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  1. A number of Platinum Curidas fountain pens on Amazon for under $50. Most notably the Urban Green one with Fine nib for $37: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08443VTWW Not the most popular pens, I know, but at less than half retail it's an opportunity, if you want to scratch that itch on the cheap.
  2. I have Sailor 1911 L Sailor Compass aka Profit Junior Platinum 3776 Century Platinum President Pilot 74 Pilot 78g Muji pen
  3. A Smug Dill

    Joy to the world! The Sith is come

    From the album: Japanese pens

    N.B. Alas, my photos don't show the grey-black colour of the shiny clips, cap rings, and nibs properly. See https://www.platinum-pen.co.jp/star_wars_fountainpen.html

    © A Smug Dill

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  4. Hi, I just recently bought a new converter for my old Platinum PKB-2000 which is a Pocket Pen. My old converter was gone when my dad accidentaly threw it away. Anyway, this topic is just a remake from a2z's old topic. I'm just gonna make it clearer from the image, because the how to is the same as it was from a2z's old topic. You can find the original old topic from here: a2z original topic. As for the how to, I'll rephrase it with my own words: First of all, the tools needed: Cutting mat(I use Joyko CM-A3, but any cutting mat will do, as long as you have ruler if they don't have built-in ruler like what mine has, mine was bought intially for gunpla, lol), and Cutter(I used Kenko L-500, but any cutter that's not dull will do). Steps: First, you must turn the rotating stem on the converter counter-clockwise, so that the plunger go all the way to the other end of the converter. Second, if you have a cutting mat just like mine(see the picture below), you can just cut through the rotating stem leaving 0,5cm of it. And voila! You have a converter that fit into your Platinum Pocket Pen. Note: You can only fill the ink until the plunger rod hit the same length as the rotating stem, but it's still waaaaay better than using a cartridge, isn't it? Here's the picture to help you imagine and decide the cutting line to the rotating stem. I hope it helps whoever needed this guide. Cheers! ' Link for videos on the process: video on YouTube.
  5. https://www.platinum-pen.co.jp/news/11719/ https://www.platinum-pen.co.jp/news/11708/ Source: K. Itoya Source: Platinum Pen (Location shown is inside K. Itoya store) I cannot get more discernible detail by zooming in, but could it be that the column of grey-to-black on the advertising poster is showing where Platinum Carbon Black ink's level of blackness sits relative to the new Platinum Chou Kuro ink?
  6. Not sure if this has been posted but fascinating video on the amount of care that goes into a Platinum 3776
  7. Platinum Curidas LE Matte Black circa 2023 Here is a lazy review to match a lazy redux. The new 2023 Platinum Curidas is a ... wait for it... Curidas in a new suit or dress, if you prefer. If you liked the previous PMMA clear crystal pen housing that unique quick push to deploy smooth writing experience, you'll probably like this one too! Past review still holds sans broken feed QC issues. So now that we got that out of the way, a Curidas is a Curidas is a Curidas What's different? 🤔 Body: You like the feel of matte slick smooth rubber? Hard to describe but definitely preferred over the clear plastic shell. Feels like seal-healing if I poked it with a pin. Length is the same (left to right: Procyon, Curidas LE, Curidas ye olde) Any differences other than furniture? Spring looks shinier maybe oxidation from age or new parts supplier? Note the nib unit with the converter is the new LE version loaded with Pilot Black Clip: cannot confirm if it is plastic coated metal or just plastic, looks like is is removable but I keep mine on. Nibs: restricted to F or M but since it's a Curidas, swap with old clear versions for an EF. I chose Fine and it also writes smoothly in reverse. NO CRACKED FEED ! I think Platinum is probably hyper vigilant with quality control given the previous incidents with feeds. Is it worth it? Since it is 2023, here's what large language model Bardy Bard has to say about... Prompt: What's new with Platinum Curidas? (human edits) Platinum Curidas is a retractable fountain pen that was first released in 2020. (TRUE!) It has been well-received by fountain pen enthusiasts (EH?), and in 2023, Platinum released three new matte finishes for the Curidas: Matte Blue, Matte Black, and Matte Red. (Yep!) These new pens are sold as a set that includes the pen, a converter, a cartridge of ink, and a bottle of Platinum Aurora Blue Mix-Free Ink. (too lazy to shoot these accessories, think pen + extras = the $96 USD asking price) In addition to the new matte finishes, Platinum has also made some minor improvements to the Curidas. (darn straight!) The clip is now slightly larger and more comfortable to use (uh, you'll need a micrometer to see a difference), and the inner cap has been redesigned to prevent ink from leaking. (I can't see it) The Platinum Curidas is a great choice for anyone who wants a reliable and stylish retractable fountain pen. (YES!) The new matte finishes offer a more modern look, and the minor improvements make the pen even more comfortable to use. (smooth and silky, is it worth the extra? only if you like the original Curidas) Here is a summary of the new features of the Platinum Curidas: Three new matte finishes: Matte Blue, Matte Black, and Matte Red Larger and more comfortable clip (no clip difference) Redesigned inner cap to prevent ink leakage (unable to dissect) The Platinum Curidas is a limited edition pen, so if you're interested in getting one, I recommend acting soon. (AI is becoming sentient or this large language model probably been scraping again) Finally this PSA from Luxury Brands via PenChalet: Keep the spring on! Lest be bent or lost
  8. There is quite a bit of color variation between pens. I expected the flex pen to be the darkest because it is so wet, but I was surprised that the 580 was so light - it is usually wetter than the Eco. (I'm speculating, but maybe the Eco isn't sealed quite as well, so perhaps the ink has already begun oxidizing before it hits the paper?)
  9. mke

