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  1. About a month ago, I friend of mine sent his Duofold ballpoint for service to Parker. The pen didn't work for some reason and was just a few months out of warranty, so he decided to sent it directly to Parker in France in order to have it serviced. The pen returned just this week and much to his surprise, it was returned stating that Parker NO LONGER repairs pens or pencils. If under warranty, they might replace the product with a similar one; out of warranty they are offering a 50% discount on any other Parker, Waterman or Rotring product of his choice! Can you believe this?
  2. besynes

    Twsbi Great Service

    Just more praise for the excellence of TWSBI service. My 580AL has been my everyday pen for over five years with NO issues. Love it. A while back I dropped it on the sidewalk, which cracked the barrel. I made an email request and TWSBI sent out a replacement barrel the next day. Only charged me $4.00. Wow. Thanks TWSBI!!!
  3. I’ve bought my Aurora Optima 4 years ago, and it has become one of my favourite pens. 1st Experience - Just shortly after I’ve bought it, it suffered from a loose cap ring, which I sent to Italy for repairs. Communication was polite but scanty. After a bit of anxious wait, my pen came back 3 months’ time. 2nd Experience - 5 months’ ago, I have the misfortune of having my capped Optima dropped onto a carpeted floor, which in turn resulted in it shattering at the ink window. The nib was stuck in the cap. I contacted Aurora via their email contact as reflected in their website and they prompt
  4. And now for a tale of frustration... I had to drop my GC Miles Davis (my first and only Montblanc) off at the local boutique today for another round of service after having just picked it up from the last round yesterday. In 2 years of ownership, this is the 4th time I've had to send it in for service. This time I'm genuinely frustrated with the work quality from the Texas service center. A little background... The first time it needed service wasn't more than a week after I bought it. After inking it up I noticed ink on my fingers every time I wrote, no matter how many times I fl
  5. sundragon

    How To Tighten Up A Loose Section

    Hello, I have a couple of older fountain pens Mabie Todd, Wahl, and Waterman that have loose sections. One is BCHR, the others are celluloid. The section with the nib and sac are loose and you can easily turn them in the body or worse they can slide out with a little pressure and or come off with the cap being unscrewed and get stuck in the cap. I've read that in the olden days they used shellac but I don't want to make servicing the pen difficult. Especially on 70-90 year old pens that are now more brittle and delicate. Would a drop of shellac vs shellacking the whole section that fits i
  6. ek-hornbeck

    Twsbi Service Is Spectacular

    There are lots of reasons why I like TWSBI pens. One is their outrageous price/performance -- other pens of similar quality are an integer multiplier more expensive.They are attractive. That's a second-order effect, but it's a plus, if you spend a lot of time using a pen.They are quality pens: well balanced, feel good in the hand, and they write well.Yet, if I damage or lose one, I'm only out fifty bucks. So I'm willing to stick a TWSBI in my pocket when I head out to work in a coffee shop; I'm not frightened into leaving the pen in my office. This makes them pens that you use, not simply pen
  7. prh30

    Montblanc No. 32

    Hi I have a vintage MB no. 32 fountain pen, which was supplied partially dissembled. Having cleaned the pen, when I replace the part of the barrel with the top 'screw' part of the pen (attached to the piston plunger), it does not fully close on the bottom barrel (there is a gap of about 2mm). I attach some photos of the problem. Can anyone let me know why this is please? Thanks Paul
  8. Geelerald

    New Used Pen

    Well I pulled the trigger and bought a used montblanc 146. Others on board & elsewhere all felt it was legit. Seller says it was cleaned and stored dry but I am unsure how long it was stored. So now my question: what if anything should I do with the pen prior to filling it with ink? It is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and I of course want to write immediately but want to make sure I don't screw anything up. Thanks so much for any words of experience.
  9. Wondering if anyone has information on where to send an almost 20 year old Waterman Ball Pen for repair. This pen is very special, given to me as a gift and heavily used (as you can tell from the picture). I believe this is a Waterman Hemisphere Ball Pen (Model 22002W?), not a 100% sure... The twisting mechanism is broke, it no longer twists (almost as if the inner tube snapped off from the main tube). Thanks Craig
  10. Jebus

    Nos Service

    Just wondering... Does a late 70s NOS Montblanc 149 needs some special attention or service before putting it in use? Any recommandations?
  11. gammada

    Decided To Call It Quit On Lamy

    Ever since I came back to the fountain pen world, I've been attached to the Lamy brand to the point of collecting more than 22 examples of Safaris and Al-Stars. Unfortunately, my experience with the Al-Stars has been very disappointing recently and so has been the poor quality of their customer service. The first issue I had was with a Bluegreen Al-star that had been inked for the first time with Emeraud de Chivor. While trying to swap the nib, the entire feeder came out causing a big mess over my work, a jammed feeder (while trying to push it back in a hurry, remember the pen was leaking) a
  12. Hi everyone, This is my first post here and I know others must have asked the same question before but please indulge me. About two days ago, I had to deposit my one month old yet sadly defective Meisterstück 149 at a Montblanc Boutique here in Paris in order for it to get serviced and repaired (under guarantee). Since I'm intending to also send it periodically for maintenance, as they recommend, I think this is as good time as any to ask the following questions: 1. How is the Montblanc Repair Service in general? Did any of you have to deal with the one here in Paris (in which case your fe
  13. Ink_Stained_Soul

    I Just Got The Best Aftersales Experience, Ever

    Well, the subject says it all, but still... I always had this love to fountain pens since school in that early days of my life, I had no chances of having a really luxury pen but I always wanted one. Until one day I received a special gift set of two Parker Sonnets. During my student years, I managed to destroy or lose serious amount of pens, but these two remained by my side. With the start of my career, they started received less attention (you know, keyboards) but they were not forgotten. In the recent times, however, I realized that keeping a solid set of skills is fundamental way to ens
  14. Bigmacmagicmac

    Company Presence On This Forum?

