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Found 23 results

  1. I'm not really sure where I should put this post, so please let me know if it's supposed to live somewhere else. I have decided that I want to go hunting for vintage flex. A little background information... (actually it turned out to be more than a little) I have 2 (useable) vintage fountain pens. A Conway Stewart Universal Pen from the late 1930s, and a Parker 51 Aerometric from the late 1950s. The majority of my 'flex' experience is in using dip pens, and I have been using them for journaling and the occasional attempt at everyday writing with them for the past 3 and a half-ish years, s
  2. bretb

    Victorian Magic Pencil Repar

    Hi all, Relatively new here.... Anyway, I have a few magic pencils which I assume are Victorian Era. For 2 of them, the sliding mechanism is stuck, meaning, the part you move up and down to produce the pencil won't move. I was hoping for some tips on repair for these, I've tried the normal ways, heat, oil and nothing seems to work, they are just stuck. Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated. Bret Battaglia
  3. Credit given to David Armstrong from The Restorers Art Original article found here Copy of the catalogue found here Recently I came across a Victorian Era pen catalogue called the: "History of the invention and illustrated process of making Foley's diamond pointed gold pens" It starts off with a catalogue of the various products that the company offered, such as gold dip pens, and mechanical pencils, along with other bizarre combinations such as an instrument with a toothpick on one end and an ear spoon on the other. The main interest of the document, however, is that in the secon
  4. I have been going through some old inherited stuff and have come across a pencil. It is a fine tube, with a slide that pushes out the lead - see photo. The lead is encased in wood, which is irregular and looks to have been whittled down from a larger pencil. A jeweller tells me that the thing is made of gold - no hallmark or stamp of any kind though - and that the jewel on the slide is a ruby, the one on the end a diamond. Can anyone tell me anything about this? When and where might it have been made? I had family members in India around 1910, and in the mid-19th century others travelled to
  5. FeloniousMonk

    Old, Red, And Anonymous...

    Hello all, I came across this old, red, and anonymous pen at a flea market a while back. It caught my eye because of the bright color and unusual pattern on it. Ive seen plenty of marbled, striated, and pearlescent patterns, but Ive never seen one quite like this. It reminds me of vintage linoleum flooring. Unfortunately, there is no writing on it anywhere, save for the nib which is stamped (rather dubiously) Warranted 14K. Any ideas as to who the maker might be? Kind regards, Eric
  6. Hi Fellow FP Addicts Welcome to Mega Group-Buy 2 of Ranga Pens This is an effort for Ranga Handmade Pens with Bock Nibs. For those who missed out on earlier group buys this is the right opportunity to buy various models from the past Groupbuy with the Bock nibs.. This Group Buy is Valid till 28-Feb-18 In order to participate in the group buy just fill the Google Form (Link Below) and Reply in the thread with "Form Submitted or just repost the choices in thread LINK: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScF0Hcwm7A8idJoGCfrj3av-c_QIdg6PLI1dWx8NBhnfNtLFQ/viewform?c=0&w=1&usp=m
  7. Can anyone help me I'm trying to figure out this pens brand and name. I found one similar on ebay but it just says "Mother of Pearl" but doesn't give me an actual brand or name. The nib is marked "WARRANTED 14K". Can anyone help?
  8. I've been collecting fountain pens for a while now, but my oldest pen is just a Parker 95 (manufactured in 1988, so just shy of 30 years old). I'm currently looking to vastly increase that number in hopes of owning a piece of early fountain pen history. The two pens I'm currently looking at are a Mabie Todd Swan (1884/1887(?) +) or a Waterman 52 (1915 +, so just barely applicable). From the research I've done, these two pens definitely stand out but it's by no means a conclusive decision. I'm looking for at least a few of the following qualities: Gold (tipped) NibAt least a semi-flex nib (as
  9. Hello my name is Barb McAllister and I am very new to this. My husband recently passed away leaving an extensive fountain pen collection. I am trying to identify some of the pens with the idea of selling them to someone who has the same passion as my late husband. If anyone can help with this endeavour, I would really appreciate it. Where do I start? Should I take pics of the pens and post them here?
  10. Hello all! Hope I'm at the right place to ask this! If not please mods move this thread where it's supposed to be at! Well my sister is in Argentina for business and she just messaged me on facebook out of her mind with happiness. She found me a gift and could not resist sending me pictures. It's obviously a inkwell that seems to be made of either bronze, brass or copper. My sister said it's quite heavy but all those metals would be heavy at that thickness. She got it in a antique store I have nothing more. I checked ebay and did see a lot of similar inkwells often in pairs and almost
  11. Just tested the 9 Antique colors from xFountainPens, including the latest Shamrock. The writing and scribbles are from a needle point Tachikawa 77 dip pen, so I can see it's much more of dusky purple to burgundy when laid on thick. The smears are a drop of ink on a metal needle, spread sideways to get an idea of the color at a "normal" ink density. The right end has a little thicker second small drop. Paper is HP 32# laser. No bleedthrough except the very-wet first letters drawn with the freshly loaded dip pen. I enjoyed the Shamrock in the Platinum 3776 F, and just switched to trying
  12. Hi, I'm new to using fountain and dip pens, but they've always sounded really cool. When I saw a dip pen at an antique store last month, I ended up coming home with it. I would really appreciate any information you may know about it! On the back of the nib it says: A Edward Todd & Co New York 2 It has a mother of pearl handle, and yellow metal. Even if y
  13. Hello all I am new to the forums. I have an antique Mabie Todd dip pen and would like to find other nibs that fit the pen. The Mabie Todd nib that is currently in the pen is expensive and difficult to find. I would like to write with the pen a lot but all the nibs I have don't fit this pen. I recall seeing another post on the forums discussing nib and holder matching. The posted stated that Victorian dip pens had smaller nibs. If anyone could suggest a nib that would fit the pen I'd really appreciate it. I have attached a picture of the pen/nib you should be able to see the nib if you zoom in.
  14. Check this out! Someone on Facebook shared this video, and my jaw dropped. Imagine all the ink and pens you could hide away in this lovely, lovely secretary cabinet. http://themetapicture.com/this-antique-cabinet/ Hopefully, this is the appropriate place to post such greatness and ingenuity.
  15. I recently purchased a black chased hard rubber pen on eBay, with the only markings being an imprint of a soldier on the cap, and "Cadet 14K 2 S" on the nib to give any indication of what make or model it might be. I've been trying to research Cadet, and have turned up nothing but Sheaffers (which this pen is decidedly NOT) and Summit, perhaps? It's a really nice pen, great writer with great flex, and much cleaner now than the listing photos I'm sharing. I'm just befuddled by the lack of information. And hoping that someone more knowledgeable of pen history might be able to shed some light o
  16. scribe16

