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  1. Easigraf

    Lamy Lx Questions

    Hi, I have just received a Lamy Lx Palladium (I got on sale). I have noticed a couple of mishaps. Firstly, I noticed that there is a loose bottom finial- creating a rattling sound. I was able to use my finger to tighten it (in comparison to another one, it is not fully tightened- as seen in the photo by referencing the ‘Germany’ imprinting). However, it came loose again. Since tightening it again, it hasn’t. Is there any way that I can fix this, to prevent it loosening long term? I believe there is a hex thread in the bottom finial? A question about the nib. I noticed a grey streak on the right tine. I originally thought that it must be some sort of factory residue. I cleaned it and inked it up, however, have realised that it is still there. Could this be a spot on the nib where PVD coating is missing? Input on this would be great. And finally, a question about the feed. When capped, the feed remains black, though when uncapped, it fades to a greyish white colour. Is this normal, as I haven’t been able to find any information on this? Not sure if any of these issues or questions have to do with a slight problem I ran into. When loading a cartridge into my pen, after cleaning with a bulb syringe (with basically distilled water), and drying off, the ink just would not flow to the nib properly, as only faint grey lines came out (even after writing for a while). I tried everything to promote the ink to saturate the feed, including putting the pen upside down, gently squeezing the cartridge and writing with it. When cleaning it out, a faint pink colour came out? Anyway, I have since combatted this by using bottled ink (Pilot Iroshizuku), so as to saturate the nib and feed initially, and since I haven’t had any flow issues. Thank you in advance!
  2. I just received a lovely Etruria Ambra that I bought on eBay. It’s the older piston model with the straight section. Unfortunately, it came with a broken feed. Does any anyone know of a replacement that would fit? A standard Bock #6? I also would have to remove the other half of the feed from the section. I was thinking of using a small screw to pull it out. Is that a good idea or is there a better way? Many thanks! David
  3. KingRoach

    Bock Nibs Leaking?

    Dear all, I've recently tried 3 bock nibs (all new), all with three sealed cartriges, and all 3 nibs, when pointing downwards, would collect ink quickly between the fins, and if I write like that would burp the ink on paper. None of my other Bock nibs that I've had for a while did this. Now I have another one in hand (for someone else), and it's doing the same thing, using a converter. I am sure there is no air leak anywhere, and to be honest, 4 nibs is way too much of a coincidence. What are your thoughts please?
  4. Hi all, I am finishing my repair of a Balance Vac, and I am trying to set the nib and feed, and they will not seat in the section far enough in! I have never had this problem before. I have attempted to reseat it about 5 times. Every time I find myself exerting more force than I believe is a proper amount and so I back off, say a few chosen words, scratch my head, knock it back out, and figure out what the hell is wrong. I have looked inside the section, I do not see any old nib edge marks to see where it was seated before (this is my fault for not doing this when I took it apart). I have rotated where I attempt to place the nib and feed when inserting it...the only other thing I can THINK of is to set the section in the freezer or fridge (for a brief few minutes) to get it to shrink and therefore expand the size of the section hole, but that is just pure speculation as I try to figure out how to get this darn thing back in. It is the nib and feed that came/original with the pen, so it's not that I am trying to replace these parts. I am out of ideas. Any suggestions?
  5. Hello, I have a No. 146 from the 1980s in front of me. I knocked out the nib and feed easily enough but getting them back in seems impossible! I have done this before and had no trouble after applying a little silicone grease. This time, nothing works. I am afraid of breaking a fin on the feed. Does anyone know of a good way of getting them back in? Thanks!
  6. gringomckinley

    Sonnet Nib And Feeds Replaceable?