    Hello, I was wondering if more exeprienced members and visitors of this forum know if many members are actually also employees from the large companies likes Montblanc, Parker, Cross, etc? I actually hope that this will be case. If i would be an executive at Montblanc or technician or nib mesiter, i would be extremely interested in browsing this forum. As company policy i would actually put a team on this forum. Helping people solving their issues but also learning from user experiences and as a result improving their service and company. I actually have a problem my self and I sincerely hop
  15. Hello all! I want to tell you all about an issue with the Black (specifically) Monteverde Tool, and pass along a few tips. First, to be fair, I want to say Monteverde USA quickly shipped a replacement when I described the problem to them. Excellent customer service! Now, the problem. A couple of weeks after I got it, the pen's matte black paint began to disintigrate. When it got too bad to ignore, I found I could easily scrape it off with a fingernail. I've attached a picture. Clue: The clip side's paint remained as hard as ever. Clue: It's a tool. I keep it clipped to the inside of
  16. Hi Everyone.... I wanted to share this with you. I recently found this unique diploma / document. It was among a bunch of military documents. See attached photo of "W.A. Sheaffer Pen Company, Fort Madison, Iowa; This is to certify that John R. Hynes has successfully completed the factory course in fountain pen and writing equipment service and salesmanship as outlined by the officers and executives of the Company. For Madison, Iowa, this 11th day of Nov. 1947. Gold seal with ribbons and signed by Sheaffer, president.
  17. Hello, so after years of "sobriety" from my pen addiction I've gone into a MB writers edition binge. The result of one of these binges was an apparently un-inked (Boxes/papers) Dostoevsky which I received with a broken piston. I attempted to then drown my sorrows with my Oscar Wilde which I've had for many years and the entire piston assembly came off. So the Dostoevsky has been shipped back to the seller while the Oscar Wilde will probably be visiting his birthplace in Germany. By the way I took a photo of the "precious resin" of the Wilde. It appears to be a thin acrylic or maybe celluloid a
  18. Dear All: Is Montblanc North America the best place to service a Montblanc pen? What is the safest way to send it and how does one calculate how much insurance is required? I have two pens. A Meisterstück 149 Fountain Pen and an unknown fountain pen shown below. What is the name of this pen? I received ths as a gift about 15-20 years ago and it was purchased in Europe. I have looked at many photographs of pens and was unable to identfy it. Thank you, Jeff
  19. rlpkamath

    Lamy Service Experience Fm Uk

    Hi - I bought a new Lamy 2000 Makrolon edition with a F nib, off of ebay, for about $130. After receiving it, I found the ink flow to be very dry and the pen to be quite scratchy. After a few weeks, I mailed it using regular postal mail to Lamy Germany ( the Heidelberg address on their website) with a letter detailing my name/ address and complaints. Note I didn't include my purchase invoice or any warranty paperwork (don't think Lamy issues any). 2 weeks elapsed with no acknowledgement or return of the pen. So, I emailed the email address on the website asking for an update. Within a day
  20. Hey All, Just wondering if anyone has had experience getting a Montblanc pen ''serviced'' at a boutique in Australia, specifically Sydney? Do they do it ''in shop'' or are the pens sent overseas? Lastly, what timeframe and were the charges similar to international ''services''? Thanks, Tom.
  21. Last February I placed an order at Goulet Pens for a couple of bottles of Bernanke Blue. Two months passed and I have not received the order. The Brazilian post tracking system informs the package never reached Brazil, what I don’t believe, since they provide such an awful service. I contacted Goulet Pens that sent a new package (no questions asked) which was delivered 28 days later. The package came with the bottles, two ink samples, a very kind letter and… a lollipop! Far exceeded expectations – that’s how a company make loyal customers! Marcelo
  22. ADEMiller

    Vintage Sheaffer Vac-Fill...

    Hello all! I know this has been answered on a few other threads, but I could use some more help. So I bought a Sheaffer vac-fil with a triumph nib and was wondering the best way to go about making it write. The pen is in semi working order, but the piston hasn't been greased in about 50, so it's stiff (don't want to force it) From what I have read, it sounds like the nib unit needs to be removed, so how is the best way to do this (without a ton of fancy equipment)? Also what is all this about "packing material" what is it? does it need to be replaced? Thanks, Alexander
  23. Dear members, I come back with a new task that was given to me lately. I had previously used this forum when I serviced an old Paker 51 by cleaning it completely, changing the ink sac and using new shellac to seal it. It turned out great and It became my everyday pen. Today I received from my Grand Pa, a beautiful Silver Montblanc Meisterstuck 144 that needs quite a bit of servicing. I would like to get your advice on the following points (I provided a few pictures so that you get an idea of the pen's current state): - I wanted to polish the silver, should I use a silver polishing cloth lik
  24. akshaydashrath

    Acceptable Service From Montblanc London

    I thought I'd post about my recent experience at the Montblanc boutique on New Bond Street in London. I had bought a 147 from the early 90's off eBay a couple of weeks ago, and although the nib was excellent it would run out of ink at times. I took it in to Montblanc and was treated extremely well, had a great chat with the sales person and he insisted I give the pen in for service. I received the pen exactly 10 working days after I gave it in for service, the service cost me £44 and it appears like they changed the feed, there are a few tiny new scratches on the nib but I do have a bit of O
  25. Which Brand provide the best Customer service? Not authorised dealers but brands? For example the speed of repair, turnaround time etc. Thank you for your replies in advance. I am new here

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