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Found 11 results

  1. Hi,all My son-in-law uses fountain pens so I decided that a pen would make a nice birthday or Christmas present. I played with using a fountain pen in high school (a million years ago) and did some calligraphy in my 30s. I am a lefty, so I used a left-handed Osmiroid calligraphy pen. Recently I bought a Pilot Metro Retro and Im enjoying using it.. I know my SIL would love having a vintage pen, so I looked some on EBay and that generated questions cause I really didnt understand the terminology, and somehow I got to FPN. To make a long story a little but shorter, Ive been on my computer looking and lurking for the last three days! I think Im In trouble! I would like to do some pen sketching so I ordered a bottle of Noodlers ink that will come with a Platinum Preppy pen and today I ordered an ONLINE Switch from Goulet Pens. And I dont think my SIL will get either one! Anyway, Hello and Im glad to be here.
  2. Hello, I'm looking to find an alternative to the Pilot G2 0.5mm. Currently, I have a Karas Kustom Retrakt that uses Pilot G2 refills. I really love the pen and the way it writes, but I am looking for something with a smaller grip diameter. I prefer hand-writing my notes instead of typing, and I tend to write a lot. The thick diameter of the Retrakt makes extended periods of writing slightly uncomfortable for me. After speaking with staff members at Karas and JetPen, the general consensus is that G2 refills are manufactured wide and as a result cannot fit in slimmer pens like the Parker Jotter. I've found some incredible DIY guides for making refills fit, but they require a lot of effort and I simply do not have the time during the school week. I looked into Parker gel refills, but they are way more expensive and they are shipped in smaller quantities. Can anyone offer me any suggestions of a similar pen that writes like a G2, has a slim diameter (equal to a Jotter), and has relatively cheap refills? I would rather not buy plastic disposable pens. Any leads would be incredibly helpful. I would also be open to any suggestions for alternative Jotter gel ink cartridges, but I am a bit wary of off-brand ink, and would consider this last. I have a Parker Jotter at home, too. PS--Not as important as the qualities listed above, but if possible, I would like the pen to be retractable, made of an oligodynamic (anti-bacterial) material (such as copper, brass, or silver) and the ink to use a conical nib instead of needle-point. I'm kind of clumsy and can't tell you how many times I've broken a needle-point and ruined my notes Thank you for your help. ---iamavri
  3. I've been collecting fountain pens for a while now, but my oldest pen is just a Parker 95 (manufactured in 1988, so just shy of 30 years old). I'm currently looking to vastly increase that number in hopes of owning a piece of early fountain pen history. The two pens I'm currently looking at are a Mabie Todd Swan (1884/1887(?) +) or a Waterman 52 (1915 +, so just barely applicable). From the research I've done, these two pens definitely stand out but it's by no means a conclusive decision. I'm looking for at least a few of the following qualities: Gold (tipped) NibAt least a semi-flex nib (as an available not-rare option)While capped, no smaller than ~5 inches or 15.5mmCan be found in working condition for under $200 USDReliable brand that doesn't require tons of maintenanceNot a dip pen (just don't have much use for one) I don't really care about the filling method, and the brand doesn't matter as long as it meets most of the criteria. I'm not very interested in sets so that doesn't affect my budget. A minor preference is that the pen was manufactured before 1914 to put it before WWI, but I know there was a "boom" of fountain pens during and just after the war that I wouldn't want to exclude for such a petty reason. I look forward to reading any suggestions!
  4. I know that there are plenty of threads regarding some issues I'm having with my Estie Lever fill circa '40's (sac not expanding when filling though it's a new one, feed not running properly, etc..), but what I am posting for was some recommendations from you all for an F or EF preferably non-flex nib. I'm already aware that the #1550 (EF) or #1461 (F) can't get the hob done, but a less scratchy EF would be sweet. I've got. Zebra G Comic on it now, but would like to have the option of putting her into my daily carry rotation and I write small so usually carry F/EF. I'd prefer to have an entire unit for her (section, feed, nib). Also, is there a comparable silicone sac that I could fit her with as the silicone had a better fill property because of the former spring of the material over latex)? Andersen Pen for example has listed 14, 15, 17, and 18 1/2 sized silicone sacs, but no 16's... does someone have 16's for an Estie JS? Or can I put a 15 silicone sac on an Estie? I'm sorry if these seem like silly questions. So suggestions for either the nib/unit, silicone sac, and/or sellers would be greatly appreciated and I thank this entire community that helps each other out with rare animosity displayed in the public area. Thank you for your indulgence and I do hope this discussion might be beneficial to many more than just my needs.. I'll edit this with pictures this afternoon because she really is a beauty. S\F, -B
  5. I need help deciding! I have $380-400 (Canadian, that's about $300 US) to spend on a pen. I currently own and enjoy pens like the Lamy 2000, Pilot VP, Diplomat Aero, TWSBI 580, Pilot CH92, Lamy Studio, Edison Collier (steel nib), and Faber Castell Loom. Here's my question: Would you recommend the Pilot 823 or the Edison Nouveau Premier Arctic Currents with a gold nib? I like the look of the arctic currents, but am concerned that the grip section may be a little too small. Also, any other suggestions in that price range? Thanks!
