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  1. Astronymus


    From the album: Stuff by Astronymus

    Private Reserve Neon Inks (Pink, Orange,Yellow, Green) and Rohrer and Klingner's Lotte for the grid, on Austria Paper.

    © astronymus.net

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  2. Astronymus


    From the album: Stuff by Astronymus

    Private Reserve Neon Inks (Pink, Orange,Yellow, Green) and Rohrer and Klingner's Lotte for the grid, on Austria Paper. In UV lighting.

    © astronymus.net

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  3. Dear All, This is my first post in FPN. Being a fountain pen lover, I have tried to buy pens from different sources. I found that ebay is a good place to get a fair deal on pens. I use credit card for payment via paypal account. Till now I've got around 8-10 pens from abroad as of now. These costs upto maximum upto 25 USD. In order to buy premium pens, I checked the govt portal for customs. Which says customs duty is applicable for fountain pens above 100$. I would like to know your experience while importing a premium pen from abroad. 1. Did you have to pay any customs duty for any pen? 2. How did you pay such customs duty 3. Please mention the original price of pen and customs duty so that they can be compared. 4. Please share if any bad experience happened. This will help newbies like me to add some romance to the love for FP. Thanks, Aniruddha
  4. peninkapassionista

    Help identifying the name of this ink

    This ink caught my eye. The link only took me to the opening page on Pinterest, not the person who posted it. I would so like to know the name & manufacturer of this ink. Is it familiar to anyone? Many thanks in advance!
  5. Particular_Song3539

    Van Dieman's Ink big sale

    Van Dieman's is doing a big sale up to 35% off. Their newly released (early Dec 2023) ink fusion kits are 30% off. I love Van Dieman's inks, and having lots of sales through the year is one of the reasons I purchase from them directly very often. However, this shocked me to no end. I purchased one of the kit at JPY9000 plus shipping JPY3000 at the first few days it was first released, now within a month, look at the price drop ! In theory, no customers hate sales, but it kind of told me that I shouldn't order right away and instead, wait for a few months and it would be a lot more cheaper. (also, as a customer now I could assume their product value can be lowered 1/3 within a short period of time) I know this sounds more like a rant than sharing a good deal , but I do want to hear others ' take.
  6. Astronymus


    From the album: Stuff by Astronymus

    It's titled "Fire in the Sky". The rest is up to the interpretation of the beholder. I just painted what I saw in my mind. No plan, no intention here. And I wanted to test inks on wet paper. It's several J.Herbin 1670 and 1798 inks, which explains the gold and silver metallic sheen, on thick wet watercolor paper. Painted with brushes. Plus normal opaque white for the stars.

    © astronymus.com

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  7. I came across this post about the launch of the new Jimi Hendrix Great Characters Ink by Montblanc. It interested me because I have been looking to buy some purple ink. I have tried inks from Pelikan, Diamine, and Pilot Iroshizuku. When I started searching for other inks in the range, I came across the Enzo Ferrari Great characters ink, which is also purple. I was wondering if anyone here has a sample of both inks side by side on paper? It's hard to find ink swabs on paper for these two online!
  8. This might be a stupid question, but... So basically I just found a paper towel COMPLETELY saturated with ink. I think I someday used it to clean an entire ink bottle spill. So, just curious, can I make some ink back again from that paper by 'extracting' the ink? I tried adding some water and hand-rub alcohol. But the ink is very light, and the tissue has still not even lost 1% of its saturatedness.
  9. Tom Kellie

    A Pen And Ink Log

    ****************************************************************** A Pen and Ink Log ~ For the past several years I've said to myself that there was a need to informally track my use of both pens and inks. Nothing so systematic as a digitalized rotation, but a casual handwritten system to monitor usage. I'm not much of a fountain pen collector, but rather am someone who prefers handwritten notes, correspondence and sketches to their digital counterparts. As such there are a number of pens which are used throughout the year for different writing projects, as well as for detail correcting of student research manuscripts. Here and there I've learned about impressively well-organized systems for keeping track of both pens and inks. As much as I admired what others had set up, they weren't what I had in mind. Since childhood I've been the do-it-yourself type about whatever might be achieved with a pencil lead, ink pen nib or a paintbrush. Working in Central China where brush pens remain in use and in the exact area where paper was originally developed, has reinforced my interest in handwritten documents, without in any sense denigrating contemporary digital innovations. What was in my mind was nothing more than a personalized, handwritten, small-scale notebook which would list the various fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerballs and mechanical pencils. The notebook would record each fresh inking of any fountain pen with an entry showing which pen, which ink on which date. By doing so I intended to show myself how frequently any given pen or ink was used, to encourage greater use of all writing resources. All of this remained in the ‘someday phase’ until this afternoon, when I finally decided that it was time to prepare what I'd long been mulling over. I'm posting this in the Fountain Pen Network Montblanc Forum, as most of the writing I do is with Montblanc fountain pens, and more often than not with Montblanc inks. By no means do I urge anyone else to follow what I've done, as it's a purely personal approach, in the same sense that each individual's handwritten journal is highly personal. The small notebook with fish on the cover is called “鱼语” or “fish language”. I'd seen a student using one in class so asked for their assistance in buying one for my use. Now I'm set. For one full week I've lived with no pens inked. It was my first “pen fast” in several years. It feels great to ink three pens to resume handwriting in daily life. Tom K.
  10. Trying to find out if anyone has used Kurotokage (black lizard) ink from the Osaka Pen House in Japan. Swatches? Experience? Does it smear?
  11. Hi everyone, Does anybody know of a brand of not too expensive paper (for a student) that is FP friendly and that comes in notebooks and/or loose leaf and/or pads that is easy to find in Canada (through places like Amazon or Staples). So far I have had to resort to buying Hilroy notebooks but they are very inconsistent so I'm looking to upgrade to something better for my everyday writing without breaking the bank on something like Rhodia or Clairefontaine. Thank you all very much in advance!
  12. Astronymus