    a takeami pen from Hero

    We got some design ideas from your neighbor country, didn't we?
  10. OldTravelingShoe


    From the album: OldTravelingShoe's Random Pics of Japanese Fountain Pens

    © (c) 2022 by OldTravelingShoe. All rights reserved.

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  11. OldTravelingShoe


    From the album: OldTravelingShoe's Random Pics of Japanese Fountain Pens

    © (c) 2022 by OldTravelingShoe. All rights reserved.

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  12. OldTravelingShoe


    From the album: OldTravelingShoe's Random Pics of Japanese Fountain Pens

    © (c) 2022 by OldTravelingShoe. All rights reserved.

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  13. OldTravelingShoe


    From the album: OldTravelingShoe's Random Pics of Japanese Fountain Pens

    © (c) 2022 by OldTravelingShoe. All rights reserved.

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  14. OldTravelingShoe


    From the album: OldTravelingShoe's Random Pics of Japanese Fountain Pens

    © (c) 2022 by OldTravelingShoe. All rights reserved.

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  15. Hi there! I am looking for some help in identifying this pen I bought (currently in transit to me) I've spent way too much time searching and I thought I'd ask for help so I can possibly continue on with my day! It looks like a Century 3776 Body with a 14k 'wingfold' nib (idk if that's the correct term for this style but I'm going with it for now-feel free to correct me with the correct term!) The other really strange thing about this pen is the dome on the cap. It's not smooth like the #3776 pens...It seems to have ridges. Any information you could pass along will be much appreciated!!
  16. I always see the Platinum 3776 on lists of great lower cost gold nib pens, but then I read more and find people saying it's really toothy, scratchy, or just has a lot of feedback. I personally want a nib that glides, as little friction as possible. What's your experience with the lower cost Platinum (and Sailor, et al) gold nibs? Are they really as scratchy as people say?
  17. OldTravelingShoe


    From the album: OldTravelingShoe's Random Pics of Japanese Fountain Pens

    © (c) 2022 by OldTravelingShoe. All rights reserved.

