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  1. Hello, I was just wondering if it’s just me or do you guys have a specific pen for a specific notebook? This ink color for this pen color only? I use my pilot kakunos (M,F,EF) with colors black, gris nuage, diamine grey, respectively, for my midori notebook journal. My kawecosport (BB) in the shade earl grey for midori everyday journal. 2 Kawecosport (EF) using Vinta in the shade perya and ubi for midori and rhodia notes. Kaweco perkeo (M) using smokey grey for random scribbles and midori travel journal. Am I the only one? Lol
  2. Penbbs is a Chinese online fountain pen community similar to FPN. They not only talk about inks but also produce their own inks every year. Each series consists of ten to fifteen inks and 2017 marks the release of Penbbs’ fifteenth ink series. Due to Chinese postal restrictions, these inks are virtually impossible to obtain outside of China. However, within China they are extremely affordable (21 RMB or about US$3 per 60ml bottle) and can easily be purchased through the Chinese online shopping giant Taobao. This ink up for review is from Penbbs’ twelfth series. It is named after the city of
  3. Fishynik6

    5 Best Diamine Inks

    If you had to choose 5 diamine inks to represent the brand what would you choose? Im currently looking to buy a twsbi eco with some diamine inks and alt goldgrun and am having a hard time deciding. This should help! The inks I have chosen so far are: Autumn Oak Oxblood Maybe sherwood green One of the turquoise colors
  4. I have decided to review some of my inks. These aren't necessarily in any particular order. This one is J Herbin Bleu nuit (Midnight blue) This is what J Herbin say about it: "Bleu nuit (Midnight blue): this is the darkest color after « perle noire » ink. A color symbol of the sky at night when bursting with stars in the summertime." "From the beginning, J. Herbin distinguished itself from its competitors by offering a wide range of colors for the fountain pen inks. In 2007, 4 new colors were introduced which brought a total of 30 references of various colors. The names chosen for each colo
  5. Introduction and Elephant in the Room KWZ inks at this point don’t really need an introduction of themselves so all I can say is about page on KWZ website is the best friend here. Bottle is dark glass bottle, good for inks. Now to elephant and well there are 2 different things that I noticed here, First the ink comes in a plastic wrap around the bottle, nice touch really as this prevent many issues that can arise. Second, is entire ink smells like vanilla and that was nice (typical of KWZ)....it made me want to eat ice-cream though so that’s bad. Jokes aside I can
  6. What could be wrong with (or dirty or clogging) a nib? I have had two Preppies and one "disposable" Zebra with what I thought was a similar problem. I see plenty of ink and if I wipe the sides or back vent hole with a damp paper towel, ink immediately wicks out. But when I wrote, nothing came out. With the Zebra, I pulled the nib out and noticed with some magnifier help that there seem to be a teenie bit of dried ink between the tines. I scrubbed it with a cotton swab with some rubbing alcohol and sure enough some ink-color staining on the swab. I "deform" the nib a little bit to expose the in
  7. Would anyone know if Robert Oster inks are safe to use in a Parker Vacuumatic. I recently bought a Debutante with a lock-down filler and was wondering if Robert Oster inks (am considering Smokescreen, specifically) are safe to use. According to the maker, his inks tend to be more alkaline than acidic, but he cannot say definitively if the ink is safe to use on the Vacuumatic or other vintage pens.
  8. Hello, I've always been careful with my 61, putting some tame blue or black into it while my other pens enjoy my 'fancier' inks. It's kind of a shame since my 61's nib is really smooth and wet, and I'd love to put a high-sheen Noodler's ink or the rest of my Emerald of Chivor in there, but I was always leery of the capillary filler's sensitivity, especially with pigment or gold particulates. Has anyone had the bravery to put a nastier ink in their capillary 61's, and what has been the success rate of such an endeavor? Regards!
  9. Alexcat

    Bottles To Decant Ink Into

    I have some pretty but unusable( due to the neck aperture being too narrow) inks, which I want to decant into a usable bottle, preferably one thing at least a wee bit aesthetically pleasing, and saw this, and wondered if anyone had one, and if so, if it's good for this purpose.... And any other suggestions about bottles very welcome.... Here's the one I saw(it's listed as Pewter Swan Ink Bottle by Coles Calligraphy) Any other sources for similar? Im in UK, and need to buy online....and my ideal would have a cat on it. Thanks Alex
  10. Needless to say searching for "dollar" and "ink" gets me a whole heap of stuff that isn't what I'm looking for, so forgive me if I repeat a previous query. Dollar, maker of pens, and it seems, inks, in, I understand, Pakistan. I picked up one of their calligraphy 717 pens a while ago and was impressed, so wondered about their pen fuel. Seem to offer 60ml bottles of black, blue, green and red. Can anyone share experience of them? Scans, writing examples, swabs, anything at all. I am curious, and all I can find are passing references and pictures of the bottles which are slightly less than hel
  11. James Purdey & Sons Single Malt scented ink was released in 2018 by Montblanc as part of a series in collaboration with James A. Purdey, a gunmaker and hunting lifestyle brand. The ink surprised me! Single malt scented ink sounded at first like a (overpriced) gimmick and to some extend it is of course. But the color is a deep, beautiful orange-brown with amazing shading. Definitely a fall color which can be used in both a business environment (note taking) as well as for personal writing and correspondence. Be careful though, when opening the bottle or the pen cap the whisky scent is quite
  12. JayHomeBody