    Vintage Waterman Inner Cap Leak

    Hello there, I have had a bit of bad luck lately with a couple of antiqe waterman's that I recently acquired. Both pens have started leaking inside the cap to the point that ink gets everywhere and even down onto the section. On close inspection I can see that the inner cap on both pens is distorted. So the inner cap is no longer round and doesn't seal properly and on both pens I can see a spot where the inner cap has pulled away from the wall of the outer pen cap. Both pens are BHR from the 1920s does anyone have any experience with this problem and ways of fixing it? Thanks. scribe16
  17. scribe16

    Waterman's Bhr Inner Cap Leak

    Hello FPN people, I have had a bit of bad luck lately with a couple of antiqe waterman's that I recently acquired. Both pens have started leaking inside the cap to the point that ink gets everywhere and even down onto the section. On close inspection I can see that the inner cap on both pens is distorted. So the inner cap is no longer round and doesn't seal properly and on both pens I can see a spot where the inner cap has pulled away from the wall of the outer pen cap. Both pens are BHR from the 1920s does anyone have any experience with this problem and ways of fixing it? Thanks. scr
  18. Recently I've been getting/seeing notes from whom I assume to be quite elderly people (I assume that simply because they're 'thank you for buying' notes from online antique vendors). I've gathered quite a collection of them, and the beauty of their handwriting - no doubt quickly written, most often with regular ballpoints or even pencils - amaze me. Then I remember the handwriting of my peers and they have the grace of Twilight prose in comparison to Evelyn Waugh. Did people from the 1960s and beyond have more writing under their belt? But I remember doing quite a lot of writing myself a
  19. Bradford Hartley at 24 Downing Street, New York, in 1904 was advertising his high-end pens. Cheapest he made was $3.50, a steep price at the time. He offered to sell it by mail with monthly payments! $1 would get you the pen, with $1 in 30 days, $1 in 60 days, and $.50 balance in 90 days. I have an eyedropper with original nib that still performs well. Unfortunately, a Google search returns little info other than the ad from 1904. Any info of any nature would be appreciated.
  20. I just bought an old Eclipse (it's en route right now), and am having a hell of a time finding out the usual product info: Date of manufacture, model, name of colour. Canadian and American production were simultaneous for many years, and produced different models from one another, so there's a dazzling baffling array of them out there. I'm posting the pic that the seller sent me, in case someone happens to know this particular pen. Regardless, I'd love to know of good resources for identifying Eclipse pens, as I'm sure more of them will find a way into my collection. The Eclipse is at th
  21. Greetings, I am a antique and vintage clothing dealer, and I have recently found an interesting mechanical pencil that I would like to learn more about. I have attached a few pictures of the pencil. I have already learned about the business that is stenciled on the side, and am more interested in the pen itself. Particularly in the small glass tube that I found inside.
  22. I inherited a gold fountain pen from my father - it may have belonged to his father. It may be what I think is called an "eye dropper ink loader". It has written on the top part of the case " WATERMAN'S IDEAL 18. KR.". On the lower part of the case in a different font, " Fonte Bracca ". Can you help me to learn about this mint condition, beautiful pen ? Thank you.
  23. First post on FPN in over a year for me. My life has taken several unexpeced turns, but I am now back! Here's the story: I went antiquing in Québec city last friday, searching for vintage pens and antique bottles. After three unsuccessful attempts I finally find an antique store that has some fountain pens. There were three or four celluloid Watermans (two of them had damaged nibs, a very small streamline Duofold (Lady?) in need of a new sac, a Waterman #12, a Sheaffer Touchdown with stripped blind cap threads, an Esterbrook SJ and last but not least, a Parker set in a black faux-suede pen
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