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  1. “First look” Review: Radius1934 Superior Primissima Monterosso Introduction Radius pens were made in Italy from 1934 until sometime in the 1950’s. Very little is known about the history of the brand, even by such authorities on Italian fountain pen history as Letizia Jacopini. Here is a link to her brief article: Radius - FountainPenwww.fountainpen.it › Radius. Apparently, Radius was the top of the line brand of its parent company, S.A.F.I.S. And the Superior was Radius' top of the line model. It was made in Turin, as is the Radius1934. The Radius1934 company
  2. Pilot Parallel italic nibs perform wonderfully in italic calligraphy applications, and they can be successfully ground, hacked, and shaped for a variety of effects. With simple shrink-wrap tubing usually used for electronic connections, the diameter of the nib unit can be expanded to fit snugly into the section of a Penbbs 456 fountain pen. This enables calligraphers to place the high-performing Pilot Parallel nib in a more elegant pen, and to add wide italic functionality — from 1.5 mm to 6 mm — to the Penbbs 456. Use scissors to create a 5-mm-long “collar” from 7-mm heat-shrink t
  3. First a disclaimer…I am fairly new to the forums…joining only in March. And perhaps this topic has already been written to death. But I’ve been writing cursive italic for 40 years. Everyone seems to rave about Tomoe paper for writing with fountain pens. But it’s not my favorite writing paper. I know this can vary from person to person, depending on many different things, the pen, the nib, the ink, whether you prefer some “tooth” or not. Today, I was writing a letter on Tomoe 68 gm paper. I often use an italic fountain pen for my writing….and I write in cursive italic. But I seem to find i
  4. Posted this on some older topics, but no responses. I don't have great handwriting, and write cursive. Have been writing with round, smooth, wet nibs mostly. When I started using a (0.6 mm JoWo #6) stub on a weighty (Nemosine Fission) pen, noticed my handwriting is much better. In particular, the slant of my lettering is more consistent. I will try a controlled experiment with the same pen and round nib, but my thesis is that the stub is forcing my hand to write at a more consistent angle. Others have expressed writing better with stubs too, perhaps for the same reason. Does the reason
  5. I'm fairly new to the world of fountain pens, and would like some advice on the topic of an italic nib. A little background first. I studied calligraphy and italic handwriting quite intensely about 30 years ago from an artist Benedectine Nun, who is now deceased. I completely changed my handwriting from the old Palmer to Italic, which I continue to use. Eventuallly, I even went on to teach a course in college on beginning calligraphy. After 20 some years, I have rediscovered my old artistic interest in fountain pens, calligraphy, and italic. I have 3 old Osmiroid pens (two 65s and one 75) I ha
  6. Pelikan M205 Translucent Blue Italic Nib Birthday Present ~ As a half dozen Pelikans settled into a nest on my writing desk in 2019, up from two before that, I'd supposed that there'd be no more Pelikans this year. How wrong I was! Late this evening a package from overseas reached me with several birthday gifts from former students now working in the United States. Although my 4 November birthday is a bit more than one week away, receiving gifts carefully selected by those who I've known well for years was a great pleasure. Two 2019 novels (one by my fri
  7. mehandiratta

