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Found 11 results

  1. Samrat

    Asa Rainbow Review

    Hello Everyone, Today I am going to review ASA Rainbow, a beautiful acrylic fountain pen. ASA have many famous models, and in recent times the Nauka has taken all the limelight. I love my Nauka, but thought of giving some lesser known ASA models their dues first. ASA Rainbow is one of the best looking models from ASA, due to the vibrant acrylic material used to make these pens. What I like most: The looks, what’s more- it’s very comfortable pen for everyday use. What I don’t like- I love this model, so nothing to complain about. 1. Appearance & Design: ASA Rainbow is a medium sized simple cigar shaped pen. There are two varieties – round ended and flat topped. I bought two different colours of this model at different times, but both are round ended. The body is thicker in the middle portion and tapers slightly towards both ends, tapering towards the section is more pronounced than the bottom end. The cap is larger than the body without any tapering. There is one dome shaped finial at the top of the cap which is flushed with the rest of the cap body, thus hiding the clip ring in clipped versions of the pen. There is no ring at the bottom of the cap, though the construction is good and there is very less chance that the cap lip would actually break with regular use. The clip is a simple slender triangular shaped one with a tear drop end. It protrudes a bit too much at the top for my taste before gradually coming back to touch the body of the cap. It’s springy and functional. The section is a slender one with a step like flaring at the distal one third for easy gripping. ASA is imprinted on the top of the clip. No other branding in the body which is a very good decision. What sets these pens apart is the vibrant acrylic materials used to make these pens. I absolutely love these colours; I have one orange-black swirl and one red-black swirl rainbow. The pens look very pretty. One can spend hours on end to look at and appreciate these beautiful patterns and depth of colours in these pens. 2.Construction & Quality: The pen is built well. The material is lightweight. I have no idea whether these will break if someone accidentally drops them on floor and neither I’m much inclined to test for myself. The acrylic has some camphor like smell when put to nose, but under normal circumstances, no smell was perceived. These pens have 3-in-1 filling system, but none of them leaked when used as an eyedropper. There is no burping issues with either with the Schmidt or the Versace nib units compatible with these pens. The cap closes by about three turns, which is a bit too much for me. note the protrusion of clip 3.Weight & Dimensions: the pens are very light, and ideal for long writing sessions. The pen dimensions are as follows Length of the pen capped: 132 mm Length of uncapped pen: Versace nib model- 120 mm, Ambitious nib model- 125 mm. Length of nib: Versace nib model – 20 mm, Ambitious nib model - 25 mm. Posted length: Versace nib model - 162 mm, Ambitious nib model- 167 mm. Diameter of section: Lowest at the step- 11 mm, at the section end- 12 mm Maximum Barrel diameter: 15 mm Section length: 24 mm I use them without posting. They are very good EDC pens . From Left to Right- Waterman Hemisphere, Pilot Metropolitan, Lamy Safari, ASA Rainbow, all capped From Left to Right- Waterman Hemisphere, Pilot Metropolitan, Lamy Safari, ASA Rainbow, all posted 4.Nib & Performance: The pen comes with a Schimdt nib unit by default. I chose another available threaded nib unit called the Versace nib. This nib was also there in my ASA Writer and I am impressed with its performance in both the pens. This Versace named nib is smooth out of the box with a well-controlled medium flow. It has superb feel on paper and there is very less feathering and bleed through even on very cheap papers. It’s a #5 nib, available only with medium tip. This nib fits inside a Jowo housing and as a result one could easily swap a Jowo spare nib with this nib. The ambitious nib in the red pen is a #35 fine flex nib with wet juicy flow and lots of feedback. It has a good ebonite feed, akin to the feeds seen in kim pens. The nib flxes easily with medium pressure, but the feed occasionally cannot keep up, thus resulting in rail-roading. 5. Filling System & Maintenance: This pen is a 3-in-1 system by default, so no complaints there. The red one with ambitious flex nib has a small plastic pipe as a feed tail, so it is meant to be used as an eyedropper. I pulled out the pipe and used it for normal writing with a Schimdt convertor without any problems. I didn’t try flex writing after removing the feed tail though, so cannot comment on that aspect. 6. Cost & Value: It’s a relatively costly pen from ASA at INR 1800 (US $ 48) but considering the beautiful colours, great Schmidt nib and a 3-in-1 filling system, it’s a very well-priced pen. The ambitious nib model cost less. 7. Conclusion: I would love to recommend this pen to all users with any level of experience with fountain pens and a love for beautiful things. My suggestions: A bit slender body would look better or a slightly longer body with current diameter. Few users find this model a bit stocky as a pen. I personally have no complaints. ASA can think of putting cap ring for extra protection to the lip. The clip design can be improved. ASA website ASA Whatsapp no of Mr. Subramaniam - +91 9176607660 ASA email- asapens.in@gmail.com, unik.services@hotmail.com my other reviews (In no particular order): 1. ASA Swan 2. ASA Writer 3. Ranga Thin Bamboo 4. Krishna Butterline Stub nib pen 5. Guider Egg- acrylic and ebonite 6. Kanwrite Desire 7. Kanwrite Heritage 8. Franklin Covey Lexincton Black 9. Gama Kuyil 10. Gama Forever
  2. Anyone have more informations about Chang Hong aka Rainbow pen company ! Anything beside the fact that it's a defunct Tianjin-based maker and iit was started by a team from Hero. The original factory was acquired by Sea-Gull and later the factory ground was used as house development area .
  3. northstar