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  18. sova

    Platinum Procyon

    Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the new product from Japanese pens craftsman On the arena is Platinum Procyon! By the way why such a strange name – Procyon? Pen got that name from the brightest star in the constellation of Canis Minor, one of the 21 first magnitude stars at the night sky. Pretentious name, no doubt Lets look at the pen closer. Aluminum body with matt coating pleased by color and texture. Strong clip with strict form. Cap has the thread. Everything fits perfectly, the cap is screwed very gently. There is Slip&Seal mechanism inside the cap. The nib. It's something in between Preppy and Safari nibs. The nib is quite large and looks solidly. The grip section is made of translucent plastic. Looks cool! An interesting feature is thread. It has a rectangular profile so your fingers don't feel it actually. The designers did a great job, thought out even the little things The pen euipped with a newly-designed feeder for easier ink absorption from a bottle with a small amount of ink. We turn to the most interesting – how the pen writes? The nib write smooth with distinct feedback and an audible rustling. The F nib provides thin line. The pen is quite big and lies in the hand perfectly without cap. It is well balanced. When capped the balance is broken. Capped the pen is 140 mm and uncapped is 119 mm. Diameter of the grip section is 11 mm max and 10 mm min. The pen comes with three cartridges of new ink. Summarizing, what can be said about the novelty? Platinum made very good product of middle range segment. Industrial design with interesting features, good quality – the pen will be a good workhorse. I recommend.
  19. I have several times heard the assumption that Pilot Started with Japanese long/short pocket pens. I heard this couple of times and it is also a claim made by Pelahale on his YouTube channel. On Pilot corporate page is says that Pilot released their Elite model in 1968. I have Platinum pocket pen who has the old Platinum company logo, which means it was made before 1968. Unfortunately I cant identify the model, it is similar to Platinum 200, and has wondered fine and very soft 14k nib. It has some scratches and signs of use but for $10 it was a great buy. I also read on Platinum website that they launched their pocke pen series in 1964 with models PK-1000, PKB-2000, PK-1500. Did the Platinum start the trend of long/short format that was hugely popular in 1960s and 1970s ?
  20. So platinum procyon is quite less used/ considered pen in our little FP households for obvious reasons (spend few dollar more and get a gold nib, wait for time and one might get gold nib for same price as new procyon) but I still feel its a very good steel nib pen for those who want to try it plus it has nice feed design, good nib, light for metal and understated design especially in dark blue (personal liking this one). Now the main aim is to see if these were present among other FPN users or not and Please by all means add Curidas in list cos from what I understand they are same feed design. Observations Pen runs on dry side of spectrum (no skips or sudden starvation or hard starts, just dry side or spectrum), has small platinum-ish feedback and nib does not show any issues while feed design works well for last bottle ink draining. All is fine until ink is wet or wetter side of spectrum, dry and less lubricated inks work OKish in most cases and will have some minor skips when fast writing when filled in convertor (well duh ink is not lubricated properly). Cartridge is problem from what I felt. If dry and less lubricated ink is in cartridge the pen will have significant rise in skipping so much so that it will be difficult to write 6 words without one and that is annoying. This problem is less in convertor as stated above. The fun thing is that a wet ink or balanced inks (say waterman serenity blue) will not show any issue in convertor and very less issue (noticed in sessions of over 6 pages) in cartridge. A wet ink or even inks on wetter side of balanced (say iroshizuku murasaki shikibu) will have no issues in either convertor or cartridge. So why does the cartridge show the issue while convertor shows it less no none in cases ?..... I am thinking that the ball inside (aggregator) can be an issue for this one. I looked at other platinum pen (preppy is only second platinum I have) and feed end seems almost same but size I cant be sure of (no way to measure but I assume same cos...well same thing...). This made me use some other way to see the issue as I knew ball is the issue cos in convertor things are fine, so I filled water in empty cartridge and put it inside preppy to see balls behavior, always in center over the feed entry.....when hands in same position.....now what would happen if saturation is changed in water (add salt and sugar was best I could think) now the ball seems to be in center and stays there for a while same observation pretty much only denser...now what would have happened if ink was dense and ball space..I think the ball might not have enough space to move properly so ink is having harder time reaching the feed section, combine with already dry type feed and the balance of ink might break which I suspect happens here. Now this is only issue in dry inks or less saturated inks...ironically I observed it first in Platinum's gifted aqua Emerald color..(color was not to my liking and performance was subpar in most case) which stated the series of weird tests and observations. Sadly procyon is metal and I cant see the insides to do proper testing and pen is actually too good to open (why bother when I know convertor works perfectly) What have others experience been, has anyone tried curidas or procyon with such inks and had issue in cartridge or convertor or any other issues with these guys. Share your experience and opinions and suggestions welcomed.
  21. From the album: Odds and ends

