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Found 17 results

  1. I have a pilot cavalier and I'm looking to buy a converter. I've read some comments recommending the con-20 but it seems neither jetpens nor amazon carry that. The con-70 seems like the best one pilot offers, but it looks pretty thick and I'm afraid it might not fit into the thin barrel of the cavalier. Any ideas?
  2. MrMohawk

    Esterbrook Friendly Converters?

    Good evening, FPN Friends! I recently purchased an Esterbrook Estie with a J Scribe hopping off the wishlist and into the cart soon. I have really enjoyed the Estie very much. However, my only complaint is the converter. I want to find something that’s metal/higher quality than the stock converter. Are there any converters you Esterbrook fans would suggest, either by Esterbrook themselves or another brand that will fit (ideally both)? IMG_3277.heic “Cheap” is definitely not the correct term to use to describe my distaste for the converter. “Fragile” might be a better descriptor. I used the Estie to try out 5 new ink samples I received in my Truphae INKREDIBLE Box, so I got to play with that converter a good bit in a short amount of time. I just didn’t love the converter like I did the nib and its stroke output, how the pen felt and looked. Thanks so much for the insight, FPN! -Steve
  3. From the album: Chinese pens

    In reply to: When the question is not how to visually match a single ink converter in isolation against one's internalised knowledge-base of what's in existence and correctly identify its type, the answer is much more obvious.

    © A Smug Dill

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  4. I am just looking to confirm if the x750 takes a standard international converter or is it another? Thanks in advance!
  5. acsc100

    Lamy Squeeze Converter

    Does anyone know how I might get my hands on one of the old Lamy squeeze converters (pictured below)? Thanks to haywoody for alerting me to the existence of this converter, which is where I also got the image (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/90367-lamy-safari/).
  6. omarcenaro

    Montblanc Converters broken

    I’ve been using all week at work my Burgundy Classique (144R) with 18K nib. I have been using the piston converter to fill with ink. The older threaded converters that say Montblanc ink only. I notice that when I filled the converter (attached to nib) from the bottle that I got a bunch of bubbles, which was odd, but it filled up enough so into my pocket it went. Fast forward to today Friday, I needed a little more ink and when I opened the pen there was ink down the converter and in the barrel. After cleaning up the mess I checked the converter and found that it was not pulling a vacuum. With a magnifying glass I saw a crack on the threads. Luckily I have 4 new MB converters, 3 of the older ones with the “MB ink only” and a new one from MB that now no longer has the ink words on the side. I inked up the new old one with a syringe this time and when I wiped of the threads to make sure there is no ink it soaked the paper towel. So I dump the ink and as I was cleaning the converter it breaks (see pic). I then fill the 3rd and last of the old type converters and screw into pen. I could not see any cracks under magnification so we will see if it holds up. Luckily I still have a brand new (no words) converter in reserve. Seeng if anyone else has had this issue. Also, this may help warn someone as well. I really thought it was leaking from the section some how and by passing the converter. I was actually starting to send the pen into MB before I checked the converter.
  7. I've just started collecting fountain pens and was wondering what everyone's opinion is of which is the best type of ink converter? I mostly have screw type, but just received a Parker Urban which came with a plunger type. So far I'd say I prefer the screw type, but wondered what everyone else's experience has been.
  8. davisrankin

    C/f Converters

    I bought a c/f converter from someone in New York years ago and it has died! The rubber cracked and broke. Does anyone know a source for another c/f converter? Is there a modern replacement? I DID find one on a pen blog one made by PEN & INK that was carded and the blogger said it works on c/f pens? Anyone have a source for that one? Thanks waterman CF converter replacement
  9. I need to stop topping up my orders with converters to make the 'free shipping' threshold for delivery in/to Australia. Sometimes I did it even if I have to pay for shipping (typically from Japan), since the converters weigh next to nothing, and buying from Japan could mean I save up to nominally a 100% markup compared to buying locally. Maybe I need to get out more, but I haven't come across any pen shop in Australia that claims to have a close or special relationship with Platinum, Pilot or Sailor in Japan to offer me the level of access, assurance or service in general that online ordering won't. Anyway, I now have: 12 new/'spare' Pilot CON-40 converters2 new/'spare' Pilot CON-70 converters16 new/'spare' Platinum converters, mostly the standard one with 'gold' trim but also a few with chrome trim, and another 3 on the way13 new/'spare' Sailor converters (for 1911/Pro Gear/etc. and not the Chalana) in various colours, and 7 more on the waynot as many spare Lamy converters, but I have a fewnot including the converters I have used but since cleaned. I also have a bunch of desk pens in the three brands, as well as a bunch of Platinum Preppy, Pilot Penmanship and Sailor HiAce Neo pens without converters inserted or assigned right now. Generally I try to keep to about 4 or 5 more converters in each brand than I have pens that use them. Oh, and because I discovered that I could still get new Pilot CON-50 converters (which I happen to like in my Pilot Vanishing Point pens) by getting old stock of Pilot Prera pens, I just picked three of them up as well. That's not counting the eight or so Pilot press-plate converters that came with Pilot MR and 78G pens, which work fine except in Pilot VP pens.
  10. I know this may sound odd, but is there anyway to identify what model of converter I have? I have a number laying around, and some are standard, some are proprietary, some hold more ink, some less... I don't want to mess up a pen by putting a standard IC in a pen that only takes proprietary ones or vice versa. I can't seem to find markings on the converters themselves. These days, I'm wiser and label all proprietary converters with their brand name. I wasn't always so smart. Thanks.
  11. I hope this is the right place. There is a seller on Amazon that is selling cheap Chinese converters as Schmidt universals. When the converter arrived, it didn't look like any Schmidt converter I own. It was green and looked suspiciously like every single converter in a Jinhao or Hero pen. I tried the converter in my KarasKustom: It did not fit. It slipped right out. I tried the converter in my Faber-Castell Loom: it slipped right out of that too. Despite being advertised as a Schmidt on Amazon, when it arrived, the seller's packing slip further identified it as Schmidt bluRAFIA. Research on the seller's website said it was a Chinese converter made by a German company. Huh?? It's a Chinese (probably Jinhao) converter masquerading as a Schmidt.
  12. SergeantIC