    Parker 75 Rainbow Fountain Pen

    Hello everyone, My "Eid" gift to myself, a very special and rare pen which is the Parker 75 Rainbow: Best regards, Northstar
  4. Did anyone ever heard of a chinese fountain pen company with the name of Jin Ma . I have seen a gold nib fountain pen from that company " Jin Ma 518 and it looks very similar to some pen's from another chinese pen company '' Rainbow '' . It's actually any relations between those two fountain pen companies Jin Ma and Rainbow ?
  5. mehandiratta

    Asa Rainbow (Ed)

    The review is about a pen which was launched on Whatsapp Group of 20 members at that time and I believe was first of its kind launch for a pen. Approximately 50 odd pens were made and beleive me on this all got sold out within half an hour. So beautiful were they to look at first site. They were RAINBOW. The Rainbow is reviewed at my blog in detail : LINK This happens to be an ED model and the updated model with C/C mechanism is soon to be launched at ASA Pens on 23rd September. My other review of ASA pens are as follows: ASA Spear ASA Galactic ASA I-Can ASA Porus ASA Patriot ASA ViraatRainbow is first multicolored acrylic pen from the house of ASA Pens. DESIGN & BUILT: 4 / 5 It’s a simple classic cigar shaped pen with rounded bottom and top. Actually nothing is much happening on the design front. it though is a small pocket sized pen. It is actually the material which is doing all the talk. ASA Rainbow – Swirled Acrylic Material The pen will to begin with eventually will come in following colors when launched. Cherry Red (in pic above) Midnight Blue (Blue and Dark Blue swirls) Black Pearl (White and Black swirls) Fiery Orange (Orange and Black swirls) The color yellow with green swirls might be added later which is being reviewed. ASA Rainbow – Cherry Red and Yellow Swirl To begin with what i really like about this pen is its size and girth. It is small pen but not that slim. Lovely part is the grip section which is the thinnest portion in whole pen. It’s so wonderful to grip and write with this pen. ASA Rainbow – Capped ASA Rainbow – Uncapped ASA Rainbow – Rounded Top and Bottom The pen has silver trims. Actually the pen has only clip as a trim and a nib. No other metal parts were used. its a minimalistic design pen. The clip is sturdy and stiff and not springy at all. fits shirt pockets easily. The pen cap has no breather hole unlike many other Made in India pens. The cap finial is threaded and can be taken out easily also. ASA Rainbow – Cap View ASA Rainbow – Cap inner View ASA Rainbow – Clip Built is amazing and is well finished and polished pen. However I have to add one thing this pen is acrylic and requires maintenance and care to ensure no scratches just by throwing pen on desk or anywhere else. Below are the few images of the pen showing comparison with other pens. Gama Kuyil vs Pilot 78G vs ASA Rainbow BALANCE: 5/5 I love the fact that the small pens don’t have to be necessarily slim and this really goes down well with me. And I love ASA Rainbow also because of its girth too. Its very well balanced pen and feels amazing in your hand whether you write with cap posted or not at the back. ASA Rainbow – Writing Unposted ASA Rainbow – Writing Posted The cap posts very securely and also posting does not add to that much heft. This one is aptly balanced pen. NIB AND INK FILLING MECHANISM: 3.5/5 Our first feedback for this beautiful pen was to make it C/C mechanism pen because ink filled in barrel changes the color of the barrel and darkens it and thus it will be soon launched with C/C mechanism on 23rd September. The nib on the pen in question is Fine-Medium Ambitious 35 mm nib (#6) and is chrome finish. I love the ambitious nibs of size 35 mm and 40 mm. This nib writes with welcome feedback and writes wet. I love the way it writes. The nib has got certain springiness to it. ASA Rainbow – Nib Unit top view ASA Rainbow – Nib Unit side view ASA Rainbow – Nib Unit angled view Though the upcoming pen with C/C filling mechanism will come in following nib options: Schmidt monotone F NibSchmidt monotone M nibSchmidt monotone B nibThis pen has an eye dropper fill mechanism and hold good 3 ml of ink. The feed is made of ebonite and fitted very tight and securely. The removal of nib will require knockout block as the nib is friction fit. ASA Rainbow – Eye dropper fill I recommend people to buyers is to chose pen with option of fountain pen testing at checkout which takes time but you get the pen which writes good out of the box and this facility is being given by ASA pens free of charge. Below are the few images showing hand written review and also certain specification, ASA Rainbow – Page 1 ASA Rainbow – Page 2 ASA Rainbow – Page 3 Conclusion : This is a beauty and I am sure it will outsell any other model ASA pens has launched because this pen has it all going for it when its launched in C/C mechanism. However i would not recommend using this pen as ED as the barrel gets discolored because of the ink not that the ink burps. Go ahead save some money to buy this one. I recommend it. Please check my BLOG for other listings.
  6. New Release! Grayson Tighe's Rainbow Fire! The Rainbow Fire is a Limited Editions with only 18 being created. Handcrafted from a solid rod of Titanium; Titanium can take on a wide spectrum of colors by applying extreme heat or electricity. This action produces a thin and transparent oxide layer that filters out light waves producing bright colors, even though there are no pigment or dyes involved. It is available as a Fountain pen, Rollerball or Ballpoint, you have the option of choosing a Parker® style refill or a Schmidt® Ceramic refill system. They are also customizable, you can get a short name or a date engraved on the cap ring. Solid Titanium Natural Coloring Customizable For inquiries email us at orders@airlineintl.com or call us at (915) 778-1234
  7. Bellatrix