    From the album: Stuff by Astronymus

    Geometric drawing under the titel "Orbes", Latin for "circles". Made with a compass holding a Herbin rollerball filled with Rohrer & Klingner's Lotte, a LAMY Al-Star with an M-nib (also Lotte) and a brush with several inks from the Herbin 1670 and 1798 series. Not really pleased how the rollerball worked. Was skipping and squeeking a lot. May look for an alternative.

    © astronymus.net

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  13. *comes in a 3 oz glass bottle * it's definitely pink *more of a blue-pink than an orange-pink (the third photo looks the most accurate to me, but your monitor may show it differently) *dries pretty fast, under 5 seconds *highlights over a variety of inks without smearing *not water resistant (that's not a surprise!) The first sheet is the 32 lb HP laser paper - the only part that really shows (obviously) is where I shot the paper with a syringe full of ink! The second sheet is cheap 20 lb copy paper, and I (personally) wouldn't have any trouble highlighting on both sides of the paper. You can see it a bit, but it's really not bad at all.
  14. I hope that I’m posting this in the right forum. What follows is in cash related, and is a “recipe” of sorts — but it’s for removing ink., not for making ink. Moderator, if this doesn’t belong here, please move it wherever it does belong. To gently and immediately remove even the stubbornnest fountain-pen/dip-pen inks, and most (or maybe all) marker inks, from your skin (and anything else, as far as I have been able to test), just rub in a TINY dab of Freezer Frost Remover liquid: not on Amazon, just now, but sold here — https://pmi.green/products/pa-8662-klean-logik-freezer-frost-remover-16-fl-oz — and naturally intended for the purpose described by its name, so it’s good to have this around the house in any case. You won’t need much at all — start with a few drops, and work up from there as needed: rub it in, wipe it off, and enjoy that it’s nearly odorless and it actually feels soft and smooth: somewhere between hand lotion and baby oil. What I used to rely on, before a very minor household accident clued me into using Freezer Frost Remover instead, was Nair or any similar depilatory — BUT left on/rubbed in for only 30-60 seconds rather than left on as directed for several minutes — Which dudnt quite fill the bill, as it’s lye-based: smells harsh, feels harsh on the skin, and can damage fabric and a lot of other things that you might need to remove ink from. Try Freezer Frost Removal for ink removal, too! You’ll love it! UPDATE: Another source of the product is https://www.smallapplianceparts.net/freezer-frost-remover-16oz/#:~:text=Unique formula contains MeltX to dissolve away frost%2C,have to add to your kitchen cleaner products! What does the magic (on a freezer or on inky hands) Is apparently an ingredient that the firm has trademarked as “MeltX” (I have been unable to find out what “MeltX” actually is, but maybe you know someone who could. Do you have any friends with a chem lab?) 😉
  15. I adore Graf von Faber-Castell Violet Blue ink. When I was looking into getting a bottle, I could not get an accurate impression of the color from on-line photographs. The ink looked different everywhere. One review said it was vibrant. None of that was really accurate when I finally did get my bottle and started writing with it. Violet Blue is a powdery, muted color-shifting ink, translucent and highly shading. It can go from almost pink-lavender to deeper lavender-purple, and even bits of blue. I would say even though it is a blue-lavender, it also has a warmth to it where the sophisticated muted pink element comes through. I've had a Sailor Kobe #57 Hime Ajisai (Hydrangea) and while also beautiful, the Kobe ink is different: more fluorescent fibrancy, more saturation. I prefer this GvFC. When drawing with the ink and using a water brush, the pink is water resistant, and the light blue-lavender lifts off. This ink reminded me strongly of Hydrangeas--the more lavender-pink ones. As it happens, there are lots of hydrangeas in full bloom in my area now, and as I was walking home today I decided to pluck a few flowers and do a photo shoot. The lavender hydrangea flowers are exactly the color of this ink. The pink hydrangea flowers match the water resistant component of this ink very well too. Without further ado, here are some photographs for hydrangea lovers: (Tomoe River 52g in a Hobonichi Cousin planner) Fabriano Bioprima paper: While not as strong of a match, Graf von Faber-Castell is also strongly reminescent of Blue hydrangea flowers in its color range: powdery light blue that shades toward lavender. I also immediately though of blue hydrangeas when I started writing with Gulf Blue.
  16. Hi everyone. My boss just told me heartbreaking news today that I am not allowed to write with fountain pens or gel pens on company documents anymore! I asked him for reasons and he said that my fountain pena /gel pens cause damage to the document in this rainy season when air humidity is high. (did they soak my paper in water ?). Anyway, my company is not entirely paperless and I enjoyed using my fountain pens at work. I felt like a samurai choosing a sword when I leave my home in the morning. Do you have any waterproof ink, not too expensive, and work on cheap paper (I forgot to tell you my company uses cheap paper on half of the documents) so that I will not be fired if I insist to use a fountain pen? I appreciate all your thoughts thank you. (I know I can just Google it but I want to hear from real-world experiences too) PS. I currently use waterman mysterious blue, pelikan blue 4001, pelikan black 4001, diamine royal blue, all of these is not water resistant I assumed.
  17. Hi all, Firstly, if this is in the wrong thread I apologise and will move it to the correct one if told to where. Right I am about to be the posesser of a Winston classic. Lucky me. So my question is to all Conway Stewart owners, what ink do you use and why? Thanks in advance. Kev
  18. I had a wee bit of unexpected cash, and decided to treat myself to a pen I've wanted for ages....the Delta Israel 60. It also felt apt as I was 69 in May I'm looking for the perfect matching shade of blue, from a reasonably available in UK brand. Any suggestions? Alex
  19. A long shot, I know, but I wonder if anyone has figured out where to find more of the blotter paper that comes with the dispenser on the bottom of Lamy ink bottles? I can't find it from Lamy, but I can think of several reasons for them not to provide refills.
  20. brown ink sketch design 7.mov Time lapse of my updated sketch of fountain pen and ink display / organizer per you guys’ feedback. There’s also an alternative inspired by one of your comments (will share later). Let me know what you think and then we get closer to some prototypes! Will share more designs in due course Photos below so that it is easier for you to give feedback.
  21. Sketch of one of my ink display ideas using the new Picasso pen and Diamine shimmering ink! What do you think about this "stepped" bridge design for ink in bottles with drawers and spaces covered by doors (for pen/ink accessories)? I imagine it to be made of some nice wood. Or should it be made of plastic/3D printed wood-plastic? Pardon me that it is not in super good proportion and not that symmetrical as I had hoped (bad artistic skills haha...esp. when you cannot erase it like pencil)
  22. Mercian