    I own two Parker Sonnets, bought them in an online auction together. I do not care for the nib and feed, they always start off dry, scratchy, and often skip. I was wondering if there were parts, doesn't have to be Parker, I could buy separately to swap out? I have no issues making these Frankenpens as long as they work how I like. I live in South America so shipping them to the US or Europe to get nib work done would be pretty costly and the postal system here isn't that reliable. Any suggestions would be great.
  7. parapadakis

    A most peculiar feed... Part II

    Some of you may remember a thread I started a couple of weeks ago about a feed we discovered repairing a woodgrain lever pen: Well, I'm still none the wiser about the origins of the pen or the feed, but here is Part II of the story... After cleaning the rust and the remnants of the old coil, I attempted to replace with a new coil. However, the top lug of the feed snapped, revealing a rusted metal core (about a 10mm long) running through the feed. You can see the core on the feed side: This is the other half on the lug that snapped off: So this is the question that puzzles me: Is that metal core supposed to be there? If so, there is no explanation for the tubular channel in the middle of the feed, and the hole in the lug at the top: On the other hand, if it is not supposed to be there, how did it come to be? And should I attempt to remove it and create a flow through the core of the feed, before re-attaching the top lug? Any suggestions to solve the mystery, gratefully appreciated! Thanks George
  8. Big Red Danny Boy

    Pen Flush Safe for Parker Hard Rubber Duofold

    Title basically sums it up! I have just finished repairing a hard rubber Duofold, but in my excitement to get it writing again, I forgot to disassemble and clean the nib and feed before I glued the ink sac on. Because of this I'd rather not have to cut the sack off to clean the feed and nib. I do not plan of course to soak anything in pen flush; just rinse. With that being said, are pen flushes containing ammonia safe for the hard rubber and the sack?
  9. Hi y'all! I have a Montblanc 310 that has quite a gap between the nib and the feed and am not sure of what to do, as I'm not sure whether the gap is the result of the nib being bent upwards or the feed being bent downwards. There's a video showing this pen's tear-down here: https://youtu.be/H57t0ZLfs1Y?t=42 but no the clear piece that joins the section to the barrel on mine just won't budge. Any ideas? I would like to take it apart, so I can either fix the nib properly or apply hot air or water to the feed to bend it upward to have it touch the nib's underside. The pen writes well, but has issues starting after not using it for a day because the ink that fills that gap evaporates. Thanks!!! alex
  10. I have a handlful of Vintage and new Pens. Parker Vacumatic, Parker Duofolds, Skyline Everysharps, Pelikan 400nn. Pelikan M200's, M400, Sailor 1911, Various TWSBI's. Inks: Only "wetter" inks. Aurora, Diamine, Waterman, Iroshizuku. Mostly blues. I have read that pens should be flushed or cleaned regularly to extend the life of the feed and nib and prevent ink drying out and build up. I have been using the above pens regularly, every 1-2 weeks or much more, for some time. Should I be emptying the ink and cleaning out the pens every so often? How often? Or, is it not necessary as long as the pens are inked and used regularly? Thanks for your help. jim
  11. From a descripton of Pelikan P1: From https://www.pelikan-collectibles.com/en/Pelikan/Models/Revised-Piston-Fillers/P1-Other/index.html Can anyone explain how this feed resisted pressure and temperature variations?
  12. Hi all. Can I get some Opus 88 Demo users together please? I've had a long bad experience with these pens. Had 2 of them that leaked. You'd find the section full of ink and suddenly you have ink on your fingers in a meeting, etc. etc. At first I was looking for leaks inside the section, but I think it was something else. The feed, or the underside of the nib, would get overflow of ink, to the point where the feed collector is full. When capped this would fall into the cap and back into the section. So the main problem is overflow in the feed. I've had the pen replaced by Opus, which was nice of them, but the new pen does that, only much slower. Hold the pen downwards and, long as the rear knob is slightly open, the feed will very slowly begin to fill up. I want to ask if others are having, or can observe, similar phenomenon. I know the pen in your case may not actually drop the ink eventually, but if you can only use a light to look at the underside of your Jowo nib to see if the ink is controlled in the channel or filling up the underside, that would help me. I have a video I will add when I get a chance. Many thanks for anyone who gives me some input.
  13. Guest

