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Found 24 results

  1. Crowley74

    Broken Carene Nib Grip Section

    Hi, First time poster and I am in need of help and experience. Unfortunately my Waterman Carene Fountain Pen has suffered the same fate as Balenemate's pen. His link is here from June 13. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/247665-broken-carene-nib/ I've added pictures below: The crack is around the entire circumference of the Pen grip. I believe that the Fountain Pen lid itself is defective and must have some how damaged the pen Anyone with experience of this problem? Will Waterman replace the entire pen under warrant? Rather than attempt a repair? Thanks Tom
  2. My wife's cross ball-point pen has come apart. The press-fit assembly is no longer together. I have 2 washers, one gold, one black, and a spring, and of course the barrel and the rotating part. The Cross refill has broken where the metal meets the plastic and the plastic will not come out of the rotating assembly that should be press fit in the barrel. Does anyone have a assembly diagram? How do I get the plastic end of the refill out of the rotating assembly? I have tried to turn it crosswise and it will not come out. My Cross pen accepts refills with very little effort so I was surprised at this one. Bill
  3. Symphing12

    Broken Jinhao Feed

    So I have this Jinhao X750 with a broken feed. It is broken right at the feed post, where the converter attaches. I want to replace it but I don't know how to get the post out. I know this may seem silly for a $10 pen, but I really like it and want to fix it with a new feed (probably an FPR feed). Any tips? Thank you!
  4. von Fraker

    Pelikan M101N Broken Barrel

    I have been offered to buy a Pelikan M101N in Brown/Green Tortoise which in my opinion was the best color done to date and I have wanted to add one to my collection and pen rotation. As you see, the pen barrel is broken. The seller states she was simply cleaning/flushing the pen when she heard the snap. (Perhaps moving the Piston up and down very rapid, I don't know). This special edition has been out for some time so the warranty has expired. I have a few questions. I haven't contacted Chartpack to see if a replacement is available yet so I'm not sure about going that route or if they even repair out of warranty pens. Can this break be repaired (solvent weld perhaps)? What is the recommended process of repair? Who does these type of repair? What can I expect to pay for a repair such as this? Is there anything else I should consider on this? She has given me her "asking price" and it's not terrible but I'm not sure she knew it couldn't simply be glued back. So, I am trying to see what I may have in this on the repair side before I counter offer or pass. As it stands now I would basically be paying for a used nib, feed, and cap which is almost the price she is asking. Your experienced advice is appreciated. Thank you, Rob
  5. CarrotBasket

    Monte Rosa Piston

    Hello, I am looking for advice on repairing the broken psiton rod that came with this Monte Rosa. I am not sure I will be able to find a replacement and the rubber seal appears to in very good shape still. It is broken and has chucks missing in the upper section so if I twist the piston all the way down it disconects from the threads and gets stuck in the barrel. Is there an optimal way to glue this or something? Your help is much appreciated
  6. Hi, I got this Cross pen and pencil set years and years ago from Office Depot, it was the most expensive pen and pencil I ever bought, like $30 and I used it all the time. The pencil is a twist, and should take .7mm lead. I can't even remember when anymore, but at some point, the pencil just stopped working. No lead that I put in would function and I was too young to know how to take care of it (I would put lead in through the front if I was being lazy which I have since learned is actually terrible). Anyway, I have been trying to put lead inside, but there's something in there. I used a Pilot Lead Cleaner thingy and it went inside, didn't make contact with anything and didn't loosen up anything in there. I've put a wire in there and it hit against something which wouldn't budge. There doesn't seem to be a simple way to disassemble it, I've gently tugged and turned every bit of to see if I could get the guts out (I mean, I know I can take the back off and there's a little tube for lead there but that's where it's jammed, unfortunately, the little tube is too deep for me to get anything really in there, even light - I'm only guessing that it's jammed to be fair). I'm just sad because it's pretty, it's well-built, and would match perfectly with a couple of my fountain pens! If only I could get it working again. What can I do? Is there anything left that I could do, or is it dead? The set isn't really made anymore, I found one on Ebay fo $40 named Cross Classic Signature Pen & 0.7mm Pencil, and I won't pay $40 for the pencil since I don't care about ballpoints~ Anyhow, it wouldn't be the end of my life if I can't salvage it, I got a Pilot S20 that's really comfortable to write with.
  7. Hello, I'm seeing if anyone has tackled this problem. As I was trying to wrestle a Sheaffer Triumph nib off a vac filler, the feed snapped. The nib and the rest of it is out, but there's a length of the feed still stuck in the collar. I've tried to soak it and twist it out (It'd be nice to preserve the collar for a spare, just in case) but it's not really budging. I do have a spare nib/feed/collar combo from a past botched vac fill project, and am hoping to at least get the collar out, so I can replace the Triumph nib unit and get this pen working. Am planning to drill into the feed, see if it holds, and then twist out the collar. If not, I will possibly just drill out the feed and then use a larger drill bit to then twist out the emptied collar. Thoughts?
  8. TheLeverist

