have interesting colours to show off... With warm regards to my old friends, Chris p.s. Mods - if such a thread already exists and I have missed it, please feel free to take this down.
  10. timesflowstemmed

    Originals Of Their Time

    Aside from collecting the post-1997 M800 family, the replicas have well and truly caught my attention. So Im like a rabbit in the headlights watching a full set of the Originals of Their Time on eBay. As a set these appear to be priced at more than twice would they would cost to buy individually. But its no crime (yet) to look and wonder and dream . . .
  11. Hi All - I work for a large Catholic order in Wisconsin. Recently one of the sisters here learned of my fountain pen obsession and asked me if I would be willing to help them sell a bunch of fountain pens and mechanical pencils that they have accumulated over the years. They're really interested in selling the whole collection and not selling it piecemeal. It's a motley assortment of Sheaffers, Parkers, with the odd Chilton and Eversharp thrown in. There's also an unused Montblanc 149 with the original W Germany sticker. Any suggestions on where to go to solicit bids for the collection would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, Yumbo
  12. After checking in the "price increase" and the "my new pelikan" threads, I got to wondering what some of you folks might be searching for, hoping for, saving for, or planning to buy next to add to your flock? Are you happy where your flock is now? Frustrated by a rare one? Overwhelmed by the possibilities? Any regrets for missing one? Or for catching one that just didn't satisfy like you thought it would? I'm curious to find out a little more about Pelikan collecting from some of you who have done it longer than I have, and I'm sure there are others who'd find it enlightening too. And sure, I'll start. The next one on my list will likely be a 400 or 400NN with grey stripes. I think that would fit in the vintage side of my flock quite well. For modern pens, I'm telling myself to just wait and see what 2017 brings in the way of new offerings. I've grown the flock faster than I had intended this past 6 weeks so it's time to settle a bit... and wait for the stragglers to finally get here.
  13. An Open Letter to the Fountain Pen Community: Dear Fountain Pen Afficianados: It is a very sad day for me. I am a professor at UC Berkeley who loves fountain pens. I was upset to find my office broken into and my fountain pen collection, consisting of more than 50 pens, stolen. The thieves seemed to know what they were doing as they located some pens in rather non-obvious places. Some highlights of the collection at a Namiki Owl limited edition, a wide array of Pelikans from the 50s and 60s, and a Lamy Persona, a long discontinued model of wonderful design. Also in the collection were a Sheaffer Legacy with touchdown filler, a Sheaffer Intrigue in whale shark, and some lovely Omas Arco pens. Another unusual item is a Waterman Opera pen, a 1990 version of the Man 100 with lovely chasing. One item of strong sentimental value is a 1989 Montblanc 146. If you see such items suddenly turn up on eBay or offered for sale at a retail store, please alert the police. The theft is UCPD case #14-01720 and the phone # is 510-642-6760. I miss my collection greatly and will pay a handsome reward for its return. Please help me recover it. Sincerely, John Morgan
  14. First I’d like to say hello! My name’s Ava Marie. Born and raised in the south (little German town right outside Austin, TX), but I live and breathe in Portland, OR. I’ve loved pens since I was very young. I would see your typical ‘Unused Corporate Desk Pen Set'™ while roaming the halls of IBM’s Austin campus with my mom in the 90s. I always got so excited when she let me pick up and inspect them. I wanted to understand them and just...create. Writing eluded for a lot of reasons, but being dyslexic & dysgraphic tend to be the top 2 on the board. I’ve always hated anything that required picking up a pen as it all got worse. So I just put it all out of my mind and carried my laptop everywhere for 15 years. Though I was never caught without my trusty Parker Jotter (guess it’s in my blood, eh?). ——— Last year marked the end of that extra 5 pounds I walked around with all day when I needed to take notes quietly in a few seminars I was planning to attend. I finally revisited writing and took a new approach this time. I started to rummage through old letters from friends and family…comparing my letter forms to the ones I liked in those pages. I formed my own set of “rules” for myself on how to write each letter. Now I’ve formed that bond with analogue I wanted as a kid (even managed to find it somewhat as an adult, being a tube amp & vinyl nut, too). Every day of my life is full of ink on paper now, and it feels great. ——— But for the sake of keeping this somewhat brief I’ll just show you how far the rabbit hole has taken me so far without the help (and I’m sure enabling nature) of FPN so far. Really happy to be here to learn more and maybe even pass a few tidbits of my own on. http://i.imgur.com/v8xM1Aa.jpg?2 My 'Daily Drivers' right now are the Pilot Heritage 92 (Fine Nib, Noodler's 'Borealis Black'), the Lamy Al-Star (1.9 Stub, Diamine's 'Imperial Purple'), and a little prototype of my own fitted with an EF Bock 250 (between the VP & Urushi Brush) sporting Pilot's Standard Blue.
  15. Maxpens

