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Found 13 results

  1. So platinum procyon is quite less used/ considered pen in our little FP households for obvious reasons (spend few dollar more and get a gold nib, wait for time and one might get gold nib for same price as new procyon) but I still feel its a very good steel nib pen for those who want to try it plus it has nice feed design, good nib, light for metal and understated design especially in dark blue (personal liking this one). Now the main aim is to see if these were present among other FPN users or not and Please by all means add Curidas in list cos from what I understand they are same feed design. Observations Pen runs on dry side of spectrum (no skips or sudden starvation or hard starts, just dry side or spectrum), has small platinum-ish feedback and nib does not show any issues while feed design works well for last bottle ink draining. All is fine until ink is wet or wetter side of spectrum, dry and less lubricated inks work OKish in most cases and will have some minor skips when fast writing when filled in convertor (well duh ink is not lubricated properly). Cartridge is problem from what I felt. If dry and less lubricated ink is in cartridge the pen will have significant rise in skipping so much so that it will be difficult to write 6 words without one and that is annoying. This problem is less in convertor as stated above. The fun thing is that a wet ink or balanced inks (say waterman serenity blue) will not show any issue in convertor and very less issue (noticed in sessions of over 6 pages) in cartridge. A wet ink or even inks on wetter side of balanced (say iroshizuku murasaki shikibu) will have no issues in either convertor or cartridge. So why does the cartridge show the issue while convertor shows it less no none in cases ?..... I am thinking that the ball inside (aggregator) can be an issue for this one. I looked at other platinum pen (preppy is only second platinum I have) and feed end seems almost same but size I cant be sure of (no way to measure but I assume same cos...well same thing...). This made me use some other way to see the issue as I knew ball is the issue cos in convertor things are fine, so I filled water in empty cartridge and put it inside preppy to see balls behavior, always in center over the feed entry.....when hands in same position.....now what would happen if saturation is changed in water (add salt and sugar was best I could think) now the ball seems to be in center and stays there for a while same observation pretty much only denser...now what would have happened if ink was dense and ball space..I think the ball might not have enough space to move properly so ink is having harder time reaching the feed section, combine with already dry type feed and the balance of ink might break which I suspect happens here. Now this is only issue in dry inks or less saturated inks...ironically I observed it first in Platinum's gifted aqua Emerald color..(color was not to my liking and performance was subpar in most case) which stated the series of weird tests and observations. Sadly procyon is metal and I cant see the insides to do proper testing and pen is actually too good to open (why bother when I know convertor works perfectly) What have others experience been, has anyone tried curidas or procyon with such inks and had issue in cartridge or convertor or any other issues with these guys. Share your experience and opinions and suggestions welcomed.
  2. Hey everyone! After having my new fountain pen search derailed by southpaw I've been scouring the Franklin-Christoph website for hours looking into the variety of excellent pen options there. I need some help though. If you own a Franklin-Christoph pen could you help me out by: Telling me what model(s) you own and what color(s)Your favorite nib(s)Your experience with customer service (if any)Uploading a picture of your pen showing off the color(s) of itHow it performs on cheap and nice paperYour ink(s) of choiceI know it's a lot to ask but information seems to be a bit scarce on these pens, especially when it comes to the color options. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm looking to find an alternative to the Pilot G2 0.5mm. Currently, I have a Karas Kustom Retrakt that uses Pilot G2 refills. I really love the pen and the way it writes, but I am looking for something with a smaller grip diameter. I prefer hand-writing my notes instead of typing, and I tend to write a lot. The thick diameter of the Retrakt makes extended periods of writing slightly uncomfortable for me. After speaking with staff members at Karas and JetPen, the general consensus is that G2 refills are manufactured wide and as a result cannot fit in slimmer pens like the Parker Jotter. I've found some incredible DIY guides for making refills fit, but they require a lot of effort and I simply do not have the time during the school week. I looked into Parker gel refills, but they are way more expensive and they are shipped in smaller quantities. Can anyone offer me any suggestions of a similar pen that writes like a G2, has a slim diameter (equal to a Jotter), and has relatively cheap refills? I would rather not buy plastic disposable pens. Any leads would be incredibly helpful. I would also be open to any suggestions for alternative Jotter gel ink cartridges, but I am a bit wary of off-brand ink, and would consider this last. I have a Parker Jotter at home, too. PS--Not as important as the qualities listed above, but if possible, I would like the pen to be retractable, made of an oligodynamic (anti-bacterial) material (such as copper, brass, or silver) and the ink to use a conical nib instead of needle-point. I'm kind of clumsy and can't tell you how many times I've broken a needle-point and ruined my notes Thank you for your help. ---iamavri
  4. Bellatrix