    Crushed Barrel On Lever Filler

    Howdy Fellow Penners, it's me, the Leverist. (AKA Busy New Guy) I am in the throes of restoration right now, fixing a box of third-tier beauties, and was given yet another old clunker today. You can't beat free, but you can't always fix it either. It's a Scripto lever filler, hooded nib and steel cap, with a black barrel. The J bar is nice, the sac is due for replacement, and the end of the barrel is crushed. I don't have the pieces, they're long gone. It's someone's old junk pen. I was thinking about removing sac and J-bar, then making a new distal end with black epoxy putty and sanding it down smooth to form a tip. It won't be perfect but it will look better than the sad piece of pen carnage it is now. Also--this is cool. There's an imprint on the barrel reading "WHEN EMPTY LIFT LEVER ONCE, POINT DOWN, TO RELEASE INK RESERVE." Was there some sort of hidden reservoir in it? It looks like a plain old lever filler to me, though I haven't gotten the section off yet. Anyhow, see what you think. Sincerely The Leverist.
  9. mrncboy

    Lamy Lx Broken Clip!

    Hey guys. Just joined. I had my lamy lx in my pocket today and i bumped into a couch causing the clip to somewhat pop out on the left side of the clip. It is loose and doesn't clip now. For the past few hours i've been breaking my hand trying to do what people suggest and both stick a pencil in the cap and push it hard, and also the same but unscrew the finial screw with a coin. Neither have worked. The cap pulls out just a bit and scewing does nothing much. It is metal so idk if it's different than other lamy's. Does anyone know what i can do, or how i can replace it if needed? Thanks guys
  10. ReadyFireAim

    Postal Ink Carnage

    Am I a member of the club now? http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f312/dlg208/IMG_0508_zpsw1s5lehx.jpg
  11. chickenfloss

    Is My Konrad Flex Pen Broken?

    Pen: Noodler's Konrad Appalachian Pearl Flex Pen Ink: J. Herbin Rouge Opera I bought this pen from Goulet Pens via 65daigou (mail forwarder) and it came in a crushed box. While using it, I encountered endless problems; the pen perpetually railroaded, no matter how slowly I wrote and in which orientation. It railroaded at the slightest amount of encouragement! I have flushed this pen before and it only barely improved the situation. ' Upon taking a closer look, I noticed the tines and nib shape were weird-looking... for those of you who also own Konrad Flexes, is this a normal thing or do I have to get this pen replaced/fixed? some photos....
  12. MichaelSpyker

    Pelikan Go! P-70

    Hi Everyone, So I have a Pelikan Go! P70 and I've royally fu**ed up. I was cleaning the nib, very gently, and, I guess my gentle wasn't soft enough so while still screwed into the barrel, the nib section broke off. On top of that, there's a crack in the grip and it keeps falling off. Here's a few questions I have. I'm dirt poor and can't afford another one! I had this pen for literally 3 days before it went to sh*t. I pretty much spent my savings on this and I'm pretty sure I got ripped off. I paid upwards of 50 euros for this, plus currency exchange fees from the Canadian Dollar, so, I know, I messed it up. Okay.... Can I repair this pen? It's my only hope to write with a fountain pen. Can I remove the screw in section from the barrel? It's broken in there, screwed in. If I can remove the section stuck in the barrel... how can I reattach it to the nib section? I'm planning on fusing the plastic together to fix the crack and using superglue to make sure that the grip stays sealed (not stuck to the nib section though). Honestly, I'm desperate to repair this pen. I can't afford another one after I got ripped off with this one.
  13. Oortael

