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Found 16 results

  1. Jobesmirage

    Conklin Pen Identification

    Hi Everyone, I picked up one of these a while ago and I don't know enough about Conklins to correctly identify this pen and was wondering if anyone knew the model/name?
  2. tommyhoo

    Ebonite & Celluloid Missing Nib

    Dear fountain pen people, First time post, lifetime fountain pen writer. I have recently inherited a few fountain pens from my grandmother. One is a mint condition parker 45 with her name engraved, a nice memory to own. The other two pens are a little more complex to describe, they are I’m guessing of a 1940’s design. Pictures below. One is an ebonite button filler with a missing pressure bar inscribed 'Luxor'. The other is a blue celluloid candy stripe lever filler, again with my grandmothers name engraved and the word 'Alfa'. Both pens are missing sac’s and more importantly, missing feeds and nibs. I did a little measurement of the sections and I have to believe that both pens would have had a feed that is about 4mm in thickness. I know there are plentiful replacement nibs available, but as you will know, they are all starting at 5mm or ar a #5. As it is now, I have two broken fountain pens that are, at best, a nice memory. However, I am a daily fountain pen user and I would much rather see these pens restored and added to my routine, maybe as a flex pen, a daily writer or even fill one up and use it in the office. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. The first hour was spent trying to get the lever and slotted piece that goes into the bottom of the barrel to stay together while trying to insert both at once. Then I found a work around online which ended up working on the second try and in less than 5 minutes.
  4. I am thinking that this Sheaffer white dot is a flat top lever filler from somewhere around 1930, plus or minus. On the barrel is: W.A. SHEAFFER PATENT AUG 25, 08 FT. MADISON IA USA DEC 10 12 - JAN 27-OCT 20 - NOV 24 14 Anything else anyone can add?
  5. I think this is a very rare find. Due to the looks and construction of the pen I dated it around 1930, but I could not find any information about these pens on the net, so maybe somebody can help out here. Appearance and size: 10/10 As you can see this is a midsize pen, comfortable to hold and by far different than the mostly bland today's Pilots. It was made I think for export since it had english letters on it. The cellulloid? is quite stunning, one of the most beautiful pens I have ever seen. Also it is in a terrific shape, doesn't seem to have any discoloration, only maybe some tiny brassing spots, to be seen better in photos, not with the naked eye. Construction: 10/10 Quite balanced pen, very well constructed. It shows to me why the current japanese pens have this good name. They started making good pens long long ago ... Filling: 9/10 Standard lever filler, easy to fill, harder to clean. So a 9 for me, since I rotate pens often. Nib: 10/10 One of the best nibs I ever wrote with. With no pressure it writes wet and smooth, a joy to use, like it a lot. And with pressure comes the flex. Joy again. It is quite flexible, probably in the superflex category. Test Drive: 10/10 Very very nice to write with. If it would be a little bigger, probably it would be my favorite pen of all Overall: 10/10 As you can see I am in love with it, so ....
  6. Does anyone know about this brand? It's a real beater I picked up at a pen show; note the gap between section and barrel. But the nib seems nice enough (reads Velvetouch 14K Gold Plate), and I want this to be my first attempt at restoration. Going to try fabricating a knockout block as well. What size sac might this take? The body is thickish. Clip: http://extras.ourpatioparty.com/files/6514/8104/2148/Federal_Pen_-_Clip-640p.jpg Nib: http://extras.ourpatioparty.com/files/5314/8104/2150/Federal_Pen_-_Nib-640p.jpg Thanks!
  7. I recently found a vintage BCHR lever filler at an estate sale and decided to try to restore it (i posted earlier about this). The lever seemed to be stuck halfway in, and I couldn't get it out. I eventually got it- but now I'm even more confused. Any advice would be extremely appreciated. I got out what I thought was the lever- and I don't think that's what it was after all. I'm guessing the lever is missing altogether and what I thought was the lever is something else all together. http://imgur.com/mXegDCc you can see above what I thought was a lever and turned out not to be as well as the J-bar that I pulled out. Here are all of the parts: http://imgur.com/k623KQx And just because if anyone has any idea who may have made this pen, the nib and chasing pattern:http://imgur.com/hj7DpSphttp://imgur.com/uSrCgLLIf anyone has ideas about -who made the pen-what I need to do to restore it-what parts I need-where I can find them that would be much appreciated!
  8. queerspaceman

