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  1. https://www.sintons.co.uk/sintons_commercial/the-pen-shop-bought-from-administration/ It is now down to 5 stores from 10. IIRC, they had 20 stores 3/4 years ago. OTOH, their shop in Trafford Centre (one of the largest malls in the UK) had only one MB LE ink in stock and 3/4 from the standard range. The website has had a revamp.
  2. Ebberman

    Platignum - A Short History

    http://hans.presto.tripod.com/scan/platignum02.html I find it interesting. Rather than copy & paste it I've given you the link. Platignum made the reai-life James Bond type pens for the British Government.
  3. Another Diamine ink in the Cult Pen exclusive 'Deep Dark' range has arrived. If you have been looking for a very dark red ink, this one is for you. I absolutely love the colour and it is one of the few red inks I would use in the office. Oh, and it has both shading and sheen! Form an orderly queue now USAGE DAILY WRITER: I can see that BUSINESS USE: I would use it for all but the most formal of communications ILLUSTRATIONS: Not convinced that it stands out enough NOTES: Yes (in a dry environment, at least) PERSONAL: Very welcome LOVE LETTERS: Not really my speciality but I can see thi
  4. evyxmsj

    Uk Nibmeister?

    Hello, Sorry, I know this has come up a few times. Looking for someone in the UK who could repair make work my Visconti Rembrandt. (I've posted about it elsewhere, but never been happy with it. I think it has one tine longer than the other so needs a bit of grinding and probably work on the feed / feed replacement. Tempted to get it ground to a stub as well.) I've seen mention of Oxonian aka John Sorowka but can't find him searching FPN members. Also saw mention of PenPractice.com but doesn't seem to cater for repair or modern pens. Any tips?
  5. I would love a list of FP friendly products targeted towards the UK. All I can get locally (East Yorkshire) at present is Clairefontaine and Oxford Optik. The Clairefontaine paper is in Rhodia & Europa pads as well as under their own name. Some Supermarket chains do get Clairefontaine pads as part of a 'back-to-school' range in August and I am also hoping for a repeat in December/January '20 as I scored Clairefontaine A5 Koverbooks silly-cheap. Wilkinson (Wilko) used to have Silvene Memo books and exercise books cheap but do not do them now. It's all their 'own' brand light-weight pa
  6. Parker Ruby

    1930S Uk Red Ink

    Hello, I'm trying to find a suitable alternative to this red ink. The paper is an off-white - it's slightly darker than cream. The colour rendition of my phone camera is pretty good, and what I see on a calibrated monitor is a good representation of these two samples I have in front of me. The manuscript dates from the early 1930s, and was written by someone in the UK, thus it would've been a UK-sourced ink. As you can see, it has a peach hue to it, though it feathers to a magenta where it's been exposed to damp. It looks quite a bright ink, and a little unsaturated. I don't generally lo
  7. Uncle-Meat

    New But Old User Saying Howdy.

    Hi all, I live in London and have recently re-discovered the inky world of fountain pens. I used them regularly at school when I was but a mere stripling, as all my inky pocketed shirts will testify! but that was a while ago. Anyway hey-ho here we are a whole heap of years later and I have just purchased a Sailor Professional gear in silver and a Kweco Dia 2 also with silver livery. (I'm not a gold type of guy) I also acquired some Sailor and Pilot Iroshizuku inks. As my pens haven't arrived yet and i'm bursting with apprehension I intend to cover my body from head to toe in ink I a
  8. quilluser

    Can Anyone Date This Parker?

    This was my grandfather's fountain pen. It is a Parker and it's a Duofold, I believe. However, I don't know that date as he died in 1963 and had used the pen for years. The nib is very fine and semi flexible. Filling is by manually depressing the bars on the bladder. It is very small, measuring 12 centimetres with the cap on closed.
  9. A Smug Dill