    Time Left: 23 days and 18 hours

    • Wanted - WTB
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  13. Julia161

    Indian "camlin" Royal Blue Ink

    Recently got by post Indian "Camlin" Royal Blue ink 60ml. It came in a box, carefully packed. I liked the cap on a bottle - it opens easily and at the same time not a drop spilled during the transportation. The quality of ink is also nice. It's a bit more liquid than "Parker", but writes great on average quality paper (not too porous). This ink doesn't colorise the pen's grip section too fast (like for ex. USSR "Raduga") and doesn't dry if left for more than a couple of days inside the pen without writing, which are additional pluses. The smell of this ink is very light and quite pleasant. Wou
  14. I have a bottle of Noodlers Ottoman Azure and I really love the color. However I have been having a problem with the dry time of the ink on Midori Travellers Notebook Ultrathin paper. The ink can take up to 10 minutes to dry completely. Has anyone else had experience with this ink in the Travellers Notebook?
  15. https://www.scritturabolognese.com/negozio/inchiostri/grigio-scribo/ Initially jam and marmelade pots https://www.morenocedroni.it/categoria-prodotto/confetture-extra-e-marmellate/ And about the bottle maunfacturer https://www.bruniglass.com/en_GB/prodotti/vasi/showproduct/ond2/vaso-onda-106-t-43-impilabile I must and will soon order a few oF Mr Cedroni's jams for sure.
  16. BadsCase

    Lightest Gray/Grey Ink ?

    May I know the lightest gray/grey ink you have tried? My current is J. Herbin in the shade Gris Nuage. I'm in search of the lightest gray/grey ink.
  17. cskroeze

    Most Well Behaved Ink?

    Hey All, I'm on quest to discover the most well behaved ink. Regardless of color, regardless of brand, what ink do you know is absolutely no-nonsense and will work in everything? Something that dries fast, flows decently, and is always readable? Doesn't have to be pretty, doesn't have to be cheap or expensive, but let me know what ink has never let you down!
  18. I use black ink from Bril or Camlin and write with a fine nib. I feel that they give a lighter shade on paper than I expect, especially when soft pressure is applied. I need more darker hue to my ink. Are any other brands of ink available in India that have very dark black colour?
  19. I have often thought that ink reviews should be a community effort. Everyone sees something different in an ink. So, I thought I would throw this idea out there. Community Ink Reviews. Someone would start with a particular ink. That person would start with what they like/dislike about the ink with a writing or artistic sample. Then others who have that ink would add their thoughts, observations, or anything they feel adds to the review of the ink. This can be something simple like “this ink is too dry” and shows a writing sample. The next person may add that they like the way the
  20. LuckyDog10

    Why, Verve, Why?

    My husband was paring down his collection and gave me this lovely Cross (he knows I'm a fan of the brand). I want to love the Verve, I really do - but even when I deliberately grip the pen farther back on the body, after a long writing session my grip "migrates" a bit and this happens. I'm not even particularly close to the nib; I swear the ink JUMPS from that little slit in the chrome and seeks my finger out! Any tips? Or do I just need to make more frequent grip adjustments? This issue has caused me to pull this lovely pen out of my daily carry rotation (not that I'm
  21. Lamy Crystal Ruby Fountain Pen Ink Bottle On Sale for 8.99 Free Shipping in The USA For Orders Over $20
  22. So, our friends from SEITZ-KREUZNACH have release a few new colors: Lime GreenIndian SummerCognacCinnamon Brown Actually, there is a fluorescent yellow, but since I am not interested in highlighter inks, I didn't bother with that. They have also release a new bottle size the extremely cute 30ml ... similar to the Kaweco bottles Lets start with some pics... On Red n'Black Paper on Rhodia on Tomoe River My thoughts: I like them all. Lime Green: Very similar to Caran D'Ache Delicate Green. Les saturated than Robert Oster Lime Green. Wet flow, no sho
  23. Hey everyone, hope you and yours are safe and healthy. Has anyone used Birmingham ink and if so, what was your experience with it and what colors would your recommend? Thanks!
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