    Asa Patriot - The Classic

    Lately ASA has released lot of pens and believe they will be coming up with lot more in near future. And today I am reviewing another great pen by them which is ASA Patriot. My detailed review is also shown at wordpress page here Link ASA Patriot I had my eyes on Gama Eyas / Gama Hawk for a quite a long time because i wanted an ebonite pen with the rounded top and bottoms. I was just about to buy the pen and then ASA came out with this beauty named PATRIOT and i quickly grabbed the same. DESIGN & BUILT: The pen is a regular sized pen and comes in 5 color options,
  8. Hello all. To get down the the nitty gritty, I have a TWSBI 580AL and I LOVE it! I have it with an EF nib and find it to be very smooth. I was looking to get a replacement nib to play around with. I wanted to get a italic nib that is 0.6mm, 0.85mm or pretty much anything under 1mm. I know the mount size is a 5 for this pen I am just a having trouble finding a nib online I can order. If anyone can help me find a nib that matches that description Id be very grateful! I have found 1.1mm italic nibs that are size 5 but nothing under that. Thanks in advance!
  9. I bought a Pilot Plumix a while ago as my first stub nib pen. Though initially I had a bit of fun with it, I find I don't use it much - even while I use my flex nibs quite a lot. I thought it was a little bit of money wasted, until today when i found out I could use it as a flat-head screwdriver. With reborn purpose, I think I'll be using this pen a lot more now. Has anyone else found alternative uses of/for stub nibs, or am I the sole madman here? (Embracing for hatemail. Don't worry, I do take proper care of my other pens.)
  10. Sorry. No numerical ratings. Size, fit and finish, etc. are perfect. The nib is better than okay, but it can't match a gold nib tuned face-to-face by Mr. Masuyama. Then again, that's not what I paid for, and, by the way, I can swap in a Conway Stewart italic nib that Michael tweaked to my peculiar taste any time I want to. Besides the gorgeous appearance of this pen, its most remarkable attribute is that it is amazingly comfortable to write with for me. I love it! David
  11. Hello guys, I was looking for a fountain pen with a nib which is suitable for Arabic Calligraphy, I think that Italic Nib is the good one, but I still not sure enough so I need your help guys. ِArabic Calligraphy requires right-oblique nib with a very sharp edge for a broad (up-and-down) strokes and narrow strokes (sideways). Arabic Calligraphers usually use an ancient handmade pens made of bamboo for the large letters, and 'Hatat nibs with a holder' for the small letters that could be modified by grinding (I found this too hard to write with, this why I'm searching for a fountain pen). By the
  12. OMAS Ogiva Alba, Factory Italic Nib The OMAS Ogiva Alba was released this Fall in a limited edition of 327 pens in each of three colors - green, purple and red. The pen is a demonstrator with a longitudinal grooved guilloche pattern. I am not a huge fan of demonstrators, and none of the colors really inspired me. What prompted my purchase was the opportunity to acquire an OMAS FP with a factory Italic nib at a reasonable price, at least for an OMAS LE with an 18Kt gold nib. It turned out that the italic nib was a special order, which delayed shipment of my pen. And the italic nib is “facto
  13. Lovely_Pen

    Parker 45 With Italic Nib?

    I recently bought a Parker 45 off the bay, which was described as having a "very broad nib." Little did I realize that it was a Broad Italic nib, marked by the "E" on the back of the section...I'm guessing the seller had little idea as to what he had offered. The pen wasn't in the best shape when it arrived, and required some TLC. While it's a lovely writer, the B nib is just a little too broad for my taste and handwriting style. Does anyone know if Parker made 45's with a Medium Italic nib? I do really love a good italic nib, and this one is lovely--I'm assuming any other italic nibs they
  14. AustinMalone1999