    Heat Setting Nibs/feeds

    Is it safe to heat set vintage pens? Dip into hot water just deep enough to cover the nib and feed but not up to the section for about 30 seconds and then press the nib and feed together? Is this mainly for certain types of nibs?
  14. This past Tuesday I received from the maker in India a new Ranga fountain pen, my first Ranga. While I wrote to the maker to ask how the apparently #6 nib and feed come out of the section, I've not heard from him (maybe because he and his son don't often look at their email service or maybe too busy due to the work load: I used mpkandan@yahoo.co.in which is inside the pen case). Therefore, I'm here to ask the same thing: do I simply pull out the nib and feed since they're both friction fit, or are both inside a housing/collar that unscrews from the section? [I know if both are in a collar, I can pull them out of the collar/housing.]
  15. Brother Tea

    Very Wet, Very Smooth Writer

    I am a university student in continental europe on a search for a very wet, very smooth writer. I want to have the feeling of writing on glass, and I don't want to have to worry about the ink flow, while I am feverishly taking notes during class. The paper is not the problem because I use Oxford 90 gsm paper. Does anyone have an idea how to make a feed bleed more? Can anyone recommend a reliable very smooth and very wet pen that I could ask for for my upcoming birthday in April? When I say very wet and very smooth, I think of my grandfather's Montblanc 149 with a F nib. This is however not my pen or a student pen. I also enjoy the writing experience of my mother's Pelikan M200 (1988-1997) with a B nib, however the piston mechanism doesn't work anymore and because it's the Old Style I don't know where to bring it to have it fixed. Last year, I was still able to use a Kaweco Sport with an EF nib, which is a smooth writer, but it didn't have the flow to back it up, i.e. even after an attempt or two to make the nib wetter, I gave up on the pen. This year, I have been using a PenBBS 355 with a Jinhao M/B (0.7mm) nib. This pen writes smooth as well, and I have been able to make the nib much wetter, but twice I have pushed the nib too far, spread the tines, and now sometimes when I put down too much pressure the tines will separate and no ink will flow. Luckily, I have two replacement Jinhao nibs, but for now I'll stick with the wet nib I have. In the first half an hour of use, the pen writes exactly how I want it to, and it exudes ink as freely as what might be considered too wet for the japanese market. However, the feed cannot keep up, and soon afterwards, I have to put down pressure to get the same amount of ink on the paper. This is an endless feedback loop of wetting the nib, spreading the tines, and then fixing the nib to make sure the nibs don't spread too much. Any tips, tricks, and suggestions for a better nib and pen would be greatly appreciated.
  16. I am a new owner of a Dupont Montparnasse. The feed seems to be of a unique design. There are none of the typical slots that function as ink reservoirs to deal with pressure changes, nor does the nib have the usual breather hole through which you can view the feed slot. Do any of the Dupont experts out there clarify how this manages to deal with pressure changes, ie, is there an alternative to the slots? Thanks for any info!
  17. Today I took delivery of this Aurora Optima 365 in brown marble. It appears to be in excellent condition, though I have not yet inked it up after an initial flushing. The pen came to me in a box for an entirely different Aurora pen which, while annoying, was not horrible. I pretty much expected that from the sales listing anyway, and I've been on the lookout for just this model so it didn't bother me. What I didn't expect was the deep red ebonite feed. Is this feed color correct for this pen? Does it matter. It does have the correct 18k gold nib. Thanks. EDIT UPDATE -- I asked this question after quite a bit of searching first and not finding an answer. Subsequently, of course, I found the Nibsmith video review which showed the red feed. Got my answer. Thanks anyway. Very happy to have this pen, needless to say. Marc
  18. Hello FPN community. Recently I received my dream pen. And I have a problem: the pen doesn't want to write properly. Of course I flushed it, twice. I guess, may be the main feed channel clogged with old ink, so I need to extract the feed to clean it... It would be great to see your suggestions!
  19. Symphing12

    Broken Jinhao Feed

    So I have this Jinhao X750 with a broken feed. It is broken right at the feed post, where the converter attaches. I want to replace it but I don't know how to get the post out. I know this may seem silly for a $10 pen, but I really like it and want to fix it with a new feed (probably an FPR feed). Any tips? Thank you!
  20. vnam43