    Waterman Havana owned by Mercian.jpeg

    From the album: Some of Mercian’s inks

    A photograph of a writing sample made with my Waterman Havana. I bought this bottle some time between 1999 and 2004. I strongly suspect the date to be near the end of that period, but cannot remember for certain. I perceive this ink to be ‘maroon’ in colour, rather than ‘brown’. This is particularly evident in the sentence at the bottom of the paper, which was written with a Parker 45 with a steel ‘M’ nib. But it can also be seen in the curve of the ‘D’ in the word ‘BROADER’ in the phrase “BROADER (& WETTER)” that I wrote with a Parker Vector fitted with an italic nib. I do perceive the first sentence that I wrote with the Vector as being more ‘brown’ than the writing that was done with less ink (with the finer nib), but in my ‘normal’ pens (which have ‘F’ or ‘M’ nibs) I always perceive this ink to be ‘maroon’, not ‘brown’.

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  23. Mercian

    Waterman Havana belonging to USG.jpeg

    From the album: Some of Mercian’s inks

    I have copied this photo from @USG, in order to compare it to a photo that I have taken of my own ‘vintage’ bottle of Waterman Havana. I bought my bottle some time between 1999 and 2004 (I strongly suspect that the purchase date was nearer 2004, but cannot remember for certain). I perceive my Havana as being so red that I regard its colour as ‘maroon’, rather than ‘brown’. That said, in this photo of the Havana owned by USG, the writing does look ‘brown’ to me. This makes me wonder whether Waterman changed the formulation of Havana some time in the late 1990s.

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  24. From the album: Some of Mercian’s inks

    Waterman Havana (now known as Absolute Brown). I have taken this photo from this review of this ink that was made for FPN by Intensity. I have ‘borrowed’ it in order to illustrate how very ‘maroon’ (rather than ‘brown’) this ink can appear to be.

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  25. From the album: Some of Mercian’s inks

    This is a photo of what was left on the kitchen towel when I was wicking plain water through a pen to try to flush out the remnants of its fill of Waterman Havana (aka Absolute Brown). This is, clearly, not an example of ‘proper’ chromatography, but it does show the preponderance of the magenta/pink dye component in this ink. I am trying to justify my description of this ink’s colour as ‘maroon’, rather than ‘brown’.

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