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Found 22 results

  1. uceroy

    Lamy Al-Star Le 2019 Bronze

    This one just popped up in my mailbox from La Couronne du Comte: Available from February. Definitely more tempting to me than the pastel safaris 🙂 What do you think?
  2. penzel_washinkton

    Rohrer & Klingner Kastanienbraun (Maroon)

    Rohrer & Klingner is continuing their Limited Edition yearly inks after the Aubergine last year. This year it is labelled "R & K Kastanienbraun" or Maroon. https://www.rohrer-klingner.de/?page_id=1056&lang=en Looks more brownish and not maroon to me though...
  3. Endless Pens started putting Leonardo Officina Italiana pens in its (pre-order only) catalogue earlier this year, including a store-exclusive Bacio Del Diavolo ("The Devil's Kiss") limited edition of the Momento Zero model. There seemed to have been a lot of flux in its pricing of the Leonardo models since; first the prices dropped briefly for less than a week†, then went back up at the same time as free international shipping subject to a minimum spend threshold of US$149 was introduced, and then up and up again over the past couple of months (when I glanced at them occasionally; I haven't
  4. Astronymus

    Lamy Forecast 2019

    Some forecast for 2019 emerged on the net. New Joy, Aion, Safari, Studio, and the very confusing AL-Star and Lx. See here: https://frankunderwater.com/2018/12/30/a-peak-into-lamys-2019-special-editions/
  5. white_lotus

    Kwz Chicago Blue (Le)

    KWZ inks are my favorite inks after Sailor. And last year I had the chance to snag a bottle of the Chicago Blue LE from the Chicago Pen Show. Woo-hoo! Only recently did I get to open the bottle and try it. I first loaded up an Edison Menlo, and the ink was so wet it simply flowed from the nib when pointed down. That was unexpected. So I switched pens and filled one of my Edison Beaumont pneumatics. Not as wet as the Menlo, useable. But still it was very very wet ink. Placing the nib on absorbent paper caused a spreading blob of ink on the paper. That doesn't happen with other inks. They may
  6. white_lotus

    Lamy Dark Lilac (Le 2016)

    I was not part of the craze in 2016 for this ink so I never raced after a bottle, and wasn't going to pay a premium price for one either. Sometime earlier this year someone sent me some samples, and one, was this ink. So it was nice to actually try it. The only time prior that I had used a Lamy ink was a cartridge that came with a pen. Lamy Blue perhaps? It wasn't impressive. This ink is so far from Lamy cartridge ink I can understand what all the fuss was about. This ink was head and shoulders above standard Lamy ink. I don't have a purple/violet that matches this color so I can't offer a s
  7. It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon here and the rains have finally arrived. I had reviewed the HS Bronze on a similar afternoon. If you are looking for the HS Bronze review, here it is: HS Bronze Review The Blogger view runs below for the HS Florentine Hills review: The Visconti Homo Sapiens Florentine Hills Review So here goes the review. THE HOMO SAPIENS In late 2009, Florence-based luxury pen maker Visconti announced in a press-release covering a nib made of 95% Palladium (23k) alloy. Commonly available nibs are 14k/18k/21k Gold alloy (Sailor), with a few exceptions (Danitrio & the Jap
  8. I really am going to have to find something special to get for this inky FPN friend who has supplied me with generous amounts of limited edition Noodler's inks. Thank you inky friend! This was the third ink of the 2015 Commonwealth Pen Show special inks. And it might be the best of the three. Normally I don't go for such magenta inks as this, but when I started writing I realized this was the most beautiful ink I'd ever seen. It is really such a pity that this was LE. Gone! Unobtanium forever! Especially since the dye used in this ink was discontinued, or no longer available. A shame rea
  9. Thanks to a wonderful FPN inky friend I have a very generous sample of the limited edition Noodler's ink from the 2015 Commonwealth Pen Show. Sadly, not available at all, probably for any price. I didn't find any even on ebay, but there never was much of this available in the first place. This is a nice grass green ink, with some water resistance, very fast drying especially on absorbent papers. Drier pens might be better for this ink as experienced some show through using my M-nibbed, wet, Edison Premiere. It wasn't terrible, but for those writing on both sides of the paper, to minimize a
  10. I recently acquired a Visconti Australis Opera Master LE for multiple reasons. I like Visconti.... and it was half the price of most other Opera Master size pens. I like the rose gold, and it has a gold nib, versus the current palladium nibs. I do not know much about it. It was mint, NOS, in original box with all paperwork. It was limited to the Australian market. It is made of Black Lucite and rose gold. It has the Double Power Filler, and a 18k gold nib. It even came with a letter opener. Does anyone have more info about this pen? Why was it called the Australis? When was it relea
  11. jasonchickerson

    Sailor — Pen And Message Cigar

    http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ0043-Edit.jpg http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ0041-Edit-Edit.jpg Original Crown Mill Pure Cotton Paper, dipped (top) and Lamy 2000 F/M (bottom) http://i900.photobucket.com/albums/ac209/jasonchickerson/_FUJ0046.jpg Quick wash on Original Crown Mill Classic Laid Paper (envelope) This is the brown I've been looking for. Cigar is not perfect. It looks its best on high quality, absorbent paper and looks flat and everything else, including high-end vellum (sorry, Clairfontaine Triomphe lovers). It beh
  12. northstar