    Newbie With A Stipula

    First of all: hello. Newb here. Please be gentle with me. (but not too gentle ) So I got hypnotized by the Stipula Etruria Rainbow Prisma. i clicked "BUY" before I knew what I was in for. Fortunately it's a lovely pen so far and I do like it quite a bit, but what would make me love it is a Stub nib. Does anyone have any experience changing nibs in an Etruria Rainbow? Anything I should know? I am hesitant to do anything without some idea of what I'm doing. Any tips or advice?
  8. Until I received this pen, Laban was not a name that I had heard of, and would not have become aware of had I not been offered this fountain pen as a replacement for a very warped Monteverde Catalina butterscotch. In my view quite a generous offer by the Ebay seller I bought the Catalina from. He assured me that it was a much better pen. Based on the price, that seems true – in the internet the price range is about $95 to $120, and the recommended retail price appears to be $140. In comparison I paid $65 for the Catalina. The Laban web site has practically no detailed information on the pens they sell – on laban.com they only show a few special collections, and on labanusa.com they have 82!!! pages of pens, but still absolutely no details. I am always skeptical when a manufacturer has a catalogue of 100’s of pens….. According to the description on most sites the pen is made of “mother of pearl” resin and has platinum plated trim. Whether the trim is really platinum plated I have no way of confirming. The complete pen is in resin, i.e. section, barrel and cap. This did surprise me, as from the internet it looked like only the barrel was resin. The barrel has a very nice mother of pearl look, and the rest of the pen has a silver pearlish shimmer depending on how the light falls on it. It comes in black, red, green and purple versions – to me the black version looks the most elegant. The nib is a two tone F nib, and has the words Laban Iridium on it. According to some comments on FPN about this pen, it appears to be a Bock nib. The pen came in a what I thought was a slightly extravagant box, with no cartridges or converter provided. I think Laban could save on the box and provide a converter instead. I bought a Pelikan converter, which fits perfectly. Now some facts: Length capped: 145 mmLength uncapped: 128 mmLength Posted: does not seem to be made to be postedBarrel Diameter: 13 mmCap Diameter: 15 mmWeight: 37g capped, 24g uncappedConstruction The pen is made completely of resin, except for the insert of the section and in the barrel, which is plated metal. The nib is very nicely plated two tone nib with the Laban logo and some decoration. The barrel is really nicely done with what looks like long segments of mother of pearl. The cap is black shimmering resin with a broad band at the bottom, two rings at the top and a metal logo inset at the end. The clip is fairly stiff. On mine screwing the cap on is very difficult, the thread does not take immediately and there is quite a bit of resistance initially; it takes only one turn to close. Not sure if this is a problem only on mine. Overall the pen makes an impression of good quality. Writing with the pen I chose a fine nib, but I would say it tends slightly toward medium, rather than the other way. It is clearly a non flex nib, which suits me down to the ground. I have inked it up with Waterman tender purple. I had absolutely no problems – the pen worked beautifully first time and is really lovely to write with. An excellent smooth writer. It is a relatively chunky pen, very nice to hold and the balance is good. Posting the cap however makes it very top heavy, and I found the pen to be unsuitable for posting – there is no positive placing of the cap, and it seems not to have been designed to be posted. Because it is so nicely balanced without, I find it perfect unposted. Durability Hard to tell after a week – I don’t carry my pens around with me, so they are not really subject to wear. The resin surface is highly polished, so not sure how it will hold up under daily use. Conclusion / Value for money I would not have bought this pen, but now that I have it, I really do like it very much, and it has become one of my favourites. I find it very difficult to say whether it is value for money – it is definitely a quality pen, but without knowing for certain whether the trim is really platinum plated, and the nib really is from Bock, it is hard to make a judgement. Here is a size comparison to a Jinhao 159 and the Monteverde Catalina.
  9. Iguana Sell

