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  1. From the album: Odds and ends

    The opening on a Diplomat ‘international standard’ converter is 2.4mm across, and other ‘non-conformant’ types of converters tend to have wider openings than that. Even a completely dry and still relatively stiff strip of paper towel can be rolled up to be inserted through the opening; and, once its slightly moist and softer, it can easily deform and bunch up to touch (and therefore dry) the walls of the converter as the strip is rotated. I keep a stack of these strips handy for cleaning.

    © A Smug Dill

  2. What could be wrong with (or dirty or clogging) a nib? I have had two Preppies and one "disposable" Zebra with what I thought was a similar problem. I see plenty of ink and if I wipe the sides or back vent hole with a damp paper towel, ink immediately wicks out. But when I wrote, nothing came out. With the Zebra, I pulled the nib out and noticed with some magnifier help that there seem to be a teenie bit of dried ink between the tines. I scrubbed it with a cotton swab with some rubbing alcohol and sure enough some ink-color staining on the swab. I "deform" the nib a little bit to expose the in
  3. Peterthebeginner

    Cleaning Issues

    Hi all, I've bought this pen on a flea market and been cleaning it for two days already, but still some dried ink flakes are shooting out of it when flushed with a converter, and still stains the tissue that I wanna dry it with, any idea how to clean it thouroughly? Thanks in advance 😋
  4. Hi friends, had a quick question for any knowledgable or science-minded pen owners out there. I have an Opus 88 Omar — which I love — but when I clean it, something odd happens. The barrel, which is usually transparent, frosts over as soon as I empty the water out. Where water remains, it's perfectly clear, but it gradually fogs up entirely. I thought that it was simple condensation, but it seems to stay there for good (unless there's water present). As soon as it's not in contact with water, it frosts over. I can watch it happen. It doesn't scrub away with a q-tip or paper towel, either.
  5. Wemedge24

    Caran D'ache Ecridor Nib Removal

    Hi all, many years ago I gifted my father with a Caran d'Ache Ecridor, which he's probably never correctly cleaned. As expected, he's been experiencing many problems with the ink flow. He's now tasked me with fixing all his flow troubles. Anyway, I'd like to remove the nib (if possible) and thoroughly clean his pen but I've been unable to find any information regarding the removal of an Ecridor nib. Does anyone out there know how the nib is held in the feed? Is this a single unit that Caran d'Ache wants customers to replace as opposed to fix? If there are any workarounds I'd be very grateful
  6. I have just received a beautiful restored Parker Vacumatic in the mail from Ebay. Got it for $83. It has a nasty strong perfume odor on the body and cap. I tried cleaning it with windex, light laundry soap and soft sponge, and alcohol wipes. Also tried "Pet Odor Remover" which normally takes any organic smell away. And, it still reeks so bad that my hand smells from holding it. Questions: 1. Can the smell be removed? . . . How? 2. Is the smell absorbed into the plastic? 3. Should I just try to return it? Thanks for your help. jim
  7. Hello folks, I'm seeking your advice on what to do about the weird smell on two of my ranga pens. They are both made of black ebonite with a matte finish. I don't know if the matte finish is more susceptible to fungi or bacteria setting up shop there. I'm using one as an eyedropper filler so even inside the barrel there's more funky smell. I'm not talking about the rubber smell which is expected. I think the smell can be best described as "sweaty socks". Not very pleasant when you uncap the pen to start writing with it. The 4C has that smell on the section and barrel, and the sugarcane
  8. cynegils

    Montblanc 149 Leak Piston

    Hi everyone, I am new to the fountain pen network but have already used the large knowledge base here to guide my recent purchase of a used Montblanc 149 from the 90s. I'm very grateful for the the useful information here. Unfortunately, I may not have read quite enough. The pen arrived yesterday from an antiques store in Spain (I'm in NYC). It came with a little ink inside so I used the pen and found it writes wonderfully. However, while flushing the pen for the first time, I noticed there is a considerable amount of ink on the screws of the piston as you can see in the picture I included (
  9. Dip n Scratch