    Pelikan Collection For Sale

    Find a general picture of a PELIKAN collection, this collection is for sale. Preferred completely, but also piece by piece is maybe possible ( not preferred :-) ) Numbered from left to right, starts with 1 , we have 28 pieces. Please send a PM if you are interested or for any questions. kind regards Max 1) 100 Jade (1930) 1.200,00 € 2) 112 Diamant 3.100,00 € 3) 112 Korn 3.100,00 € 4) 112 Welle 3.100,00 € 5) 110 Diamant 1.700,00 € 6) 110 Korn 1.700,00 € 7) 110 Welle 1.700,00 € 8) 111 Diamant 2.000,00 € 9) 111 Korn 2.000,00 € 10) 111 Welle 2.000,00 € 11) 100 coral Binde 1.200,00 € 12) 100 grau-marmoriert 600,00 € 13) 100 ???? 1.000,00 € 14) 111 glatt 1.200,00 € 15) 100N Toledo 8.000,00 € 16) 111T Toledo 4.500,00 € 17) 101 Lade 4.500,00 € 18) 101 lapiz 4.500,00 € 19) 101 coral 4.500,00 € 20) 101 Eidechse 2.200,00 € 21) 100 honiggelb 1.300,00 € 22) 100 rot-marmoriert 1.300,00 € 23) 100 blau-marmoriert Emege´ 1.400,00 € 24) 101 schildpatt 2.000,00 € 25) 101 schildpatt 2.000,00 € 26) 101 schildpatt 800,00 € 27) 100 perlmutt 1.500,00 € 28) 100 grün-marmoriert 400,00 €
  16. Hey Everybody! if you're anything like me, you have a very specific way that you like to arrange your collection of inks on your desk or in a drawer etc. Time to show them off! Ill begin by posting mine and a list of the inks there. Please don't mind the tequila in the background.... Thanks -M. Inks: Lamy Blue Lamy Blue-Black (my first ink) Montblanc Leonardo (maybe my new favorite) Montblanc Toffee Brown (my everyday ink for my Montparnasse) Diamine Turquoise Noodler's X-Feather Noodler's Rome Burning (awful) Noodler's Forest Green Noodler's American Eel Black (my everyday ink for my TWSBI 580 and it smells great) Noodler's Baystate Blue (proceed with caution) Noodler's Black Swan in English Roses (my everyday ink for any flex pen) Noodler's Red-Black (my everyday ink for my Platinum 3776 with its awesome 18k "c" nib) Noodler's Apache Sunset (my go-to "impact ink" when I want to show off) Noodler's Saguaro Wine Noodler's Zhivago (one of my all time favorite inks, probably going to switch my Montparnasse to this ink) J. Herbin Lie de The J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir Pilot Ishorizuke Tsuki-yo (my everyday ink for my Lamy 2000) Pilot Ishorizuku fuyu-syogun Pilot/Namiki blue Black cartridges (exclusively for my work-pen the Metropolitan) Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire and Onyx Cartridges (I want to test these)
  17. The mythological animal, Phoenix, has been watching over S.T Dupont ever since the brand was founded, giving them a passionate love for fire that transformed into art! This summer the Phoenix has reborn bringing three new collections: Phoenix Diamond, Phoenix Prestige and Phoenix Premium The Prestige collection: Natural laquer is enhanced by gold-finished insert. Every piece is hand-made individually and adorned with two citrine stones, the pen comes with a hand-sculpted Phoenix statue on a matching lacquered stand. The collection has 2016 pieces from which 30 are numbered. The Premium collection: The pieces of this collection stand out for their smoky black and grey lacquer sprinkled with meteorite dust. They are enhanced by gracefully engraved details with palladium finishes. You may complete the collection with matching cufflinks and luxury lighter. Limited to 2016 pieces. The Diamond collection: Smoky violet and black lacquer makes the perfect combination with the hand-scupted Phoenix which is plated with precious platinum. Each piece is produced by special order of 10 numbered pieces, enhanced with a 0.45 carat diamond solitaire. Part of the Phoenix collection is already available at Iguana Sell and more coming next week! For further information do not hesitate to contact us through info@iguanasell.com Don't to check it out: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=s.t+dupont+phoenix Take a peek at the Premium rollerball below!
  18. Meet the new Montegrappa Nero Uno Duetto collection! Montegrappa's most iconic line launches a new surprising and fresh collection. With a contemporary twist, the Nero Uno writing instruments keep the collection's values following minimalism, simplicity and ultimate elegance. The barrel in black resin is decorated with a geometric linear pattern, furthermore this time the full metal cap is engraved with the same linear pattern creating the perfect contrast. Fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint are all available in palladium, rose gold or ruthenium plating. All of these novelties are in stock right now, so do not wait to check them out: Fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=montegrappa+nero+uno+duetto+fountain+pen Rollerball: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=montegrappa+nero+uno+duetto+rollerball Ballpoint: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=montegrappa+nero+uno+duetto+ballpoint For further information please do not hesitate to contact us through info@iguanasell.com
  19. Nobody effing move! Uncle Bob stop looking at the clouds! I really need to clean those Mujis... The dirty from the inside Vista caps... I don't mind.
  20. northstar