    Trapped Lever In Bchr Lever Filler

    Hi all, I recently came across a no-name BCHR lever filler at an estate sale. It's the first pen I've attempted to restore, and I'm fairly confident on the sac replacement etc. However, the lever is stuck partially inside the barrel. It looks as though the whole lever was pushed in and then shoved backwards (away from the nib). The end that usually is visible is inside the barrel, and the end that's usually inside the barrel is visible, but because it gets wider than the slot, I can't get it out. Any advice? Please? Thank you!
  9. Hi, I am new on this forum, well this is my first post here. I have over twenty fountain pens, which one of them seems to be pretty old, but in lovely conditions. It's an English ePenco, lever filler and screw cap, I bought it three years ago. It's a little beauty with that nib (well, it's not supposed to be that long). Here are some pictures: So, how old should it be? And how much is it worth? Thanks
  10. Toward the end of the year, I picked up a bunch of vintage pens, and have been restoring them. I'm interested in what anyone can tell me about these two Watermans. I've put new sacs in both, but so far have only inked the blue one. The lever mechanism is a type I've only seen in one other pen, instead of an internal spring bar, there is a pressure bar hanging on a pivot from the lever. The pressure bar on the blue one has enough corrosion on it that I thought of trying to get it off the lever and out of the pen, but I can't quite figure it out, and I don't want to break it. http://i614.photobucket.com/albums/tt221/mapn/Pens/Waterman7_zps2aecee6e.jpg The imprinted writing on the barrels says "Watermans's Reg U.S. Patent Office Made in the United States of America", with a circular "Ideal" logo in the center of this text. The clips just say "Waterman's". Both nibs say "Waterman's Ideal 14 KT", but the one on the green pen also says "fine rigid". I cannot find any other writing on them. http://i614.photobucket.com/albums/tt221/mapn/Pens/Waterman9_zps02001394.jpg I assume that the material of these is some sort of celluloid; the blue one reminds me of the blue on some Esterbrook Js. The blue one writes nicely enough, nothing to blow me away, but the nib does have some noticeable flex, although hardly a wet noodle. I like the small size, which is just big enough to be comfortable to write with posted. I'll get to the green one eventually, but I don't want to ink up too many pens right now. These are apparently not the highest end pens Waterman ever made, but I'm curious where they fit in. They seem like efficient little vest pocket or purse pens, and the plastics are attractive. For my own information, I'd like to know about when they were made, and anything else anyone can tell me about the models.
  11. Ben Looijesteijn

    A Pelikan Lever Filler? Or Some Other Bird!

    Dear FPN-ers, I recently restored an old bakelite lever filler fountain pen that, to my surprise, held a Pelikan nib. A firm XF nib as shown on picture. There is no flex whatsoever in the nib. I believe they call this an accountant nib. The big question is: does it belong to this pen or not? And if not, what is the make of the pen? There are no identification marks on it at all. I've never seen a Pelikan lever filler before, so it must be a mix of brands. Or am I wrong? Thanks for any suggestion! Ben
  12. betweenthelens

    Bayard Excelsior 551/62

    Another Bayard from the awesome ebay seller, amateur25--André Rocca. I thought the pen would be more mauve as my laptop screen (on my dying Mac) depicted the pen this way, but instead, the pen is a lovely golden brown and I am just in love with it. The nib is super flex and I inked it with Iroshizuku yama-budo and used Tomoe River paper for the sample. The imprint on the barrel reads Excelsior 551 and at the end of the pen, there is the number 62 in a box. The nib reads Warranted, 18 ct, 1st Quality. The books used in the shoot are Nijinsky: An Illustrated Monograph edited by Paul Magriel and published by Henry Holt and Company, New York (1947) and the 1920 version of A Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales for Girls and Boys by Nathaniel Hawthorne with pictures by Maxfield Parrish (Duffield and Company, New York). Thanks for looking! http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_4045_zpsccd83ed2.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_4011_zpsd0637fa7.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_4013_zps437593dd.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_4033_zpsa25f2ed7.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_4037_zpsd0014062.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_4050_zps5a878d51.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_4041_zps8c01055e.jpg
  13. betweenthelens

    Bayard Superstyl 650

    I just received this Bayard Superstyl 650 from ebay seller Ringsmith999, whom I recommend. The pen is circa 1940s and the photographs just don't do it justice. The nib is marked 18 ct, size 50 with the crossed nibs and the P and F on either side. Bayard, Fabrication Francaise and stylo sans reproche appear on the pen barrel with 650 at the end. I've used a Henri Cartier-Bresson photograph of the great French painter Pierre Bonnard for the background and the writing sample is a quote of Cartier-Bresson's in Akkerman Passage Blauw on Tomoe River paper. Thanks for looking! http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_3825_zps40de4507.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_3842_zpsd762eb11.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_3846_zps854f0d5e.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_3849_zpsd92e2bf7.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_3818_zps51e06d5c.jpg
  14. sheaffer

    Pilot Shiro Nib

    I am restoring an old lever filler Pilot with a steel shiro nib. I am in great need of a new nib or a nib retipping and restoration. If anyone can provide me with either, I'll be happy to make a deal. This pen is great in condition. The celluloid looks new and still lusters! Thanks for your help!
  15. Does the CS lever filler employ a sac? Recently bought a few vintage flex pens which employ an internal sac and found that they have an atrociously small ink capacity. Given that I am looking to add my first conway to my collection; I am fearful..
  16. I've acquired a cute little Salz Brothers Peter Pan, which is approximately two and a half inches long, capped. It needs a new sac - which is not surprising - but thus far I've been unable to get the section out in order to replace it. Doesn't budge at all. Here's some snaps: http://sudowned.com/filebox/pens/peterpan/1.JPG http://sudowned.com/filebox/pens/peterpan/2.jpg I haven't soaked it as that murders hard rubber sometimes. I may soak it gently - just the section and seam - and perhaps in ink, but what I really need to know is whether the section is threaded or friction-fit. At least if I know that, I won't be pulling it in an inherently dangerous way when I add (gentle, distant) heat to the mix.

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