    Old Retractable Pen

    Hi all, First in wanted to thank you for the great advice I found in this forum when I purchased my new Montblanc 146P. As I’m new here I not sure if this fits in this section of the forum but I’ll give it a try. Unfortunately the reason for the new pen was the broken clip on my old ball pen. I got this one form my grandfather many years ago and it did great service to me. I hope you can help me to identify the type of this Montblanc pen. It is a retractable pen which button was integrated in the clip. Thank you a lot Stefan
  14. Hello, so after years of "sobriety" from my pen addiction I've gone into a MB writers edition binge. The result of one of these binges was an apparently un-inked (Boxes/papers) Dostoevsky which I received with a broken piston. I attempted to then drown my sorrows with my Oscar Wilde which I've had for many years and the entire piston assembly came off. So the Dostoevsky has been shipped back to the seller while the Oscar Wilde will probably be visiting his birthplace in Germany. By the way I took a photo of the "precious resin" of the Wilde. It appears to be a thin acrylic or maybe celluloid acetate with a solid inner liner (What do you guys and gals think). All the best! Jose Garcia
  15. Hello! I have a small problem. i was writing with my montefiore pen the other day and it plumb well snapped! The nib and body are fine, but I wanted some suggestions on whether or not I should super glue the part back in? It seems montefiore has just dropped off the face of the earth. ( their website has, in any case) I know its not an expensive pen but it wrote amazing for me so I would like to use it again. If glueing isn't recommended, then where might I find a replacement part? Thanks! http://i.imgur.com/ahwk0Awl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/XUXimqXl.jpg
  16. http://i.imgur.com/tOklFIHh.jpg Hi all, I acquired this pencil with a matching Parker 51 Aerometric. However, a 4 foot drop broke the barrel. There are a few barrels on Ebay for an Aerometric "Push Cap" pencils. Would those fit here since mine rotates rather than 'clicks?' Any info is most appreciated - I love this pencil and hope it can be used again! Cheers, OYP
  17. Jagarpether

    Broken Nib, Waterman 511D

    Hi, i got this pen of an action and the nib is broken. It's a Waterman pen i think the model is 511D, with a Edel chromstahl 1 qual nib. Is that a #2 nib? And does someone know any other nib that fits this pen? /Pether
  18. Exile

    Leaking Rotring 600

    Hi, A year or two ago I bought a second hand Rotring 600 fountain pen with a fine nib. I LOVE this pen and do all of my creative writing with it. It writes like a dream, isn't too wet, flows perfectly across the page, has a nice weight, everything is perfect. Until about two months ago. The pen has always had a 'singing nib' that I learned to ignore, but then it seemed to spring a leak just underneath the grip. I always manage to get ink on my hands when I write but I would find the crease in between my thumb and forefinger absolutely black. Similarly, when leaving the pen with the cap on, the inside of the cap would be wet when I took it off. I sent it off to a repairman and he managed to fix the singing nib but, after several tries, could not fix the leak. He recommended I get a replacement part. However, as many of you will know, the Rotring 600 is no longer in production and replacement parts are extremely rare. I have contacted Rotring themselves and they gave me a list of repair guys, but I wanted to know if any of you wonderful people might know where I can get a replacement part. I've attached a photo to show where the leak is (just above the screw thread). If anybody can help it would be massively appreciated. Thanks.
  19. Plusfoursmax

    Is This Worth A Punt?