    150 opened bottles of inks now have no place in my (wife's work-from-home) desk's main storage space, which is absolutely chockers, so most of these now live inside clear, stackable Daiso plastic storage boxes under the spare bed in the same room. Then there are also the 25 Diamine Inkvent Red Edition inks, although technically I can squeeze this into one of the desk's shallow drawers:

    © A Smug Dill

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  22. Can’t find any info about this on line. Big gold nib, fantastic feel, but haven’t dipped it to try it. Going back to store soon. Expensive, about 1600 Euros. The story how I came across it, as well as more pix, are here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/366734-sevilla-papelería-ferrer/#comment-4540900 i naively asked the owner if it was a new brand. But these are the Staedlers who started making pencils in the 1400’s, and makr ke tech pens etc today. if you call the store and buy it before I get there, please save me. tol
  23. It helps to explore this yourself, revisiting once in a while if need be, and keep in mind where each of those personal info fields are entered. Don't leave it until the urge to change something specific to come upon you, and only then bother to ask the question! Invest the time surveying upfront, instead of waste it later waiting for an answer from nobody in particular. Most of the fields shown above are self-evident as to what they are. I think the only ones that could do with explanation are: Security and Privacy: There is only one setting under there, and that is a toggle for whether your online status (including ‘last active’ date or time) is visible to others Content View Behavior: That has nothing to do with what others can see about you, but only where you would like to start reading when accessing content Enable status updates: This toggle enables/disables the public feed on your profile page; if you disable it, then nobody (including you) can post publicly visible ‘status updates’ or any other message against your profile, but if you enable it, then anyone — friend, foe, or complete stranger — can post something there whenever, without waiting for you to initiate and then only reply to what you wrote Notification Settings have nothing to do with what others can see about you, and so is out of scope for this article, and I'm not going to delve into those right now. (You can look here, here, and here to wrap your head around how notifications work with respect to followed content.) N.B. There is a possibility that some of the above settings and data fields may not be available to Bronze members and/or Silver members, but I have no way of testing that or scoping it out. — • — Another way of getting to the Edit Profile dialog, and the way to change your profile photo (or ‘avatar’), is here: — • — Freeform, custom member titles that one enters for oneself are long gone, and have not been a thing since FPN came back from a long hiatus and platform upgrade late in 2020.
  24. OldTravelingShoe


    From the album: OldTravelingShoe's Random Pics of Fountain Pens

    © (c) 2022 OldTravelingShoe. All rights reserved.

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  25. Tom Kellie

    Montblanc Platinum 149 Obbb

    Montblanc Platinum 149 OBBB ~ After writing with a Montblanc 149 OBBB nib for half a year, its charms made a deep impression. Having mistakenly supposed that such a wide nib would be awkward or unwieldy for everyday use, it was a pleasant surprise to find that the OBBB was versatile. The display of ink qualities, the smooth flow on paper, the capacity for diferent line widths — all of these were self-evident. Therefore a Platinum 149 was purchased and sent away for a nib exchange to OBBB. Six weeks later an express package arrived with the pen. After being filled with Montblanc Lavender Purple ink it wrote on ordinary paper with clear strokes. I especially enjoy the feel and look of OBBB handwriting, which is subtly expressive. The following images show the process of unwrapping and first writing with the pen. The Box The Contents The Wrapping The Pouch The Pen The Nib The Writing The OBBB

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