    Cleaning Out A Parker Reflex

    The pen has been allowed to dry out twice & I wondered if it is possible to extract the nib & feed to give the assembly a good scrub. If that is not possible. How strong a cleaning agent can I use apart from dish soap? It has not been left with something nasty inside it, like Diamine Registrars Ink, just bog-standard dye-based ink. I did the trick with very dilute Ammonia solution to clean a '51's innards. However... The Reflex is not made of quite such good materials. The pen has some minor sentimental value, but it was only £12.50 back in December 2004. BTW it was made in Newhaven. I
  10. pschwartz

    Care Of Vintage Pelikans

    I have two vintage Pelikans a 400 Tortoise and a 400N green striated. Love them both and use them regularly but often I will rest them for a month or two. I was wondering if after cleaning it might be good to leave them with a bit of water in so that they wouldnt dry out?
  11. I got a Noodler's Creaper in translucent Truk Lagoon and decided to test out the new pen with a sample of Noodler's Revolution Blue that I had previously purchased because it looked like a nice dark blue and I had a couple of letters to write. The pen had some kind of really weird "spoiled milk" smell when I uncapped it and continues to have that smell, but I assumed that was something in the plastic off-gassing and that it would eventually go away. It hasn't really yet, but I don't know if that's actually abnormal. Fast forward to now, a little over two weeks later, when I've used up the in
  12. shawnee

    Help With Vintage Pilot

    Any Pilot fans want to help this newbie out and ID this pen? Ive found other images of it online, but cant find a name. Also, is there a way to take it apart to clean it? Ive soaked it several times now in the ammonia/water solution and Im still getting starts and stops (see writing sample). It was seriously filthy. If I cant clean it myself, who are our Pilot specialists in the US? It doesnt need a grind so it doesnt seem to make sense to send it off to Mike Masuyama. I actually like it a lot when it wants to write. Super flexy. Thoughts? Shawnee
  13. JulieParadise

    Show Your Feed!

    When cleaning and refilling one of my Wing Sung 3008 pens to give it to my son who wanted to use it in school I encountered a stubborn clear feed that would not want to give away all of its orange glory (Akkerman #16 Oranje Boven) after cleaning and even after refilling the pen with Lamy (Royal) Blue. So I was able to take the following pictures. Edit: (Was interrupted before I could add what I was going for, tsss ...) What do your feeds look like? Do you have unusual or unusually beautiful feeds? I am sure you have!
  14. gmax