    Hi, http://www.ebay.com/itm/371136116548 I am watching this auction on ebay, and apart from the rather interesting use of the term 'Quite good condition - few surface scratches' the 8th photo shows the whole nib unit separate from the rest of the pen. I'm kinda thinking this is not the natural position for a pen in good condition, it looks a bit crackly round the edge of the nib; Is that right? If not, what would it take to make the pen better? I think a vac-fill would do well in my home, but I don't want a basket case. Looking at Richard Binder's site, it appears that the nib should be threaded, but maybe this is a different type? Thanks Max
  20. Hello there I just acquired my first Montblanc fountain pen, but it's very old and has a lot of problems. There is no text on it - only "MONT BLANC" written on the cap and the clip, so I've had troubles identifying it myself. If anyone has an idea what pen this might be, please tell me. The nib says: WARRANTED 14 CT CSMI IRIDIUM First of all, I haven't been able to fill it. The top has an etched line which I suspected screwed of to reveal a button, but with a closer inspections, I've concluded it's not a seperate part. I'm now pretty sure that it screws at the section, but I've tried everything, and it's just stuck. Can anyone confirm this? I've tried to dip it ink and write with a little bit anyways. The nib is in a really bad shape, and is the most scratchy I've ever tried. It's placed asymmetrically on the feed, so I'm guessing the nib can be changed? What standard would that be? Look at the photos, and I would be glad to get some answers to my questions.
  21. dannyc1105

    Dropped Pen. Stuck Nib

    Hello out there. I'm fairly new to fountain pens and I'm enjoying them a lot. I have a cheap fountain pen that I got a gift shop in Schloß Schönbrunn in Vienna. It doesn't seem to have a brand name and it has a Iridium Point Germany nib. Anyways, I dropped this pen onto the floor. When I uncapped it to check for damage, the nib was separated from the pen and stuck in the cap. I've taken it out and tried again a couple times but it seems to get stuck every time. What should I do? Is there a easy solution to this? Or should I somehow replace the nib? Thank You very much, Danny
  22. bushpig

    Boom. Broken Lamy.

    Just got home. Was playing at the park with girlfriend and her daughter. Took my Al-Star out and found that the threads were broken off, inside the barrel. Gonna get some glue to put it back together, but I don't think I'll feel safe carrying it around anymore. Looks like I'll need a new EDC! http://imgur.com/nCW7KjJ
  23. Spudjuice

    Disaster! Lamy 2000

    So, I was writing with my favourite pen today, the Lamy 2000, when suddenly the section popped off from the barrel!The pen was ful of ink, red ink, and it went everywhere. I tried futilely to screw it back on - only to discover that the threads were worn down so badly that it was impossible. Probably the reason it popped off like that. I have had this pen for two years, and have never unscrewed the section, so I have no idea how it was so worn. i thought maybe ink had gotten in somehow and corroded it, but the only traces of ink were from the current red fill and the purple from a few days ago. Now I have a broken pen and no idea what to do! The section is stuck in the cap too, and I can't get it out. Help!
  24. cooldude666

    Replacement For Unknown Brand

    Hi there. I'm looking for replacement parts for a pen, which I'm not sure of the brand. This pen was bought for me from a tabac in Beziers, France. It's a cheap pen, but I took it with me on a holiday in Europe and it worked like a dream. When I returned, I couldn't find the occasion to write with it, so it fell out of use for a few months. I picked it up again recently, and found that it is not working like it used to. The pen will draw ink from the cartridge, and will write for two or three lines, but then will run dry. If I remove and replace the cartridge, it will then do the same thing again. I thoroughly cleaned the insides, thinking that was the issue, but the problem remained. I bought new and different inks, but they all had the same issue. I then took it to T Sharps, my local pen shop, and they said the insides were clean, and that the problem was with the nib, which seemed damaged. I do not remember dropping it, but I'm pretty rough with my pens, and the nib does look a bit damaged, so I agree that the nib is the problem. I was then told that they could not do repairs, as they were not sure of the brand of the pen. (It has Enzo Varini written on the cap, but that is the only identifier, and a quick google search shows no results of a pen brand of that name.) They also did not have any replacement parts, as they said these types of pens are generally hand made with random parts from other pens. I am quite eager to have this pen fixed, and was wondering if anybody had seen a pen like this, or knew where to get replacement parts. I would be happy to replace all of it, as long I could still use the case. Thank you for any help you can provide, Adam

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