    Newbie With A Stipula

    First of all: hello. Newb here. Please be gentle with me. (but not too gentle ) So I got hypnotized by the Stipula Etruria Rainbow Prisma. i clicked "BUY" before I knew what I was in for. Fortunately it's a lovely pen so far and I do like it quite a bit, but what would make me love it is a Stub nib. Does anyone have any experience changing nibs in an Etruria Rainbow? Anything I should know? I am hesitant to do anything without some idea of what I'm doing. Any tips or advice?
  5. Tarapens

    Hello From Ohio

    Hello from Ohio - really the border of Indiana and Ohio. I got started with fountain pens when my elementary teacher taught us cursive. She insisted on our using fountain pens because she was clear that they were easier to manage than other pens. Then, in the early '70's an artist friend introduced me to Osmiroids - and the love affair with calligraphy began. I am the professor of ministry formation at a theological seminary and although most of our work is done on computer, I still love to write notes with fountain pens and the array of colorful inks available. Looking forward to hearing from others. Tarapens
  6. idrhjn

    Questions About Lamy Nexx

    Hello! due to my excitement, I bought my first fountain pen, Lamy Nexx even without knowing much about it. There doesn't seem to be a lot of forums about the Nexx. I hope someone can help me with my questions here: 1. is the nib replaceable with other sizes? 2. can I use other cartridges other than the T10? Parker Quink, maybe? 3. I've heard about z24 and z26, which of the two is better? (I don't care about the red color) 4. should I not post the cap? 5. how do I clean it? Thanks! -rhjn
  7. Does anyone know about this brand? It's a real beater I picked up at a pen show; note the gap between section and barrel. But the nib seems nice enough (reads Velvetouch 14K Gold Plate), and I want this to be my first attempt at restoration. Going to try fabricating a knockout block as well. What size sac might this take? The body is thickish. Clip: http://extras.ourpatioparty.com/files/6514/8104/2148/Federal_Pen_-_Clip-640p.jpg Nib: http://extras.ourpatioparty.com/files/5314/8104/2150/Federal_Pen_-_Nib-640p.jpg Thanks!
  8. I really do like sheen, I think that it and shading are the two most beautiful properties you can have in an ink, but after some research, it looks like the best way to get sheen is to use an ink resistant paper. Now, that wouldn't be a problem, but I'm left-handed! What kind of papers should I use to get sheen while not letting my hand blot the ink everywhere and ending up with a blue/purple/red left hand? If it helps, when I write, the pen will usually be about 3-4 cm away from my hand, long fingers (this might help with allowing a little more dry time). Thanks!
  9. Edgemcmuffins