    Sheffer Taranis Original Colors

    http://s5.postimg.org/mmhaugug7/Taranis_Orig.jpg Finally completed all five Sheaffer Taranis original colors 😉
  21. Hi everyone, This will probably be the strangest question of the year so far. I'm in the mood for buying more ink. I live in New Zealand, so ordering inks from overseas is a rather rare event. My problem is that I can't think of enough to fill up my order! I'll be getting one of the Noodler's blacks, Apache Sunset and a highlighter ink of some sort. Inks I currently have are: All of the Montblancs: - Mystery Black - Midnight Blue (IG) - Oyster Grey - Royal Blue - Irish Green - Lavender Purple - Burgundy Red - Toffee Brown Iroshizuku: - Tsuki Yo - Kosumosu - Chiku Rin Akkerman: - Passage Blauw - Shocking Blue - Oranje Boven J. Herbin: - Violette Pensee - Emerald of Chivor Rohrer & Klinger: - Scabiosa - Alt-Goldgrun Diamine Registrar's Baystate Blue Lamy Turquoise Can anyone think of some good additions to my little collection?
  22. Andrej

    Montblanc Collection

    Hello Montblanc owners I recentlys tarted collecting Montblancs and was able to get some of them on ebay and one in Selfridges. I currently have a WE Schiller FP PoA Pavarotti FP I also have a nice generation rollerball and am waiting on 149 I know its a modest collection and I am aware there are people with completed sets here but I am always looking for new ones. So my main goal is to increase the collection but not overpay. I should mention I'm studying right now so don't have funds for overpaying. Thats what makes it even more appealing since I am constantly looking for deals. I was thinking of getting a shaw soon and then having small pause to gather more funds. One of the pens I want to have are gaius, joseph, ramses, einstein or other great characters. So if anyone is selling some interesting ones please contact me since I am not interested in whether its sealed or inked and for me a pen is both to look and write good. So I am a bit of both a collector and someone who would write with them. There is an outlet in the uk where I found many good deals one of those was the lennon limited for 1200 pounds but I was not sure if it was such a good deal as the people tell me hahah So anyone willing to talk, sell, or just discuss about models please do that Andrej
  23. Hi everybody, I recently inherited around 50 pens from my father's collection and I'm looking to have each pen valued. The collection varies from rare and less-rare Mont Blancs, vintage Parkers and Sheaffers, to makes that are either unknown or hard to make out. Once they're valued, I'll probably sell the majority of them and sneak a couple for myself and my wife! I am based in Los Angeles and I'm looking to find someone in the area who might be able to help. Any thoughts or suggestions? Many thanks in advance for your help. Russell
  24. This post is going to be a tad confusing, but please bear with me. My Safari/ Vista/ Al-Star collection is far from complete and I still get excited whenever a new color comes out or a limited edition is released, and yet, after doing some experiments with the stub nibs and custom grinding one of them, I've come to the conclusion that I need something different. I mean, it's good to show at a meeting with a different pen each time, or to have some "rare" pens kept as NOS, but in the end I'm starting to miss the point of having pens that you will never use or will only use sporadically or that if changed, will give the exact same writing feel. Got many pens that have never been inked, even if my pen rotation includes up to 5 pens. So, what I really want to know if am missing something on Safari collecting or if it would be best for me to keep the pens I like the most and expand to other pen frontiers? Thank you for your replies.
  25. Thanks. I have found a collector to help.

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