    Bureau Direct Is Gone :-(

    Sad news! Bureau Direct in the UK has just announced it has ceased trading. http://bureaudirect-email.co.uk/_act/link.php?mId=P921591601281956156842030527415&tId=150024149 Jo and Dominic are good folk. I wish them the best in their future endeavours!
  10. Hi, I would like to buy a bottle of Pilot Blue/Black ink, because I have read many complimentary things about it on here, but... ...I live in the UK, and it seems that Pilot won’t let us British types buy it in bottles The only bottled inks that Pilot will let us buy are the 60ml bottles of Namiki Blue or Namiki Black.(Well ok, they do also sell the Iroshizuku ‘luxury’ inks here too. At much higher prices.) AFAIK, there’s only one UK retailer that even sells Pilot Blue/Black in the IC100 pack of Pilot’s proprietary cartridges.But proprietary cartridges aren’t much use to anyone who uses a pi
  11. A small group of us have recently set up a pen club in the south of England for those not able/willing to make it in to London for the one there. It meets on the 3rd Saturday each month and presently is alternating between Fleet and Petersfield (though if numbers at Petersfield stay minimal we may make it just Fleet or look for another alternate). Details can be found on FaceBook - the group is "UK South Fountain Pen Club Meet Up" with https://www.facebook.com/groups/uksouthfountainpens/ being the URL. Note it is a closed group so you need to search for it then apply for access (else anyone
  12. I really love the Retro 51 Tornado Lincoln fountain pen, I have only seen it being sold from the US. Does anyone know of a UK supplier, I don't feel like paying loads for shipping.
  13. Hi Recently, after watching a few reviews online, I decided that I'd like to get a Pilot Custom 823. I've heard they have great nibs, and I'd love to get a vac filler. The problem is that they're not available from any UK sellers that I know of. And importing from Japan would lead to import costs, and any issues with the pen/nib would be a pain to solve. Has anyone else in the UK imported the 823? If so, how much did the import duty/VAT cost you? Also, when I do figure out the best way to get one, I can't decide between broad or medium. Some people say the medium is just like a western
  14. Hello, I'm afraid I'm coming at this from a rather newcomer's perspective, as I only have one fountain pen to my name, but I'm really in need of help and this seems like a lovely, friendly, knowledgeable community from which to seek it! I'm afraid it's a rather long story, but I don't want to do it the injustice of not starting at the beginning. I've always only liked writing with fountain pens, and used the same £10 Parker (Jotter) all the way through school. It seemed almost timely when it came to a sticky end just a few days after I finished my final exams. My Grandma took me to get a ve
  15. If anyone needs a rather smart journal Asda is well worth checking out. They have a range upto A4 size either plain or ruled. Purchased this stitch bound leather cover journal today from Asda (UK supermarket) It is between A5 and A4. Fountain pen tests show no bleed through or feathering. Unknown number of ruled white pages make up around 22mm thickness plus covers. Has a ribbon. Best part is the price £4 pounds Stirling
  16. Hi everyone, First post here, but looks like a cool community! I bought a really neat French lever-filling fountain pen at the flea market today, I'm wondering about how I'd go about getting it repaired from the UK. The problem is the lever itself, which seems to have broken over the years. I'd expect the sack could probably do with replacing, too. Does anyone have any sort of idea where I could get that sort of thing done, and sort of cost I should expect? Thanks in advance for your help!
  17. Hello again to all my FP friends, I've got two English-made Parker Duofold Juniors from the 1950s, both bought from different sellers in different countries. One has a medium nib and the other a broad oblique stub nib and both are the smoothest nibs imaginable. I mean, ridiculously butter smooth with some nice softness to boot. However, they both have are extremely dry writers that won't write at all unless some pressure is applied. I've tried improving flow by using a brass shim to open up the tines a little and it has helped some, but I'm just wondering if this is a common trait of UK Duof
  18. This will be my first pen show! I hope it will be busy with lots of stalls selling vintage and modern pens, cases, inks and papers. I hope there will be lots of people to chat to and I hope to have a great day. Lichfield looks a really pretty town and I'll look forward to seeing the cathedral and the Tudor buildings, and having lunch somewhere. I'm looking to grow my collection (which consists of: a Sheaffer Prelude, chrome with gold trim, with a gold plated nib, with some of the gold worn off, a TWSBI Eco, a Parker Frontier, with lots of scuffs and a nib which refuses to start well, and
  19. eugenebeauxbuton

    1957 Parker Duofold Maxima

    As is my habit, I pulled the trigger on this pen and then began the deep research into its provenance and Duofold Maximas on the whole. A couple of questions: 1. The Maxima is said to have been released in 1958 to replace the Senior, correct? I have a nib imprinted with 1957. What gives?? 2. I was reading that the barrel is imprinted with something along the lines of "Parker Duofold Maxima/Made in England" and yet mine does not have that (the only thing is a rather cool reference to the 26th Colchester Sea Scouts which seem to be the UK's seafaring boy scouts -- fine with being wrong her
  20. Hi, If anyone in the UK could do with a few ink transfer pipettes drop me a PM and I'll post you a few free of charge. Supposedly disposable, but they wash out and can be re-used several times. I ordered too many... Anyone outside of the UK is welcome to some if they're happy to contribute towards postage. Richard
  21. Hello all! I was wondering if there is any interest from those of you in Nottingham or nearby for meeting up and having a look at some of our pens, inks, etc.? Good opportunity to meet someone new, and for me to see some different pens etc. ;-) Maybe a pub somewhere? I'm Beeston-way and am happy to propose some dates and venues if anyone is keen.
  22. I see a couple of ringtops - simply designed, a gold-filled and a sterling, identified as "The Mascot". Not cheap, but tempting. The seller dates it as 1940. Anybody familiar with these things? Thanks for the info.
  23. ploddysaur

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi! I'm a university student, currently finishing off my Physics masters in London. I've used FPs since I was 7, but only recently have I dived down the rabbit hole of the hobby! I've posted a few times on the /r/fountainpens subreddit as 'staberinde', but I thought I'd come join the community here! For the 10 years of primary and secondary school, I used a trusty Lamy Safari (which is still my lucky charm in exams!). For a short time I had a cheap plastic Parker (I can't remember what it was called, but it wasn't a Vector), but that got destroyed by a tank... My grandfather bought me a
  24. The Good Captain

    New Aurora Blue-Black - A Uk Short Review

    I received a sample bottle of the new Aurora Blue-Black, kindly sent to me by Kirit Dal, Aurora UK, and here's one of my short reviews. There are plenty of other reviews where swabs, pictures of the bottle etc have been included, so I'm just concentrating how it looks when written with. The ink is in an Aurora 88 large with F nib. It's smooth, flows well and even with that nib, exhibits some shading. I've only compared it to a couple of my 'blue-black' inks that, in my opinion, show close similarities. There are many others out there that might look similar as well, but might not have th
  25. This was something I worked on a few months ago when trying to decide which blue-black ink to convince my wife to let me get myself for Christmas. I’ll let the images speak for themselves, but there are definite advantages to both inks. In the end, I got a bottle of Air-Corp and put Prime of the Commons at the top of my wishlist for the next time someone asks me what I want for a present. I prefer the color of ACBB, but also the absolute waterproofness of PotC. The main reason PotC came out second was its tendency to feather on most paper. Another major factor is that PotC costs about doubl

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