    Rare? Esterbrook Feeds

    I haven't got a working camera at this moment - so bear with me. Anyway, I have a feed that has no external air (ink?) channel. It is similar is shape to other feeds - has combs, same diameter, and just over 31mm in length. The channel is internal, shaped like a "U" and at the rear there is a slot across the feed just below the channel. The feed face is conical and at the top near the front there are two very thin slits forming a cross. Is it rare or just not as common as the regular feeds. I also have two other feeds in which the front bottom half has been cut across and tapered to the tip. The reduced combs on the sides are supplemented with cut outs alongside the air channel, as in Waterman's spoon feed, probably to help with flow irregularities or as a marketing ploy. At first I thought this feed was unique to the 3XXX series until I came across a 2668 with a similar feed. Both of these feeds have retainer pins. Comments anyone?
  21. Mysterious Mose

    Defective Nib -- Worth Returning?

    I bought a Sheaffer Prelude Silver Brush “M” Fountain Pen on the Bay (item no. 223837617036) and received it Friday, 3 days ago. This is the made-in-China model, but it seems to have gone to Sheaffer Mexico. The selling price was $38.00. The listing specifies " Condition: New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item (including handmade items). See the seller's listing for full details." and "Sheaffer Prelude Silver Brush “M” Fountain Pen. Beautiful and comfortable! Comes in a great Sheaffer gift box, Black as well as a blue ink cartridges and a converter. Condition is New. What a great gift or keep it for yourself! Shipped with USPS First Class Package." The seller has a few dozen fountain pens listed on the Bay. I cleaned and flushed the pen and discovered that it had been dipped in ink. I wrote to the seller on Friday pointing this out and suggested that he be more accurate in his listings or that he flush pens before shipping them. I haven't received a response yet. Nevertheless, I left positive feedback. On Sunday, I examined the nib with a magnifying glass and discovered a defect. On the underside, the black plastic part (the feed?) isn't aligned with the metal part. We're talking about the metal part and the plastic part being an inverted V, with the end of the feed being cut short. In other words, it's more like an inverted U. The straight part of the feed, which goes from right to left, is about 1.5mm wide. The black part is off to the side, about 0.5mm off. It is so badly misaligned that the left hand side (facing up) of the black part extends beyond the metal part. On the right hand side, the metal is exposed. As far as I can tell, the pen writes fine. But, what do I know? With usage, might the nib get distorted? This is a defect, but Is this defect significant enough to return the pen? Would it qualify for Sheaffer's warranty? I haven't written to the seller yet.
  22. queerspaceman

    First Nib Replacement!

    So, I finally attempted a nib replacement- a Zebra G nib in a Jinhao x450. I think it worked pretty darn well!
  23. Mysterious Mose

    Why Does Waterman Expert Ii Skip?

    I bought this Waterman Expert new in December, 2019. It occasionally skips. When writing on Rhodia paper (No. 18, 80g/m^2), it writes rough. It writes smoother on Tamoe River 52g/m^2 but still skips. I wouldn't say the nib is wet. Does this mean it's dry? The ink I'm currently using is Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue. I filled it July 12, 11 days ago.. Last night, it completely stopped writing. I extracted a little ink with the converter and then it restarted. Could this be the nib? The feed? The cartridge? The pen? I've never in my life gone to a nib meister but wonder if that might help. If so, any recommendations? I'm located in New York City.
  24. Hi I didn't know where to put this so please delete if this is the wrong place, but... I wanted to know how to pick the right feed for my pen when buying from Fountain Pen Revolution. Here's the link in case anyone wants to see: https://fprevolutionusa.com/collections/5-5-nibs My pen has a feed that is 39mm long but I'm not sure that's what they're measuring here. Any and all help appreciated!
  25. cherrymerry

    Feed Repair

    I have Wing Sung 590 and I accidentally broken the feed. I glued it and it looked ok, then I filled my pen but get a lot of skipping. So I thought that I blocked channels with glue and I deepen the channel with scalpel, then tried to write. The result was even worse. Then I thought that may be I made a channel too deep so I placed a piece of thread at the end of the feed. And it worked! Now the question is: how to reduce depth of the feed? Thanks for any suggestions. P.S. Sorry for bad English.

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