    Waterman Le Man 100 Sterling Silver

    I got this pen just recently among other pens, I was totally amazed by its beauty and wanted to share few pictures with you all, hope you will enjoy. Best regards. Return it? Is this guy drunk or what???
  13. This is a review of a Limited Edition ink made by Sailor for Bung Box. Each glass bottle had a number on the bottom that was molded in the glass. There were only one hundred bottles of this ink made. By sheer dumb luck I happened onto one. I bought for a friend that was dying to get it. They gave me the sample used for this review. The bottle was rather beautiful, (image taken from Bung Box's Facebook page.) The ribbon and seal were a nice little add-on that made the entire opening festive and special. According to Bung Box, Sakurasaku means to celebrate. http://i296.photobucket.com/albu
  14. Hello, I have recently acquired my first Aurora, a 75th Anniversary LE (no. 1013). It is a gorgeous pen, writes well, and has a smooth piston filling. However, the cap is loose. To elaborate, the cap has a screw on mechanism, but it seems that the threading on the cap and the barrel are not working in sync. I can only put the cap on in a particular angle, and that too needs careful handling. Any suggestions will be helpful, including suggestions of repair centres.
  15. Does anyone know on this pen, the LE Michelangelo, not the Grande, does the piston filler use the power filler method? My understanding is it was introduced much later than in these pens. I will find out soon and glad to join this amazing forum. My new pen has the portable ink well and the old Visconti clip. Thanks for the help. Well looks like per Coles ofLondon site I have the origonal piston filler not the double res one... again great to be here anything I should do for an new unused old stock pen to insure it works ok?
  16. Hello, Lamy newbie here. I wanted to get a Safari and saw the Neon Coral is still available on eBay for around $25 from different sellers. That seems a little strange, since the Coral was a 2014 LE and I figured there'd be none left to sell in 2016. I bought one there anyway, but I'm already suspicious that it may be a fake. However, JetPens is also still selling it, in Medium only, for $28.50, and they're an authorized retailer. Again, we're talking about a 2014 Limited Edition here. Has anybody happened to see something like this before?
  17. betweenthelens

    Le Stipula Davinci Samurai

    The LE Stipula DaVinci Samurai Review and photography by Laura Elizabeth Bullock Introduction The LE Stipula DaVinci Samurai was produced in a collaborative effort by music publisher Leeds Levy and Chatterley Luxuries’ Bryant Greer. Leeds and I have a mutual friend from the Big Apple Pen Club, Tim Ettenheim. Tim brought the pen to my attention and, along with Leeds, asked that I write a review of and photograph this unique pen, which is available for purchase at https://chatterleyluxuries.com/product/stipula-samurai-rose-gold-overlay-limited-edition-fountain-pen/ I am in no way affiliated w
  18. I often wonder how the MB team comes up with ideas for new LE pens such as those in the writers series or special characters and POA series. There many possibilities that I can imagine. How about a WB Yeats pen? Another idea I had was a Malala Yousafzai pen inspired by this special person's sacrifice and dedication to education for women across all borders. What would others like to see? Do you think MB would listen?
  19. Hello, so after years of "sobriety" from my pen addiction I've gone into a MB writers edition binge. The result of one of these binges was an apparently un-inked (Boxes/papers) Dostoevsky which I received with a broken piston. I attempted to then drown my sorrows with my Oscar Wilde which I've had for many years and the entire piston assembly came off. So the Dostoevsky has been shipped back to the seller while the Oscar Wilde will probably be visiting his birthplace in Germany. By the way I took a photo of the "precious resin" of the Wilde. It appears to be a thin acrylic or maybe celluloid a
  20. E8x8

    2014 M101N Red Tortoise Le

    I see that martiniauctions is accepting pre-orders for a M101N Red Tortoise. I think the red color would complement quite well the M101n Lizard LE in a collection. Expected availability is September. I really like the M101Ns. Speaking for myself, I think the series has the nicest modern Pelikan nibs and one of the best form factors. However, my excitement is tempered by the asking price of 360 Euros. That's $492US at current exchange rates. Correct me if I am wrong but this is a bit of a price jump from the initial release price of previous M101n LE tortoises. What do you think of the Re
  21. OnePenGuy

    The Parker 125

    Hey there! I figured that, with a few here who use and appreciate fountain pens, then there might be some who have been (or, will be?) invited to receive a Parker 125. I haven't seen a lot of details about it, but the following is the invite (and click to see a larger view - the order of the images is from left to right, top to bottom): http://imageshack.us/a/img9/4091/z46o.th.png With only 125 of these handmade (and flawless?) specimens, I was hoping someone here would be selected (if this invitation is indeed a real item from Parker), and tell more about it. Or, is this still something t
  22. i got this pen in manila yesterday from the US. very nice pen and packaging (we know how CS packaging can go over the top--this diamond-shaped box actually goes into a larger rectangular box, which i had to leave in the US for easier shipping): http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3812/9584974513_3d85396575_z.jpg http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3714/9584976631_997d3200f3_z.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7384/9584981467_c88842f816_z.jpg it's a bit shorter than CS' flagship churchill, but a lot heavier; almost feels like marble. what attracted me too was its tortoise-y "bracken" color, a pere

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