  6. That's $76 dollars for some of you I'm looking at adding to my FP collection, and I just like piston fillers. I'm not particularly interested in converter cartridges at the moment though. If anyone has any recommendations, I would be grateful. I'll want them all of course, but it will be a gradual process! I currently have a Pelikan M200 and a TWSBI Vac700 (not a piston filler I know). Evy
  7. A couple months ago I purchased a Pelikan M1005 demonstrator with a Medium nib, which has been a "grail" pen for me for quite a while. While it flowed like Niagara Falls at first, liberally spilling the stunning Akkerman Shocking Blue all over my Rhodia notebook's pages, somehow after removing the nib several times I must have pinched too hard or something because I completely lost ink flow. After fiddling for a while I could get it to flow while writing with the pen at a 90 degree angle. But nothing while writing normally. I've been frustrated with myself about this, but after scouring the forums here and elsewhere, in trying several different approaches with growing frustration I somehow accidentally bent the nib pretty badly (close to the point, where the nib touches the paper). I (finally!) decided I didn't want to do any more damage (not that much more could be done) so I tried briefly to straighten it, which worked a little bit, and then just left it alone. All that to get to my question: I know there are lots of great pen repair people, but I'm wondered if anyone can make a recommendation on someone who specializes in straightening bent nibs? I also need to get the ink flowing again, but I'm first concerned about not doing more damage to the nib and getting it straightened. I'm just wondering who I should send this to for the best results as I really want to use this pen for many years to come and would like to find the best person possible to fix it. Thank you in advance for any input! -Dan
  8. Hey all, This is one of my first times posting so sorry if I'm doing anything annoying or wrong, but I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this notebook company called Write Notepads & Co.? They're based out of Baltimore, which seems really cool since I'm in the area. Kind of a total letterpress junkie so I'm already in love. It says on their website that they work with fountain pens, but I couldn't find any reviews except this one on Inkdepenence. The coolest thing is they have some for LEFTIES...like, what?! I'm a righty but I would so get these as gifts if they're any good. I'm just not sure if this company is legit...was thinking about ordering some if others have had any experience. I've followed Inkdependence for a while but I'm just still on the fence about it, especially because I'd probably get the larger size and would want to order a few to balance out the cost of shipping. It doesn't say what kind of paper they use so I'm a little iffy on it. Seems like the lined kind have a teensy bit of ghosting with wetter inks, but I'm mostly interested in the plain paper. So has anyone heard of this company or bought from them before? And if not, does anyone know of any other brands/suggestions for good-quality letterpressed notebooks suitable for fountain pens? I would really prefer if they were made in the US. I like spiral-bound, but I'm open to perfect-bound too. Again sorry if being a total noob! Thanks in advance!
  9. I am LOVING collecting vintage fountain pens. I just started about a month ago. As of now, I have a(n): Parker 45 ($25)Esterbrook J ($25)Parker 51 Special ($50)I would love to expand my collection, but I do not have the money to buy the very sought after pens that cost $70+ (college). For me, it will be very interesting to collect the pens that aren't as wanted but are still just as good as their more popular counterparts. I don't know anything about brands and what there is available. Any suggestions, or a push into the right direction would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hello! I am fairly recent to fountain pens, but developing what I believe will be a lifelong obsession. I have a TWSBI Mini EF and love the little fellow. I'm looking primarily for a permanent professional black, black/blue, or dark blue for school and work, where the majority of paper I deal with is fairly cheap. My benchmark so far is Noodler's 54th Mass, which has performed flawlessly on everything! I really love it. However, I don't want to miss out on some spectacular ink I just haven't tried. The problem is that the TWSBI EF seems to run kinda dry, so dry that the original Noodler's black doesn't run smoothly through it on nice paper (which I use when not at the office.) Note, Mass 54 does perform well on both cheap through 90 gsm in this pen, but the original Noodler's black doesn't like nicer paper in this pen/ink combo. In short, does anyone have any suggestions for a permanent black, blue/black, blue that'll run well through a drier nib, particularly if you use it in your TWSBI ef?
  11. I was wondering if there are any fun, lively looking ink that you guys would suggest? Not necessarily bright, I want to be able to read it easily, I just dont want it to be a bore to look at. Aside from that my only preferences are no iron gall, it has to perform well on most paper (im a student, I tend to use some bad paper at times), waterproof isn't a big deal but I guess it's a plus, and it has to be easy to clean (this is the most important). So what is your favorite lively ink? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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