    Flushing A Montblanc 147

    After puzzling over this for a while, I had the idea of snipping the end off a long cartridge and inserting it instead of the MB cartridge-carrying cassette. The long cartridge protrudes far enough from the back of the pen body to allow the use of a bulb syringe for a thorough flush It know it seems an obvious idea, but I decided to post it here, in hopes that it may help someone
  15. Hey everyone! I'm currently in the market for a pen and the Pelikan M605 Translucent White has caught my eye. From what I understand however a white lacquer pen is a hard thing to keep clean. Does anyone have experience with how much of a commitment keeping a white pen white is? EDIT: My main concerns are with staining and yellowing. I've heard that red ink can stain the interior of a demonstrator before and I'm concerned about something similar but on the exterior of a white pen.
  16. I am getting ready to travel internationally for a few weeks on business. Only a couple of my FPs will be coming with me. I am one of those people who don't like to leave ink in my pens for over a couple of weeks. So, today is pen cleaning day! This is a ritual that I actually do every two weeks. I will flush and clean each of pens, including those I will be taking, and inspecting them under magnifier. Yes, I am a little obsessive sometimes. But to me there is nothing worse that seeing dried ink caked all over my fountain pens. What are the "rituals" that you go through with you
  17. Two questions: 1. How do you flush and clean ink from a pen with this sort of filler? I use a pen for a few weeks then clean it and put it away for months before it sees use again. I'm concerned this filler isn't appropriate for that usage pattern. 2. Longevity of diaphragm. Any estimates on that? What's ages a diaphragm most: pumps, inks, or simply time.
  18. Hello fellow FPNers! I'm wondering what your worst or funniest or whatnot cleaning experience has been? Did you put it together backwards? Did you omit something? Did something get in that shouldn't? Did you catastrophically break a pen? (eek) I'll start with mine. This weekend (and some of last) was pen cleaning bonanza! I hadn't cleaned many pens in a while, I want to send a couple of them off to get professional tuned, and I had a few Pilot Varsity models that needed cleaning and refilling for a friend. So, I did the harder ones first and last weekend, cleaned the rest over th
  19. What is the best way to clean a Hero 616? I would like to clean out the Parker Quink black and re-ink it with Lamy Blue-Black.
  20. I have a 20 year old Parker with a medium gold nib. It sat empty for 15 years. I used to use Mont Blanc blue and black inks. Now using Noodler's green. When I inked it up it was renamed Skippy...verrry dry. I cleaned it with 10% ammonia, 90% distilled water, afew drops of detergent. Not great, so I did some minor nib adjustments per Youtube and that helped, but not great yet. I looked at the feed with the nib off...under a microscope... and saw white crystalline deposits, some kind of salts, in the capillary channels on the top side of the feed (the side just under the nib). I soaked an h
  21. Hello fellow ink users, I don't know where this question fits, so I presume that best bet is "ink" department/forum. Before I go and start looking at youtube videos - I should ask here, where there must be many people who experienced similar problem. In the excitement while inking a new pen, few drops of Iroshizuku Yama Budo and few drops of Ku Jaku - ended up on my kitchen granite countertop. Few drops I managed to clean with water quickly, but few I've noticed to late. Now I have several colorful spots and I cannot remove them. The ink (it seems) seeped into the granite pores. An
  22. Has anyone ever figured out how to safely remove the feed from the section of the Preppy/Plaisir so it can be cleaned and dried faster? In some SBRE Brown video he mentioned that he had been utterly unable to remove the fin-feed from the clear section of either his Preppys or Plaisirs, said that as cheap pen you have to deal with it, but complained that it took 'forever' for it to dry inside its clear tube section after rinsing it out. Well, I just got my first Plaisir (light and plastic-y yes, but the .05 writes very nicely - more smoothly than my .03 Preppy) and I see exactly what he was
  23. Hello FPN, can anyone help me with get rid of red stains left behind by Diamine Brilliant Red ink in my pilot Custom 74 demonstrator (was in pen only for a week). I have tried hot/cold water, ammonia solution, bleach solution and somehow there are few spots that are unbelievably stubborn and don't want to go away. any suggestions on how to get rid of it?
  24. Stitchpunk

    Water And The Boheme

    So, my Boheme with the OB nib has shipped from Pentooling! And there is one thing that I still am not clear on with the Boheme, which is cleaning. There are lots of great instructions about how to flush it out with water, and also some "don't put water in it, it'll rust the mechanism" posts. And also some old posts about MB cleaning cartridges, which I don't think exist any more. Can anyone tell me definitively whether or not flushing with water is ok? Or could I use Pen Flush instead? Or is Pen Flush just water with some chemicals in it and therefore just as risky?
  25. InkyPoetess

    Swapping Nibs- Cleaning And Storing

    Hi all! Total newb question, but one of the main selling points on my Safari Petrol was the ability to explore different nibs without having to buy a new pen. Now that I have a second nib, how do I clean and store the one that is currently on my pen? (I will probably switch the nib out while the pen is still inked, using the tape trick in the Goulet video.) My first thought was to soak it for about 5 minutes in distilled water then wipe it off with a paper towel, but will this damage the black finish or otherwise harm my nib? Is there a better way of doing it? Thanks!

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