    New Montegrappa Fortuna Rainbow

    Rainbows represent joy and good luck. This is why, this natural phenomena along with the famous song "Somewhere over the rainbow" have inspired Montegrappa on the creation of the new Fortuna edition, giving a message of longing, hope and optimisim. With trims in stainless steel, the colors have been created with pearlised resin. Every rainbow pen, comes with a gift tie dye pashmina of which no two are alike. This new joyfull edition is already available at Iguana Sell. Choose fountain pen (EF, F, M, , rollerball and ballpoint. Discover the whole collection: https://www.iguanasell.com/search?type=product&q=rainbow Fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-fortuna-rainbow-fountain-pen-stainless-steel-isfor-ir Ballpoint: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-fortuna-rainbow-ballpoint-pen-resin-stainless-steel-isforbir Rollerball: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-fortuna-rainbow-rollerball-pen-resin-stainless-steel-isforrir Check-out some pictures below:
  10. The Visconti Millenium Arc Moonlight Rainbow Fountain Pen - Design resembles the time from past to future. Visconti entitles the Millenium Arc design indicating the merger of the arc of time with the arc of history ( time in motion for 2000 years). The arc represents the continuity of time, from the past to the future as we know that without a past there can be no future. Now available in store! Stop by and see it or purchase via the website or by calling 410-992-3272.
  11. rkpai

    Asa Rainbow

    A few weeks ago ASA's Mr. Subramaniam [NAYY] sent me and few other FPN members a picture of a pen that was made of acrylic. Upon seeing those pictures, a land grab style blood bath ensued with fellow fountain pen lovers trying to get their ink stained fingers on as many pens as possible. I came away with 4 pieces which I want to share with you today. I got these a few days ago and so I am still in the process of reviewing them, I will be updating this review in the coming weeks. Every fountain pen user has that one pen that he/she wants, that one pen which is their 'grail'. An acrylic of this type was on my list but I had given up any hopes of acquiring it given their prices. Finally ASA has come up with these beautiful models which were affordable. The pens are a joy to hold. I haven't inked them up yet as I've been busy admiring their looks. Watching them glisten in sunlight. The acrylic is of the highest quality and has very beautiful swirls!!! I wanted to bust out the callipers and come with detailed measurements and other nerdy details... but heck!!! look at these pictures, this is by far the most beautiful fountain pen I've ever laid my eyes on. The pen fits snuggly in my large hands, is very nicely balanced. The nib is Ambitious 35mm chrome. There were couple other colors I couldn't get my hands on - yellow and red. These were grabbed by other FPN members.

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