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  1. Images are from internet.It shows that Jinhao is producing a 14K nib.The size is smaller than standard duofold
  2. Penspotting


    From the album: Penimations

    © penspotting

  3. Penspotting


    From the album: Penimations

    © penspotting

  4. A Special Edition Jinhao "Lord Venkateshwara" pen from House of Jinhao; Jinhao Model-601 A full Brass metal Pen with Gold Accents. The Figurine of "Lord Venkateshwara", is etched on the barrel and an antique finish is given. The cap has the "Vaishnavism" Symbols of "Conch", "Sudarshan Chakra" and the "Tilak" etched. The top crown has a black jewel on which the Sun representing Lord "Surya Narayana", is embossed. First preview... will review in detail in due course The Jinhao Special Edition Pen The Figurines-1 The Figurines-2​ Pen in the Box The Special Box
  5. I use a Waterman Apostrophe rollerball with a Schneider Topball 850 eurosize refill. Sites like AliExpress offer quite a lot of refills that are sold as Jinhao, Baoer or Hero refills for what seems to be very low prices (even with shipping from China). Is it possible to use these refills in eurosize rollerball of a Waterman rollerball? Are refills from Jinhao, Hero or Baoer (in general) good value compared to eurosize refills from Schneider or Schmidt? What are your opinions about these Chinese refills?
  6. Guess what, we have Wing Sung 613, Hero just got us 616 plus, and Jinhao obviously not wanting to be left behind I guess .... we have da da da .... Jinhao 51A ( courtesy of my window shopping around for summer hiking supply, somehow end up showing me this ... ) .. look like there is 3 solid color version ( black, burgundy and blue ), 5 Demo version and 2 wooden barrel ( with metal section / converter coupling ) finishes.
  7. From the album: Hanging in the balance

    I must admit I'm uncertain whether the Delike Submarine pen pictured has an acrylic barrel or a celluloid barrel. The item listing said celluloid, but I cannot detect any camphor smell.

    © A Smug Dill

  8. Gutbucketeer

    Jinhoa X450 Barrel Endcap Removal?

    I have a white Jinhao x450 that was all scratched up and looked like sh**t. So I decided to remove all of the white enamel and make it a brushed steel pen. I can screw off the cap phineal and clip no problem. However, I can't seem to get the end cap of the barrel to move at all. Is it also a screw on, or is it press fit or glued? The other option is to just try to tape the band off while grinding the paint off. JAB
  9. Does anybody know which cartridges fit in the jinhao 126? The included converter is very small and I prefer to use long international cartridges. Pelikan long cartridges do fit, but they break because the mouth is too small.
  10. sjpens12

    Broken Jinhao Feed

    So I have this Jinhao X750 with a broken feed. It is broken right at the feed post, where the converter attaches. I want to replace it but I don't know how to get the post out. I know this may seem silly for a $10 pen, but I really like it and want to fix it with a new feed (probably an FPR feed). Any tips? Thank you!
  11. bestillmysoul

    How To Repair This Jinhao-886?

    While cleaning this pen I think I accidentally removed the nib-holder unit (marked in arrow) from the section. Although the nib holder unit has a screw, it was not screwed inside to the section. But, rather pasted to the inside of the section. When I try to insert the nib holder unit, it remains loose. What can I do in this situation? Is this damage irreversible? https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/uploads/imgs/fpn_1597461428__j886_1.jpeg https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/uploads/imgs/fpn_1597461497__j886_2.jpeg
  12. queerspaceman

    First Nib Replacement!

    So, I finally attempted a nib replacement- a Zebra G nib in a Jinhao x450. I think it worked pretty darn well!
  13. While stumbling upon Aliexpress, found this Jinhao model: Jinhao 75 ++ The pens look quite like Parker Sonnet / Baoer 388. I LOVE my Baoer 388, but never liked the golden colors on the barrel and nib.I tried to remove them with metal polish, nib got succeeded but I couldn't succeed on barrel and cap. And I LOVE the black / chrome color, and the checkered pattern is quite interesting. I wanted to buy this pen, however, it's a bit pricey ($7ish in Aliexpress each, comparing to Baoer 388, which is $2ish), and I couldn't find any decent reviews. This is the only review I c
  14. Hi, I hope someone can help me, because I don't know what I'm doing. I caught the fountain pen bug about three years ago and bought several pens -- inexpensive ones to start with. When they developed problems, I tried giving them a thorough cleaning, and I still had problems with them and gave up. My pens have been stored unused ever since. Something recently sparked an interest again and I decided to give it another try. I flushed and cleaned a Pilot Metropolitan, a Lamy Safari, and two Jinhaos: an X450 and X750. The Pilot and Lamy are writing beautifully now, but I can't get either of th
  15. I laughed today because I got some extra converters in the mail and they came in a jinhao box and I open up the box and get some baoer branded converters. I have ordered from this seller on aliexpress before and got a slightly different converter last time. I was wondering if anyone had any input on which chinese pen brand has the best converters. Should I stick to only using jinhao converters in jinhao pens, etc? The Jinhao converters hold the most ink but have no agitator (in pic related I added a small ball bearing to act as one) The baoer converter has an agitator (spring in one, smal
  16. I am amazed by the n number of inexpensive pens without the compromise on quality front from major of the Chinese pen manufacturers especially Hero and Jinhao.... There are other expensive Chinese pen also there with the likes of duke, kaigelu.... Recently i got hold of lot of Jinhao pens which I will be reviewing in future days to come one by one. Today I am reviewing "Jinhao 886" what looks like an big bullet... Design & Built : The pen looks and is built like a bullet. Its construction quality is amazing. Not very heavy not that light also. Just apt for its size.
  17. linkoiram

    Diamine Earl Grey Too Light?