    Glitter In Pens

    After buying a bottle of Diamine Sparkling Shadows, I had a quick thought before using it.. Before using inks like this with gold glitter, you are supposed to shake the bottle to evenly displace the glitter, but how does this apply to the ink when it's IN the pen? At some point the ink will settle once again in the pen, so will I need to somehow mix up the glitter again, or not? If so, how should I do it?
  13. I decided to buy a Parker screw type converter as a replacement for the press bar version in one of my 45's. So I looked on Amazon and on ebay and saw many different versions. I decided I wanted one with a metal end that goes into the section, so I found one on Amazon at a reasonable price, ordered it, only to find it doesn't have the metal end like the one on the picture. Nor is it anything like the Parker converter that came with my Sonnet from my best friend's shop. For a start it's thinner and longer, the twist part isn't the same and the word Parker on the metal top part isn't that clear. So I'm leaning towards the possibility that it might be a compatible version, aka a fake. So it's going back, and my search will restart. However, there are so many around that look exactly the same as the one I received. How do I know I'm getting an authentic Parker converter? I can't find any that look like my authentic one. Does anyone know what to look for in the current Parker version?
  14. Hello! I found my missing Vanishing Point today. I tried to write with it, but it looks like the ink dried out in the cartridge converter. I tried to clean it by filling the converter with water and emptying, but the pen will no longer fill this way. In fact, when I twist the converter to empty it, it sort of pops up. And when I try to fill it, nothing comes up. I see there's a small metal part that is loose--I can't remember if it's supposed to be loose or if it's supposed to stick to the part of the converter that twists up and down. Right now I'm soaking both the nib unit and the cartridge converter in some water, and hoping that does the trick. Does this just need to soak for a longer time, or does it sound like something else is wrong? I think it's weird that the converter pops up--I've never had that happen before. Also, when I tried to flush the nib unit with a bulb, it was "constipated" and the water did not go through the nib like usual. Anyone else have something similar happen, and have suggestions for making this pen be able to fill again?
  15. Hi guys, So, I was searching for universal converters for using with my Schneider Base and Waterman HD. ( Bought Lamy's separately coz I know it won't fit ) The only option I am getting is parker's converter. (http://www.esupply.in/products/parker-quink-ink-converter) As far as my limited knowledge goes, parkers fit only auroras and then too play foul sometimes. So, my question to my fellow FPNers is,where do I find the universal type in India ? Also what type of converter will I be needing with Sheaffer NoNonsense and Pilot ? And where to buy them ? Don't have the pilot at my hand yet, but here's the link.. (http://www.jabong.com/pilot-Black-Fountain-Pen-358498.html)
  16. kim1188

    Replacing Lamy Piston Converter?

    hello everybody, i am new to both fountain pens and the forum. i have considerable experience w technical drafting pens--but i'm now free to play with the fun pens! i've made a pretty big beginners mistake i think. half measures or moderation has never been a strength. i bought 4 Pilot Namiki falcon II in the enameled metal. i love the way the ink flows, the converter seems to keep the ink under pressure (?) and it always simply flows out beautifully. i'd wanted them to improve my writing because i'm loosing some hand dexterity due to spinal issues (thus for mostly lowercase typing), but am not enjoying the pressure one has to use on the flexible nibs. my dexterity is just not up to that anymore. so i bought a set of Lamy pens and absolutely love the stiff italic nibs. however, i am constantly having to open them up after a few sentences and screw down the plunger to get the ink flowing correctly again. i have 3 of them and am having the same issue w all three. is there a way to put in a converter like the one in the pilot namiki into the Lamy pens? i'm sure it will be some work, but after having to retire exceptionally early from architecture for health issues, this is very important to me. i have an art studio and use written pages in my paintings, but also simply love to have a comfortable pen. i've also been doing quite a bit of writing of late--i feel i need to get everything written down before the hand no longer works! the metal Falcon II and Lamy Studio pens are a perfect diameter and fit for my hand. the italic nibs also cover the shakiness of my writing that is starting to show when using a regular F, M, or even B nib. i'd thought about having the Falcon's nibs reground to italics, but am a little afraid of having a flexible italic nib. (any thoughts on that wld be welcome) i've been using Pilot Namiki Iroshizuku inks. if there are other options or ideas/advice, i would love to hear those as well. admittedly, i was a little cocky when buying these pens after years of using, disassembling, cleaning, and reasembeling technical pens. pens are pens...right? i'm finding there's quite a lot more involved with fountain pens than i ever imagined! thank you for your time. kim

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