    Christoph Music Nib Review

    Above is a sample of how the very wet Christoph Nib fares on the cheapest paper I have yet to encounter. I don't have a macro lens, but here goes my best shot at approximating the appearance of the nib. It is beautiful without being gaudy. A Gothic or Old English capital "C" is present, contrary to the "F" generally presents. The music nib has three tines, and the feed has two channels. Rays of what appear to be sunshine are bursting from the center of the nib. The nib does not contain a breather hole, and this has not seemed to affected the flow of the pen. This will hopefull
  15. I have some pens with italic nibs but find holding them at the required 45 degree angle makes my hand hurt after about five mins. Am I doing something wrong? I normally use a standard tripod grip with the nib parallel to the writing line and have no problems with this. Is there a trick to holding an italic pen at the required angle? I hold 1.1mm stubs just as I would a normal pen, but so many sources are adamant about the angling of an italic. Until now, I've been writing a type of italic with flex pens, but would like to give my broad edge pens some use. How is it done without pain? Thank
  16. I think I've made a terrible and expensive mistake. I have a Visconti Homo Sapiens fountain pen, the one with the excellent "dream touch" nib in fine point. Based upon the recommendation of someone who showed me how his Homo Sapiens wrote an elegant italicized line after he had it worked on, I took the pen to the same place and had the repairman italicize mine. The problem is that my nib was already a fine point, and now that it's been italicized, it's virtually a needle point. It writes scratchy on the page, and it only suggests the smoooooth flow it used to have if you use it on the right
  17. Hello, I was wondering whether there exist cursive italic nibs finer than that of Prera CM? I know that some pen makers offer 0.6 mm italics, but I'm not really sure whether the nibs are finer or not. Is sending a pen for custom grinding a good option? Does anyone know about someone who grinds nibs to good fine coursive italic/stubs?
  18. As I have several italics and stubs in my collection , I now realize that there is no such thing as a universal nib grind.Every nib is different in its own way and depending on the mood of the moment writes better or worse. I was just wondering what nib is best in order to grind a medium stub or italic , to get technically the best result I mean should the nib best be: . Gold , steel .flexible , soft? .start position i.e.width of the nib .design of the nib? Thanks for your ideas . .
  19. The Model 02 "Instrinsic" can be ordered with a number of finished. This is black with a "Cherry" finial. The unusual tapering of the barrel can be seen better when the pen is un-capped ... With an average-sized hand (mine) and a normal pen grip (mine), the thin portion of the barrel rests in the web between thumb and index finger. It is comfortable to hold and write with, although my personal preference would be for a thicker barrel. (A Model 19 may be in my future.) Where the rational for this shape becomes clear is when the pen is posted ... Now you see that the pen posts deeply,
  20. Please forgive the newbie question, but when I saw an Italicized nib, I thought it looked like a better version of a stub nib. Am I correct? Or does the stub create the kind of design that is more pronounced than an Italicized nib. Does someone have a photo posted at FPN of the different writing styles?
  21. FYI, I have posted a review in the FP Review forum of a pen with a nib that may be of interest to participants in this forum. See Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic With Music Nib and enjoy! David
  22. New-style, bi-color 18 Kt gold nib. A Medium, custom ground to a crisp cursive italic by Oxonian Not so incidentally, the new style nib has basically the same writing characteristics as the old style nibs. It is pleasantly springy. The size, however, seems very slightly larger than my other CS #6 nibs. This nib has been custom-ground and tuned, of course, but it writes very smoothly with just enough feedback and medium ink flow. The fine lines are actually even finer than they appear in the document scans, above, and this is with an ink that is generally regarded as "wet" (although I don't f
  23. Introduction I got into fountain pens initially via my interest in italic calligraphy. So, while I have become enamored of pens that are visually beautiful, my principal focus has been on how they write, particularly, italic script. This has required that I have most of my pens’ nibs custom ground. I have found relatively few that can be had with usable stock italic nibs. Most of these are at the low end of the beauty spectrum, to my eye, for example Osmiroids and the wider Lamy italic nibs. In recent months, I have acquired a few Italian Pens which can be had with stock italic nibs. M
  24. This is my first Lamy italic nib and I must be doing something wrong. I received a letter from a pen pal with writing samples of different pens and this was the one of a Lamy Safari with the 1.1 italic nib. So, I ordered a new Safari and a 1.1 italic nib, but this is what my attempts look like. I actually used the back of the letter (I apologize if you are the pen pal and are reading this :-) ) so it would be on the same paper - apples to apples, if you will. It's not even close! It doesn't matter which angle I hold the pen, I can't get the same result. The stroke is much wider than I exp
  25. Greetings followers! We are glad to introduce the new Pelikan Classic 200 Cognac Special Edition. http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/files/Sales_Folder_Classic_M200_Cognac-1.jpghttp://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/files/Sales_Folder_Classic_M200_Cognac-6.jpg Not only it has a new shiny colour, which is transparent cognac, but also its harmonic structure, made of high-quality resin and gold plated trims. This is reinforced with its stainless steel nib, also gold plated. It is available in 5 different sizes, including the very popular italic nib. http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files

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