    I have diamine earl grey inked up in a jinhao 51a with the unhooded nib as well as a moonman m2 knockoff "hyl" pen, both fine nibs. After some worn on the 51a nib it writes somewhat wetter than it did initially, but I still find the ink to be too light almost to the point of skipping. On hp 24 lb laser paper it is fine, but on rhodia 80gsm dotpad paper the line is dry and looks scratchy and too light. I tried changing converters and cleaning the jinhao but after the hyl had similar problems I think I've found the particular combination of nib size, paper, and possibly pen that doesn't show up
  18. While I do not write too many reviews, posting this here, since I thought this is an interesting pen and there are very few reviews online, unlike the more common Jinhao models like the x450/750/159/992 etc. General notes: This is one of the variants of the Jinhao 650. As far as I can tell, there is another in a red wood variant. This pen cost me the equivalent of $15. Not the cheapest Jinhao or indeed, Chinese pen out there, but still lower than most offerings of ‘upper end’ Chinese brands like penBBS, Moonman, Kaigelu, Lorelei etc., so firmly ‘mid range’ as Chinese offerings go. The pen
  19. truthpil

    Jinhao 991 Review

    Hello again to all my FP-friends, Allow me to introduce to you the Jinhao 992’s oddly named and somewhat homely younger sister—the 991. This pen comes in both an EF (0.38) hooded nib and F open nib version. Since the nib, feed, housing, and converter on the F nib version are identical to that of the 992, it goes without saying that the 991 writes just as well and has the same smooth nib and flawless flow. All I had to do was put ink in the converter (I don’t like sticking my pens in bottles), put the converter back in the pen, and within just a few seconds the pen was writing a juicy medium-
  20. So I had replaced the nib on my Jinhao X750 about a month ago, and I want to switch it again. But no matter how I try, the nib and feed will not come out of the pen. I have soaked it in warm water and that didn't work either. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, FPN!
  21. Metalinker

    Jinhao 992 Review

    I've searched the forum review index and didn't find a review, so I decided to make one. Images: https://imgur.com/a/JDIUWms I ordered this pen from AliExpress for €1, with shipping and after it came and I tried it, I ordered another one for a friend. The pen is too good for it's price, and the only issue I've had is that one of the pens came with a small crack that made it leak when shaken forcefully. The cracked pen has been in my backpack and my pocket, and it didn't leak even a tiny bit when carried around and it hasn't leaked while writing. It's a demonstrator pen, that comes with a
  22. Hello, I have a Jinhao x450 that I modified to use a zebra g nib. I reshaped the feed so the nib would sit properly and deepened the ink channel and I would say I did both of these things precisely and well. However, that little prong-like bit at the rear end of the feed that's maybe a millimeter or two protrusion from the center, snapped off clean one time while removing the nib. The pen still seems to work fine so far and I'm wondering how critical of a component it is after all. Any ideas? Thank you.
  23. Greetings All, Pardon the sloppiness (and embarrassing typos everywhere, even the first word ), but I wanted to get out this review as soon as possible because I'm so excited about this pen. I've had a lot of bad luck with Chinese pens (Hero's have been anything but my hero), but so far no Jinhao nib has ever failed me and their quality seems to be getting even better. Here are my comments and some writings samples about the new Jinhao 992. It's currently available in all colors on Ebay and probably places like Aliexpress as well. Writing sample on a cheap little notepad:
  24. Thy

    Jinhao And Flex?

    Well... Jinhao 159, with a generic Jinhao nib. Okay. That top line is disgusting, but I made my Jinhao nib flex. Yes, it is prone to springing the nib if brought too far, but so far, the modifications on the nib are looking okay. The middle line is it's "average" flex (without any risk). The bottom lines however.... that's a whole different story. Right next to it, I compared the flex to a Canadian Parker Vacumatic. 1 millimeter to 2.5 millimeter flex average. The really crazy ones go up to 3 millimeters.
  25. Several months ago now, as most FPN regulars will know, a ‘new’ pen was released onto the market by the Hero Pen Company – a new pen which, like so many other Heroes in the past, looked somehow familiar… The ‘Hero Summer Colors’ had arrived, and is it just me, or did that sucker look just a little too much like the Lamy Safari? At the time, I’d recently begun buying pens (and ink) from a local Australian distributor (Kevin from www.justwrite.com.au), who among other things stocks a wide range of pens from China. I asked the question – more out of idle curiosity than anything else – had he h

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