    $30-50 Pens

    Recently, my parents have said that If I get straight a's, I will get $100 to spend on pens. Right now, my pre-prepared cart on goulet has a rhodia dotpad, a jinhao 159+ goulet nib, a faber-castell basic, and a twsbi eco. I was thinking of replacing one of the pens to buy some more ink, as all I have now is noodler's black and a set of black-cap winsor and newton inks that I don't trust. If I had to get rid of a pen, which should I get rid of?
  10. I just bought what I think is a cx100 at the flea market (it would be my very first Esterbrook). It is a solid blue lever filler, all soft plastic including the section. The cap is loose and the threads are worn out and it came with a 9550 nib. Cost me a little less than 5 dollars. Does it sound like a cx100? Is there any hope of fixing the threads? Did I pay too much? Thanks for your help guys!
  11. I've been lucky enough to own a lovely old ivory set with both a nib holder and lead holder. I'm interested in selling it, but I have no idea where to start pricing it... there's no signature or identifying marks (other than the lovely engravings!). I would guess early 20th century, but I don't have much expertise to know more than that. Does anyone have an idea of who could help me identify and price this set? Thanks much in advance!
  12. Howdy, I've just stumbled on this pen: http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/Mjc0WDUwMA==/z/nD4AAOxyVLNSvjPV/$_12.JPG So I have a few quick questions about it: 1) Would it be worth the $54 aud I can grab it for? (I'm going to guess yes, but figured it's a safe question to ask) 2) Do these generally come with a built in converter? 3) If not, is there a converter that will fit and not cost an arm and a leg? (It's a compact pen, so that's why I'm asking in particular) 4) Why isn't the moon actually made up of cheese? That'd be so much better... Anyway, thanks in advance, guys. Trying my darnedest to add an imperial-esque pen to my starting collection (That damn sexy inlaid nib, man...)
  13. Hello! I've been a lurker on this forum for about a month, but I finally decided to register about an hour ago. It looks like a great forum, and I hope to be an active participant in the discussions around here! I'm relatively new to pens and everything lettering related, so my knowledge about these topics are still a deep shade of green. I had a few burning questions I wanted to ask before I really start to sink my teeth into learning about the wonderful world of lettering and calligraphy. And also some questions about long-term replacements for some pens and material (so that I won't have to buy cartridges and disposables all the time). I currently own a Pilot Parallel 1.5mm (which I plan on buying a converter for), and a set of fine line "Artists Loft" felt-tipped pens (previously had used Prismacolors and played with a few Microns). I also have a Pentel medium-sized waterbrush that I had filled with ink, but I got rid of the ink and am using it as a watercolor brush now (I found that it was a bit too big for what I intended to use it for). But anyways, below are my ideas of what I plan on buying, and the questions. Any suggestions on anything is welcome! For my graphics and everyday sketching, I'm looking for: A refillable (or dip?) brush-tipped pen (something well suited for brush-script and regular sketch-y use) (Just something basic that can be refilled with ink so I don't need to keep ordering cartridges, which could get pricey. I was considering buying a finer tipped waterbrush, and filling it with ink- like I had done with my medium sized waterbrush, but I'm not sure if it would be ideal) Refillable pen with tip like that of a Micron (preferably in different sizes if available?) (I have not found anything really like this yet. I'm also not adverse to a metal tip if there are any good ones out there. Essentially, I'm looking for a more long-term, refillable option that produces lines close to that of the Microns). A refillable, "regular-use" fountain pen for general sketching (I was heavily considering the Pilot Penmanship Fountain Pen, but I'm wondering if there are better options out there that I'm not aware of) I had been using Higgins Black Magic ink in the waterbrush- which from what I had heard, isn't very good? I heard great things about Noodler's ink, so I'd probably be refilling any refillable pens (unless a different ink must be used for a particular pen) with that. I'm also not against using converters or converting a pen to an "eyedropper pen". And the list for my Copperplate endeavor (I'll probably be dabbling in some other hands as well): Nibs: *Zebra G Nib *Brause 66EF Nib *Hiro Crown Nib *Leonardt Principal EF Nib (I'll probably get a few other nibs to try out as well) (I'm left-handed, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. From I've read from a few sources, I might need a different kind of nib that is more suited for left-handers. Is that true?) Ink: *Moon Palace Sumi Ink (or use up the existing Higgins Black Magic that I have?) Holder: Speedball or other basic holder (Would I need an oblique?) Sorry for such a big, honking, loaded mix of questions! I'm just looking for some advice to make sure I'm going in the right direction (if I'm getting too ahead of myself, if this is way too much gear to start with or have, etc). I also don't want to buy garbage or use something that is less than ideal, that would make me develop bad habits, etc... which is why I came here to ask for some guidance. I am open to any and all suggestions with all of this stuff I mentioned, and any response, tips, feedback, or advice would be greatly appreciated (heck, I appreciate anyone who actually read all of this)! And again, I'm sorry about so many questions! -Atmos

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